Sunday, April 20, 2008

reflection the 1st period . n mrs loo wanted us tu write about integrity . lols ?
p.lit after that . mrs ma fucking said that i din hand up tt piece of work
which i DID. and she say she will gonna check it again .
y dont yoo confirm it before saying i had not done it ? geog after that .
did my test . suppose tu take it lyk last week . chinese lesson are still the same la .
den it was maths . i totally gave up on that subject .
after recess was s.s . i dunno y i dont find miss huang lessons boring .
but i din lyk her last year when she started teaching us .
but then realise that she was a good teacher . juz lyk her la . but not s.s . lols.
dance after sko today . ppl are lyk doing their costumes which shd be done it at home la.
so ryan came . ppl still dun wanna stop what they are doing when ryan came.
he talk. but not all of them listen . he was so pissed tt he juz walk off
and said juz call him when we are ready . miss zu came .
she was saying some stuff that made a few of us cried . practise out dance after that .
den went up hall . man . i love miss zu training . was sweating lyk mad .
damn tired but enjoyed every second of it . dance end at around 5.30 .
went hg mall with irdina after that . she's meeting her mum while
i was meeting suhailah kumar they all . suhailah already got her tongue piercing.
so went in the toilet n she did it for me . all of them say i got a small tongue . lols .
n i agree . ahahhas . home after that .


darling and me .

cam whoring in the toilet .


a day out with darling n sherlynn . went darling hse first before meeting sher .
mrt tu city hall . had asian kitchen at marina sq .
i ate lyk damn slow la . i still cant finish my food even after sher had finished her dessert .
zZz . so end up left 1/4 of it . is quite rare that i cant finish my food lor .
so went shopping around after that . darling wanted tu catch a movie.
but marina dont have ' the HOTTIE & the NOTTIE ' she's crazee over paris hilton la .
so trained tu cine . get our tickets and went heeren for awhile .
went back tu mrt station there tu meet kumar n dominik .
walk back tu cine again . zZz . just right that our movie is gonna start soon .
so bought some drinks , pop corns and nachos . kumar n dominik left after that .
was suppose tu go sheesha with them tonight . but kumar gotta go off early .
so din join them . ok. back tu the movie . the movie was great . lols .
the movie was onli around 1hr 30mins . shorter than what i expected .
sher gotta go after the movie . so darling n i went wisma .
was getting a lil high . start tu dee siao ppl on the street . lols .
darling couldnt find what she want there la . and nth caught my eyes tuu .
decided tu go ps ! bus there . she still couldnt find it .
so juz walk around and starbucks after that . i miss starbucks lyk !@#$%^&*(()*&^$#@
then it was tym tu go home . got so high on the way back that darling bth.
i juz kept crapping n talk some nonsensical stuff . and cant stop laughing .
was laughing till tears are flowing . n still cant stop laughing .
can see that darling was on the verge of throwing me down the train tracks . LOL .
home . wanted tu watch my show on 1am . but is lyk gonna end up 3am
and i got work at 10 the nxt day . zZz . so juz did my course work .
onli the TASK ANALYSIS . which is lyk the veri 1st part of it . lols .
and is suppose tu be handed up ages ago . uh oh .

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

finally ! recovered already . not fully . still have a lil lil bit of sore throat.
nth much in sko . juz that i missed out quite alot .
today lessons were ok . wasnt realli doing anything .
had abit of fun during chinese lesson making teacher pissed . wahahahas .
i hate mrs ma. that p.lit teacher. urgh . cant stand her . crt after sko today .
bio test . hopefully i can at least pass it . went rp with suhailah after that .
siti py and jackie came after that . den christopher came .
den kumar dominik n anson joined us . christopher left after awhile .
had fun hanging out with them . talk talk talk . shahrin and zhi hui came after that .
i left after awhile as my mother came tu fetch me home . confusing eh ? lols .
hahas. whatever it is . i'm happy la .

is not i wanna keep this thingy dragging on. but both sides juz always not free not free.
what do yoo expect me tu do ? when yoo said i'm acting lyk a dowager , i'm so loss for words.
i'm juz asking a simple question lyk are yoo free after sko .
i really got nth tu say anymore. it juz hurts , yea it does, knowing its coming out from yoo .
i'm feeling numb inside already . of cuz on the outside i'm acting lyk nth has happen .
dont expect me tu go around with a fucktup face eh ? of cuz i will act lyk normal .

