Sunday, December 30, 2007

dance practise ytd . woah . muscle cramp now . both legs .
super painful . have difficulties standing up n sitting down .
but i enjoy the tym when i was dancing =D i juz love it .
preparing for cca carnival performance =D another training on 31 dec. new year eve .
i hope my legs gets better . n work today from 12 - L .
woah . shiok . do pantry in the night. almost go crazee .
lyk super many orders la . jasmine came at around 4pm plus .
she help me with those desserts setting . but . . . =x
kept shouting today . close at around 11 . alvis n MC keep losing tu me !
wahahahas. now whats the game ? SCISSORS PAPER STONE ! LOL !
was being super high at night . jojo dad came n fetch us home .
when i got in the car . immediately . HI UNCLE ! LONG TYM NO SEE !
den crap crap crap . tym reali flies man .
i prefer work than school =x so not prepared for school man .
goin off now . tatas =D

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

few photos taken back when i was at jasmine hse .
before goin meiling aunty there tu dye back our hair .

jojo n jessie
jasmine josephine jessie

goodbye red hair .
say hi tu black hair !
had a hair cut tuu . its my worse haircut man .
now i have a super short hair plus ugly noob fringe .
urgh ! what i was thinking when i say i wanna cut my hair man.
i think now i look lyk some ugly noob . zZz.
work from 12 tu 5 during x'mas eve . went home change den went clarke quay again.
juz hang around there . x'mas this year sucks man .
i reach home at around 1plus . while my sis reach home at 2amplus.
she's onli 11 this year . power rite ?
work from 5 tu closing during x'mas day.
was late for an hr . cuz of tt mrt .
stop at every station for lyk 5-10 mins .
it even go backwards ok . tamade .
some stuff happened at little india station there .
ROAR ! was in the mrt for 1 1/2 hr .
jojo had no tym tu dye back as she need tu rush off tu some place tt day .

super ugly me . rahhh !
its juz a random pose .
looking at the moon =D

3J's never apart .

Sunday, December 23, 2007

work as usual today . i went tu cook maggie at 4am .
den ate 2 half boiled eggs with bread at 6am+ . juz cant slp !
finally slept at 8am. had a hard tym waking up .
work starts at 3pm ! din eat anything .
was MC let me go for break at around 5plus . had sukiyaki beef don =D
i'm doing pantry today ! almost gone mad when theres lyk alot of orders .
not reali busy today though its a saturday . was super hungry la.
so keep asking wei cong tu help us take clear soup for us tu drink .
jojo n me kept ' refilling ' the soup . LOL. end work at 12am .
cab tu hougang again. yeah . 327 . was lyk damn lots of ppl there watching soccer.
kumar n dominic was there tuu . dominic joined us shortly after kumar had left .
kept laughing at stupid stuff . lols .
cab home after that . reach home close tu 2am .
and i love my mum !

she had already left for genting at around 8pm .
but still still sms me when i was eating juz now tu ask whether i'm at home.
if not ask my dad tu wait for me. see ! so caring ! LOL !
i no longer find her a nag anymore .
and my dad waited for me near the lift there .
he doesnt scold me anymore for reaching home at this time .

he's such a great father ! and a great 'boyfren' tu me . ahahahs.
( my father is also my boyfriend . LOL )
he waits for me when i'm gonna reach home late .
he says i look pretty even though i'm at my worse .
he carries all my shopping bag when i go shopping with him .
he buys whatever i wanna eat without complaining no matter how far he has tu walk .
his shoulders are always here for me .
he gives in tu me . he guide me well in life .
he care for me . he love me . though he scold me at tyms.
but i noe its for my own good.
yoo see ! yoo tell me where can i find a better' boyfriend' than him ?!?!
i rmb how i use tu say i hate him alot . but now .
when i recall how he scold me n treat me last tym .
i think i realli deserves it . my mum is gonna be the woman i love the most .
and the guy i love the most in my life now is .................


yeah. thats my dad !

