Monday, July 30, 2007

photos from last saturday

jojo jasmine me darling

darling and me xD


i love darling alot kayyyy.

look lyk auntie rite ? LOL

woke up at 6.40am today. die die die. faster chiong.
first period was english. did a compre test. skipped 20mins of pepp ?
was veri sian in the toilet la. LOLS. den science.
almost make mr lee cry. his eyes was like teary teary la. scare dao.
recess. mr wee was doin some random hp check. faster zhao.
change of sitting plan again. last period was mr billy lesson.
suddenly veri emo. dunno y la. den assembly. had a talk on public transport.
had dance practise after that. went home after that. saw ken. he was behind me la.
i din noe. LOLS. he couldnt recognise me until i call him.
he say i look veri diff when i'm outside n in sko uniform. hahas.
suddenly addicted tu the tv. watch the tv from lyk 12plus all the way tu 7plus ytd.
channel 62. i'm gonna rot at home every sunday now.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

2807'07 saturday
went tu ps with darling jasmine n jojo.
a guy name romeo approach me. saying that he's manager spot me. blah blah blah.
n they groom ppl. den ask got any interests in dance singing etc.
leave my contact number n name. lols.
ate at mos burger. walk around. went bugis. stupid auntie. keep push n squeeze.
darling n me damn piss la. step on my pumps somemore. urgh !
jasmine bought her singlet. i bought a belt again. walk around. den went tu marina.
alot of polices around. o.o went mac tu eat. darling haven eat yet.
screamed in mac. my leg cramp. n josephine purposely went tu hit it. ROAR.
den went tu esplanade. walk around.
watch those ndp thingy. den went back tu ps again.
meet jackie n jaron. slack outside arcade. mr billy went intu the cinema few seconds
before i reach. sadded la. mrt back tu sengkang. darling went home.
starbucks at compass point. jaron left after awhile
saw peirong on my way home. had a nice chat with her.
reach home around 11 plus ? bath n stuff. audition-ed with them.
will upload photos soon.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

first period, NYAA. supose tu play volley ball. guess wat.
tt ball stuck on a tree ! is damn funny la. den erika using her shoes trying tu hit it off.
n then... her shoes fly out of the fence. -.- ask a passer by tu pick up for her.
i swear we were laughing our heads off. den i decided tu try.
n tt shoe ! STUCK ON TT TREE !!! us another ball tu hit it off again.
n tt ball stuck on it again !!! is reali hilarious ok. manage tu get a ball down.
follow by erika shoe. n tt ball. still stuck there. mrs tan went tu get a hockey stick
tu whack tt ball. finally it came down. had so much fun la.
after tt was music ! finish watching ' sound of music ' reali a nice show.
den around 9 clock leave class n went tu canteen. grab some stuff tu eat n meet miss zu.
its aerobics competition ! thanks those who wish me good luck. love yoo guys loads !
wasnt nervous at all. but when its our heart beats faster.
no negative comments from the judges ;) n dey even say tt we are one of the
most outstading groups. veri happy la. went back tu sko. chinese lesson. -.-
there's a test today. i think i can pass la. n i miss sci test.
forget it. i'm not gonna pass my sci anyway. after sko had our sitting plan changed.
can see that almost everyone are not happy. n me tuu.
i noe she's trying tu help us by breaking us up.
so tt we will talk less n learn more. but no one can force us if we reali dun wanna study.
rahhh. whatever. had a short geo lesson with siti suhailah chen ning n mr billy !
fun fun n fun. hahas. went home after that. is lyk onli 4.10pm when i reach home ?

i'm reali touched by suhailah personal msg.
'girlfriend, i promise i'll be by your side if you need me'
thanks suhailah girlfriend so much x33333333333333
love ya loadssssssssss.
i cnnt stop thinking.. thinking n thinking.
had been lyk 1 week since he talked tu me.
i'm so confuse of my feelings now.
god, help me.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

