Sunday, April 29, 2007

28 april, saturday
had a big big quarrel with my mum b4 i went out. rahh. mrt tu hg tu meet jojo. bus tu amk hub. took lots of fotos. but jo deleted all la. left with one. -.-

smile smile smile

after we alighted.

jo is crazee

i'm trying tu act innocent while jo is giving a face.

at amk hub.

guess wat i'm looking at? LOL

jo was asking me tu act auntie. -.-
n i din noe my hair was this long. LOL

walk around. den ate at fish n co. i keep kp kb-ing bout the price. LOL.

while waiting tu b serve...


jo is camera shy? NO WAY.

heh. now miss josephine goh will b showing us the procedure of drinking soup. xp

step 1.

step 2

n lastly. step 3
n yea ! she got tt spoon into her mouth !
n seems lyk she is enjoying her soup. LOL.

after eating, walk around. bought a tube at RED 2. nice.
den went tu meet jas toh at sun tec. mrt tu bugis.
was looking around for sko bags. LOL
can u guys actually believe it ?!?! i bought a silver white shoulder bag !!
instead of something tt is black !!! lmao.
jo bought a brown white shoulder bag.

after tt we mrt tu plaza sing.
n as usual. went tu starbucks. wait for damn long can.
had a long long chat. den mrt home. we cnnt stop chatting. LOL.
n dey say i laugh veri loud. ppl was looking at me when i laugh. o.o ?

after i reach home.
bath n remove my make-up. n conf. with josephine n jas toh.
was silent for bout 1 hrs. each of us r using com. doing own stuff.
after i went offline 3hrs later...
jas toh was complaining tt we r tuu quiet.
i started crapping on the fone.
n when is started crapping. dey were asking me tu shaddup.
cuz i'm tuu noisy.
n i started translating the lyrics of wo ke yi intu english. LOL.
jas toh hang 1st. den jo. den i went intu lala land ~~

Friday, April 27, 2007

alot of stuffs goin on. dunno how tu put it tu words. juz 4get it. life still carry on. =) i'm goin shopping tml ~~~~ n exams r juz nxt week. so close !!! i'm hard for my exams? LOL. k la. i got a date later. tatas~

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

went tu plaza tu meet jasmien dey all. den walk tu sko. seems lyk ppl around me is ignoring me. nvm. lessons today was alright. den prefect investiture. sat with carina n meiyi. had some talks about dominic de stuff. after tt went tu find jasmine dey all. all of dem r lyk treaing veri cold towards me. din reali wanna follow dem. den melissa suddenly ask bout tt dominic de thingy. i oso dunno wat tu say. sort of lyk quarrel outside sko with jojo dey all. lyk everything is my fault. wat can i do. dey so many ppl. onli me fighting for myself. watever la. den ask carina n meiyi come. i reali dunno wat dey wan la. den saw colin. ask him tu say wat exactly dominic say. he dun wanna say n walk away. i'm sorry colin. i noe my tone towards u juz now was harsh. but i juz cnnt control my emotions.

plz get the facts right before saying anything. i din say it was YOUR fault. instead i keep defending yoo. when carina told me bout this. u hav no idea how much i'm trying tu defend yoo. saying tt josephine is not this kind of gal. i keep asking carina tu get both side of the stories b4 jumping tu any conclusion. as u noe the love carina had for dominic is veri deep. n now all of us noe dominic is at fault. i'm not scolding u or anything. i'm juz veri disappointed tt u actually tot i'm helping carina. i'm not helping whoever. i juz wan this thing tu stop. noe how i felt when u guys all suddenly ignore me after sko. u guys juz seems tu b putting blame on me la. n by telling dominic, will onli make things between carina n him worse. imagine u r in dominic shoe's. after noeing wat carina said. he muz b lyk thinking carina is being such a bitch. kicking up a fuss about this. carina juz now even cried infront of us la. one thing i juz dun understand is. y did u fall for dominic LAST TIME??? carina was right. something wil happen if u keep helping him n carina. now reali happened. carina even feels tt u n dominic r closer la. ya..watever. i dunno how tu say le. i oso dun wanna say le. i noe tt u oreadi tell him le. so no point saying so much. hate me? u deicide.