Friday, April 11, 2008

so i had missed 4 days of lessons .

woke up and my throat was hurting . decided not tu go tu sko n went back tu slp .
woke up at around 9 plus again . i'm feeling hot all over .
tried tu stand up but no strength . so my father brought me tu see the doctor .
cant walk properly . had tu grab my father's hand lyk super tightly.
my headache was killing me . got the queue number n is lyk ... 30plus ppl more tu go
before i can register ? den up tu 2nd lvl tu wait after that . 94 ppl tu go before me .
almost faint . my father was hungry , so went tu get smth tu eat .
i totally have no appetite . but he die die want me have smth . so a cup of milo .
my back was aching for dunno what reason . dad say is because of the fever .
n my father had tu buy a packet of tissues for me cuz i forgotten tu bring it .
stupid runnin nose . went back tu wait after that . after a longgggggggggg tym .......
finally its my turn . got 2 days of MC and no pe for me this week .
doctor say is some kind of virus infection that cause so many problems .
so i got 2 types of panadol . the strong one n normal one . n some other medicine .
home and had a piece of plain bread , took my medicine n went tu slp .
my back was aching so badly n nose ... zZz . dunno what tu say . got a box of tissues beside me.
and a plastic bag beside me tu throw all the used tissues . headache is still the worse .

miss dance practise today . woke up n everything got worse . throat was lyk so super sore.
fever went up tu 39.6 . mummy was so worried for me . was feeling veri horrible .
my maid went tu get some porridge for me . had a few mouth only .
mummy keep forcing me tu eat more . my throat was damn painful .
but doctor say i need tu eat before taking the medicine as the medicine is quite strong .
went back tu bed after that . woke up and watch tv .
keep watching till its tym tu eat medicine . den slp again . wake up n watch tv .
and sleeping time again . couldnt slp until lyk 5am . throat reali fucking painful .
rub my nose with tissues so much that skin is peeling . i'm not joking .

fever gone down a little . throat still fucking sore .
mummy brought me tu the doctor again . diff doctor this tym .
another 2 mroe days of MC for me .
dcotor say i should not do any sports or pe till the ending of nxt week.
had porridge again . took my medicine n slp .
woke up n watch tv. do i have tu repeat what i had done ?

fever is officially gone . everything is ok except for my nose n throat .
i feel lyk chopping off my nose man . n my throat is still hurting badly .
tried practising my dance . but felt veri tired after dancing a few eights .
cant exert much strength . still feeling weak . theres dance tml . how ?????
told my mum n she raise her voice at me saying : sick still want dance . stay at home n rest .
told my father n he was lyk : dont dance first la . stay at home rest better .
zZz . not much of a difference . i'm so bored staying at home for 4 full days.
eating porridge everyday . watch sucky tv show n juz day dreaming .
finally get tu use computer today . ROAR . i got lyk 3 test on monday
and all my books are in sko . tell me what tu do . i dont wanna fail my F&N and S.S .
i dont care bout chemistry . am i still gonna rot at home on sat n sun ?

Monday, April 07, 2008

Friday 4 april'08
went home straight after sko . bathe n stuff .
went compass tu meet my mum n dad . lunch at sakura.
den went over tu polyclinic . mummy wanna take MC . wanna pon work =x
lols . den mrt tu orchard . wanted tu go penisula ( not sure of the spelling ) tu get my skinnies.
but end up goin fareast as my father frens work there n he can find his fren while i shop
with my mummy. but end up couldnt find the colour i want .
so juz went looking aroud for nice tops but coudnt find nice one tuu . ROAR .
went over tu wisma . walk walk . den bus tu ps . walk walk .
dinner at ajisen ! super full . and home after that .

monday (today)
lessons are ok . as usual , cant stop chatting with lynette that miss huang needs tu call my name.
same goes for mrs teo lesson . we kept banging the tables during chinese lesson
when mdm qin turns around . wanna piss her off =D
she reali got piss n off all the lights n fan . but the heaven help us by raining =D
suppose tu have dance practise after sko . but we got this tour at the esplanade last min .
most of the seniors went for it while the juniors stayed at practise the dance .
not reali that boring n not reali that fun la .
after that irdina wanted tu for his brother tu finish soccer training .
so stand around vari nice there for dunno how long .
she called her bro n he said he goin tu eat first. zZz . irdina wanted tu join them but i dun wan .
so we went mall tu eat instead . long john =D home after that .

