Wednesday, October 31, 2007

this colour onli appears when is under those orange lighting. urgh !

submit the subjects option form ytd. i regretted.
i made lyk fucking lots of wrong choices. omg omg. i'm so gonna cry. kidding. lols.
went over tu jasmine hse. dyed hair. the colour sucks.
going tu dye at again this sunday at some kind of salon.
overslept today. was suppose tu meet jasmine at 10.30am tu have breakfast.
n i fucking woke up at onli 10.50am. work starting at 12.
need around 40 mins tu reach there. rush lyk mad. rah !
thank god i'm not late for work. but i'm super hungry.
dunno y these few days i juz keep overslept. tuu tired maybe.
tym passes lyk damn slow today. n theres alot of peeps during lunch time.
jasmine keep kena scolded by jin-san ( director ) .
she was damn dulan with him la. knock off at 5pm.
went long john tu eat. mrt back tu sengkang. we were all sleeping on the way back.
starbucks at compass point/ tiancheng they all were there.
chatted for lyk 2mins ? ahahas. walk around n home for me after that.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

our uniform. rahh. i noe my hair is messy.

see my black black tan tan face. in short - sunburnt.

trying tu take a foto of my long hair.

still not as long as last year.

slack slack after work b4 goin home.

was working for this 2 days. my leg was damn tired.
working as waitress again. at clarke quay . a japanese restaurant - Azabu Sabo .
get tu noe some new frens . friendly and helpful.
but the director there. !@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@! damn kaobei can.
rahhh ! i lyk the uniform. its a black dress. veri kawaii . ahahas.
not sure whether i willwork long there anot.
today was fun. not so many ppl . n i'm even starting tu get crazee during work time. lols.
oh and mr billy was working at an event there ytd. went tu disturb him.
he buey tahan me. keep asking jasmine tu bring me home. wahahhas.
today work till closing. change n went back tu wait for michael n jaron tu have supper.
michael is our new fren ! alvis , wendy, cody etc etc. the are friendly ppl.
shops were all close la. so went kovan mac tu eat. cab home after that.
reach home around 12 plus. father damn kaobei. rahhh !
he even wanna ground me. uh-uh . no way man.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

i'm back from my camp !!! i'm so tired right now.
had alot of fun. =D hmmmm . lets see.

1st day.
i'm in integritas 2 .
first activity we did was abs sailing . [ i'm not sure of the spelling ]
was so scary at first la. omg. i still rmb tt moment when i think i'm gonna fall.
ahahahas. some peeps din get tu try as we dont have enough time.
second activity was CRC [ challenge rope course ]
i ws lyk trembling la. need tu walk at those kind of log hanging on top.
our instructor damn dee siao can. damn joker oso.
after tt i think was lunch.
izwan can reali make us laugh our heads off. no ppl had ever made me laugh so much in a day.
third activity was some kind of team building activities.
oh and, our campsite have snakes ! omg. thats tt thing i'm most afraid of. =x
n also have other creepy creatures tuu.
fourth activity was rock climbing. omg. juz one more box tu go n i can reach the top !
but my hands reali reali buey tahan. fall bout 2 times.
kept trying till my hand was so tired tt it let go ITSELF.
i'm the first gal who had reach the highest x))
n n n , i got a cut on my right hand. kena water veri pain can.
den go collect our tents. fucking alots of ants in it. omg. its so scary la.
reali reali fucking lot kay ! omg omg. dinner after tt ?
hmmmm. den started tu pitch our tents.
den a night-trust-walk ? blind fold ourself n hold on to someone shoulder.
walk for a short distance. lols. the gal behind me was lyk grabbing me so tightly.
finally its time tu bath. den debrief plus supper. curry puff !
although is my fav but i din eat. hahas.
n ppl who i am sleeping with was. jasmine sherlynn meiyi erika n a indian gal .
but around midnight. meiyi went other places tu sleep.
jojo n chenning joined us. so is lyk squeezing 7 ppl in a tent !
din sleep la. cant sleep. my fingers are bloody painful.
n i kept complaining tt i cant watch american next top model. =x

