Thursday, November 29, 2007

monday 261107
woke up at around 10plus ? mum woke me up smacking my ass again -.-
went tu collect my mum n sis passport .
cab there with my mum sis n maid. was damn hungry man.
rahhhh. guess what. need tu wait lyk after 500+ ppl la.
soooooo many ppl there today . so went cafeteria tu have smth first .
mee goreng with ice coffee. LOL. n without fail . sure quarrel with my sis .
fker cb. was thinking bout some stuff . den suddenly slam my fone on the table.
my mum was lyk shocked . LOL. waited for lyk 2hrs ? rahhhhh.
mrt tu clarke quay after that tu meet jasmine n jojo.
i was super tall today ! LOL. wore that heels i juz bought.
woah. had difficulties goin down the stairs.
slack by the river n went tu waraku tu have dinner .
nice place. but abit tuu dark . the ramen bowl super big can .
i had some kinda beef curry ramen .
jojo had asahikawa ramen while jasmine had some kinda katsu bento ?
niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . azabu sabo one nicer. LOL.
sat there for dunno how long . den went river there slack again. mrt home .
took off my heels while walking home. leg pain la !

look at the height difference !

yea. i wore WHITE .

i need tu bend down tu take foto with her ok ! LOL.

while she need tu tip toe !

heels i wore that day .

swee boh !LOL.

my hair stylist . LOL .

tadah !

look at that super big bowl for washing legs. LOL.

niceeeeeeee .

Monday, November 26, 2007

my shopping , study , audi , gossiping kaki =D n many more !
and oso not forgetting JOSEPHINE !
a day out with jasmine. yea. tt chiobu. lols.
meet at around 3plus. mrt-d tu fareast. walk around.
ate at ramenTen ? jap food again. lols. scallop miso ramen for jasmine.
n beef ramen for me ? wanted tt spicy one. but sore throat .
they have nice waiters there. xD sat there for dunno how long. talking.
finally bought one WHITE top. yea. W-H-I-T-E .
i got lyk onli 2 white tops now. lols. nth else reali caught my attention.
mrt tu bugis after that. jasmine bought a dress . i choose for her ! LOL.
was dying tu leave there as i'm dying. stupid weather .
but she wanna buy a cap first. we were lyk look around for shops tt sell cap.
infront of her is one le. LOL. i pick a cap for her again. LOL.i was lyk.
me: woah. u reali trust my taste hor .
jasmine : jiu jiu yi ci bu yong jin ( once in a while nvm.) -.-
liddat break my heart. na bei. LOL.
bought a pair of heels AGAIN ! LOLS.
the third pair of heels this month. omg. cnnt resist buying heels la.
but end up not wearing heels out. instead wore tt pair of charles n keith slipper . zZz.
jasmine think i'm crazee. hmmm. talking about crazee.
i din get high today . nv talk so loudly. din laugh lyk mad.
din do any crazee stuff at all today.
maybe bcuz of the stupid weather tts making me even more sick ? lols.
mrt-d tu ps after tt !
william is not working today ! sadded. lols.
he's some super tall guy working at flesh imp .
settled down at cafe cartel . had tt suppreme platter .
jasmine had chocolate moo moo ? while i had oreo frappe.
wanted oreo cheese cake. but full le. lols.
sat there for dunno how long oso. talk talk n talk.
now the topic we are talking about is always work la.
azabu sabo azabu sabo azabu sabo. lols.
mrt home after that. I'M HUNGRY !

Saturday, November 24, 2007


Friday, November 23, 2007

hmmm. woke up at 8 am today. slept at 4am plus la.
but dunno y i dun feel tired even though i slept at 6am 2 nights ago. lols.
get ready and stuff. mrt-d tu clarke quay. 15 mins early .
yongwei they all are juz eating. play psp etc etc . lols.
punch card . den start tu prepare . a new comer came. 2nd day .
her first day was at marina tt branch . she's philipino ( not sure of spelling) .
called mary ann , 18 . she's quite friendly la. but she quite blur of the stuff there.
todays sales not bad la. had sapporo ramen for break today ! not bad la.
can say is nice. lols. time passes not tuu slow n not tuu fast today.
n tt chris came. some charbo tt is in charge of our pay. RAHHHH .
she make me take orders lyk mad. take spoon etc etc lyk mad.
let me clear this n tt. wa piang. buey tahan her la. i'm gonna kill her if i can xD LOL
was super tired after work .
jojo came n find us as she is not goin out with her pri sko frens anymore.
ate at yoshinoya. NOT ME. jojo n jasmine. i hate yoshinoya.
went the river there tu slack again after tt. lols.
chat chat chat . n jasmine sis called. she's goin bugis with her sis ?
jojo tag along. n i wanna go home. so went separate ways.
but they walked me tu the mrt . lols. home . n my nose ... zZz.
use dunno how many tissues today. at work n at home. RAH !
now my com desk if full of tissue paper. -.- anyway ,
suppose tu go shopping with kumar n dominic tml.
but i meeting darling. had been a few months since i went out with her le ?
miss her alot sia. so gonna cancel the outing with kumar. SO SORRY !
n now darling having sore eyes. cant make it tml. omg .
nvm . will juz go shopping with jasmine tml.
jojo cant make it cuz her dad bday tml . ROAR !
i'm gonna slp soon. having headache . n my nose lyk running tap liddat. lols.
gonna chop off my nose. LOL. kidding. i love my nose tuu much. ahahahas.

