Tuesday, August 28, 2007

went tu tampines with mother n sis. walk around n had our lunch there.
den went jojo hse after that. play audition while waiting for them tu get ready.
town after that. watch 881. nice show. quite touching. went over tu fareast after that.
couldnt decide which colour cardigan tu buy. so bought 2 - red n white.
slack awhile n xiao an n his fren name ah beng came tu meet us.
pool at cuppage after that. i keep laughing la. xiao an even ask me.
eh u today forgot eat medincine ar ? lols. went home after that as nxt day got sko.
reach home around 11plus n my father oso juz reach home. so nv kana scolded =p
will upload photos once i get them.

skipped sko today. was tuu tired n my throat dont feel well.
then something happen at home..........................zzz
went tu bugis after that with jojo n jasmine. the 3 Js again =)
jasmine n i bought a bag n jojo bought a clutch tt look likes pencil case ? LOLS.
starbucks at ps after that. i'm broke ! had a good time there talking.
for lyk 2 - 3 hrs ? i need tu go off early la. called my mum on the way home.
she playing mahjong at fren hse. went tu find her.
they play mahjong veri quiet one sia.
not lyk us. shout here n there. LOLS. my mother say cuz we aunties liao .
n they play veri fast oso. omg. see them play veri fun sia.
my mother was hungry after that. wanted tu go 401 tu eat.
bus or cab ? was standing in the middle or the road thinking -.-
den my mother called my sis n ask whether she hungry anot.
my sis took so long tu decide whether we take away for her or she follow us. ---.---
while walking home tu fetch my sis theirs some hooligans behind shouting away.
one of the guy keep calling. xiao jie xiao jie. my mum look behind.
n a guy said. auntie not me call de. dont look at me.
they are making alot of noise laaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
at last went over tu puggol tu eat. n of cuz. quarrel with sis again.
standard wan. we go where do what sure quarrel. ate till bloody full.
reach home n feel lyk puking. my father was in a bad mood ? lols. tired.


din go sko again. got no voice. n throat got worse.
went tu see doctor with mother. after that walk around n wait for my sis n maid.
wanted tu eat sakura. but i feel lyk eating food court. go went up.
i had 2 bowls of fried fish soup . got share with my sis la.
damn full after that. bought some stuff n went home.
freaking boredddddddd. i couldnt stop coughing after i ate the medicine.

Friday, August 24, 2007


my lovely class xD

siti n me !

girlfriend n me !

carina me siti

first period was reflection den literature.
lit test today ! i wrote quite alot ok. i hope i will at least pass one lit test.
n ytd was sci n maths test. i did lyk onli 1 question for maths. n 4 question for sci ?
100% comfirm chop chop fail. den watch army daze during english period.
was funny la. got ah beng , mama boy n sissy inside. LOLS.
geo last period. an old hag name mrs tai will b taking us for geo !
eeeeeeeew. he ask our class tu sit down n blah blah blah.
we are trying tu b defiant. so all stood up. i was holding a pair scissors
chasing colin. took a few pictures. teacher let us do our own things today.
after sko settled some problem. finally all settled.
went plaza with jojo n jasmine after that. charmine came after awhile.
went void deck tu slack after that while charmine go find her siaoeh.
jojo leave shortly after. so was chatting with jasmine all the while.
went back plaza and had ice cream xD went home around 6 plus.


chen ning me siti suhailah

i love sweetheart, girlfriend and of cuz siti !

jojo melissa billy me jasmine
i love them fucking lots tuu !!!

nyaa first period again. suicide run den played dog n bone.
dunno why i juz cant run la. feel lyk puking and dizzy after that.
rahhhh. so rest awhile. after tt was music. i almost die from climbing up the stairs.
lesson was fine until chinese lesson. teacher started shouting lyk mad woman.
the moment she step in the class. she showed the whole class our composition.
not reali composition la. is ' gong han ' which we juz learn this year.
all of us wrote wrongly la. she showed each of us the work. n scold scold scold.
was screaming like crazee la her. she spend lyk 30 mins shouting n yelling ?
cnnt stand her la. den at last guess what. she teach us WORNGLY.
thats y whole class do wrong. we showed her the notes. pianq.
instead of apologizing she say we still deserves
tu b scolded as our content was lyk shit.
mr billy is leaving today =( took 2 photos with him onli.
after sko went tu compass with melissa n jasmine.
jackie n jillson came tu find us after awhile. den jaron meiyi zhihui n a gal name kaya came,
den jasmine n me pei melissa go take bus . went back tu kfc later.
chen ning erika plus 2 more guy is there. one of the guy name terrence.
some guy from frenster tt chen ning meeting. tt guy wanna jio chen ning ?
kaya veri veri veri super duper cute can. especially her voice. omgggggggg.
at first couldnt stand it la. is lyk.......she's half jap ? did rounding again.
den slack at ' kong kong area' with jackie jillson chen ning jasmine plus tt 2 guys n me.
i'm crazee i tell yoo. i was so high tt jasmine they all are scared. LOLS.
they lyk veri stress liddat. first time see me high till liddat.
i cnnt stop talking. not even for 10seconds.
went home around 6plus ? i was reali crazee. lalalas~