2nd day.
woke up. feeling veri dizzy.
puke . went toilet tu wash up. i'm feeling so terrible.
activities at changi coast ! sea activities.
briefing then off we went.
paddle here n there. was feeling dizzy again.
keep controlling. told my instructor malvin or izit mervin ?
he tot tt i'm afraid cuz we are gonna do the capsize thrill. zZz.
dent he other guy say i wont feel lyk vomiting when i'm in the water.
and juz before tt my rubberband tt i use tu tie my hair snapped ! fucking suay.
felt abit better when i was in the water.
was so fun man ! the seawater damn damn salty i tell yoo.
we gotta hold ontu our boat while some guys pour out the waters using pails.
was enjoying myself in the water - sun tanning .
n stupid malvin pour those water on me ! my eyes hurts ok !
go back ontu the boat. puke after few mins. omg.
n ppl started asking me whether i'm ok. thanks thanks.
n lunch time after that ! sooooooo hungry.
n malvin was asking me not tu eat tuu much as i might puke again later.
dont care ! LOLS. after tt was some crafting activities.
din do much. it was SOOOOOOO sunny man !
my skin started tu turn red. feeling so hot all over.
was trying tu cover my face with my fringe as i'm afraid tt my face might kena sunburn.
but...still no use ! one side of my face is red while the other side was normal. zZz.
stay under the hot sun for dunno how long without sun block. wth !
my thigh my hand my face was red laaaaaaa.
hmmm. den third activity was kayaking !
enjoying myself. hahas. need tu carry back those kayak after tt.
super heavyyyyyyyyy. got a cut at my right leg. and a blue black on my left knee.
wash up n went back tu our campsite.
on the way back malvin keep dee siao me la, keep saying i'm pregnant for 2 days -.-
i told him i puke 2 tyms this morning n he heard tt i puke for 2 days .
we were arguing bout this thingy till izwan
ask us tu stop quarreling if not he will marry the both of us. LOL.
dinner time ! stomach was grumbling lyk mad .
campfire after that ! had hell lots of fun. laugh reali hard .
enjoying every moment of it. dun wanna think bout other stuff.
debrief n went tu shower. shiok !
tio pumping cuz jojo n huiying were caught in a boy's tent.
pack my stuff. waiting for my hair tu try n go tu sleep.
was tuu tired and fall alseep.
meiyi n chening say my leg veri scaring. cuz i keep move here n there. LOL !
n i smile when i sleep. jasmine sleeping style was lyk doing yoga . LOLS.
n erika was talking in her dreams. according tu what meiyi n chenning say. hahas.

3rd day - last day
woke up at 6.10 after all those shouting from the instructors.
it was said previous night tt onli need tu assemble onli at 7.30 la !
now they say at 6.30. roar ! was freaking cold.
pack our stuff. went tu have our breakfast. then it suddenly rains.
and we had tu put our belongings under the shelter.
den dunno do what do what. den had fun with those instructors again !
he buey tahan us as we keep repeat what he says ! again. laugh alot.
keep our tents after that. area cleaning . back tu sko !
oh man. i'm so gonna miss them ! got back our report books.
mange tu pass my overall by 1 mark ! promoted tu sec3 express !
soooooo happy ! but meiyi drop tu na. haix.
rush back home. bath n stuff. went for a concert with mel.t jojo n terrence.
somewhere at newton. almost fall asleep. tickets were given by miss zu.
mrt tu ps after that. ate n walk around. i'm crazee laughing away again.
LOLS. they juz cant stand me. was home before 8.
sunburnt till veri jialat. ouch ouch ouch !

actully wanna make this post short.
but i dont wanna forget bout this camp.
so write it in more details.
so that next time i can read back my pass entries and rmb the fun i had. hees.
i guess no one can finish reading this post . ahahahhas.
gotta go sleep now. had a job interview tml morning !
i miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss miss yoooooooo.
[ i dunno who i am referring tu , so dont ask me. LOLS ]

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

went ps with my mother tu get some stuff.
had been a long long long tym since i went out with her.
was feeling ok until my mother talk tu me bout my lil sis. urgh !
i'm a bad sister la. whatever !
cant decide where tu eat. so went here n there.
finally settled at ajisen ! had been a long tym since i went there .
inside change le. nice nice. black pepper beef ramen was sold out !
ROAR. cant finish everything. was super full.
after eating she need tu rush off tu work. pei her take the other side of mrt. =D
n mrt home alone after that. thank god rusydi called n keep me accompanied. =)
if not sure bored tu death. camp is juz tml. siannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
gotta go pack my stuff now. tatas.
oh and, i love my mum ! * BIG BIG KISS *
got back my result. pass 4 subjects. english , literature , chinese and home econ.
got F9 for both maths n sci. i did my best for maths already. lols.
juz hope tt i can be promoted tu sec3 express.
played volley ball during pe lesson today. the feeling damn shiok.
though my hand quite painful . after pe was recess.
ate n went back tu play again. mr yon keep saying last round last round .
for dunno how many times. ahahahas. after recess. 3 period of free period.
no teacher at all. played truth or dare. fabeha is collecting kisses. LOL.
i kiss emma today ! wahahas. n erika propose tu me ;) of cuz i rejected. LOLS.
fun fun fun. oh and ! got our class tee. after sko went tu clear my locker.
put it all into a box. damn heavy can. had a talk with mr michael after tt.
and home-d . camp on thursday ! not reali excited.
noe onli a few ppl in my group. all i noe de is guys la. wth .
i'm gonna miss american next top model ! ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRR .
i miss .............................. nth. heh. LOL.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

wednesday 171007

finally wore the top tt mel.y gave me for my bday prezzie early this year. xD

nice ? LOLS.