i'm happy tt yoo found a girl that yoo love.
i'm sure both of yoo gonna have a happy ending.
do me a favour . last super duper long with her . =)
all the best for your relationship .
and the same line . I STILL CARE =D

Thursday, November 22, 2007


wife n husband !

kumar . dominic . me

look at his eyes ! omfg nice can ! blue grey n green !

mey yi aiai n me .

manage tu wake up around 10.10am.
slept at 4 the previous nite. rahhhh. damn tired la.
got ready n meet jasmine . mrt-ed tu clarke quay .
11.45 pm already. bought breakfast at 'man jia le' .
waited lyk more than 10mins. yea. late for work .
onli MC alvis jojo jasmine plus me working till 5.
not alot of ppl today. kumar n dominic came at around 3 ?
dominic is my wife ! LOL. kumar is dominic father which makes him my father in law. =D
they wear till lyk they are going for a funeral la. LOL.
they ate katsu bento n another ala carte . cant rmb the name.
so they sat there all the way tu 5pm. ahahahas. went toilet change n stuff.
billy is not working today. sadded. went river there tu slack again.
jaron n meiyi came. chatted . den went ps with jojo meiyi n jaron
while jasmine go meet her sis ? went pastamania then TCC .
meiyi went ljs tu meet carina ? cant rmb what we have at TCC.
went bunk after that. saw emily jean plus their frens.
rahhhh. smth happen there . 3 ERXIN charbos . cant stand them.
was juz look at them play audi. they started say jo n me erxin.
den blah blah blah. i dunno whats wrong with them.
they stop playing n juz talk. lols ? den they dunno say what er xin again.
jojo told me their conver as i cnnt see it clearly.
so i started shouting : HEN ER XIN AH. WHY AR ?
i juz kept talking tu jo loudly what they say n stuff. den give tt blur look.
eeeeeeeeek. left as jojo needed the toilet. mrt back after that.
saw mei yi n carina when i'm going up tu take lrt.
they were in the same train as us. LOL.
my house is in mess man. my mother give away my double decker bed T.T .
den threw away all my sec 2 stuff . gonna repaint my house.
green for my room i think. n dunno y. my parents argue over some stuff again.
whatever !
I WANT W910I !!!!!!!!!

and fotos taken few weeks ago. when kumar n dominic first came n find us .

dominic !

kumar n me ! BLACKS .

theres one more photo of dominic with his gay pose !
but guess he deleted it . D=

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

so here it goes ... ...

no work today. its a monday today rite ?
my mum woke me up by smacking my ass -.- what a nice way of waking me up .
my mum n dad wanna go buy new lights for my living room n room. lols ?
since got no work. so juz tag along.
had been lyk dunno 4875436972108 years since i went out with BOTH of them.
laze around n finally went tu bathe n stuff.
my dad waiting for lyk dunno how long for us.
met-ed tu little india . they say goin tu jalan besar ? not sure of the spelling.
end up went OG. my mum juz love goin there . she tried on shoes for so long man.
but din buy any -.- den went up tu see clothes. nth caught my eye.
so went outside with my dad . tu wait for them.
my sis n my mum took dunno how long -.-
so had a chat with my dad. about his paikia life last tym. LOL.

was damn hungry. so went tu eat. ate alot man. seriously ALOT.
got vegetables, paiku, curry fish, butter crab, beancurd . plus rice of cuz.
my dad was quite shock tt i ate so much. tt tym was around 4plus i think.
and i drag them tu bugis street ! LOL . finally bought purple skinnies
and tt pair of grey shorts i wan. i paid for tt purple skinnies ok !
walk around n found tt skinnies i wanted ! tt colour. is damn nice ok.
tu me la. i was lyk. RAHHHHH . I WANT TT MUMMY !
shoudnt had bought tt purple wan ! but i still lyk it anyway. LOL.
n my sis bought a pair denim shorts. wanted tu buy tops.
but my mum juz drag me away . zZz. den walk tu dunno where.

my mum juz keep stopping here n there tu see this n tt.
finally got into this shop tt sell light bulb , lamps etc etc.
this auntie inside keep staring at me. i choose this light i wan for my room ,
den either my mother of father say i sot. or both. den y still ask me choose ?!?!
den they ask me for my comment. i juz tell them.
: dun ask me. i say i dun lyk yoo oso still wan buy. i choose this u say i sot.
they say gonna re paint our house. B-L-U-E .
i suggested tu paint it black.
me : . . . chill la. not completely black ma.
both of them : juz heck care me n continue looking around.
so i juz sat there n daydream lor. n tt aunite say i'm pretty ! LOL.
wanted tu go fareast after tt. but was quite late n the shops are closing.
so went MUSTAFA. yea. tt place tt has alot of banglas ( ah neh ) LOL.
walk around for so long. choose this n tt. end up. BOUGHT NTH.