have dance in the morning. fun fun fun. i love it la.
first period was i.t . siti n emma is reali crazee. n i mean. REALLY. LOLS.
after i.t was sci. our class was lyk gone for 20mins ? our class reali hate lee tai sheng.
i was running here n there la. i squat down n run pass our class.
so tt mr lee wont see me xD almost all my class de gals in toilet.
playing with water -.- finally went back class. mr lee say nv bring book de go out stand.
1/4 of our class went out. was veri boring la. so i walk out tuu. ahahas.
when it was recess time. i ran away again ! wahahas. after recess was literature.
i din sleep ok. i was doing my own stuff. after tt was maths.
juz laze around la. went tu canteen. eat smth. den assemble at parade square.
goin duno where tu watch bball match. our sko got into FINAL.
n the match was fierce la. n tt stupid tall guy. urgh ! hand n leg so long for wat.
our sko din win la. but can see they did their best. the coach onli put colin in at the
veri last minute. he manage tu score ok. NICE ONE.
n tml is aerobics competition !!! pray hard tt we will do well.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

cold n lonely night these few days.
some stuff keep racing thru my mind. i cant stop thinking.
had been lyk 4 or 5 days since he contacted me.
is he reali tt busy ? busy goin out with frens ?
sko is alright today. dont feeling lyk blogging much.
some times i will feel lyk crying. but just have no tears. lols ?
i'm reali tired la. this thursday is aerobics competition. wish me luck guys.
is getting veri bored staring at the computer screen doin nth.
this friday geo common test ? arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
i'm so so confuse now. i dunno what tu do la.
okok. i think some of yoo cant understand what i'm talking about.
forget it. i need someone tu lend me a listening ear !
oooh. i miss starbucks ! some one starbucks with me this sat ?
guess i'll juz go sleep now. though is onli lyk 7.50pm ?
ya. i'm crazee. lols.

Monday, July 23, 2007

friday 20/7/07

celebrating melisa bday in sko first. Mr billy bought a cake for her.
so sweet of him =))))))

change the parting of my fringe. most of my frens say is better ?
melissa say i look more lady like ? hoho
once i start tu talk..image gone. LOL.
went tu melisa.yeo chalet. play mahjong, went tu the beach n dance.

hmm. cant rmb wat other stuff we did. oh ya.
n jasmine jojo melisa n i was wearing mango tank top. LOL. we did not plan this kay

reach home around 6.30AM. slept all the way tu 6PM.
i spend my saturday sleeping away~ rahhhhh.

monday 23/7/07
took loads of photo in class today. ahahas.

drew this during geo lesson. the class was laughing when i'm drawing this. LOL.

theres more la. but i'm sure u guys are oreadi sick n tired of my faces.
so yea. thats all for today ! tatas !

Thursday, July 19, 2007

i over slept today. my alarm rang for lyk 20mins ?
but manage tu reach sko on tym kay.
first period was NYAA. did some worksheet.
den music ! n it rained la. so was feeling veri veri cold.
went tu back tu class. it was sci period again.... no one has jacket.
so erika lend me her uniform. so i was wearing her uniform lyk a jacket. LOL.
she was wearing pe attire la. dunno why i'm lyk so naughty during sci lesson today.
jing long was giving out papers tu us. den he walk tu the window there. see see.
den mr lee was lyk. JING LONG. GO OUT N STAND NOW. wtf la.
i wanna get out of class tuu. so chen ning n me immediately stand up.
den walk tu window there. see see here n der. den erika came n join us.
but mr lee onli stare at us n ask us go back tu our seats lor. no fun.
n mr lee ask us tu take out our books. i slam my book on the table. veri soft.
so ask chen ning n erika tu join me. 1, 2, 3 BANG !! LOL. mr lee stare at us.
den we keep laugh n laugh. is lyk veri funny la. he still dont wanna send us out of class.
NVM. n i started singing ! create a song using barney's music.
instead of tt i love yoo , yoo love me.
it is :
i hate yoo, yoo hate me
let us go n kill mrlee.
with a great big punch
n he is on the floor.
no more mr lee tai sheng !!!
wahahahahahahahahahahahhahahas. okok. i noe its not funny.
mr lee juz simply ask us tu stop singing. din reali care bout him la.
did my own stuff n draw here n der on my book. lols.
den recess ! was veri hungry. after recess was maths. maths test !
2 question base on graph. it took me lyk fucking long tu complete tt 2 question.
about 45mins ? n i still din complete. dunno how tu do.
the rest of the lesson was ok. went tu compass with jojo after tt.
ate at pizza hut ! tried the new chezzy pizza. it was lyk burned la.
taste awful. we ate till lyk left we 2 pieces. we keep hesitate whether tu change the pizza.
n after around 20min ? den we ask tt person.
me : er..excuse me.
waitress : yes ?
me: er...i dunno how tu say. jojo u say.
jojo: this pizza suppose tu b burned ?
me: taste awful la.
waitress : okok. i help yoo change. ( smile at us in a veri friendly but not sarcastic way)
jojo: can ar ?
waitress: yea yea.
LOL. kaodim. actually we purposely eat till left 2 pieces den change de. =x
was reali reali full after eating 5 pieces of pizza. LOL.
went tu walk around after tt. meet emily. chatted awhile n went home.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

