Saturday, June 30, 2007

woke up around 11 ? meeting sherlyn at 1.
not enough time. so ask change tym tu 1.30.
but i'm still bloddy late la. sorry sherlyn !
mrt tu vivo. walk around. saw a dress at forever 21. damn nice. but 48bucks. wth.
tt top tt i wanted was not there anymore. ROAR.
bought a tank top at mango. went tu eat at long john.
den went tu fareast. bought a pair of pumps. wanted tu buy heels. but sherlyn say i'm tall enough oreadi x)
den went looking for belt. keep goin up n down la. LOL. den finally.
bought another top. went tu drink smth at Gelare ? sherlyn nid tu go meet her mum soon.
wanted tu go look for asyraf. but he at pasir ris. adam is there oso.
they celebrating some gal bday. lazy tu go there. they keep ask me tu go.
for lyk 5mins saying : come la come la come la. non-stop lor. -.-
walk awhile more. went tu take mrt le. sherlyn went tu amk.
i keep thinking whether tu go home anot. miss a few trains. LOL
took the train opposite. so went one big round. juz dun wanna reach home early.
damn sian. smsing some frens on the way home. reach home around 8 ?
rahhhhh. i'm hungry. onli had my lunch. wanna go cook maggie. so tatas !

Friday, June 29, 2007

morning assembly. receive the certificate of participation at genting.
was nervous la. pratically the whole school is looking. lols. took group photos after that.
lessons today was BORING. exceot for geo ! i love it man.
got his new teacher. billy chua ? he damn DUMB la.
the 7 of us change name tags. he was sort of taking attendance. suhailah using my name.
i using chen ning name. den carina using suhailah name. chen ning using joanna name.
joanna using siti name. siti using erika name. den erika using carina name.
den the guys tuu. they were all changing names. LOL.
we keep crap n stuff. den cher say we veri 'zi high'
den left 1 more period of geo. he promise tu let us do our own stuff for the last 5min.
but after 10mins. he buey tahan. we talk tuu much. n tt stupid wei xiang keep acting blur.
dunno cher repeat tt sentence how many billions time. LOL. heh. den finally.
after another 10min he let us do our own stuff. he has such a nice ass la. LMAO !
went compass after with jasmine jojo n emily. meet darling. slack at kfc again.
walk around n went home. i'm tireddddddd. i nid someone tu go out with me tml !

Thursday, June 28, 2007

keep thinking whether tu go tu sko today anot.
rahhh. NYAA 1st period. smth lyk pe oso la.
ran 2km. i din stop for the first km. i feel lyk dying after running.
i run for the sake of burning fats ! LOL. =x=x=x
den it was music. we were late for 30mins.
tt mr tan kaobei kaobu here. den keep asking wat tym we were release.
plz la. who will check the tym when pe end? ALL of us were lyk half dead oreadi la.
so juz go canteen go toilet. den piss of with him la. so i juz say. some ppl run slow wat.
den he continue his bullshit again. i buey tahan. juz diao him n look away.
den kana lecture by him again bcuz i nv use my COMMON SENSE tu borrow foolscap paper,
since i dun have. how i hate him ! ROAR.
den sci lessons. our class cnnt stop toking. gotta stay back for detention.
during recess time, went tu find amni. with haidah dey all.
had a 'talk' with amni. some sec 1 gal la. she keep giving a bloody face.
showing bloody attitudes. peng wei here n der. nb.
after recess was maths. mr michael was having smth on. were chatting with suhailah dey all.
toking bout CARTOONS ! n ghost stories. dey reali freak me out la.
den chinese. i sat bside suhailah. den started tu chat abit. cher jiu ask me dun tok liao.
after the last period lee tai sheng was oreadi waiting outside our class.
onli hold us back for 10mins la. den emily was smsing me.
she saw adrian at compass ?!?!? he was there tu settle some daiji. lols
ate at kfc. walk a few rounds. slack here n there. den saw adrian.
i pretend i din see him. den jasmine walk back again. so gotta walk pass him again.
i stil pretend i din see him. he juz shouted : oi ! we din care la.
slack awhile more. den went home.
OH ! n that fucking amni told her fren tt haidah SLAP her.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

din slp ytd night. cant get tu slp. kept thinking about him.
when i was about tu slp my alarm juz went off. oreadi 7am.
damn damn tired. emily say i look veri dead during dance today.
i'm feeling bloody moody today. (pms-ing)
lesson today was ok. juz wanna slp.
went straight home after school.

