Saturday, February 24, 2007

modern dance today was alright. i lyk the instructor. cute n dramatic. lols. went hm change n went jas toh hse wait for her. den went cp meet jasmine jo n emily. ate at kfc. den went bk. we were making alot of noise. n having lots of fun der. haha. den walk around. slack till bout 9plus? den went hm with jas toh. tel u wat. saw alot of stars when we walk hm. around 18? i dun feel lyk goin hm liao lor. haha. but went up tu put my stuff n went down tu watch stars. but onli awhile la. now not in the right mood la.

n gals. wanna noe y i dun wanna go tml.
cuz i'm starting tu hate jaron. i dunno y.
if u guys wan go. go ahead.
i dunno y when we r out with him i dun feel gd.
its lyk most of your attention is on him.
i noe he is out goin, funni n stuff. i'm not being jealous or anithing.
but i some how felt quite lonely n pissed off. most on lonely la.
n if u think its fun hanging out with him. n i am juz being sensitive.
or wrong. juz 4get wat i had said. i'm not hating yoo or watever.
i'm juz voicing out wats inside of me.

Friday, February 23, 2007

RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAMN LOT OF TEST NXT WEEK!!! maths test. maths re-test. history test (i CNNT fail.) english re-test. n common test. URGHHHH. sko's driving me crazee. can i juz dun do ani of the test????? FUG. ok. i'ill get over this. n nxt sunday is my 1st day of being 14!!! yepppppp. ya la. i noe onli 14 la. still young la. LOLS. n wei xianq nicholas ayton plus edmund is gettin my an ipod. n cost bout 200plus? i suddenly feel veri uneasy inside. n feel lyk asking dem no nid buy le. i juz knew dem for bout 2 months 23 days? n dey gettin my smth tt cost 200plus? OMG. dey are the best guy i ever seen. dey hav tu lyk sacrifice their red packet money or normal poket money juz tu get tt ipod for me. n i dunno how tu thank dem if dey reali get mi da ipod. oh man. i'm CONFUSED. ok nvm. i din go tu sko ytd cuz my eyes infection again. dammit. den today i went tu sko with my spects. ALOT of ppl say i look weird with my spects. ok la. i noe la. after sko went compass point. ate at kfc. n had some arguement with the manager. i dun wanna tok bout it. den jas toh came. went popular tu buy pens n some other stuff. den went bk draw draw here draw draw der. ALL of us were drawing away. listening tu songs. except for josephine who was doin her hmwk. LOL. i got no money tu buy ani thing la. i onli left 5cent in my wallet. lols? went hm around 5plus with jas toh. n tml got dance practise. haix. muz early wake up even though is a saturday. nvm. i'm gonna dance my sorrow away tml ! TATAS~

Monday, February 19, 2007

i HATE today!!! went tu plaza sing. with melissa, mel mel, jojo, emily, jackie. alot of shop nv open la. shd go tml lor. even Him oso say. but melissa cnnt make it tml. i din noe mit at 1.30 la. ytd dey say 1. so i rush lyk hell. den melissa go der pei me 1st. when i was waiting for lrt got this 2 sisters. one is my pri sko. 1 is nan chiau sec. i saw dem b4 around my hse. den dey 2 keep staring at mi. those veri rude wan la. i of cuz buey song stare bak. den da gal. my pri sko de. wait towards me. stand infront of mi n stare at me. so i stare bak. lyk veri buey sonq la. den she walk away. dey keep scan me. so i diao dem lor. pianq. how old le stil wan play this kind of shit. as if i veri scare. plz lor. nvm. went reach ps le go c got wat movie. norbit is nc16. but we planing tu hiong. lols. we keep thinking whether tu hiong until the tickets sold out la. i wan fuck the machine can. den went arcade play awhile jiu go eat le. ate ajisen. dey say takoyaki inside is prawn tts y i wan la. but turn out tu b SOTONG lor. i wan fuck the person can. urgh!! den dey help mi change tu fried tofu. got 3 piece. but i onli ate 1. cuz oso not nice. den went toilet. jas, jojo, emily n mi at der make up here n der. jackie wait for us lyk siao lor. lyk bryan last tym liddat. haha. we at inside bout 30min? or more? den deciding where tu go after tt. den decide tu go play majong at mel mel de hse. but i cnnt go. cuz i 5plus muz reach hm tu eat my father sharkfin n dinner. den go my father fren hse. but when i reach hm le he haven cook ok la. but nvm. i oso quite full. LOL. wasted sia. i wear my new year clothe onli for 4 or 5 hrs nia. haix. i love my jeans! wahahah. sian. dunno later can go mel mel hse play ma. n my lil sis told mi tt my brother cuming. i mean my elder bro. half brother. haha. but stil my brother. lols. ok. i noe i'm crappin. so 4get it.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