tot that i'm late for dance today. rush lyk hell tu sko.
forgot tu eat my medicine. -.- end up theres onli a few juniors there.
started tu learn the dance steps for national day. enjoyed dance today.
went down tu our sko dental clinic the have my teeth checked. lols.
the dentist did 'scaling' for me. n she said tt will b abit painful.
but the feeling veri shiok lor. LOL. arh. ok i'm crazee.
hmmm. lessons today was ok la. n during chinese.
cher wan us tu explain the meaning of the poem. line by line.
no ppl volunteer. so tcher started tu pick ppl.
i volunteer myself kay. at first cher was lyk.
huh yoo ? u wanna answer this question ar ? -.-
lyk wtf la ? i answer got rong meh ? i got study de ok. mai siao siao hor. LOL.
after sko got detention. 45mins ? rahhh. is lyk total waste of tym.
went tu compass after tt. with erika chen ning meiyi n emily.
was chatting..den dunno y suddenly chat till bout bra. LOL.
had a good laugh bout it la. den went tu walk around. erika dunno wan find wat.
reach home around 7pm.
n guess wat. i spilled my medicine ! now left bout 1/3 of it. -.-
how clumsy can i get sia. theres musci lesson tml. YAY !

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

stick this on my table x)

din go sko today. today got home econ ! today is making jelly de lor.
haix. sian 1/2 . n today oso take 2.4km de timing. *bang wall*
was so sian at home la. until 3 clock when jojo called me?
so jojo accompanied me tu see doctor. she cnnt stop complaining tt veri long la. LOL.
went tu burger king after tt. i keep asking jojo whether i can eat this or tt anot. lols.
den jasmine came after her detention. went around tu search for jasmine purse.
saw miss huang ( co-form) show her my medicine b4 she could say anything. LOL.
i tot she gonna scold me la. so faster show her.
but end up she ask whether i'm feeling better.
=) so nice of her. i dunno y i keep goin tu the toilet today.
mayb had tuu much water n porridge ?
got some interview thingy with mummy. after tt went tu buy some stuff n went home.

Monday, July 16, 2007

i'm sick now. ROAR. had a veri veri veri veri veri bad stomach cramp in sko.
i'm lyk feeling so cold in class. n my headache plus non stop cough almost killed me.
n during sci. feel abit better le. but dun wanna attend sci lesson.
so went sick bay tu slp until recess tym. after recess was chinese.
same lor. cher teach teach we copy notes. den maths.
cher say gonna have maths test on thurs. nxt monday chinese spelling.
den geo ! billy say nxt week geo common test. die die die.
our class cnnt stop taking photos of mr billy. poor him. LOL.
after geo den is assembly. not reali tt sian today.
after sko juz hang around canteen. den pei jasmine melissa n meiyi detention.
is more lyk gathering la. till cher n ask us tu go away.
n emily spilled ice lemon tea on me n my bag. lols. she din did it purposely la. so nvm. LOL.
was hungry n tired. so went home around 4plus.
n i still cnnt stop coughing ! n now. still cant stop coughing !
i dun wanna go tu sko tml ! but got 2.4km. need tu run.
rahhhhhhhhh. juz pray hard tt i wont fail. n i wont faint after tt.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