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

aerobics dance in the morning today. change alot of steps. n i think its more fun now.
1st lesson was i.t did this animation. though not reali nice
but its my first time doing it la.
of cuz with alot of help from mr james n calvin. thanks guys !
rahhhh. had a short video of it. but cnnt post it up. nvm...sian.
and i got no enough time tu find a nicer picture la. ROAR !
after that was sci. mr lee came up tu the com lab tu fetch us la.
cuz we oways drag time when walking back tu class. when reaching class le
alot of ppl went tu toilet without asking for permission.
mr lee was veri angry. all sat outside class. the class onli left with 12 people ? lols.
all tio discipline book. after recess was literature den maths.
mr michael was so angry when he read the discipline book.
he bang the table with his fist few times. was freaking loud n scary.
i was so freak out la. he shouted so bloody loud oso. den change sitting arrangement.
onli a few kana la. now hansel is sitting beside siti. 3 table joined tgt.
and siti wan me tu say this in my blog
: SHE'S STUCK BETWEEN 2 PHYCHO (hansel and me)
ahahas. chinese last two periods. was not so boring today.
had some jokes in between n dee siao teacher.
after sko miss zu wanted tu see melissa jojo n me.
talk bout that emily thingy. miss zu ask me go find emily after awhile.
she was walking out of sko. i went tu chase her -.-
had a long talk about it. then say till parents there.
i couldn't control my emotion once i think about my family stuff.
i was telling myself. plz. its not the time tu cry. stop crying.
i cried a little onli okay. =x went tu find jasmine n jaron at compass after that.
jackie n jillson came tu find us. slack awhile after that and went home.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

see, i'm so bored that i blog so often. almost every day ?
first period nyaa. did sucide run and some games. all involve running.
wasnt feeling well after nyaa. felt dizzy n wanna puke.
rest in class. i get dizzy once my head is off the table.
so i was resting for the whole of sci lesson. felt better after maths.
n it was pe after tt. played badminton again ! this time payed with erika in the hall.
she's a ex badminton player tuu ! use tu b a badinton freak when i was p6 ?
played badminton EVERYDAY during the dec holidays with kenneth they all.
we can reali play for few hours without stopping. feel so great after that.
back tu sko. after recess was home econ. i din noe got test today.
i think i'm gonna fail it. after doing the test we were all lyk chatting away.
for tt whole period.
after sko went cp with melissa jasmine n jojo. went tu skcc tu slack after eating.
some guys were playing basketball there. the ball suddenly fly tu me. chua sai sia.
kana me hand la. is pain de lor. slack till 6plus. went home after that.
saw my father using comp. went tu the window n shouted BOO ! at him.
went in the house and.
me: -.- not fun de. u nv chua tio wan.
father: i chua tio oso dun wan tell yoo leh.
me: sua lor.
father: eat oreadi anot ?
me: i got or haven eat dun wan tell yoo leh. =P
ahahahas. i noe its not funny la. but...whatever !

Monday, August 20, 2007

suhailah drew it for me !

J love E =)

suhailah galfren !

suhailah hand xD

these are photos taken today.

taken last week at mall ?

ya i noe i looking fucking nerd with spects. go ahead n laugh.

sang national anthem 2 times today. suddenly felt veri veri cold. dunno why.
n its pepp practical session. onli 7 ppl in ou class wore pe attire.
cher was not veri happy. those who fail 2.4 muz run. nv fail oso muz run.
WTH LA. run 2.4 in sko uniform. so walk outside sko for 2 bloody rounds.
n poor siti fell down 2 times. last 2 period was geo. our last lesson with billy =(
he's leaving this thursday. time passes so fast. assembly after that.
suddenly felt freaking cold again. n this time with tummy cramp. its horrible.
went compass with jasmine n jojo after tt. ate at mac.
den saw sweetheart aiai jaron they all. after a min saw darling with felicia jie they all !
i miss darling la. went tu walk around after that.
den saw fiona. pri sko bestie =) den saw mei hui. another bestie last time.
slack awhile with sweetheart they all n went tu find darling at pizza hut.
went back tu find jasmine after awhile. LOLS. slack awhile n went home with darling.
i'm tireddddddddd. i wanna go sleeppppppppppppppp.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

i would rather go tu sko n see teacher. there goes my friday. rottng at home.