Thursday, December 20, 2007

tired day for me today . but was still veri high(crazee) . ahahahas.
woke up at 2plus after jasmine called me .
was so tired la. den drag myself tu bathroom .
got ready . meet jasmine n jojo at platform .
mrt tu clarke quay . was 4pm already when we reach there.
went food court tu eat . japanese food again. lols.
went downstairs tu take away some drinks. tie hair den blah blah blah.
start work . while jarel left at 5pm. working with jasmine jojo mary cody n alvis.
was lyk damn sian la. no ppl wan . zZz.
but at around 7plus tu 8. woah . ppl start tu come in .
busy till lyk run here n there lyk dog liddat . is lyk a saturday nite la.
took one wrong order. but din kena scold. heng ar .
i kept screaming for no reason. LOL. den alvis ask me go toilet or riverside tu scream.
ahahahas. poor cody keep kena bully by me. i accidentally slap him=x
do pantry at aroud 9plus ?till closing. i love doing pantry dunno y.
keep run in tu help cody some tyms. hahas.
den at around 11plus. went tu those table tu tell them tt we are closing .
dunno y we kept using the word 'angry' today. lols.

mrt tu hougang after tt. had supper at 327 .
ate . . .laksa . udon. chicken chop. prata. mee goreng. n drinks.
we all share share . ahahahs. nabei. damn angry la.
dunno y today keep kena stare by ppl .
one bangla keep staring at me when i was eating.
den at mrt oso . when i buying tt mee goreng.
i was shouting across tu jojo whether she wan this anot .
almost everyone there stare at me. LOL.
den this uncle came up tu me n say .
' bu yao jiao wo de hor ' ( dun order mine )
wtf ? i was not even talking tu him la.
he stand so close tu me tt i can smell alcohol all over him .
i swear i'm gonna kick him in his balls n let him eat my shoe if he dares touches me !!!
RAHHHHHHHHHHH ! !#@@%$#^%*&)(&*^%#$#@!^%$&$*&^
i'm not goin there tu have supper again. LOL .
cab home after that . reach home at around 1.30am .
my dad is back from thailand ! din reali miss him la. LOL =x
work tml from 12 - L . woah. die !

Monday, December 17, 2007

the guy who took foto for us made us laugh . LOL .
from right . me . darling . cliffton ? . den dunno the rest. LOL .

super bad hair day . anyway . i love darling !

lets see . . . had a hard tym waking up for work today man .
had laksa for breakfast again . rush tu azabu sabo .
reach on the dot ! phew ~ den 2 newbies came . kenny's fren .
i intro kenny my job den he ask him fren along for interveiw tuu . lols .
den alvis brief them on the menu . those main course .
while i explain those desserts =D
do pantry today. sales in the morning was lyk damn bad .
knock off at 5 . kenny came. went tu change n stuff .
den went back azabu sabo . explain some stuff tu kenny .
den they were having a mini steamboat at C1 (table) .
thats gonna be in our menu nxt week .
wendy cody jin san nono san ah ken n another japan guy was they trying tuu .
they ask me tu try it tuu . i'm lyk so hungry la .
so go try try . not bad not bad. but abit ex . $18.90 .
the serving is not reali big la . den talk talk awhile .
ah ken n cody was goin upstairs tu eat . so i juz tag along lor . (i'm still super hungry)
went billy bombers . darling n her frens came after awhile .
so join them when ah ken n cody left .
( i'm so tired tu elaborate what had happened next . lols .)

went outside n light the candles for the cake .
sang bday song . den started putting cream on cliffton face .
all aim him . had a video on that .
den after that . i was trying tu smash the cake on his face .
he was alert enough den he bend down . LOL !
guess what happen . the cake kena is back !
his white shirt gone man !!!! went tu clean up after that .
den when walking around . slack here slack there .
home after that . woahh . so super tired tt fall asleep few tyms in the mrt .
sitting down on the floor . reali buey tahan. super tired.
reach home around 10 ! woahh . was home early today !
n tml town with darling jasmine n jojo ?


