Thursday, January 24, 2008

busy n tired is all i can say . busy with dance , work and sko .
always have not enough time tu slp or do hmwk . so slp during lesson tym .
poor mdm woo . our class cant stop making her angry . n our chinese cher .
but quite fun la . =x i love being in class now . except during those boring lesson .
n ytd cher read out my chinese compo ! i wrote bout tt si pui bor for chinese compo .
n cher said i wrote well =D my classmates were laughing when cher was reading la .
n i love pe lessons ! mr yon was lyk saying . surprisingly this gal is quite good at racket games
=D his my pe teacher this year n last year . he lose tu me while playing badminton n tenis !
muahahahahhaha . okok . no more about teacher .
currently at jasmine hse . cant use my com at home. the stupid virus ! ROAR !
chinese new year is drawing near ! i want alot alot of angbaos !
rahhhh . haven buy all my stuff for cny yet . no money !
V-day is coming soon tuu ! n still the same . single ! i'm always single during V-day .
so anyone wanna jio me ? LOL . kidding . i wanna stay single for this year .
dun care dun care . lols . unless................. hmmm.................................................................

will update soon with photos !

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

after cca carnival performance . i'm the 2nd one from left =D

the first from the left !

spot me .

gonza rocks <3

my short short fringe . lols .

the bracelet dominik gave me . theres my name on it . but cant see here .
haven wear it yet . its a x'mas gift . lols .

busy with school nowadays . i try not tu slp during lessons n pay attention .
n try tu go tu the toilet less often =D oh and ! do my homework MYSELF .
spent my last sat n sun working . haven got my pay ! rah !
is lyk becoming later each month la . standard . when i got my pay .
my mum would borrow money from me . i'm giving her half of my pay =D
i'm such a good daughter eh ? lols . same thing lor . after sko go compass eat eat .
mel help me with my maths homework . she's on the verge of killing me i think .
i keep asking lyk alot of dumb question . almost forgotten everything i learn last year .
n i dun reali understand what mrs loo is teaching .
i prefer the way mr michael teaches us .
n n . i love mrs siva ! my F&N teacher . oh n guess what . i'm the F&N rap =D
miss la-li-ta is my bio teacher . she taught me when i was in sec 1 . nice teacher tuu .
n chemistry- mrs teo . she taught me in sec 1 tuu . she SUCKS . everyone agree eh ?
i'm ...gonna study hard this year . i will try tu learn as much as possible .
dunno why i somehow had lost interest in using my com . lazy n busy . lols .
work tml after sko =D gonna sleep early . goin off now . tatas !

Sunday, January 06, 2008

still have a few more stuffs tt i haven bought for sko . roar .
i think my form teacher mrs loo is ok . co-form tt ' made in china ' teacher . LOL .
i dunno y i call her tt . =x she gave us a compo tu write lyk on the 2nd day of sko .
cca carnival performance last friday . i THINK we did OK . lols . 3days of practise ?
muscle cramp all over . had been a reali long tym since i reali dance .
asyraf apiz they all came tuu =D
and i'm glad tu see my frens in school . lyk suhailah . siti . etc .
i miss colin nicholas suhailah edmund jing long they all in my class .
no one for me tu bully . no one tu play poker cards with me . LOL .
n suhailah ! the non stop bitching session we always have =x

work today . 3 - L . mrt tu clarke quay with josephine .
had laksa b4 work . break tym at around 4 ? had hakodate ramen .
had a hard tym deciding what tu eat . zZz . was quite busy in the nite .
n kah fei is back ! talk n talk n talk . lols . end work at around 11pm.
home after tt . no stars at all. sadded . work tml . 12 - L .

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

happy new year =D its 2008 already .
hope it would be better than this 2007 .
no more problems n living each day happily .
had dance in the morning . tiring but fun . jasmine yap train us today.
home after tt . bath n stuff . slept . den work .
met jojo around 3plus . mrt tu clarke quay . ate at food court .
i started tu love the food there =D 2 newbies today .
pei yun n cherrie . tt pei yun . zZz . dun wanna talk about her .
end work a 11plus . mrt home . while jasmine n jojo went for mel.y chalet .
but they end up din go . went tu tt temple there as they having some count down thingy .
reach there 5mins b4 the fireworks. look up the sky n saw many stars !
around 20 i think . the fireworks are super nice . i love it .
i think that was the nicest fireworks among all i had seen .
watch it with . suprisingly my SIS n kimberly . den some lucky draw thingy n i'm home .
sko is lyk juz 1 more day away . 2007 ended juz lyk this . . .