today 180807
woke up around 11. ate a few buns. watch tv.
was raining. felt abit cold. sian.
had a funny conver with my mum.
me: mummy ar. i wan siao liao la.
mum: go mental hospital la.
me: . . . -.-
mum: y wan siao leh ? what happen ? fall out of love ar ?
me: no la. u think tuu much le. siao de is yoo la.
ahahas. after awhile darling jio me out.
go esplanade see fireworks. but my mother dun let me get out of house.
URGH. so that means gonna rot at home again. i pleaded her veri long la.
juz keep saying cnnt cnnt. FINE FINE. WHATEVER. i'll juz stay at home.
haix. spending a saturday without my loved ones. i'm going crazeeeeeeeeeeee.
suddenly felt lonely. i dun get along with my sis n maid.
both parents goin tu work. i onli got computer. stead not here with me.
i'll juz watch tv and tv watch me . or stare at comp n comp stare at me.
i got no life. rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

its our 2nd month again tml.
hope that u have time with me.
or even rmb that its our 2nd month.
iloveyoo, be there for me.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

me, girlfriend , emma, siti , sweetheart



sweetheart called me first and said theres s
eats left. no mood tu go.
wanna chat with him* n my school skirt. i juz wash it.
and sweetheart called me again.

ask me tu go ...... den girlfriend take over the phone n ask me tu go tuu.
ask me chiong cab down tu sko. but..its abit tuu late le.
den erika took over the phone.

saying that : we all here wan yoo tu go leh.

i'm so touched kay. though it may mean nth tu yoo guys.
and by saying this. i wanna go even more badly =(((((((((
carina chen ning emma erika siti girlfriend and sweetheart all goin. onli me nv go =(
hiax. nvm. yoo guys go have fun watching kay. miss me ;) lols.
urgh. i still feel lyk goingggggggggggggggggggg !!! okok. i'll stop it.

lesson today was alright. and recess.
settle some stuff with wei boon again. that sec 1 guy.
heard that at DnT block melissa was making alot of noise.
and wei boon said wanna tio her bcuz of that. it makes me laugh ok. LOLS.
xin yi, a sec 1 gal said that she heard wei boon say wan tio her.
den wei boon say he nv say at all. den another malay guy heard it tuu.
at first he was lyk. ya i heard him saying. ask him again. he say no. wtf ?

after the bell ring we still talking there. den a tcher came n ' scold' us.
so went back class. and FUCKING GLEN SPIT SALIVA DOWN. kana my hand abit.
i was damn fucking pisssssssssssssssssssss i tell yoo.
plz b glad that i went up tu him n push him only. and wipe my hand on his shirt.
was in a very very very very very very foul mood after that.
cursing and swearing in class. was reali damn fucking piss at him.

went tu toilet and wash my hand.
came back my class was doing some relaxing thingy.
mr michael told us tu use the fleshy past of our palm
n place it under our eyes tu relax.
yea. and i did. but stupid class of glen beside us was making so damn lots of noise.
dragging of chairs n table. and those noise was lyk so irritating.

and this added on tu my oreadi veri veri veri veri veri veri foul mood.
reali couldnt stand it anymore. and shouted :
urgh ! felt abit better when lesson started.

i even volunteer tu do a question on the board xD
english lesson after that. show n tell. rachel eugenia n shili drew our class gals.
all in sticks. LOLS. took a photo of it. will post it once i got the picture.
after that was info skills. stayed in class n had a ' bonding session'
was bascially chatting with the class la. my mood got better =)
after sko got that problem settled.
went tu compass with melissa n jojo tu meet jasmine.
her ear infection still haven ok. ate n went tu skcc tu slack.