Saturday, December 15, 2007

friday 141207
work at 12 today . woke up at 10plus . rush rush rush .
den met jojo at mrt . mrt tu clarke quay .
had laksa for breakfast =D
was late by 2mins ! was hungry after 1 or 2hrs la .
jin san n nono san was here today ! gonna change menu soon .
abit diff onli la . not very busy today .
jasmine was here when it was lyk not even 4pm.
she starts work at 5pm. i was using her apron as i forgot tu bring mine.
n jojo was using her notepad cuz she forgot tu bring hers. LOL .
i'm not happy with alvis today . though i onli see him not more than a hr today .
after work , went tu change den ate at food court .
beef bento . was still hungry la . den wanted tu eat this n that .
jojo n cody was lyk . . . . . . .
went down azabu sabo after that . had shakes at first .
den order baked wild mushroom .
den i had sukiyaki beef bento ! they say i'm crazee .
i juz wanna eat eat eat n eat la . not in good mood .
yeah . i was doing what i did in the past .
not happy = eating non stop .
cant help it . n i still wanna eat laksa ! lolsssssssssss.
went tu slack at the riverside after that .
it was my mum birthday today .
she called n said my brother n his wife was at our hse .
ask me tu go home earlier . she called lyk few hrs ago. LOL .
finally went home around 8plus .
went tu rivervale mall tu buy a bday cake for her .
light those candles at the staircase beside the lift .
den called my sis tu ask her open the door for me . ahahahas .
so carried the cake in . my mother first reaction was .
y waste money . -----------.------------
sang birthday song . den cut the cake !
its coffee flavoured one . i'm happy cuz my parents lyk it . =D

dunno which bastard called me at around 11 .
bomb my phone till i buey tahan . answer the phone .
it was ken . -.- he ask where is my work place n the name .
he is goin down for interview . he called me every few hrs la !
tu ask this n that . zZz . rahhhh . feel lyk killing him man .
had dunno how many phone calls from him .
finally woke up at 4pm plus . my father is gone .
he went thailand ! lolssssssssssssssssss .
rot at home whole day today. eating n watching tv .
while jasmine n jojo are working . rahhhhhhhhhhhhhh .
i'm off now . tu go eat again ! LOL .

i dun need yoo anymore .

Thursday, December 13, 2007

rahhhh! stupid messenger ! juz wont lemme open ! !@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@!
was at chalet ytd . rahhhh. went bugis with jasmine n jojo first.
bought another cardigan. black one this tym .
ate den bus-d tu east coast . but we over shot by 9 stops. pro eh ?
so bus-d back . zZz. alight at the 4th or 5 th stop ?
den walk tu east coast beach . make a wrong turn .
suppose tu turn left n few mins walk can reach the chalet already .
but we turn right. almost walk tu the very end.
we took lyk 2hrs tu reach there can ?
i'm sure we walk more than 10km ! LOL !
wooahhh. leg almost break . slack around the beach there .
juz listening tu songs . n talk .
den jojo n me started dancing. ahahahahahas.
den jasmine started emo-ing .
n kumar was drunk. he had lyk 6 can of beer ?plus Gin ?
and had puke for lyk 2 tyms .
plus Gin ? dominik was half drunk .
went BK tu eat around 8 plus ? needa walk a long way again.
dominik suddenly appear . LOL. he still can walk here . pro .
went 7-11 tu buy some tibits n drinks den walk back again.
try tu wake kumar up . den walk back tu chalet.

tiancheng firdaus the chalet was juz next next tu us .
when we are walking back . . . they was walking towards our direction.
den jojo suddenly called me. turn behind .
kumar already kena ' bao ' by them . was super shock la.
firdaus was lyk damn hot . wanna whack kumar already .
he say kumar was looking up n down at his fren n bang ontu him .
kumar was lyk still drunk. dunno what he was doing la.
he was pushing kumar around . zZz.
dun wanna elaborate much on this .
kumar called his brother after that .
rahhhhhh ! den liddat liddat lor .