ps: plz dont compare yourself with my ex or other guys.
tu me yoo are the best. i love yoo more than anything.
n this tym i'm so gonna cherish yoo.
i promise i wont allow any other guy tu touch me anymore.
i love yoo, i really do.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

went marina south with jasmine melisa jojo n sherlyn.
mrt-ed n took bus 400 there. didn't really eat much la.
after tt emily join us. went tu play arcade with her.
manage tu hiong one ice cream for emily after they had finish eating.
mrt back tu compass. slack awhile at kfc n went home.
jasmine they all wanna go swimming tml. i dun feel lyk goin. heh.

went down mall tu have lunch. with my whole family.
ate alot. saw shawn again. everywhere i go oso saw him.
in sko la. at mall. at compass. ROAR.
reach home n watch my sis play games. lols.

den jojo called me. ask me go sherlyn condo tu do hmwk.
b4 she call i told my father tt i have no hmwk.

when i goin out tt tym i tell my father tt i goin sherlyn condo tu play pool.
n do hmwk. LOL. so he was asking tot i dun have hmwk.

den i reply him saying. ' cuz i dun feel lyk doin. so tell yoo no hmwk' LOL

reach sherlyn's hse around 4 ? went tu games room. play pooooooool.
den jojo came. i oways say : i'm tired of winning everytym. LOL. kidding la.
emily came n join us. my daughterrrrrrrrrr. LOL.
some one booked the room on 6pm. so gotta leave.
den went around the swimming pool area tu play dai di.

went home after playing few rounds.
sko tml ! i din do any of my hmwk. =x

Saturday, June 23, 2007


mr michael with his kuku spects !

went down tu mac tu have breakfast with my mum. it was around 7.40am ?
then went tu sko. reach around 8.20 ? waited outside the room.
stared at the sky. nice clouddddddddddddds. whenever i look up into the sky.
i will some how think bout genting. the clouds are freaking near us la.
i juz miss genting so much. not bcuz of the food or those games.
but is..i went there with my dancers. those memories we had.
those gossip session. that few mins performing on stage. those up n down we had.
and when we are waiting for the results. i wont forget that moment.
rahhh. ok. mr michael onli came when it was lyk 8.50 ?
make me wait so long. guys are not suppose tu let gals wait ok. LOL. kidding la.
had soooooo much fun in class. i keep crapping. ask mr michael bout his personal life.
i keep laughing lyk crazee. bang table n stuff. =x not gonna elaborate much on this.
lesson end around 12. my parents still at changi. so went jasmine hse.
used her com. until around 3.45 ? den my mother say reaching compass point.
so went there. saw randy. finally he nv run away upon seeing me. ROAR. LOL.
went sakura to eat ^^ damn full. den damn SUAY. saw kokkok n his frens.
den saw shawn with his frens. den saw ah teck n his frens. den saw felix with his fren.
wa pianq. whole group of 08ppl there. n i heard stupid felix saying. : go in dee siao her leh.
i was inside cd shop with my mum n sis la. at least he care tu say bye tu me when i left. LOL.
goin tu marina south later. heh. tatas !

Thursday, June 21, 2007

had dance yesterday. started tu learn the steps for aerobics competition.
dance end at 12. went home bath n meet emily plus jasmine.
went kfc. jojo n sherlyn came. ate n crapped.
wanna go play pool at sherlyn condo. yea, so walk there.
was so happy tt no one booked the games room.
den the guard told us that someone had booked on 4pm. it was lyk3.45pm la.
so we say nvm lor. go in 15 min oso can. LOL. den the guard write so slow la.
those booking stuff. urgh ! went in. jasmine emily n me was playing dai di.
jojo n sherlyn playing table tennis. dont feel lyk playing after a few rounds.
emily went tu sleep on the sofa. sherlyn n me started taking fotos. but non of it i lyk. LOL.
jasmine n jojo started play tennis. damn sian. so played tennis with jojo.
den jasmine started taking fotos. lols. it was lyk around 4plus when the guard came.
wake emily up n went tu play ground.
slack awhile n went home !