no use having alot of friends tt dun undertand yoo.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

din post ytd as i was really tired when i reach hm. IT WAS SYF. the day everyone was waiting for. the lrt had problems int he morning. so went tu take shuttle bus. but when the shuttle bus came. it was so damn full tt the door can hardly close. in bout 10mins tym i'm gonna b late. so went tu take cab. but no cab la. some busy. some on call. some hired. pianq. damn suay. den saw another shuttle bus coming. went tu take lor. n is lyk 7.20am? le. late liao lor. after alighting saw emily. chase after her. haha. but end up din late la. onli stand out the foyer sing national anthem jiu can go bak class liao. after recess. maths test. i'm the 1st in class tu finish la. took me onli bout 5 tu 10 mins tu finish. emily dey all outside class waiting for me liao. b4 i left practically the whole class wish me good luck. so happy can. including mr micheal. haha. damn excited.

went tu change tu dance tee n track pants. had bout 3 round of dance practise. went tu bath. den make up time. miss kavita did my make up. n miss zu help me bun up my hair. use damn lot of gel can. n i special. us the big big net. cuz my hair veri thick. n blue hair spray. i love stage foundation. haha. our make up took us bout 2 hrs tu finish? or less? den went tu the foyer tu wait for the bus. carina meiyi n few frens were der tuu. so happy they r coming along. mei yi say i look nice with my make up n my hair so tidy. LOL. i look lyk ghost lor. the male up lyk veri thick. took pictures on our way der. was damn damn excited.

finally we reach le. my heart almost jump tu my throat. phew~ touch up our make up n took lots of group foto. i love my dancers so much ! all of us was lyk hugging here n der. hafiz they all came tuu. fianlly it was our turn. WOAHHH. '' serial number 35, north vista secondary. '' omg. den it was my group turn. damn nervous. but after awhile i reali enjoy myself. even though the judges were not smiling at all. but i believe we all had done our best. time passes damn fast can. how i wish our dance was longer. our dance was bout 4minutes plus long? after the performance. i cant help it tears keep flowing. damn happy tt every thing is over. den went tu watch the performance awhile jiu went bak sko liao. some sko's were realli good. was singing in the bus . lyk half of us? rahhh. I JUZ LOVE U GUYS ALOT. went tu clean up. den went plaza with tivona, celeste, indah, heliah, mazturah (sp?), jojo, emily, khairul, fabian n fadhil. ate at kfc. nabilah dey all was der tuu. den finally went home with fadhil. khairul took the other side of lrt. tiv took bus. tired tired tired.

today. nth reali happen. had some fun fun during class time. den had history make up lesson. den finally chinese oral. went hime after tt.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

din post ytd as i was tired when i reach home la. went tu visit azhar ytd in changi hospital with some modern dancers. went tu city hall after tt with indah fadhil jo n khairul. went tu hang around explanade after fadhil bought his stuff. adam they all oso der. a big group. LOL. din do much der. den jo's father came n fetch indah n me home. reach home around 11? bath , watch tv den went tuu slp. syf is juz TOMORROW. lyk woahhh. so fast. miss zu is happy with our dance ytd. yipee! hope we can get a gold. lols. nono. is..we MUST get a gold. LOL. i feel damn nervous when i think bout syf. i'm afraid tt i might slip n fall during the dance. cuz its quite slippery la. i scare i will forget my steps which i should not b 4getting by now. my 1st tym.................. RAHHHHHHHHHHHH. wish me luck guys !