we were bbq-ing when it was around 1 am plus . LOL.
bbq all the way tu 4am ?
onli jasmine jojo dominik n me was outside.
kumar was lyk already slping n the others . ( it was 2e2 chalet )
went tu slack around the beach after that .
played poker cards . i was being super crazee .
screaming n laughing lyk damn loud .
did silly n funny stuff that made jasmine cnnt stop laughing !
i even laugh at myself. LOL ! crap non stop .
dominik was lyk covering his ears as he was trying tu get some sleep .
he says i'm mad . screaming n laughing lyk mad at 5 in the morning .
i dunno y i'm not tired at all . the sky was nice at around 5 i think .
n we dunno which side the sun is gonna rise. LOL.

went back chalet around 7plus ? change den went mac tu have breakfast .
suddenly feels veri uncomfortable . after eating .
not long after that . went tu puke . yea. 2 tyms.
woahhh. i juz puke 6dollars out man . LOL !
i dun think its the alcohol that made me puke. is the bbq chicken !
i cant take tuu oily stuff . n i dunno how many chickens i had ate.
rest a lil while more . den bus-d home after that .
needa walk veri long again tu reach the bloody bus stop .
was slping lyk a pig in the bus . jojo say she tap us dunno how many tyms
tu wake us up. LOL. 1hr juz pass lyk this. super fast man .
lrt home after that . immediately chiong tu my bed n slp !
woke up at around 8 pm . cuz my parents was quarreling. lyk AGAIN .
zZz . work at 12 tml. wonder how am i gonna slp tonight man .

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

happy happy day ! shopping with jasmine n josephine !
woke up at lyk 2 . some bastard called me . dunno who izit .
when i was gonna pick it up . tt person hang already . some unfamiliar number .
bathe n get ready . woahhh . rain was lyk SUPER HEAVY !
before i can even reach the lrt station . my jeans are are already wet .
jasmine n jojo was already waiting for me at the platform !
ppl usually dun wait for me . is i wait for them ! today exception - bcuz of the rain !
mrt tu fareast first . ate at long john . den went tu shop around .
bought 2 belts ! jasmine n jojo bought 1 each . went around looking for heels !
jojo say i'm mad . bought 3 pair of heels in a month already . ahahahs.
saw this heels n i lyk it ! but wanna walk around tu see whether there are nicer ones.
jasmine bought a pair of flats ! she's lyk totally in love with it la. LOL.

mrt tu bugis after that . was raining ! rahhhhhh .
walk dunno how many rounds there . bought 2 tees !
jasmine n jojo bought 1 tee each . cant rmb what jasmine had bought.
saw this top tt both jojo n jasmine agree tt its nice .
turn around n saw this handbag tt i wanted tu buy ,
few days ago when i was walking around clarke quay .
is lyk some much cheaper in bugis la. of cuz i bought it !
den went tu try on tt top . bought it tuu =D
jojo say i buy things veri fierce . LOL .
walk walk . shop shop . den mrt tu plaza sing .