jasmine say i look lyk i'm topless. LOL

we love lying on the tennis table la. LOL

the table is tuu hard. cant fall asleep. LOL

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

reach home around 1.30am ytd. tuu tired tu post.
went back tu sko for bbq. modern dance bbq.
soon, raindrops started tu fall. but stop soon. lols.
was bored. so started playing dai di. miss zu came. cnnt play.
den emily started tu start the fire. she manage. but started tu rain again.
n this tym was quite a big wan. run for shelter. lols.
the rain stop after awhile ? den seniors started coming. n juniors.
den finally. start tu bbq. we bbq a plate of chicken n hotdogs for the seniors.
den we start tu kop n eat hotdogs ! LOL.
after a veri veri long while. we gather around n played some games.
n some of our seniors did a small performance for us ! harvest remix ? LOL.
DAMN NICE CAN. love them so muchhhhhhhhhh.
finally settled now n eat something. tt tym was around 10 ?
alot ppl had left. but still left alot of ppl. LOL.
mdm nashita ask us tu pack up everything by 10.55.
so started packing up at 10.30 started tu chit chat here n there. n take photos !
den start tu play some card games. smallest card is 2. largest A.
those who got the smallest card muz do some forfeit. i keep screaming here n there.
had been so long since i enjoyed myself so much.
by that tym onli left with jojo emily ayu rashidah asyraf syaiful sharil and wan
was gonna play truth or dare. but end up din play. wan brought red wine.
din drink la. cuz scare mdm nashita come. mdn nashita was having a camp with her cca grp ?
den it was close tu 12 ? mdm nashita ' chase us out ' LOL. kidding la.
went tu plaza. emily need tu go home =(
saw alca they all outside mac. den my father called. i tell him i gonna take cab home.
n told him lyk i hailing the cab now. LOL. dey all wanna send me home. by walking.
but rashidah had tu wait for her brother tu fetch her. so keep thinking how. LOL.
den went 133 ? slack awhile. ayu accompany rashidah tu wait.
after wat seems lyk eternity, ayu finally came back. LOL.
finally. walk home ! i know my father will b looking down my block.
so i tell those guys tu wait for jojo at another side while jojo walk me tu the lift. HEH.
first time got 6 ppl send me home. n is walk home. i felt so honoured.
thank god my dad din scold or ground me. LOL.
shall end here. goin town with sherminh later ! tatas !

Saturday, June 16, 2007

meet darling below my block. mrt tu city hall tu meet felicia jie =)
went marina sq. darling bought a tank top at mango. nice nice.
went tu eat after that. i onli drink green tea la. lols.
walk around. spend some tym in the toilet. taking photos. LOL.
not me. THEM. at there zi lian here n der. i oso got la. LOL.
went bugis after that. felicia n me was lyk complaining no nice tops tu buy la.
went tu long john. eat again. lols. walk awhile more around bugis.
went fareast. felicia jie went back amk. =(

walk around. finally. bought a off shoulder. plain wan.
n did smth there. xD LOL. went home after that.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

woke up after my alarm rang from lyk 10.20am tu 12.05pm. lols.
went for dance meeting that actually starts at 12.
when i reach kfc, they were lyk eating n doin own stuff la -.-
jojo n emily came after awhile. write down some stuff we gonna buy for the bbq.
they change the date tu monday. good3.
went opposite of compass tu find jasmine they all.
gonna give out flyers again. we staple the name card n the paper tgt for free la.
some more the staple so small. finger damn pain can. ( heh, i noe i complain alot xD )
the guy ask us tu staple tgt b4 giving it out. fuck him. den ayton they all run out of it.
come n kop ours. URGH.
den tt guy drove us tu another side opposite of compass. around block 260.
finally. ONE BLOCK $2.50. i did 3 blocks only.
my hp no batt le. dunno where tu meet them after tt.
so i juz sit around the mini mart. hoping they will come around here. but NO.
den i saw some gal that wore pink n white stripes. shd b emily. walk towards there.
FINALLY found them. rahhhhhh. slack awhile. went home after that.
not sure gonna do tml anot. see first ba. i wanna go watch my vcd le ! tatas !