went home after that. and tml is e-learning day !
means no school. but need tu face the com for lyk few hours STUDYING online.
urgh. whatever it is. i'm goin tu have my dinner now. tatas.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

dance was fun today. i love it.
got back my maths test. 10/30 . at least i din get 1 or 2 marks. =x
had a literature test today which i'm not aware of it.
i noe i'm gonna fail it. sko was boring today.
jojo got detention after sko. i wanna go home as i'm not feeling very well.
told jojo that if she can get me a chinese foolscap i'll accompany her.
so her went around canteen tu borrow foolscap. was so funny.
melissa and me was laughing. at last kumar came tu find jojo.
cuz her teacher was looking for her.
kumar manage tu borrow some foolscap from a sec one guy.
thanks =) i need the chinese foolscap tu do my chinese hmwk la.
i'm a good girl kay. so accompany jojo go detention.
kumar, joelin, haidah n syafikah was there tuu. chat a little.
kumar is a funny guy la. can always make ppl laugh.
and i onli manage tu finish one chinese question. -.-
after that i wanted tu go home. but jojo keep pulling me.
dun let me go up lrt platform. so play around there.
did some silly dance and ' fought ' with jojo.
i was crazee la. jojo n me ' attacked ' kumar. LOLS.
i miss lyk 6 or 7 lrt ? jojo bus come i pull her. my lrt come she pull me.
we were lyk 2 siao charbo. my hair was messy.
finally her bus n my lrt came at the same time.
finally can go home. !@#$%^&*()&^%$#@!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

ROAR. i onli slept for lyk 5mins last nite ?
i juz couldnt get tu sleep la. i keep changing my sleeping position .
hoping that i could fall asleep. finally i'm tired.
but after 5mins my alarm rang. wtf right ?
but i'm energetic for the whole day today. i'm crazy xD
first period nyaa. ran 1km outside sko. take a rest. ran 2rounds inside sko .
after sci n maths was pe again. 2rounds inside sko. den played the modified golf.
was fun la. after recess was home econ. an old woman inside.
did my course work and started chatting away.
not fair. suhailah got such a hip n cool grandma. i wanna live with her ! lols.
after home econ was cdp. had this sexual talk by a trainee.
he speak very very good english.
i was abit angered when he said some stuff about guys la. urgh.
[guys are jerks] ar.. but not EVERY guys la. last period was english.
show n tell. daniel veri cute can. ask him y he bring tt item.
he said : cuz i'm left with no choice.
LOL. i juz find it funny la. jojo called me when i was about tu dismiss.
she said jasmine got fever . chiong down find them.
completely forgotton that i got a movie screening =x
so escort jasmine home with melissa n jojo. went tu plaza after that.
jillson n ritzio joined us. i dropped my half eaten hamburger. LOLS.
i forgot what jillson say that made me throw fries at him. ar.. whatever.
walked tu vari nice bus stop there. chatted awhile n lrt home.

Monday, August 13, 2007

x3333333333333 ;)
i reach sko early today. sian.
first period was english. nth much. den pepp.
i cnnt stand mr ho voice. especially when he shout. it juz irritates me la !
den sci lesson ! i was juz doodling here n there.
after recess was chinese. kana lecture for dunno how long.
den maths. i'm still abit confuse bout this chapter. rahhh. whatever.
its time i reali should start studying. but i'm always lazy.
finally geo ! i rmb tu bring me textbook ! lyk finally after few weeks.
but guess what. me billy on mc TODAY. urghhhhhhh.
heard that mr illy is leaving after nxt monday ? i hope is not true la.
i will miss him hell lots =(
(i will miss ah dear more ;) ) he is a good teacher la.
after sko went plaza awhile. den go compass meet darling.
she wanna go buy some book from popular. went tu eat after that.
chat n crapped. bus-ed home after that. had been so long since i took bus. lols.
darling, needless tu say, yoo noe i love yoo . =)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

saturday 110807

A day with darling again =DDDD
dunno where tu go. we wanna watch 'secret' . so let a coin decide it.
either marina sq or cine. yea. n we went marina sq. guess what.
both marina n sun tec dun have that show la. fucking piss. waste time.
so went tu cine. i'm not gonna let a coin decide again ! urgh !
the show was nice. abit complicated la. quit touching. shed A TEAR. LOL.
n the popcorn.... taste lyk shit. after that went heeren walk around.
den walk back tu plaza sing. we dunno where tu settle dinner la.
keep goin up n down dunno how many times.
finally settled at long john . had this grilled chicken rice thingy.
n long john dun provide spoon la. wth rite ?
i was asking tt person.
me : are we suppose tu eat our rice with fork n knife ?
guy : er.. sorry we dun provide spoon here.
me : so how we gonna eat ?
guy: er... use hand ?
me : . . .nvm then.
and the rice taste lyk shit. dunno izit edible anot.
went home after that. tired tired.