went tu find william first . chat for a lil while den find place tu settle for dinner .
wanted ajisen . but settled at cafe cartel at last .
this time , finally the cheddar fries are available . if not i'm gonna kill him ! LOL
the waitress there . zZz . need tu ' zut ' (suck your lips tu make tt noise in case yoo dun understand what i'm saying ) den can . LOL.
tt guy came trying not tu laugh . lols .
we wrote the orders ourselves. n he was asking y got words there . LOL.
den i replied . if not the words put where ? LOL.
he say onli need tu write the numbers. zZz . whatever !
n the asst manager there .. was lyk sitting infront of us when we was in the mrt !
so he look quite shock when he saw us. ahahahas.
was laughing lyk dunno what there .
i'm always the noise maker la. den jasmine wanted tu refill her water .
'zut ' for tt guy tu came again. LOL.
den he help us take photo . after he took the first one i wanted tu have a 2nd wan.
den jojo want tu take for the 3rd tym again. LOL.
was making alot of noise cuz jojo dun wanna go back tu her original seat .
the asst manager - edward came n talk tu us .
him : shopping for the whole day ?
we : yeah . went lyk fareast bugis den now here .
him : wahhh . one day go some many place ?
we : laughs*
den so on n so on .
jojo ask him tu make a guess how old are we .
first guess was 16 . 15 . 17/18 .
den i was lyk. we 14 la ! LOL .
he was lyk. HUH ! 14 hgdufigeheqfphjeqfpojpbvnopqehfqwifb
ask who look most mature here . he said me ! LOL. @!$#^$&%*&^(*&*%^
den tt guy came tu clear the stuff on our table . ( tt guy tt took our orders )
jojo was asking him tu chase me out cuz i'm making alot of noise !
he juz laugh la. he's 15 this year ! n he guess tt we are 16 . LOL .
jojo ask him want make frens with me anot . --------.---------
said bye tu edward when we were leaving .
me : bye .
edward : hey whats your name
me : jessie .
edward : make fren la. leave me your number .
me : no need la ! nxt tym la ! ( walk away quickly ) LOL.
home after that . saw alvis cody wendy kah fei etc
when we were goin down tu the mrt platform.
reach home around 12midnight !
i bought 3 tops 2 belts n 1 bag in total !
i forgot tu buy tt heels at fareast ! LOL !
i still got so much more stuff tu buy !
i want tu buy my sko bag !
n tt sling bag at bugis !
hmmm . another pair of shorts .
blah blah blah la !

our barang barang !

look lyk rubbish rite ? LOL !

jasmine bought this for me at australia ! the colour combo tt i want ! LOVE HER !

n this for jojo ! MUACKS *

cafe cartel

i'm drawing my eyeliner ! LOL !

er ?

i have no idea what i'm trying tu do !




Monday, December 10, 2007

my post are lyk.. all about work ? lols.
n today . yeah . work again. LOL .
woke up at 10 . get my towel. ready tu bath .
but fell asleep on my comfy bed again. till 10.20 ?
was raining la . heavy rain ! took bout 10 mins tu decide where tu take umbrella anot .
ahahahahas. punched card at 11.54am . work starts at 12pm .
went tu buy breakfast with wendy first . when we came back .
was late by 2mins already . alvis was veri piss .
den attitude attitude lor . i'm at fault . what tu do .
he ask me do what jiu do lor . but after bout 1 hr jiu go back normal le.
play around . blah blah blah .
break at 4.26pm! had spicy ramen ! not spicy de lor. somemore taste weird weird de.
stupid alvis . say its nice . rahhhhh !
had green tea milk shake oso ! this one muz pay myself. lols.
super nice man . i lyk ~
jojo came . was feeling so cold la. these few days keep liddat .
mayb bcuz of the weather ? i nowadays dun slp with fan le .
veri cold . and i'm using my blanket la .
jason shu shu was asking whether i have fever anot . ahahs
do pantry ! was quite fun man . do those settings den shout shout shout .
but sometyms i will blur blur la . do pantry with jojo.
she was asking when den i will not b so blur .
n she say i got STM . which is quite true . LOL .
work end at close tu 11pm. mrt home after that .
cody was sending jojo home . den he will cab home after tt .
he live at BUKIT PANJANG ? so sweeeeeeeeeet rite ? willing tu send her tu hg .
i'm not jealous ! lols. i got my father ! LOL !
home-d . maggie maggie. had been eating maggie for WEEKS le .
n finally. tml off !