starbucks, slacking
my heels .
see my cute cute jasmine x)

bugis n town with jasmine again. hmmm.
went bugis first. ate n went tu find charmine take stuff.
din stay for long. went fareast after tt.
walk around . bought a pair of heels.
walk tu ps after tt. din see tt flesh imp guy D=
as usual , starbucks. chatted quite alot of stuff.
went home around 10plus . saw glen at the lrt.
keep pestering us tu take the same side with him.
fan si ren laaaaaaaaaaa. lols.

friday 191007
my maid bday today. lols. woke up by jojo call.
get ready n went plaza tu meet jasmine n jojo.
ate a little. went swimming at fren's condo after that.
it was less than 10 mins n it started raining, heavily.
n jojo AHEM . damn suay. so went suana first. shiok !
stayed in there for lyk 1hr plus. playing silly games n snapping away.
it was around 2 when the rain got smaller.
was teaching jasmine how tu swim. ahahahhas.
den starting chatting bout some stuff.
went up around 4 plus ? bathed n stuff.
went compass tu eat after that. waited for emily. slack around n went home.
wanna get out of house after awhile.
n my father started tu
but still, went down tu find my sis , kimberly and kenneth.
played badminton. walked lucky ( kim's dog ) .
n homeeeeeeeeeee. sian 1/2
will upload the pics when i got them.

Monday, October 15, 2007

sunday 141007

taken few days ago at jasmine hse.
was super bored so started cam-whoring. =D
meet jasmine at around 5pm. mrt tu bugis.
bought our shorts at charmine working place.
carina n meiyi was at bugis tuu. went tu find them. ate dinner tgt n left.
din stay long at bugis. went tu fareast after that.
got few nice tops. but i bought a plain tank top. LOLS.
couldnt find any nice heels. either not nice or dun wan the colour i wan. urgh !
walk tu ps after that. had mc flurry on the way there.
finally a pair of heels at m)phosis caught my attention.
$41.90. i'm so gonna get it ! starbucks after that.
got this black guy sat beside us. he suddenly ask me. are yoo a model ?
lols. i tot he wanna ask for direction or what. den he started chatting with us.
he's so weird can. wanna give us money every week. and wan nth in return.
he juz wan us tu be happy. sot rite ? had quite a long chat i think.
hahas. home after that. that guy is really crazee !

monday 151007
my whole family is goin out. that means i cant go out cuz i need tu look after my sis.
wtf ? but i juz went out anyway. lols.
melisa. melissa . jasmine. melissa brother were there already.
ate n started laughing tu myself. lols. din reali study.
couldnt absorb anything at all. benny came after that.
n started playing melisa psp. keep snatching it from benny.
melissa n her brother left. den melisa n benny. was rotting with jasmine.
had mc flurry again ! then walk around compass. slack here n there.
lrt home after that. was walking home n my sis called.
she wan me help her buiy cup noodles. -.-
din wanna go home yet. so juz help her lor. n i bought the wrong one.
andy was working at arcade today. so get tu play free games.
wanna play 1 round only. but he on 3 round for me. see my ah kor so good. LOL.
n the way rusydi play veri funny can ! but in a cute way. LOLS.
home after that. sci paper tml ! i'm gonna fail it . yeah.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