Friday, April 20, 2007

choir get silver. haha. gratz. history lesson was ok today. took some pictures. will post it later. maths was normal. did comprehension for english today AGAIN. roar. almost doze off. damn tired. den sci. woah. our chair n vice chair din DO hmwk. actually can copy. but dunno y carina lyk mood swing. so juz admit she din do. den colin oso. den when anglish teacher left..she haven finish her compre. not onli her la. den she suddenly shout at the class. ' CHEE BYE LA. U DUN WAN DO WORK PPL WAN DO LA. ' pianq. all of us chua sai. i tot wat happen sia. den she suddenly cry. went tu comfort her. she din say anithing. juz cry on my shoulders. scary~ after lesson. english make up lesson. i 4got wat we learn le. LOL. after tt went tu cantten with jojo. she wanted tu go to c the finals. i mean the netball thingy. din wan tu go. lyk alot of ppl dunno de. but saw jasz go. jiu went along too. it was so exciting la. our netballers scored 1st. den slowly kana over take. den 3/4. draw. den last round. we lost. but nvm. our sko is still the natinal top 2. was reali veri fun der la. all those cheering n stuff. was quite warm. but dunno y as tym pass by..i get colder n colder. jasz was lyk so tense up la. haha. after tt went plaza tu eat. with jo. chat lyk normal. den jackie coem find us. went tu future park. i was doin my hmwk. xD after tt went tu play for awhile. was spinning jackie around tt dunno wat la. wanted tu stop. but end up i fall down. LOL. i almost run light la. pianq. stupid jackie. played awhile more. wanted tu go home le. jackie keep pulling me. so i started kicking him lyk mad. LOL. finally he let me off n i ran away !
henry wei xiang n me.

suhailah babe n me.

carina n me !

Thursday, April 19, 2007

lessons today was alright. except for pe. the floor damn slippery la. den tt stupid ball juz dun wanna go in tt stupid hoop. so i'm lyk throwing my temper every where. den sort of fall down la. n twist my knee. damn pain lor. now wan squat n stand up oso got problem. hope tt it will b fine b4 syf. T.T

dance was canceled last minute. jo n i dun feel lyk leaving sko so soon. juz slack around canteen. chat with ayu n fabian dey all lor. after dey went off went tu borrow bball frm mr lim. not alot of pl at basketball court la. so went play lor. colin dey all oso der la. was playing abc. den play until half jiu dunw an play le. den razak n faiz came tu play with us. 3 againts 2. fabian me n jojo againts they. juz play n play la. din go count the marks. den dey went off. den adam n saiful came. play abc again. saiful keep cnnt clear 'a' la. help him. see. i so kind. LOL. jo is the 1st tu complete lor. she is lyk using those netball style tu shoot la. den colin came join us. colin, another pro. LOL. he solo againts half of my class de guy oso can win lor. den colin left for awhile. play match again. fabian n saiful. jo n me. i keep wanna snatch the ball from saiful la. i noe i'm damn rough. lols. n my nails is lyk damn long. den hit my nail. damn pain !!! break until lyk inside inside. of cuz got bleed la. went tu wash my hand. jiu nv play le. but b4 tt i play basketball dunno for how long la. so long nv play le. want tu have a drink. i almost lyk finish the whole water cooler de water la. ok..i noe the water cooler water wont end. i'm juz being lame. so 4get it.

so went tu join adam dey all behind the canteen. razak n his fren was there tuu. so is lyk damn lot of guys la. onli jo n me gal. LOL. adam started tu dance. with music of cuz. so juz show some steps la. den jojo oso. slowly slowly we r lyk teaching adam how tu dance. den i started tu dance lyk mad? no juz tt i'm veri active. adam n saiful damn funny can. ask adam teach me some of the dance he noe. he can do lyk those back gliding n flip. i cnnt at all lor. LOL. he ask me teach him more. so tt nxt tym go clubbing n show off. LOL. i'm so damn sweaty la. went hm around 6.45pm? n my middle finger still veri pain can. went tu cut off the nail juz now. OUCH !