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

manage tu wake up after my alarm rang for lyk 10mins ?
went tu mrt tu meet dem. onli mel was there la.
den jasmine came. den jojo den emily. den melissa n her stead.
meiyi, den jaron n jackie. went vivo.
bought tickets for men in white. split up n went tu eat.
meiyi emily jojo n me went tu have 'la mian.'
slack around. then went tu cinema tu meet dem.
the movie okok la. din get the bottom line of the story.
but quite funny. after awhile melissa n her stead left us.
slack around here n der jiu go bak seng kang le.

happy birthday melissa !!!

Monday, June 11, 2007

took quite long ago.

i'm stuck at home. woke up around 2pm these few days.
my fever gone.
sore throat, alot better compared tu 2 days ago.
i wanna get out of house !!
i wanna go shopping !!!
i wanna watch shrek 3 / men in white !
( but no money -.- ) LOL.
i'm so sick staying home.
watch tv. eat. use com. sleep.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

genting is lyk over. lols. i'm gonna keep my post short.

firstly. we got 92 POINTS -

he second was ironing of costumes and doin probs.
was freaking cold when we are waiting for our turn in a big hall.
everyone was so excited. all of us kiss the stage ?
our energy was veri veri high. time passes so fast.
the dance juz ended lyk in 5mins tym ? miss zu was cheering for us.
she was shouting lyk so damn loud ! she said the dance standard was
still there. i'm freaking happy.
after washing up we went tu eat. the mac ~ omg. taste lyk shit.
coke taste lyk ice-lemon-tea.
played some card games. den fall asleep around 4plus ?

3rd day.
we need tu attend this workshop tt starts at 9am. we woke up at 8.45am.
miss zu woke us up i think ? the 5 of are are oways late for everything.
and i reali mean EVERYTHING.
emily told us bout tt amanda thingy. OMFG.
still dare tu copy our steps. and din do it nicely. or porperly.
dance lyk shit. PUI !
then got ready for the frenship dance.
after washing up jasmine tivona yasmeen and rashidah
came tu crash our room for some gossiping.
den around 4 went out the the lift lobby tu settle some stuff with arifah.
i hope she will change ;) went tback tu slp around 6plus.

4th day
we are free until 3pm for the result.
went tu play pool with yasmeen n jojo.
then natelie melissa tiffany n terrence came tu join us.
went for the result thingy after tt.
everyone was holding each other hands tightly.
den. northvista sec. 92points - GOLD WITH HONOUR
all of us reali went crazee.
den rush back hotel. get ready for the performance again.
was reali tiring.
after tt was cocktail reception.
wash up. den had some meeting.
went for starbucks after that. miss zu came tu had a small tok with us.
went back n slack around lift lobby. had same games.
den went back hotel around 5plus.

5th day
nid tu report at 6.50. we woke up 10mins before it.
i wont forget bout amanda. LOL.

Monday, June 04, 2007

those fotos are frm ytd.

meet jasmine jojo n emily at cp today. ate n walk around. then walk tu 124a. had been a long time since i went there. alot of memories~ den walk tu jasmine hse. borrow a jacket frm her. went tu riverval mall tu meet my mum. bought some stuff for genting. reach home around 10 ? pack my stuff for lyk 1hr 30 min ? 5more hrs.......... LOL. i dont think i'm gonna slp today. there are so much ppl i'm gonna miss ! wish me luck guys !

Saturday, June 02, 2007

i'm such a gooooooood gal. i reach home before 10 today. wahaha. went town AGAIN with darling n jasmine. walk around fareast. den darling had her eye brown trimmed. the 3 of us all wore spag today. darling n jasmine de spag was lyk the same ? except tt darling one has polka dots. hmm. then walk tu cine. long john was damn full. so went food court. 3 of us had some desserts. slack awhile. then walk tu plaza sing. starbucks ! of cuz. n when we are in the mrt on our way home. some kid kick my on my leg. its quite painful le. n the skin came of. FUCK HIM. he din even say sorry. n i shouting
OUCH freaking loud. i swear i'm gonna scold him if he kick me the second time.
ROAR. had a great time with them. genting is lyk 1 or 2 more days away. n i had not
pack a single stuff ! i'm so gonna miss my darling. n of cuz ! jasmine mummy !

darling me n jasmine acting nerdy with her spects !