woke up around 12. din eat lor. till bout 3 plus. damn hungry. ate 2 packet of potato chips. den 1 pierce of bread. but stil veh hungry. den my cousin finally came at 7. i almost faint liao lor. i eat alot. alot alot. n drank alot of soup oso. plus 2 packet of lemon barli. n wil drink bird nest later when i'm goin tu slp. wa..veri veri fat liao. my cousin dey all left early la. cuz my gugu goin out. so sorry rachel. i din hav the chance tu take foto with him. lols. rachel wan c how he look lyk now. i eat alot of abalone juz now. wahaha. n my father say will cook shark fin on monday. wonder who wil b cuming tu my hse tml. i wan tu wear my new year clothes!! lols. my father say tonite ton. if their children dun slp the elderly wil live long long. i dunno la. aiyo...i juz feel lyk goin out. but holiday until tu onli tuesday. haix. i'm suppose tu feel happy right now. but smth was troubling me. i dunno la. watever la. i wan go do other stuff le. tatas~

Friday, February 16, 2007

slept at 3 ytd. thanks tu DESMOND CHEN. we chat til around 2 liddat. den i cant get tu slp. lols. but i stil can wake up. early. LOL. after reflection is history. tio gan by miss joseph bout 25mins. cuz of some stuff la. den maths. i change seats. i sit bside gratel (hansel). den cher say: i noe u wan sit with your boyfren. but make sure u dun make noise. WTF???? siao! gratel is my sister okay! wa pianq. den recess. onli me n mel nia. cuz josephine later got performance. den sherlynn n jasmine did not come. puay linq mia. heard tt regine n gordon brk le. =x den finally concert tym. all da performance not reali nice la. except for modern dance dee x) c alot of ex-vistarian..their hair. I LYK DA COLOUR! i veri jealous can. urgh!!! den mit jasmine after sko. went kfc. slack awhile i jiu go home change le. den mit dem at compass de bk. den jillson n jackie came. juz chat around lor. jillson veri cute can. i mean when he stand up la. cuz he quite short. LOL. i keep showing da pic i took with nicholas n carina. josephine buey tahan la. she keep saying : nicholas again!. lols.i dunno y i suddenly veri miss HIM. not nicholas. i onli got ****** in my heart. =) although i noe we 2 r VERI impossible le. but who cares. den for a moment in bk i felt lyk crying. my eyes suddenly veri watery. no body notice. so nvm. haha. den desmond came. den jillson n jackie left. den after awhile jas toh n mi went oso. tml is chinese new year eve. not excited at all. i dun care whether my dad cooking shark fin or not. i hav no mood. i miss him alot. i wan tu tok tu him. veri badly. boy, where are yoo? i feel a part of me missing when i dun even hav the chance tu tok tu yoo. i dun ask for more. i juz wanna hear your voice ONCE more...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