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

mr micheal is bakkkkkkkkkk. lols. english was find today. den recess. all of us din eat? cuz oreadi had mac for breakfast in the morning. sci cher nv come!!! WOOTS. n miss vanessa relieved us ! after tt it was chinese. still as boring as b4. den cdp. miss vanessa again ! did some journal thing onli. den started playing ! play scissors paper stone with henry. instead of holding hands. we place our hand on the table. cuz i dun wanna hold his hand. LOL. i hit his hand damn hard when he lose la. his hand frm black turn tu red la. n lyk wan blue black le. soo fun. poor him. den play heart attack with bout 7 guys? i dunno y suddenly alot of guys sit around me la. but nvm. all of dem trest me lyk a guy tuu. dey even say dey cnnt c any gals here lor. lyk during lesson time la. den i played with henry again. this tym we play slap face de. LOL. 1st few tym i keep winning. so he kana slap by me. i nv hit hard hard wan lor. but still abit red la. =x den finally i lose. ROAR. but instead of slapping me, he hit my hand 2 tyms. light light de. so kind of him. wahaha. had damn lot of fun. i was so crazee juz now. tuu bad carina n colin went mia during cdp. lols. after sko sat at canteen with a bunch of gals. some netballers la. sang birthday song for meiyi. practically the ppl in canteen was looking at us la. den went cp. eat kfc. actually goin tu pizza hut. but most of us had no more money. not tt much i mean. chat alot. we was laughing lyk hell la. den terrance n tt si kai came. dey keep walking in n out in n out. den alca n vincent came. sat veri far away frm us. bout 8 plus jiu went home le. sorrie mei yi . din buy present for yoo. nxt tym we go shopping tell me wat u lyk n i'll buy for yoo kays? haha. HAPPYBIRTHDAY mei yi !

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

hmm..literature test. wrote bout 1 page. den history. veri fun. miss vanessa juz cnnt control our class. so i was helping her by throwing paper balls, pens at henry tu shut him up. instead of throwing bak at me, he pick up my pen n return it tu me la. super shock. i threw at him dunno how many tyms lor. den colin screaming was veri high pitch la. my ear drum almost burst. den other guys all lyk kee siao liao. pity miss vanessa sia. after recess was english. my comprehension test. 23/40 . sci test. i think i'm gonna fail it. the question ask for SI unit la. muz rite in words. i go write the short form. 4MARKS gone. n i leave bout 4 or 5 blanks. i had nv pass any sci test since sec 2 la. mr micheal din come again. n pw. our group was the 1st tu present. finally all the stuff is over. left with maths test !

modern dance. i reali got no mood tu dance. lyk alot of ppl nv come for dance today. so was kinda moody. after awhile went up tu the hall as the band is using LT. each group practise their own. den jojo tt actors group start tu dance when they r ready. slowly those mood started tu come. i think we did well today la. n jasmine was so funny. she's lyk having the rong medicine la. one moment she act lyk a bangala sayign those lala language. another moment she was acting lyk a geek. super funni. all of us laugh lyk hell. we video it down la. den fadhill oso. our yonga master. LOL. we had damn lot of fun. den we did those clapping tt those sec 3 did during camp. teach the rest of dem. all of us did tgt. it was soo nice. did the dance few more rounds n we were dismissed! but i still wanna play more. haha. i nv seen jasmine so hilarious before. went tu take the lrt at plaza. the sky was so nice. it was orange at the left. den purple. follow by blue. damn nice. was sweating lyk hell on the way home. but i had fun today. =)

just a few lines to tell you how I feel,
a few lines to show I care.
but what good will these few lines do
if you are never there?
these words will just be written
never noticed or read
all my feelings down on paper...
all the thoughts that fill my head.
whispered softly to myself
So no one else can hear
Only I can see what's written,
Only I can feel my tears.
shutting out the world around me
Only I can hear my cries,
writing my feelings down on paper
my heart starts to die.
I'm dying inside
But no one seems to know,
I'm trying to hold on...
but I'm slowly letting go.

Monday, April 16, 2007

was abit bored. so found this.

You Are Pretty Happy Being Single

You have a full, fun life. And you definitely don't need love to be content.
Of course, being single can get you down a little. Especially when you've been single for a while.
But you know how to be patient and wait for the right person. You're life is too good to settle for anything!

Your Love Style is Agape

You are a caring, kind, and selfless partner.
Unsurprisingly, your love style is the most rare.
You are willing to sacrfice your world for your sweetie.
Except it doesn't really feel like sacrifice to you.
For you, nothing feels better than giving to the one you love.

