Friday, March 28, 2008

movie screening after sko ytd . was funnnnnnnnn .
was lyk onli playing psp n poker cards with daniel jing long kumar they all .
i think theres at least 10 of us playing . for that 1hr 40min .
was shouting here n there lyk no body business. lols . it feels lyk i'm still in 2e4 .
i miss the free periods last year . play cards , gossip gossip , bully bully. lols .
went kfc after that with kumar hafriz jonathan .
ahmad sarah and farah come after that . hafriz regretted coming rp with us .
he say that i'm scary n wish that he never know me at all . lolssssssss .
was being abit violent towards kumar. LOL . slack slack chat chat .
it was fun hanging out with them . non stop laughter . hafriz n kumar send me tu lrt after that .
and home.

school is alright today . maths test after sko . mr michael is in charge of it .
did whatever shit i know . mr michael came over take a look n laugh .
n he ask looking at my work . yoo noe what is this ?
i said what ? and he replied , NONSENSE . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz .
i do till so what he say nonsense . --------------------.---------------------
left there earlier as i'm meeting my mum .
went home bathe n stuff . mrt tu outram n meet her n my dad .
mrt tu lavender tu get my ic done after that . mrt back tu sk .
ate at food court . my parents went home while kumar dominik hafriz shahrin n bryan
came tu find me . slack awhile n home after that .
dance practise tml !

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

the reason y i bother tu switch on my com is because i tot i would do my FnN course work .
but i'm juz tuu lazy tu do anything . so i think i gotta stay back after sko with mrs siva already .
ROAR. i shd be sleeping now then wake up again at 11 tu watch miami's ink .
i juz wanna slp when i'm at home. had been quarreling with my mum these few days .
n my sis tuu . when will she grow up ? i'm so tired .
i'm so sick of waking up early in the morning juz for sko .
i'm losing interest in studies . i cant squeeze in anymore stuff that i'm not interested in.
my brain is fullllllllll . whats the point of goin tu sko when i juz do my own things ,
not paying attention in lessons and have tu abide the sko rules etc etc . gosh .
its killing me . if only i can attend dance classes n not sko , that would be great man .
i think i have been quiet these days . even lynette say she's not use tu me being so quiet .
lynette is my sitting partner =D we would talk n talk n talk whole day .
its fun during chinese lesson . we are suppose tu do grp work n must have a grp name .
guess what . there were 4 grps . n the names were : AQA 1 AQA2 AQA3 AQA 4
AQA stands for ANTI-QIN association . we hate our chinese cher tu the core .
her name is mdm qin . we would always make fun of her n stuff.
n mdm woo lessons we will always make things difficult for her . =D
theres technical run thru for speech day concert today .
as usual , we will always cork up during rehersal . LOL . the dance is not completed yet .
home after that . i feel so ............. dont wanna say .

i'm lyk drifting apart more and more each day .
i've got lyk no one tu turn tu anymore . no one tu share how i'm feeling anymore .
its so hard for me tu laugh now..not even smile . i think there's no one who understand me.
i feel so lonely . if only i could slp forever ...
oh my. i'm getting so negative.
guess i'll juz stop here .

Friday, March 21, 2008

since jasmine says my blog is rotting , i shall post something .

got suspended . i'm not the only one .
i seriously think this new sko rule wont work out .
so yeah . miss this week lessons . but not dance practise =D
dance was fun last wed . love the michael jackson moves but not him . lols .
my new hp is giving me problems . so went down wisma ytd with jasmine .
the school called my mum n ask y i din attend sko .
HELLO , excuse me . yoo din allow me tu go back sko for lessons n now yoo
fucking called n ask y i din attend sko ? wtf ? so my mum said i wsnt feeling well
in the morning so i din go . n that freaking person who called my mum says
i must give an mc on monday n make sure my hair n skirt must be done .
so my mum went lyk , huh ? skirt ? i tot hair onli ? ( nice one mummy ! )
den tt person was lyk , hair onli ar ? okok .
FCUK YOO . fucking want me tu give a fucking mc when i got fucking suspended from sko .
WHATS YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM ? on man . sko sucks . ok , sko ALWAYS sucks .

back tu ytd . so went down wisma there tu get my phone fixed .
went back 3hrs later tu collect it . during that 3 hrs , we went lucky plaza .
jasmine re-extend her hair . almost doze off . super hungry . then went fareast .
lunch at ramen ten again . that miso soup was nice . but not as nice as azabu sabo one . heh .
walk around n got reali bored. went back wisma again n jasmine bought a top .
then collected my fone . all the files from my memory card n fone is gone .
almost go crazee . went bugis after that . tried on alot of clothes but din buy it .
is juz doesnt suits me . but end up still bought 2 tops . while jasmine bought a necklace .
went back ps after that . arcade-ed then dinner at cafe cartel .
we two ate seriously ALOT . the portion of the main course we ate is reali huge .
plus the soup , drinks n dunno how many pieces of bread . my stomack almost burst .
we sat there for quite long . talk almost everything about life , death . lols . hahas .
i noe it sound abit crazy . reach home at around midnight . slept around 3amplus ?
currently addicted tu viwawa =x i love wahjong-ing !