i'm curently feeling veri tired. juz now pe do shoulder stand. sprain my back. damn pain can. now oso la. urgh! den after recess was english. cuz last fri i went for ucc. den all of dem got grps except me. so i join carina de grp. tt means got 7 ppl. den cher say tuu many muz join other grp. when i stand up le she ask mi come. take out my sticks. ask mi tuck in more of my shirt n ask mi unfold my skirt. den some crap la. den hav maths test. b4 tt guess wat. py cum tell mi nicholas lyks mi. den nicholas tell mi py wan jio mi. wtf? den py say he is onli trying tu make nicholas veri jealous. n py keep saying i'm his stead. i wan slap him la. LOL. i cnnt concentrate on maths test la. den dunno y nicholas n mi suddenly lyk nv tok liddat. abit ganga la. i oso dunno y. but during science lesson jiu got tok le. den suhailah keep screaming in class tt nicholas lyks me. guess wat i reply. i'm nicholas brother of cuz he lyks mi la! lols. i juz dun feel right la. stupid py. any how say. make mi lyk so ganga. after sko eat in canteen with jasmine. den jillson came. den ritzio den emily. jillson veri jialat la. keep kana bully by mi. he kana brain wash by jasmine ytd la. now lyk so bian tai. think not straight. aiyo. jasmine ar. jillson eyes so damn big can. i wan his eyes! lols. he say i veri rough. every guy says tt la. so i xi guan liao. den went plaza kfc meet jas toh n sherlynn. jillson veri short can. dun look lyk sec 4 lor. he is about my height. lols. but he quite cute la. =x LOL. slack around kfc. i take jillson name tag oso. den jiu went home with jas toh. wa pianq. almost kana knock down by car la. luckily jas toh shout at me. if not bye bye liao. k la. i wan go rest le. back pain pain.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

went tu sko with emily. damn sian. jojo stil haven dismiss frm modern dance. emily went bak tu class with jean. my class room haven open. den finally saw melisa. went canteen tu eat. i damn hungry la. lols. den went bak tu class. chen ning was giving ppl flying kiss -.- LOL. thanks for ya flying kiss cn! every lesson today was alright. i recieved 7 prezzie in total! yea! happy valentine ppl! I LOVE YOO GUYS!!! n wei xianq said tt the ipod wil b my bday n valentine day prezzi. but i wan ferrero rocher!! onli got 1 =( wei xianq say mayb buy a box of ferrero for mi tml! YEP!! n ayton wil help dem kup money tu buy da ipod oso. n he is officially one of our brothers! after sko took alot of pics with nicholas. 1 with ayton n nicholas n few with wei xianq. nicholas n mi took ALOT of pics! more den 10. or more den 15? but last den 20 la. den went plaza with jasmine sherlyn n jo. den emily came. slack slack around n bout 6 plus jiu went hm le. wil upload those pics tml. tml got maths test. gotta go study. tatas~

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

ppl around me oways say i look weird with black hair. haix. wat tu do? lols. today lessons was alright. nth much tu tok about. i'm feeling quite down for no reason. lols. no ppl notice except for carina. i oso dunno y la. after sko - jas jojo emily n jaron went tu suntec. i dun feel lyk goin. mel n pl got band. sherlynn meeting her mum. so left mi onli. so i went for da literature movie screening. i suddenly felt so lonely. every person in sistarhood seems tu b veri bz every day after sko. n now emily is with dem cuz jaron got go. juz wat's so great about jaron? onli looks? pui. sorrie if i offended some of yoo. i juz dun care la. bak tu da movie. nice nice. VERI sad ending. lols. went hm after da movie. alot of stuffs were goin thru my mind. ppl around mi behave so weird. i juz dun feel great goin tu sko. tml is valentine. i wonder whether where my frens r goin. nvm. tatas~

i'm sick n tired of everything.
i tot WE would b possible.
all the tym u gave mi false hope.
i'm holding on tu a impossible dream.
so might as well 4get it.
dun make me hate yoo.
here i'm trying tu comfort yoo,
n der u juz wont cherish it.
so wat u wan?
dun think tt i love yoo,
yoo can take it for granted.
u noe how much it hurts tu c u lyk this?