You Are a Dare Devil

For you, life is one big dare.
And you're all in for any adventure.
Others find you exciting, inspiring, and a bit intimidating.
You're biggest challenge at this point is trying to top yourself!

Your Ideal Relationship is Polyamory

You want to have your cake... and everyone else's.
Which isn't a bad thing, if everyone else gets to eat too!
You're too much of a free spirit to be tied down by a traditional relationship.
You think relationships should be open and free, with few restrictions.
had a difficult time tying up my hair today la. left hse on 6.55am? tot i gonna b the 1st tu reach. but jojo was the 1st wan. lols. mr micheal din coem today. so sad. tt means math re-test tml. plus sci n literature test tuu. going insane soon. or oreadi suffering frm insanity. lols. was damn piss at miss lau during act la. nv hand in oso til gan. hand in liao ask me draw properly. draw prperly liao ask mi paint. plz lor. i no paint lor. not even one my classmates have. den i lost the design. she ask me can i go do now. den i say no. can i dun do..den she alot of crap la. so i juz put down my art piece n walk out of class. went for recess. DnT was tiring today. polish lyk hell la. den assemly. was smth about ball dance. those cha cha dance la. one gal damn chio. sec 2 oso. puggol sec. she dance so well la.

dance after sko. ayu was teaching us some sort of clapping la. quite fun. dey learn it during their sec 3 camp. at 1st din have mood tu dance. den practise in our own group. den combine. lyk veri lifeless. den did some shouting here n der. practise a lil while. den dance again. this tym. woah. even janna say it was fantastic. i soo damn happy. did a few ground. quite happy la. cuz no scoldings today. wahaha. =x did ther energy pass after dance. n each of us have tu say how we feel bout syf sitting in a circle. juz said my mind out la. den all of were told tu say i love yoo tu everyone. haha. ifah cried. T.T den we gave a call tu miss zu. den 1, 2, 3 I LOVE YOO MISS ZU! miss zu sms us bak n say we r crazee. hahaha. i bth. oso cried a lil bit. no one caught me crying. haha. after dance went toilet tu tidy up our hair n stuff. den all of us r lyk. bye darling~ haha. this is the second tym i felt this way. i dunno how tu express it with words la. the 1st tym i felt it is during dance camp. all of us r lyk so bonded now. haha. i'm looking forward tu every dance practises now! I LOVE ALL NV MODERN DANCER !!! off tu study now. tatas~

Sunday, April 15, 2007

rotting in progress . rotting in progress . rotting in progress . rotting in progress . rotting in progress . lols. damn sian. din went out today. jas toh went tu meet xiao qiang. dun feel lyk goin la. dun even noe whether can go out ma. watch vcd frm 3 all the way tu 7pm. sko tml. haix. dun have the mood la. gonna end here. bye.
HAPPY BIRDDAY TU JASMINE TOH PEI PEI ! haha. had dance this morning. quite tiring. wearing our costume n some of us with make up. the actors soo cute ! with their dress. gonan have dance practise every day nxt week except for wednesday. our p n vp plus some teachers came tu watch us dance. some comments frm dem reali kept me goin. after tt went hm change n meet jas toh. connie n another guy name randy was der tuu. i juz keep calling randy wendy. LOL. went tu marina de kbox. wasntsinging at all. until connie n wendy went out for a while den jojo n i start singing. haha. den jas toh de frenster fren came. 2 guys. one is xiao qiang another one is zhixian. xiao qiang is such a joker la. he keep making us laugh. tt zhixian lyk dao dao wan sia. but he oso got sing la. i keep calling tt xiao qiang ' ka zhua' LOL. n ya. marina de kbox not good dee. this song dun have tt song dun have. onli those last tym de pop song. eek. den felicia jie came. out 8plus went out tu play arcade le. den felicia left with jia yuan. her stead la. den walk here walk der. xiao qiang bought a soft toy for jas toh. bugsbunny. lols. den their fren came. peggy. ah lian sia. quite chio. she lyk not veri frenly leh. lols. den went tu plaza sg. jas toh wanna drink mocha frm starbucks. saw mr spencer with her galfren n other fren. chat a lil while. den felicia n jiayuan came tu join us a lil while jiu go le. cuz tt ka zhua n his fren no space sit. jojo father sent us hm. reach hm around 12? bath n stuff.. now sittin infront of my com posting. LOL. tt's all for today. tatas~