Sunday, December 09, 2007

i'm so freaking piss today ! tmd !
will elaborate more later on .
work starts at 3 today . had 6hrs of slp today .
break at 6pm . finish my food lyk damn fast can .
was super tired today man . i juz wanna close my eyes n sleep !
my memory is failing man . keep forgetting what customer says .
heng heng tt customer is those veri frenly kind.
and at around 9plus. most of the tables was occupied already .
den this 5 charbos wanna come in . so i ask her tu wait .
theres a table for 4 person. but they got 5 ma. go i let the 4 person come in lor .
lets call the first gal ' si pui bor ' ( stupid fat gal )
n the 2nd gal ' sweetie ' . this sweetie ask me whether they needd tu wait how long.
so i juz told her a few mins or so .

after i let this 4 person in . tt SI PU BOR came tu me n say. si pui bor : they came first or we ? me: yoo guys . si pui bor : y din yoo tell me yoo letting them in ? cant yoo see i'm here? me : i told ya fren already . si pui bor : so y yoo let them have the seats ? me : cuz they have 4 person . si pui bor : so how long i gotta wait ? me : theres anot table tts goin off already . her voice was rising . n so am i . eveyone there was practically staring at us. si pui bor : so yoo mean if they sit for another 30mins. we have tu wait for 30mins ? me : ah duh . common sense ( thinking) er.... ya. si pui bor : so y did yoo let them in ? we came first . me : but they have 4 person ma ! si pui bor : is so simple . yoo can join another table what. yoo dunno how tu think ? me : ( getting angry ) but the tables at the side are occupied ! si pui bor : what do u mean by occupied ? me : they are ppl sitting there la ! si pui bor : yoo can put one chair at the side rite ? n MC cut off our conver n say if she wan tt 4 seater . give lor. let them squeeze. i was lyk. but they dun wan 4 seats ! me : the gap there so small . how tu squeeze one chair there ?
argue till got 5 seats for them le .
we joined one more table . den sweetie was lyk .
is ok juz put another chair there .
me: but veri squeezy leh .
sweetie : nvm we will juz squeeze on the sofa. dun worry about it. its ok. =)
me : =)))))))))))))
i was lyk. TAMADE . she pa jiao or what . the gap so small .
put one chair there . dunno how tu think ar . somemore so fat.
dont even think yoo can squeeze thru lor.
i was freaking piss ! if i'm not working. i'm gonna shout louder n give her a tight slap !
she's lyk damn big size . n she is wearing a tube la.
scare ppl dunno she fat izit. n i think she got features tt belongs tu PIG !
is not tt i'm trying tu insult fat ppl.
but she juz reali get on my nerves n i cant help scolding .
and she there taking photos with her fren with super act cute poses !
EWWWW . i almost puke out my dinner . i dun wanna serve her at all.
my mood was bad already . bcuz of this . it became worse .
i was trying my best tu smile at other customers .
i got alot of big size frens which are FAR MORE cuter n prettier than her lor.
eeeeeeeeek ! her frens are so much friendlier .

then another problem came.
2 groups of ppl queing. one has 3 person while the other have bout 6.
den we have 4 ppl behind them . so we let the 4 person in .
then the guy was lyk . scolding MC .
lecturing him . saying tt shd let bigger group ppl go in first . cuz need tu join ppl.
den blah blah blah . n say tt he is working lyk us oso .
den wendy told him tt got seats already .
n he juz say YA. not seats things anymore. is blah blah blah .
n guess what . wendy told him tu wait .
den he say : i'm not discussing with yoo . i'm telling yoo !
tmd . think wendy your pet ar . muz listen tu yoo izit .
rahhhh !

sales was good today . legs damn tired .
more stuff had happened. but lazy tu elaborate anymore.
yoo guys would doze off reading man .
work end at 11. mrt-d home after that.

bought new sko skirts . look at the diff length man !

the new skirt

Saturday, December 08, 2007

currently on the phone with shahrin . had been a long tym since i talk tu him.
ahahahahs. woke up at 10 . got ready n went out .
met jojo in the mrt . had breakfast at clarke quay- nasi lemak .
sms mc n tell him tt we are gonna be late for 15 mins.
reach azabu sabo. woah . quite alot of ppl oreadi .
was late by 1mins. lols. tym passes quite fast today .
was super hungry man . din take any wrong orders or what today . =D
kumar n dominic was here again .
end work at 5 . ate at azaubu sabo . scallop ramen for me.
while jojo had miso dunno what burger dunno what . LOL.
and fried salmon for ala carte . plus matcha p for dessert .
n jojo had mango milkshake. they were all staring at me eating la.
wendy alvis kenneth anson jason mary . wa piang.
cuz my ramen came first . turn around n woah . alot of faces man .
went tu the riverside there tu find kumar n dominic .
slack slack . blah blah blah. they went off around 7pplus ?
theres a gig performing outside. went tu see see .
mrt home after that . reach home around 10plus tu 11 ?
n work tml at 3pm !
work work work work work n more work !
and jasmine is coming back tml !
miss her so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy !

Friday, December 07, 2007

woke up at 1plus today. work at 5pm.
bathe n stuff. meet jojo n her mum at hg mall.
ate at food court. mrt-d tu clarke quay .
got this handsome malay guy sitting infront of us xD
he alighted at clarke quay tuu . punched card n went toilet .
working with MC wendy jojo kenneth today.
MC make us clean all those table n chairs la. damn tiring can.
need tu scrub all stains off. rahhh. he juz keep finding stuff for us tu do la.
he at there think think think . den i threw a cloth at him ask him fark off.
dominic n kumar was at clarke quay tuu .
at around 9plus or 10 . a big group of ppl came. 11 peeps.
woahhh. join join join table. not reali busy today la.
n stupid Mc keep goin ' god bless yoo god bless yoo '
with some hand sign . -.- . he kena bully by me till veri jialat.
i keep making him say sorry da jie =D LOL.
end work at 10.45pm today ? n home-d .

oh ! n i owe suhailah a starbucks treat !
meeting siti suz chen ning erma nxt sat ! omg. i miss them so much !
i hope everyone can make it .

getting pay tml !!! is lyk late for 2 days liao la.
is i got so much things tu buy !
gonna get a new sko bag.
a new handbang .
sko shoes.
4th heels this month ! LOL.
and mayb a pair of slippers .
n of cuz . more tops !
x'mas prezzies .
movie marathon !

theres one more thing tt money cant buy. n thats him . =)

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Sunday, December 02, 2007

woah. slept at 7am THIS morning . and woke up at 10 for work.
super tired. met jojo in the mrt. was was trying tu get some slp .
n this stupid bangla standing infront of us juz cant stop staring. nb.
so i stare back. his winking skills SUCKS man. ahahhahas.
went tu dunno where tu have breakfast . kaya toast plus 2 eggs and ice blended milo.
we were running late. so we RAN FROM THERE.
up the escalator den ran all the way in . was late by 1min.
thats mean gonna deduct half an hr of pay.
LUCKILY fang li n cody help us punch card already. phew.
jojo n me was so tired. our eyes lyk gonna close any tym man.
not alot of customers today. but sales are not that bad. LOL ?
disturb cody lyk siao today. ahahas. n fang li is transfered tu the branch at marina !
ROAR ! means our last day seeing each other.
was in a good mood today =D after work ..
change n kumar came tu find us. cody joined us for er...dinner ? lunch ? tuu .
went up food court tu eat . had katsu curry rice.
the curry was lyk...veri spicy . but i lyk the feeling of my tongue burning. LOL. kidding.
jojo is gonna say i'm mad seeing this. ahahahs. she buey tahan the spicyness.
juz slack there lor. talk talk. den went tu slack near the river again.
damn windy today. but i lyk ~ juz talk talk n talk.
scream scream scream n scream. yea. the one screaming was me. LOL.
cody say i'm siao charbo ! he finally see the other side of me. ahahahas.
mrt home around 9plus ? was slping on the way home tuu.
poor cody n kumar kena bully by me today. LOL.
home-d . ate n threw away alot more books.
my parents are quarreling . rahhhh. cant stand it.
forget it. and now. photo time !

go away ! i'm trying tu get some slp.

we are about tu kiss =D

cody jojo me kumar.

cody n me.

he look abit lyk L sia.

my super messy hair bcuz of the wind.

shuai anot ? wanna noe him ? LOL.

i was juz trying tu take a foto. but dunno who made me laugh . and i juz show tt finger. LOL.

kumar emo ? ahahahhas.