Monday, February 12, 2007

ate pizza. onli my sis n i. n guess how much i had ate. i had 4 1/2 piece of pizza which means my sis onli ate 1 1/2 of it. n 3 roasted honey chic. n i ate 3/4 of the cheddar fries plus a cup of coke n a bowl of mushroom soup. i'm lyk..damn full can. den went this fashion tu c some clothes. i saw this reali nice tube but cnnt try on it. fcuk. so din buy anithing in this fashion at all. den went bugis street. n some shops opposite of bugis street. tt's wat i buy for today. 3 tops - 1 tank top, 1 tube, spaghetti stripe. den 1 necklace plus a pair of earings. for bottom is - 1 skirt 1 pair of jeans which i i simply juz love it plus a legging. now wat i wan is a new bag n a new shoe. i mean pump. i simply love today. went tu eat katong laksa after tt. i'm lyk stil so damn full la. so share with my mum. its tuu delicious so i ended up eating 3/4 of it. =x plus a cup of ice mocha. gosh. i'm gonna b fat soon. urgh! reach hm around 10.50pm? den rush tu dye bak my hair. yep. its reali black now but not whole head. i dun feel lyk goin tu sko. can?

12feb'07 (today)
fcuk la. miss joseph nv come la. ytd i rush hm tu dye bak my hair la. chinese sian. literature sian. art. haix. alot of hmwk. den recess. dun feel lyk toking bout it. den maths. cher was telling us some stuff bout da o lvl result thingy. den DnT. *evil laugh* da whole class wasnt listening at all. n i mean it ! all of dem was chatting here n der if not some is drawing away. n some slping. for me, i was chatting with carina, wei xianq, nicholas n py. n my brothers. wei xianq n nicholas, r serious bout gettin me an ipod for my bday prezzie. damn damn damn happy. I LOVE YOO!!! n dey let mi pick which wan i lyk. gosh. how i wish i had known u 2 earlier. den we did practical for da last period of DnT. ALL of us din bring apron at all. LOL. i dunno how tu do la. den nicholas help me. so nice of him. awwwwww. i find nicholas now veri cute can. =x LOL den after sko mel n jas went town. josephine went for cny practise. pl n sherlyn went hm. left me. went tu plaza with emily. we chat alot. n ish reali alot. den sherlyn came. bout 6 plus jo ayu rashidah came. den sherlynn n mi went home. der is this auntie. keep staring at me. 1st she stare at my skirt. den my shoe. den my name taq follow by my face. da way she stare is lyk der's smth ronq with me frm head tu toe. lols. nvm. n i wanna take bak my word when i say 2e4 sucks. tt's da 1st week of sko. but now. i kinda love 2e4. alot of nice souls. eg - CARINA, cheng ning, rachel, joanna, erika, my brothers - nicholas n wei xianq, yong qian (oways kana scolding by me) , erma, daniel lim, hansel ( he is gratel n i'm hansel actually), shen hui, henry ( who oways help mi tu do my hmwk =x) , py n collin. ok. post again tml. TATAS~

Saturday, February 10, 2007

i woke up at bout 8.30? cuz of tt facial thingy at 9.30am. but da facial not bad la. after tt i zai zai noe she wil ask us buy this product blah blah blah. in dee end my mum sign up for da course. 5 sessions. means nid tu go der 5 more tym!!! i was lyk telling my mother.. no mummie! no!! later no money shop my clothes! den meet my sis at compass. eat le den she wan go kiddy palace buy her stuff.. i wait for her damn lonq la. den emily msq mi. she oso at compass. go find her at time zone. play da basketball thingy jiu went off le. i cant stand my sis la. den actually wan go china town de. but saw my neighbour.she goin some where around little india. dey were gossiping la. tts y we end up goin little india oso. wa pianq. once i step out of da mrt platform all those smell were making mi feel dizzy. damn smelly la.=x almost faint lor. den go OG. repair my sis de watch. den i wan go c my stuff. my sis wan go c her stuff. den end up go c her things 1st. nvm. den she take damn long tym la. i even went in da fitting room with her. my sis veri wat la. keep stepping on my toe. n is purposely de!! n keep poking my tummy. urgh! den no matter who is at fault i wil still get scoldin frm my mum. i damn pek chek la. i juz feel lyk slapping her. which i cant. den finally my turn. we walk walk walk till bugis street. damn crowded. some shop damn lot of ppl til i dun feel lyk goin in. in dee end bought 1 denim short. 1 polka dotted top n 1 simple tube dress. oso black. actually wanna buy more. but 8 plus le. den my sis was complaining. she buy her stuff all add up tu 100+ la. den my mother oso tired le. jiu go home le. but mummie say tml den buy. SO YEP! more shopping tml ! I LOVE YOO MUMMIE! n i love chinese new year tuu. without cny i wont hav any shopping. n n n..tml wil b da last day b4 my hair turn black. sob*