Friday, April 13, 2007

din post for the past 2 days. no mood. i onli rmb tt i almost faint after i ran 1km during pe. i was sooo damn dizzy la. n my tummy was crampping lyk hell. woke up late today again. but was still the 1st tu reach. ROAR. it means dey r late. lols. lesson today was alright. i finally noe nicholas de secret. wahaha. yet tu noe colin dee. n thanks tian cheng for these 2 days. i keep forgetting tu bring my money tu sko la. n he gave me my allowance. LOL. went cp after sko. jas toh n her fren was der. went tu join dem. connie, her fren kana ps by her frens. she damn sad la. she's frenly. haha. n she will oso b goin out with us tu celebrate jas toh bday. there's dance tml ! full dress plus make up. 0.0 lols. gonna make this post a short wan. so yea..tatas~

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

abit moodless in class today. poor wei xianq. kana scolded frm me. sorry ! reali not in a good mood. but i cans till laugh at silly stuff. haix. lesson today was alright. walk tu compass after sko. i was gettin so crazee la. haha. not veri sunny today. so din sweat alot when walking tu compass. but rain a little. den jas toh n emily came. melissa left after awhile. juz chat der lor. n tell dem wat happen ytd nite. saw bliss de marcus. he now lyk suddenly veri tall liao. i mean he is tall last tym. now taller. he was wearing this veri 'flowering' pants la. went home with jas toh about 5? lols. this sat is her bday. haha. she surely get veri high on tt day. she say goin kbox. lols. damn long tym nv go le. last tym i went is melisa bday last year. haha. damn sian now. every tym online lyk nth tu do wan. lols. okok. tatas~

Monday, April 09, 2007

din slp well last nite. i onli slept bout 3 tu 4 hrs? but i'm not tired at all when i woke up. carina din come tu sko today. SIAN. luckily got suhailah. if not surely bored tu death. during dance practise today we were told tu sew our own costume la. i mean tt additional strip tt we need tu add on. emily help mi abit. but after tt i found out tt i place it at the rong place. re sew again. lols. went straight home after dance. saw a msq frm edison gan mei. not gonna say bout the contents. i'm now damn sad n piss at the same tym. ROAR.

i din noe tt my comment on your blog cost so much.
u shd noe yourself u r lying tu her. u have no rights tu scold me on this.
i dunno wat's so good bout tt slut in imvu n oreadi have 2 kids plus she is not married.
the age gap between the 2 of yoo is so HUGE. n yoo yourself noe tt she is oways being unfaithful.
wat i'm trying tu do is knock some sense intu yoo. but turn out tt u said so much hurting stuff tu me in return.
instead of go self reflecting. u had reali disappoint me. i juz could not control my tears upon seeing those stuff u wrote tu me.
imvu is juz a game where u make frens. y get so work up. how old r u oreadi? 17. GROW UP PLZ.
i swear i'm not gonna interfer in your affairs anymore. not gonna tok tu yoo animore.
juz bcuz of this u wanna hate me. GO AHEAD. ' sorry kor. plz forgive me. ' so sorry. i fucking wont say tt tu yoo. i dun think i'm at rong.
u had take me for granted. i juz cnnt believe tt u can say out those stuff. upon this... U R NOT WORTHY OF MY LOVE.
i had wasted so much of my tym on yoo. n do u noe how i'm feeling rite now? i will stay as far as i could frm yoo as tts wat u wanted.
goodbye forever. I"M GOOD WITHOUT YOO.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

its oreadi 4plus in the afternoon. tym pass so fast sia. i still haven complete my hmwk. T.T n i haven study my maths yet. monday tml. how i hate it. n dance tnl. i still haven alter tt costume. my mum la. RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. damn piss at edison now. i have no mood tu do anything. tatas for now.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