Sunday, March 16, 2008

last day of holiday. finally a day that i stayed at home . camp on fri n sat .
it was fun . so lazy tu elaborate . heh . played games, watch movie , dance .
instead of sleeping at nite. we went around canteen area tu play games .
it was fun tu ask them do forfeit =D
took lots of photo . lazy tu upload la .camp debrief at compass BK .
before that miss zu talk tu some of the juniors while we waited outside the room .
then miss zu drove us there. squeeze 8 , ya EIGHT person in a car.
talk about juniors n some of the seniors problems . forgotten we sat there for how long .
got a super super bad headache . accompanied ayu tt 77th street tu buy some stuff .
we stay there for dunno how many years. LOL . she cnnt make up her mind which top tu buy la.
BUS-D home with ayu after that . slept all the way from 3pm plus tu 9plus ?
woke up tu have dinner then went back tu sleep again till 11am .
super hungry now . goin tu have dinner ! so tatas ~

Monday, March 10, 2008

finally got some time tu update my blog .
rahh . cant upload any photos . smth wrongggggggggg .
anyway , i'm officially 15 ! i noe its a little late tu say this now la . lols .
so how's my bday ? not that great and not that bad la .
jojo ask me tu wait at the side gate while she ran away -.-
was waiting lyk a fool so decided tu go find them at canteen .
dunno dunno why terrence want me tu cover my eyes . den walk walk walk .
jojo mel fabian terrence ayton kumar etc etc sang bday song for me .
went back class after tt . whole class was lyk staring at me ? den all walk away . lols ?
thanks lynette for the prezzie ! a gift that i had nv receieved b4 .
she bought it at london ! got lots of ppl wishing me happy bday !
so happy can =D i tot that onli a few peeps rmb .
den after assembly some of my classmates sang for me tuu . ya, in the hall .
so paisae can ! so many ppl was looking . went for dance meeting after that .
my dance fren sang bday song for me tuu ! gosh . love yoo guys loads .
bio crt after that . den it was steamboat at my hse , arcade , cakes , card games , slp .
thanks for the prezzie n cakes !

dance practise today . seniors got scolded by miss zu today .
ryan ( our instructor ) was late. cuz he over slept ! LOL .
i always enjoy ryan's dance classes . his steps are nice but hard .
gotta practise alot ! went plaza with jojo melissa fabian terrence n fadhil for breakfast .
had kfc . talk talk n talk . lols. jojo n melissa went tu have a haircut n we left .
lrt home with terrence they all . it was raining CATS N DOGS . LOL .
rite . fabian was asking y cats n dogs . n he answer himself : cuz dogs n cats always fight .
LOL ? abit no link hor ?
work later at 5 ! its lyk 3pm+now . gotta be late if i dont go n prepare now !
so takecare !

Saturday, March 01, 2008

miss out quite alot of stuff in sko . as i did not attend lessons on wed n thurs .
ROAR . hand is still aching . back n leg onli a lil bit . its a saturday !
suppose to be hanging out with my gals at this time . but no . dun ask why .
n my brother wife had moved in with us officially . its oso means that i needa slp
either in my parents room or living room . oh man . i'm gonna miss my bed so much .
what to do . she's pregnant , cant possibly let her slp on the floor or living room .
went tu her place juz now tu move her stuff over . den went mall tu eat .
home after that . brought home some maths notes n hmwk tu do .
but dont have the mood to touch them at all . zZz . test everyday next week .
monday - chem (no nid study . sure fail with flying colours )
tues - P.literature . wed - chinese . ( on tues or wed ?) thurs - sports day .
fri - geog . did i miss out anything else ? bday in 3 more days time .
my mother say no nid celebrate. wait for 21st bday n do a big one for me .
immediately give her tt face . -.- not in the mood tu celebrate oso la . rahh.
not in a good mood now . ppl around me juz piss me off.
work tml . shb be goin home right after tt tu do hmwk .
going off now .

ps . i sucks .
( i miss having starbucks at ps with the other 2J's where we will juz talk the night away. )