Friday, February 09, 2007

almost get knock down by car when walking home..lols. i dun have mood tu do anithing. so tatas~

Thursday, February 08, 2007

i dun feel lyk talkinq about today. so ya. wil post tmr after i come bak for ucc.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

went tu sko with jaron today. n modern dance today was horrible. mr ben damn pek chek til he banq da wall n slam da radio. we all chua sai la. he 1st tym so angry la. after assembly miss joseph catch my hair again!! 3rd tym. but i love my hair colour!!! she gib mi til monday. if not dye it bak for me. urgh! went for dance meetinq. miss zu was tokinq about ucc thingy . den maths. went tu com lab. den english. sian~ after recess is sci. more sian~ chinese. damn damn sian~~cdp. quite fun. almost every miss joseph lessons was fun. we oways hav jokes in between wan. n cher was tokinq about tis news. is abt a pri sko. gals frm p6 was slashing their hands. its our last year trend -.- she say some ppl slash ish bcuz got some problems dunno how tu express it out n gals dun usually vent their anger on physical properties so dey juz hurt dem self tu feel more better. but guys r opposite. n some gal or boy is slash da hand with their stead name. i does tt tuu. last tym. LOL. den i was lyk lookinq at my hand. thinkinq of him. but miss joseph say tt da person u lyk, wil surely change ten years down the road. so wat if ya gal or boyfren dump yoo? n u got a new one? wat wil yur current stead say? lols. den after cdp. my BROTHERS all come around mi chat chat chat. today almost every after lesson dey come around me. one sit here one sit der. lols. feel so good tu hav so many guys around me. LOLS. but onli wei xianq n nicholas is decent guy. n dey both r my brothers!! dey cal mi brother oso x) dey say some tym cal mi brother veh weird. but i dun mind! as lonq as i feel happy around dem. but onli for da few mins. lol. at least dey cheer mi up n i dun feel lonely in class. after sko went plaza with emily jo jas n sherlyn. emily refill her cup of ices la. alot sia. ful of of ice. n da cup is large de. n went future park find jaron. sherlyn wan tu change bak her fone. emily muz b damn happy. cuz jaron gave her a hug. -.- he oways gib my hug hug dee. =x emily wil hate mi de. so cannot! LOL. watch him play basketball awhile jiu go le. i tel my mother abt my hair thingy den she nag at mi lyk hell. she say til lyk i'm a veh bad student liddat.say i wat. i student y act like prositude. plz la. onli dye hair nia. she tt tym oso lemme dye de. she keep sayinq y muz make teacher hate me. den keep goin on n on. da way she say is lyk i'm beinq a veri bad daughter. den she start sayin bout wat she work for. den hav no enuff slp. i noe its hard for her la. but she think she is da onli one veri tired ar. although i'm not as tired as her, i go thru alot of stuff which normal gals my age dun go thru la. she nv spare a thought for mi when she scold me. she wont noe how i feel wan la. watever la. i dunno y every tym reach hm no peace de. not quarrel with sis is parents quarrel if not mi n my sis quarrel. worse is tio canninq by my mother. lols. i now veri sick n tired of every thing la. i juz gonna put every thing aside n concentrate at my dance. studies later la. =x abt HIM. i juz gonna let go. no point holding on tu smth tt i noe wont hav any outcome. so i here by declare tt, me, frm this second onwards...i wil 4get bout him. =)))))) tatas~ I LOVE MY BROTHERS!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