friday 121007
maths & home econ paper today ! maths paper 1 was still ok.
paper 20 ar. hmm..almost nv do for bout 20 questions ? LOL.
dunno how many marks fly away liao. and i finish my home econ paper
in less then 20mins ! now left with sci n chinese
listening compre and i'm done with this year !
oh man oh man. looking very forward tu the holidays !
after papers. went bugis with jasmine. tu get a job.
end up went tu shop around first. jasmine bought 2 tops. n me one onli.
now i'm eyeing on tt tube. think jasmine n me gonna get it. but diff colour.
went around the shops there n ask whether they are hiring ppl.
most of the shops onli wanna hire 16 years old de ppl. eeeeeeeek.
went tu ps after that. slack around. jaron came.
went pastamania tu eat. jaron was the onli one eating. stone-d there.
went starbucks after that. slack awhile n went cuppage.
rotted there. jasmine n jaron was playing dota. i see ppl play pool.
i'm sort of attracted tu this black guy. not good looking at all.
n dont reali play pool veri well. while his fren. super pro at pool.
plus he is chinese n looks okok la. i lyk the seriousness of tt black guy.
he's lyk trying veri hard la. hahas. i was sitting there admiring him.
i'm sick man ! LOL. bobian. i'm tuuuuuuuuuuuuu bored.
n tt flesh imp guy ! he still rmb me ! lols. walk pass n look at him.
he wave tu me ! LOLS. tuu bad his cute cute fren not there. =x
i was quite crazy la. i keep threaten tu kiss jasmine. LOL.
jasmine was lyk asking jaron tu help her. oh man. i juz turned into a lesbian !
heh. jasmine yoo die liao. * evil laughs * LOL.
mrt-ed home after tt. reach home around 11.

i lyk the background

my eye again. LOLS.

see my cute cute jasmine ?

i know cant see my face la.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

had been quite long since i blogged. was busy (ahem) studying.
ytd was english paper 2 n literature. quite difficult for english .
after that went home bath n stuff. went compass meet jasmine they all.
study study. read a little here n there. lols. was quite high ytd.
kept singing olden days de songs. slack around n went home . ar. geography n pepp paper.
i have confident that i'm so gonna fail it.
onli brought one pen . got tt OTAS sheet. luckily suz have extra pencil.
carina say i'm the first in class tu slp during geography paper.
i was lyk flipping thru. see which one i noe how tu do.
fall asleep after that. din noe mr michael was collecting our papers already.
i rmb still have bout 30-40 mins tu sleep.
jojo said he was calling my name quite loud.
i woke up n look at him. abit blur blur. den i went lyk. paisae paisae.
pass him the paper n went back tu slp again.
ate n went back class for pepp paper. this one confirm chop chop fail.
went home after that again. n now, waiting for my mother tu come back.
so tt i can get out of house. will post again tml ?
oh man, i cant stop sleeping.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

woke up around 2 ?
meet jasmine at jojo at compass around 5.50pm ? . wanted tu go ps. but all late wake up.
wait till damn pek cek. ate at food court. went starbucks tu study after that.
a group of CHIJ gal sat beisde us. they were fucking noisy.
keep laugh n laugh lyk their mother hse.
so we purposely on music loud loud. but they still dint get the hint. _|_
den dunno which gal threw some kind of small small container for jelly .
kena me la. land on my arm. they apologize. den i stare at them.
shoot the thingy off my arm with a veri piss look.
they went quiet for awhile. we sat outside starbucks. got this speaker outside.
den the music that was on were lyk....... went in n request for it tu b off.
lols. din study much la. cant absorb anything. onli read some literature notes.
den stare into space. re-read those msg in my hp. n started smiling tu myself. LOL.
then those CHIJ gals change tu other places tu sit. but still can hear their laughter.
reali buey tahan den shouted at them
it means ( 500 years never laugh before ar! )
went off around 9 plus. dunno where tu have dinner. walk around.
chatted. then went 7-11 . bought those convenience food - spaghetti plus drinks.
heat those spaghetti n ate sitting outside 7-11. look so damn pathetic sia.
then kappo came. my new gan er zi. he's 18 . but look onli lyk 14 or 15 ?
chatted awhile n went off. reach home around 11 ? nth much today.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

was so lazy tu update my blog nowadays. went home straight after sko sometimes.
tired. wanna sleep. slept for lyk 1hr plus ytd in class.
studied at starbucks last sat with jasmine jojo n jaron
instead of goin tu town. lol. stay back for extra lessons after sko.
still the same, after 2 or 3 question of maths i will feel lyk sleeping.
imagine i sit for maths paper. sure die. i dun wanna drop or retain. I MUST PASS !
chinese paper today. wrote till my hand is sore can.
n my pen no ink -.- luckily before that i borrowed a pen from carina.
photo shoot for sko magazine at 1. wore the syf costume. i dun lyk can.
and miss zu say muz put on makeup. RAH ! the photographer was really good.
cheryl back out last min so get melissa tu take over.
did the shoot with melissa celeste n tivona. we need tu stand on table n pose. lols.
din know the top of spiral staircase was so nice. removed our makeup after that.
change n went plaza tu look for jasmine they all with melissa.
slack awhile n went home after that. english paper 1 tml.
die die also must pass english !
i miss ....................................................................... xD lols. nth la.