din post ytd as i'm piss with my father la. once i reach hm he start complaining bout how i dress. den ask this ask tt with a tone tt sounds lyk wanna pick a fight with me. ROAR. quarrel with him lor. onli went ps with jojo n her mum den went her hse jiu go home le. today went tm with jojo tu watch stomp the yard. nice show. walk around after the movie. when tu some bikini shop. LOL. was planning tu go swimming so jo n me wanna buy new swimming costume. but i not gonna buy bikini la. lols. cab tu compass point tu meet emily n jasmine. i din tok much la. went hm after tt. i'm hungry...... off tu eat now. tatas~

there may be some conflicts between us.
i hope u will change for the better.
but no matter wat, i still love yoo.
we r frens afterall, n sisterhood
will not b gone juz liddat. PEACE.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

chinese ting xie today..totally nv read anything at all. onli wrote few words. not more den 5. onli 6 or 7 ppl in our class study for it. monday 2nd round of chinese ting xie again. rahhhh. if fail again muz write each word 50 tyms. p.e was alright today. chage of seats again. nicholas on my right. wei xianq on my left. follow by colin n carina. I LOVE MY SEAT SERIOUSLY. i'm so happy mr micheal let us sit tgt. lols. the 3 brothers. LOL. i noe a secret of colin. shhhhhhhhhhh. after sko walk tu compass. ate n do my hmwk. er..acatully is melissa n jojo help mi with some la. i seriously got no idea how tu do chinese. den jas toh came. but she left quite early. so din go hm with her as she meeting her mum 1st. den jillson n his fren came. din reali tok. he sit at another table. i stare at my hmwk dunno for how long la. n maths lesson today. T.T i cnnt catch up even though wei xianq help me. syf n exams r coming so soon. help ! dunno y these few days juz dun hav appetite tu eat la. n tml edmund dey all wanna go bunk? den colin dey all wan go watch movie? all goin ps. n now jasmine dey all oso wann go ps tu buy those fbt shorts. who shd i follow? lols. i wan go watch my tv le. so tatas~

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

yo! finally bak tu sko. miss dem damn lot can! 4 days nv c dem le sia. totally change of sitting plan. left side is wei xianq. right side yan wei. behind py. infront i 4got who le. but i rmb is guy oso. pianq. i feel so good sitting with wei xianq. veri entertaining wan. LOL. cdp lesson mr micheal came in. he suddenly kee siao. damn damn scary. he scream lyk hell. kick the table n stuff. i saw le almost run out of class can. damn scary. we finally got our costume for dance. the top was abit tight ont he right side la. quite short oso. the bottom i find it nice. i cnnt turn well lor. i get dizzy veri easily can. syf is juz 19 days away. n today is drama syf. good luck =) yea yea..tym for audition! tatas~

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

din went sko oso. lols. but my MC onli 1 day T.T doctor say my body lack of water. tt's why i oways get dizzy easily. doctor actualyl ask me tu go for a blood test. NO WAY MAN. surely veri pain dee. saw this adidas shoulder baq. fake de. but nice leh..i beg my mum lyk hell she oso dun wan buy for me lor. i wan use my own money oso cnnt. urgh. den saw some la bi xiao xin vcd. she oso dun let mi buy. i noe is for children la. but i lyk tu watch leh! it juz cheer me up la. but i dunno y la bi xiao xin lyk onli stuck at 5 years old wan. haha. i juz get quite piss when i dun get wat i wan la. den went tu buy takoyaki. tt person nv put properly in the plastic bag la. den the sauce all drip out. pianq. i juz scream while waiting for the lrt la. i noe alot ppl watching me. but i reali veri piss. i'm juz acting lyk a kid throwing temper around la. urgh. 4get it. but watever it is. i love my mother =) when she called my maid juz now my maid told her tt i din go sko. i tot she was goin tu scold me la. but instead she ask y den say.. aiyo............... LOL. den ask mi wat i wan for breakfast. (+++) saw this video at my fren blog. can go youtube find. one litre of tear. is a japanese show base on a real life story. alot ppl say veri touching. n says tears wil start flowing on episode 3. but i think episode 6 den start lehh. cuz reali veri sad. but i still din cry! lols. k la k la. tatas~