saturday 140707
got no voice.
CIP in the morning. selling cute little bears at 3 bucks.
manage tu finish selling all. not reali tt tiring.
after tt rush home tu bath n stuff.
darling was oreadi there with samantha.
den asyraf and syaiful was waiting for me below my block.
i keep telling dem. 5min. another 5min. 5min. lols.
den went tu mrt platform. aziz came. mrt tu ps. walk tu the new cathay ?
muzazmil hazwan n min was there waiting. went tu long john tu eat 1st.
den darling came after samantha left. darling had a hard tym remembering their names. haha.
walk tu cine. harry potter tickets sold out. YAY ! lols. i dun wanna watch la. haha.
den wanna walk tu explanade there. i keep complaining my leg veri pain.
i 4got tu bring plaster. thank god asyraf have. superman wan. LOL. veri cute la.
finally walk half way le. den asyraf dey all dunno turn right or left. sat there.
keep thinking which way. end up mrt there. in the mrt. dey damn funny la.
alot ppl are lyk staring at us. they keep ask me tu hush when i say BANGALA.
they lyk so scare liddat. LOL. finally reach marina square. gonna play pool.
have a bet with asyraf. if i cnnt get in he owe me mango pudding for the whole of nxt week.
on the way walking there. saw adam ! my ' tu di ' he was with her galfren.
no wonder today nv join us. lols. went in here. sat at a corner. natasha azhar was there tuu.
den 2 more guys came. intro intro. lols. when open table le. tt stupid man came.
say muz check ic blah blah blah. so went out lor. apiz on the way.
asyraf say when tt man checking his ic den we go in. but darling wanna go hm le.
so chatted awhile outside with some of his fren. went in again tu say bye tu dem.
they : y goin of so early ?
me: my fren gotta go le. den tt man oso at there kaobei kaobu. dun lemme in .
they: den now how u come in sia ?
me: eh ya hor. nvm la. later he saw come yak yak yak again. so bye bye !
n asyraf now owe me mango pudding for the whole of nxt week ! wahahas.
had fun today. they veri joker la. lols.

sunday 150707
ytd nite. slept at 11pm plus. woke up at 1AM plus.
cnnt fall asleep. miss him fucking loads.
morning woke up. onli me alone at home ?
after awhile mummy they all came back. got nth tu eat.
watch tv tv n tv. bath n went down tu mall. cnnt find tt pre mix i wan.
den went puggol plaza with mummy n sister. took the shuttle bus.
my mummy dunno where tu alight. so end up take 1 big round. -.-
den went tu take another bus. bought oreo ice blend. so long nv drink la.
jojo hse there sell de still best ! lols. was so cold in the ntuc.
so strating jumping n hoping around lyk little kiddy. lols
bought my stuff n went home. cook for my whole family.
dun wanna elaborate much on it. tt knife..kana my finger. pain de lor.
rahhhh. gonna have durians later =) yea. tatas !

Friday, July 13, 2007

who snap this ?

billy. nicholas n erika

billy again

n more billy !

was tuu tired tu post ytd nite.
first period was literature. slp a little while. den english. suhailah siti doin show n tell.
den recess. tt auntie. dunno make me wait for how long. urgh.
den it was chinese. din do hmwk. whole class onli 2 person hand in.
cher lyk damn angry. if hand up on monday we will have tu write another essay of 5oowords.
y we din do hmwk. after chinese was geo ! faster chiong chinese hmwk.
mr billy is lyk damn bad at chinese. ask him how tu rite this word tt word all dunno wan.
billy din teach much of geo. onli do some worksheet. which i copy all the answer frm my fren.
lols. billy so good la. suppose tu b geo lesson he still teach me my maths. haha.
after sko. dance practise. we are lyk playing some music n doin freestyle. LOL.
so yea. juz dance around. oh ya ! n we did 1 round of harvest dance.
den GJ dance. oh man. i miss harvest. n i miss genting !
dance practise quite fun today. dance end around 3.30 ?
hang around in sko. do my hmwk ! i'm a good good gal kay.
n mdm tan was still around. she help me alittle with my maths.
suhailah n erma sort of lyk dun believe i'm doin my hmwk ? T.T
i'm gonna work hard for my end of year ok. waitwait. i din promise.
but i'll try xD but my sci is reali gone case.
den ritzio n ryan saw us at canteen. hahas. i almost forgot ritzio is my gan di.
so was chatting all the way till 6 ? the way dey tok lyk quite cute lor.
lyk those children children type. went home after that.
still thinking whether tu perform for national day concert. lols.
CIP tml ! till lyk 2pm la. stupid ass. eat my saturday.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

some stickie tt i stick on my table.

wrote this on my table long tym ago. xD

school today was fine. have health check up juz now.
erma was the first gal cuz she need tu go off for some prefect stuff.
n she said neet tu take off our skirt while checking backbone . WTF???!!!
n need tu take off bra if wearing sports bra. heng. LOL.
but end up onli take off top. erma suay.
after sko went plaza tu eat. josephine had a hair cut. she look lyk a kiddie now. LOL.