Friday, August 10, 2007

there are more photos. haven got it yet.
thursday 090807

meet darling n went to fareast. walk around. darling bought a shirt.
den mrt back tu plaza sg. saw deslyn n angeline. den around 5 went tu meet jaron at mrt.
darling go meet solques. saw qiuang mei =)
mrt tu marina bay with jaron.
meiyi n carina still at bugis shopping.
den jaron wanna go city hall walk walk ? but end up go raffles place.
he wan go toilet la. LOL. den saw jeffrey. chat a little while.
mrt back tu city hall again. met mayi n carina. n tian cheng vincent they all couldnt find us la.
then meet at starbucks. they juz keep walking la. some more walk so fast.
STUPID JARON PS ME. they wanna walk back tu esplanade.
the mrt they. wa piang. loads of ppl pushing thru la. pek cek.
dun wanna follow them liao. so meiyi carina n me went tu marina sq.
wanna go eat. cant find any seats. after awhile heard some ppl cheering.
fireworks start le ! rush outside tu see. SUPER DUPER NICE at the ending.
sad thing is i'm watching alone. carina n meiyi was behind me taking photos.
and my hp died on me.
went tu eat at asian kitchen after that. had pork chop fried rice. quite ex.
but was DELICIOUS. den darling came. darling keep trying tu speak some
japanese language la. she sounds lyk one. but dunno what talking her -.-
i was trying tu shut her up by covering her mouth. but her breath. . . . .
make my hand feel so itchy la. walk awhile. wanna go home le.
mei yi n carina went tu take mrt. darling n me wan tu take cab.
was waiting for so bloody long still dun have. den walk tu taxi stand.
think walk for 1 hr oso not our turn lor. saw desmond on the way there.
darling wanna call cab.
n that person say muz wait for lyk 30-45mins. SUA.
darling wanna try call silver cab. but guess what. her phone died tuu. urgh.
walk back tu take mrt. n some police men ask us tu walk tu another exit.
so juz follow the crowd. walk up this flight of stairs. small n no air.
if i stay at there for a few more mins i think i'm gonna faint.
alot off ppl squeezing here n there. n so hard tu breathe la.
darling n me was so tired. n my leg was hurting lyk fuck.
slept around 3am plus.

friday 100807
woke up around 1 ? ate cheese burger. sis got it for me.
watch tvvvvvvv. use com for awhile. went tu darling hse around 5 ?
i wore my spects xD
she was playing audition. while i read some magazine.
got this man ringing the door bell. darling dunno who was he la.
so juz ignore him. but he was irritating.
so i ask darling tu hold a knife n open the door.
n yea. she did. we open the door. that man look at us.
n ask. wheres your mummy ? we juz stare at him. he walk away.
think he knock wrong door la. den went down tu mall. meet jasmine n jojo.
went arcade. andy kor working today =D that means free games ! LOLS.
played this n that. he so good can. even ask whether play enough anot. ahahas.
went food court tu eat after that. i was crazy la. lols. saw jonathan. chat awhile.
went back tu arcade for awhile. den home ! i was using newspaper tu hit jojo
head n butt la. LOLS. n she use her fist tu hit my head ok. asshole !
we were playing lyk little kids la. though today onli met them awhile. but i'm happy.
at least i dun feel so emo. i wanna b a happy happy girl =D
TIRED. will blog again tml. and photos from ytd . national day celebration in school.

slacking at playground

with my ghost make up. LOLS

yea. stage make up.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

the 3 retards.

i look so happy la.

those are photos taken ytd.
woke up around 5.30am ? need to reach school by 6.30am.
ken n some guy was standing outside school.
i din noe it was him unil he called me name.
lols. even took me few seconds to recognise his voice. was quite dark la.
change tu our costume n did our make up. went back class tu take attendance.
some ppl say i look lyk doll with my thick thick blusher. what tu do.
stage make up. this time not as thick as last time. last time de... scary ~
did few round of the dance. den energy pass. den it was our turn. so fast la.
cnnt really feel energy. but miss zu say it was good. lols.
went to plaza after that. ate at foodcourt. and it was my first time tt i couldnt
finish my food. LOLS. i usually eat alot. went 124 to slack. =D
had been a long tym since i went there. jasmine jojo n me was tired la.
all wanna go home slp. went back tu plaza. bought bubble teas.
accompany jojo tu wait for her dad come fetch her. went home after that.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

if you love some one because you
think that he is really gorgeous...
then it's not love ..
it's ~ Infatuation ~......