every lessons was fine today. n i love today chinese lesson. cuz cher nv come. nicholas wei xianq n me keep brother here brother der. we 3 are BROTHERS. n miss joseph catch my hair again!!!!! FUG! she juz say thish say tt i juz orh orh orh. wait til she cal my mum den i dye bak. hehe. after sko hanq around at canteen with natalie tiffany melissa melisa jo fabian ritzio. i dunno y so many gals lyk tu hang around ritzio la. alot ppl say he shuai. i find him good lookinq onli. haha. my gan di leh. i seriously hate today dance practise. sucks lyk hell. mr ben is lyk.. urgh! he dun even care how we feel la. juz keep makinq us do da steps again n again. alot of tyms. i'm reali damn piss. juz bcuz 1 of us cant do it well we muz do it again. i noe tts da way so tt we can learn better. he is lyk being so impatient la.i noe tym is runninq out but u gotta b more understandinq towards us. i noe some of us juz coulden get the steps right but u cant expect us tu b 100% clear of every step on da 1st lesson rite?we r tryinq our best le lor. we r oreadi puttinq much effort le lor. u cnnt say it til lyk all our fault for not doin well. u muz oso think this way..izit we r not reali puttinq in effort or YOO not teachinq us da steps clear enuff?we r not born tu dance. we r born tu learn. tts y u r here tu teach us. u r once lyk us. learninq stuff n all. n u shd understand how we r feelinq rite now. not onli we nid tu cope with dance n stuff. we oso got sko work. n family problems. u think everyone go tu sko play play ar? i noe its hard for yoo tu teach so many of us especially some of us who r not progressinq fast enuff. if not happy juz say bye bye n leave. tatas~

Monday, February 05, 2007

today was fun! 1st reason is bcuz no miss joseph lesson today =x den durinq art lesson. as walkinq without lookinq da way n BANG! i banq da table la! my leq damn pain!!! blue black la. nicholas dey all was lyk..laughinq. luckily was around my thigh. so cnnt c. haha. chen ninq nv come tu sko today. she cry till fever. pro. bcuz of jaron. went bak tu class 5mins b4 recess end. was playinq with nicholas, henry, shen hui dey all. nicholas say i'm sick. not tt c doctor those type of sick. ish another type of sick. LOL. i was havinq so much fun la. den DnT period. more fun =)) got bak our test paper. 29/30 WOOHOO~ 1st tym in my whole life get so high marks. bcuz my frens..nono. my CLASS is passinq answers around la. every body in my class pass DnT. yep! suhailah score full marks. she was da one who pass answer tu me..den pass n pass n pass. more stuff happen durinq DnT lesson la. but lazy tu type. lols. assembly okok la. n i find mrs tay. our vp quite rough. as in her actions. after sko juz slack around jiu go plaza le. meet jas toh n her stead. jia wei. jia wei look lyk kinfran!!! n kinfran look lyk yongjun! so 3 of dem look alike la. LOL. but onli kinfran nv wear spect. n kinfran tallest among dem. den jia wei left. emily came. den awhile more jas toh left. den jojo natelie n melissa came. den after awhile jasmine me n emily left. lols. reach hm abt 6. tml n tml tml n tml tml tml tml got modern dance!! argh!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

fug. i'm gettin cramps today. not onli one tym. is a few times. how i hate periods. URGH! i get angry easily. i get emo easily. every thinq juz not right. i'm feelinq veh cold. but once i put on my jacket i feel hot. dunno wat tu do la. n tml sko again. sian sian sian. one thinq tt made mi happy is tt HE finally online ytd. juz for a short while. but at least i got tu chat wib him. *smile* n he tel me tt wil online again on monday. YEP! yeah yeah yeah teah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!! gtg ! bye!!! I LOVE MY LOVELY BITCHES!!!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