wth. wanted tu cab home. but i wanna go compass tu get smth.
go mrt tu compass lor. after i get my stuff. we went starbucks !
my treat ! LOLS. spent lyk 34 bucks there man. tu me its alot okay !
n yea. talk about my dad paikia life last tym again. FIERCE . ahahhahas.
my dad told me tt. got anything happen juz phone him. =DDDD
my dad told us some lame jokes and me tuu. lols. n lrt home after that.
saw janna when we are boarding the lrt. wanted tu said hi or smth.
but guess she din notice me. saw lester tuu ! ahahahs. reach home around 11.40 ?
happy happy day today. happier than a day out with a boyfren ! LOL.
i'm glad tt my parents are not quarreling . but lets wait n see after a few weeks...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

hoho. finally a day off on saturday !
went town with jasmine jojo mel.y and benny .
wore tt pair of heels tt bought damn long ago.
n guess what. below tt thingy came off la. wtf ?
so went around fareast looking for another pair of heels.
bought some kinda red heels. den settled at han's for lunch.
mel.t came after tt. there's this dance competition there. din get tu see . rah .
den walk tu wisma after that. got this guy giving out pads la.
is inside a red box. den i was lyk. i dont need this now. lols.
den i came up with this crazee idea tu give tu some guys tt walk pass us.
den i saw this guy giviing out flyers. i took it n say. : nah. we exchange.
he was lyk. : nonono ! LOL. ahahahhahas.
was walking around waving those pads on my hand. LOL.
walk pass this 2 big group of guys n started shouting.
ppl was staring at me. laugh my ass off. jojo n jasmine was lyk. i dunno her.
finally reach wisma. went tu find kah fei ! my work fren.
he kena transfer tu wisma there. sell hokkaiddo ice cream. RAH !
pass him those pads. he open up and give tt wth face. ahahahas.
so chatted for awhile. den walk tu cine. mel.t was hungry .
mel.y n benny left after awhile .
long john silver was full. burger king oso. dunno where tu go.
so i suggested starbucks ! clarke quay de starbucks.
they all agree. so mrt there lor. end up din order any food from starbucks.
went walking around . dunno where tu have our dinner. rahh.
my feet was hurting lyk hell. SERIOUSLY fucking pain la.
we juz cant decide what tu eat la. den i suggested tu go tu the opposite side.
those restaurant and cafe there. end up walk one whole big round.
n went back central -.- still cant deicde what tu eat la.
finally went tu food court after lyk 40mins ? or more ?
lols. my leg hurts so much tt i couldnt walk anymore.
so mel.t went tu buy for me. shared with her katsu curry bento.
nice =D omg. nowadays we are always eating jap food.
n my kind kind ganlaopo exchange heels with me. felt ABIT better.
went outside there tu slack. yea, the river there.
bought ice cream. rahhh. den damn lots of stuff happen.
my wallet almost drop into the river ! n we spilled our ice cream.
i spilled mine all over mel.t heels n my leg. omg.
and got this angmo sitting not more den 1metre from us. with one of his fren.
he cant stop staring at us can. nabei. so i gave him a retarded smile.
he juz continue staring at us la ! wa piang. every few seconds turn turn turn.
den stare stare stare. dunno what tt si angmo wan la.
when we left. he even followed us ! dunno what he pointed at us.
or he juz point at us. den jojo dad came tu drive us home .
he wave tu us when we got in the car. EEEEEEEEEEEEE. stupid mad guy.
gonna dig out your eyeballs if u stare at us again ! ROAR !
reached home. father fren was here. juz keep saying i had grown up liao.
pretty liao. blah blah blah. lols. den this uncle say.
y u so pretty ? ( in chinese )
den i was lyk. . ' .. . '
den he said. my son oso handsome leh.
me : what are yoo trying tu say ? lols.
den they went laughing. -------------.-------------
i think tts all for today. work tml at 12pm !
gotta wake up early. so off tu slp now ? or audition ?
oh. n photos !

on the way. in mrt.

mel.y jojo me jasmine

look at jasmine colourful hair man ! lols.

at han's eating.

mel.t my ganlaopo ! love her !

i lyk this pic ! i dunno y. yea. the top one.

zi lian zi lian zi lian

baobei !

qingaide !

mummy !

starbucks !

juz came out of cheers n jojo juz pulled me . haven even keep my wallet ! LOL.

yeah, highlighted my hair red. n thinned it. but it became short !
n now my hair not as flat as before. rah ! gonna reborn it again !
after getting my pay. lols. n i juz cant stop snapping away la.
so a few pics of my hair !