if i really really had change i think is because i dont use tu show
this kind of attitude or characters towards yoo guys .
yoo guys noe i always put my frens first no matter what .
and i treasure friendships . maybe because i start tu show yoo guys
my attitude and character that make yoo guys tot i had change .
i'm not trying tu say that i'm not being the real me with yoo guys around .
is juz that i think my close frens ought tu be treated most nicely .
maybe cuz we started tu drift thats y i became lyk this .
i start tu keep tu myself more . and that crew thing . so what if yoo noe ?
yoo guys most prob will juz go ' oic 'or smth . correct me if i'm wrong .
i wont say that the crew thing was a secret or anything . i dont even have the means tu hide it from yoo guys in the first place
if i wanted tu . i would not even answer yoo who's in the crew when yoo asked .
i really dont want tu end our friendship here or anything .
is not i cant live without friends . i dont wanna lose frens that understand me best .
people do change .
one last thing . i dont despise anyone of yoo NOW . but i'm confused . super .

do yoo noe how it feels when the ppl yoo can turn tu when yoo have problems
are actually the ones yoo are having problems with ? man . this sucks .

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

its gonna be quite a long post .

went ps with jasmine n jojo . lunch at ajisen =D walk around n bought some stuff .
walked tu the cathay after that . suppose tu look for jo's brother .
but his competition ended already . chilled at ben&jerry .walked tu fareast after that .
i swear we were super bored . no stuff caught our attention .
went tu wisma after that . we all were lyk running out of cash .
so bought 2 ice lemon tea n 1 ice kachang . wanted tu buy dim sum .
we onli have enough money tu buy one 'long' of dim sum .
but dont have the one we want. forget it . home after that .

work at 12 . suppose tu be at 10am . but jo n i got mixed up .
was quite busy for a sunday . kumar dominik n bryan came at lyk few mins before 5 -.-
work end at 5 . change n mrt tu amk . waited super long for my mum .
saw felicia jie =D long tym since i met her . have a little chat .
went for my appointment after that . settled dinner there with my sis mum n maid .
home at 11.

skip sko today as i'm super lazy tu go . mum woke me up at 8plus .
ask whether i wanna go visit my brother . so off we went .
mrt tu queensway there . then needa walk quite a distance .
register n stuff . waited for lyk 30-40mins plus b4 its our batch tu go in .
rahhh . veri troublesome . visiting time is onli 20mins.
instead of using using fone as what we always see on tv , we used microphone .
my brother was quite shock tu see me . hahas . the first tym he went in i din visit him at all .
the 20mins was fast . after 3rd of april he will be transfered tu changi prison .
urgh . i hate prisons . they treat prisoners lyk dog liddat !@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@!%
mrt tu bugis with mummy after that . was talking bout her past with my dad .
we was lyk hugging each other on the mrt . LOL . i mean my mum n i .
ppl was starring la . but i dont care . walk around bugis junction .
then went tu have lunch . we took around 30mins walking around tu decide what we wanna eat.
lols . went OG after that . mummy wanna buy a bag . she keep asking me tu choose .
zZz . say wan share . lyk this guess bag but she dont lyk it . she lyk this bag but i dont lyk .
she oso keep asking me tu choose the guess wallet i want as my current one
the thread is coming off . juz cant find anything i lyk there .
mrt tu bedok after that . went tu mummy fren hse . i took a 20mins nap while
she do her stuff with her fren . the aunty veri frenly can . keep ask me want drink this
want eat this . den say i pretty somemore. LOL .
walk around bedok after that . my mum bought i think 3 or 4 clothes in a shop .
zZz . power . her pattern same as me . take few clothes go try try .
den buy what we like . lols . wanted tu buy skinnies . but cant find the colour i want .
we walk for dunno how long b4 deciding tu go home .
bus tu tampines . den bus home . freaking tired . bathe n sleep !

din wanted tu attend sko . cant wake up . but still force myself.
2.4km run today ! din fail . but was feeling super terrible .
got cramp in the middle of the run . manage tu pass .
had a sip of water n fall tu the floor . super worn out . change back tu uniform after that.
was feeling damn giddy . ly on the bench in the toilet .
feeling damn terrible . PUKE . felt abit better after that .
shi li is even worse than me . she couldnt catch her breath .
she was quite pale b4 the run already but still wanna run .
she cant even walk after the run . she's feeling many many tyms worse than me la .
bio crt after sko . 30mins n we can go ! went rivervale mall tu get my contact lens.
130bucks fly away ! mummy onli paid for me 50bucks . heart pain sia .
i'm broke now . getting pay soon ! i hope is enough for me tu go shopping !
dance practise tml !