mr ben was late today. late bout 2hrs? lols. i some how can mage la. but stil wil 4get steps at tym though. mr ben was lyk rushinq thru da step n some of us coild not catch up la. but can c he veri pressurize by us. poor soul. our dance end at 12.30. my mother was in da cab. so ask her cum fetch me. hehe. my mum oso buy for mi laksa. i'm suppose tu meet jas, jastoh, jo n emily at 2.45. but my stupid eye liner juz would not listen tu mi la. den keep re draw. urgh! saw jas toh at the lrt. at 1st i could not recognise her as she had a hair cut. but stil as chio as last tym. haha. we sat at da bus for lyk 1hr? damn lonq. den meet jaron n chen ninq at bugis de food court. jasmine 1st thinq ask dem y nv hold hand -.- den dey hold lor. i bu xi guan c jaron got stead. n emily felt uneasy tuu. saw some nice clothes la. but no money buy. sadded. ate at pasta mania. we haven started eatinq jaron n chen ninq gtg liao. jaron meetinq his parents while chen ninq went hm. juz walk around lor. den saw minq zi jie jie. my cousin. n yutinq jie jie. her best fren. chat at da shop ' gift a name' (is tt da coreect sp?) n we were lyk laughinq la. den da gal or auntie workinq der was lyk askinq us. u all come here 4 wat? tok ar? den plz go out n tok. lim bei ji tao hot la. den juz show her a face. den my cousin n her fren went off le. den juz slack slack around opposite of bugis street. sit der tok tok tok. went hm at around 8 with jas toh. i noe stil early la. but i juz dun wan go hm alone later. haha. ya..i wan go do my stuff le. tatas~

Friday, February 02, 2007

oh gosh. cher believe tt my hair ish natural!! yippee!!! today lesson was alright except for english which was reali fun. miss joseph n us was lyk tokinq bout those romance stories la. yea. n she said : guys r not tt nice as wat we see on tv. LOL! those guys in my class was lyk BOO~ n wei xianq said tt gals r oso not tt sweet as seen on tv. LOL. miss joseph oso say tt dun believe in those romance thingy as ALL are fake. real life thingy wil not bcum lyk those fairy tales. n emma was telinq mi tt she got a veri huge crush on this sec 3 guy name william. n he juz got a stead which made emme reali veri sad. n she almost cried. after listeninq tu wat miss joseph said she was even more sad la. reality oways hurt =) we gotta leave da class at 12 n have our lunch b4 goin for da lasalle trip. it is for those performinq art members. involved in syf. is not reali tt fun. make it is still fun after all. lols. we went plaza after tt with ayu yasmeen n jo. emily came after tt. after meetinq jean. we gals tok alot. n emily juz cant stop burpinq -.- but nvm. I STILL LOVE HER. n ya jo. dun b jealous. i love yoo tuu! LOLS. went hm at bout 6.45 n da sky was stil not reali tt dark. n tml got dance practise. i'm goin crazee veri soon. i hope tt miss zuu wil juz take mi out for da finale part. urgh! n 1 more thinq which make mi not reali happy ish tt JEAN. emily best fren. she's juz not happy with emily hanginq out with mi as she think tt i'm lian. wtf ish ronq with her? her nigel arent tt great either. n JEAN. u r juz beinq jealous bcuz emily ish hanqinq out with ppl tt u dun hav da chance tu hanq out with. n stop doin stuff tt wil make emily piss. any thinq not happy with mi. cum tel mi. dun oways give mi a dirty look when u saw me. it disgust me! n so i gtg. tatas~

Thursday, February 01, 2007

din go sko today. got rashes da previous nite. n its all over my face. GROSS!! eye oso swollen. but thish morninq wake up ok le. eye stil got abit nia. but lazy tu go sko. lols. cuz got pe. den juz slp till 9 plus. ate maggie mee. bout 2plus go cp meet jojo jas n emily. eat at BK n chat chat chat. bruce came. den leave. den alca faiz came. den leave. den tian chenq dey all came. bout 7 ppl. damn noisy la. den der ish this 2 gals bout 19 or 20 dress in pink n purple. dey keep lookiqn at us. especially da purple wan. i buey ta han den diao her. knn. keep stare stare stare. den tian chenq stare bak. i keep starinq at dem oso la. EEK! ugly bitches! 1 fat 1 thin xp. marcus treated jo n me mac flurry even though he left with 5 bucks. poor ass. i noe we veri bad la. LOL. den jo bro n alvin came. dey keep gossiping bout tian chenq dey al la. den jo n her family go eat pizza. good lor. i no money :( den jas emily pei me take lrt hm. as in take same side as me. HAPPY BIRDDAY TU JOSEPHINE GOH!!!! u guys r oreadi 14. when den my turn huh?? lalalalalalalalalalallalalalalalalallalal~

great. my parents had divorced.