If you love some one because you think
that you shouldn't leave him because
others think that you shouldn't ...
then it's not love..
it's ~ compromise ~.......

If you love some one because
you think that you
cannot live with out his touch....
then it's not love ..
it's ~lust~......

If you love some one because you
have been kissed by him...
then it's not love..
it's ~ inferiority complex~......

If you love some one because you
cannot leave him thinking that
it would hurt his feelings..
then it's not love ..
it's ~charity~....

If you love some one because yous
hare every thing with him...
then it's not love...
it's ~friendship~...

but if you feel the pain of the other
person more than him
even when he is stable and you cry for
him ...
that's ~LOVE~

if you get attracted to other people
but stay with him without any
that's ~LOVE~

If you let him go knowing that he has
go but
deep inside you don't want to ...
that's ~LOVE~

isn't it true ?
sko was alright these few days. today first period was NYAA.
played floor ball. had maths tests. pray hard tt i will pass.
den pe again. played floor ball first. n mr yong ! hit tt ball so hard. kana my leg.
freaking pain can. went veri veri red. den played badminton.
carina not purposely hit my butt. freaking pain tuu ! so suey today la.
den played badminton with mr yong. i win him ! wahahahas.
he keep saying : ok play serious now. play serious now. LOL.
he said i'm a good player xD . i once joined badminton for 2 years ok. LOL.
quite long nv play le. lols. he say gonna challenge me me again next tym.
i will b waiting ! wahahas. after sko went tu compass. no money eat liao.
den my cousin was at arcade playing. went tu find him
ka his money again. LOLS. he reali dotes on me la.
went skcc tu slack juz now. trying tu put those markers at standing position.
i put it for lyk 500 times la. stupid jojo n jasmine. keep banging the table.
or trying tu blow it. urgh ! finally put lyk 6 or 7 markers. ready tu take foto.
damn pek cek. throw the markers around. n throw it at jojo. LOLS.
went home after that. hoho. and tml will b a big day for me. hahas.
dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance.
i'm reali crazy these few days. i can laugh lyk hell for nth.
n b veri piss the next moment. urgh. i dunno whats wrong with me.
will upload photos once jojo send me ;)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

saturday 040807
dance in the morning till 12 plus. n dear miss zu bought breakfast for us =)
went home bathe n change den went tu compass tu meet my cousin.
ya.. tt tall tall freak. LOLS. he oso another initial d siao. see him play awhile.
went tu find mr billy n jackie. chat awhile n they went town.
den saw py n colin. they lyk veri rush liddat. sian1/2
went tu bk tu wait for jojo. chat n slack awhile. deciding where tu go.
my cousin went tu fren hse play mahjong. den jojo wanna go sun tec .
see her brother tt WCG competition. was a veri last min decision la.
i'm lyk onli wearing some nike shirt n a pair of shorts. urgh.
slack around. jojo brother cs team got into semi final.
nv see jojo brother so serious b4 =x
went starbucks. talk about everything with jojo. was feeling so emo la.
went back tu watch the semi final. jasmine n jaron came.
the score was 15-10 ? the other team got 15 la. den dunno wat happen.
the other team one of the guy ' commit suicide ' . den kana disqualified.
i not sure whether is semi final or wat la. but i noe they lost the final.
score was 16-10 . jojo dad send us home. squeeze lyk 5person at the back la.
reach home around 1am. still not tired.

Friday, August 03, 2007

colin bball jersey

carina me n suhailah.

suhailah is obsess with her elephant. LOLS.

the jersey veri big can.

yea. those fotos were taken ytd.

this morning got this prize giving out thingy. suhailah n emma was involve.
among all the pirze winner classes, our class cheered the loudest for them. :D
first period was literature ? had a class test. i was staring at tt paper.
looking around. finally wrote a few sentences. fall asleep after that.
i'm so so gonna fail it. rah. whatever. suhailah kept her promise.
she came back tu sko after recess ! love her ! last 2 periods was mr billy lesson.
file up so stuff n start on a new chapter. after sko juz hang around canteen.
goin for tt sci thingy la. at anderson sec. my cousin sko.
i go there juz tu see him ok. played basketball awhile. den went tu plaza.
juz tu get ice cream. me rachel ritzio kumar had mcflurry ! while sarah had sundae.
anderson sec was big. can get lost one sia. meet my cousin in the canteen.
the canteen was quite small la. lols. walk around. sit around. was damn SIAN.
leave there around 4 plus. went straight home. veri sleepy.
n thanks edmund didi for accompany me taking lrt. hahas.