Friday, May 30, 2008

in kumar's room. playing around with his cap .

i dunno y he is closing his eyes in all the photos and i'm not showing my eyes. lols.

i love my hair ! LOL .

went jogging with kumar 2days ago at punggol park . lols .
supposed tu go in the morning. but cant wake up. so went in the evening .
i had no idea how much we walked that day after jogging . ahahas. but its good .
went tu slack slack after that . and home .
and ytd . . . . .
oral in the morning . i think i did ok . lols . home tu change after that .
den went kumar hse tu wait for him tu bathe and stuff . he took lyk...
!@#$%^&*)(mailto:*&%5E!@#$%^&*(*& LONG .
went tu dominik's block after that . wait for him. he is locked up at home .
he dont have keys ... zZz . so started tu snap snap snap . with kumar's new n81 .
i think the camera sucksssssssss . lols.
bus tu pasir ris after dom got out of hse .
after reaching there . intro intro . den play cards. left for awhile. went mac tu eat .
end up takeaway . gabriel's chalet is oso there. so went tu find him .
den juz so happen that his frens are dalton frens. so all noe each other.
sat there and talk talk. wait for dalton tu come . after dalton came ,
varun called and say there's some problem there. lazy tu elaborate .
some stupid problem . this guy broke the glass and blah blah blah .
so they changed the room . watch american idol for awhile. lols .
den went outside tu play cards . with gabriel dalton and kevin .
poor kevin . keep kena scolded by me . while the rest juz sit at the side laughing .
time fliessssssssssssssss . kumar and gabriel gotta go soon . no choice but tu follow them.
so cabbed home with kumar dominik and gabriel . the taxi uncle veri cute lor. LOL .
home at 12am !

and today
supposed tu be in sko for maths extra lesson . was tuu tired as i onli slept for 2hrs
the previous nite . lols . went down rivervale mall tu have breakfast .
home after that . watch tv for awhile den went tu bathe n stuff .
meet kumar at compasspoint . slack till 2 plus and he gotta go back tu sko.
so went home after that . and guess what . i freaking took the west loop instead of the east loop.
how dumb can i get . so took one whole big round back tu sk . zZz .
den finally took the right side of lrt back home . yeah . i noe its funny .
and now.... rotting at homeeeeeeeeeeeee .
varun's sister bday party tonight. should i go ?

Monday, May 26, 2008

taken few weeks ago

finally . my first comp is fixed !
so... how's life ? lols . dunno what tu post la. so many stuff had happen these weeks.
tuu much tu say . and cant rmb . but last sunday drinking night was great .
it was nice meeting ratna RT vala they all . really cool ppl .
chilled at martini firm (daybed ) . the place was nice . not reali much ppl there .
after that went clarke quay . drink drank drunk . lols .
i'm not drunk. but kumar is . ahahas. kumar ratna denan and me left around 11plus ?
back tu sk. meet dominik . home after that .
while the rest went clubbing . really enjoyed the night .
had been going out lyk everyday . zZz . poor daddy worry bout me everyday . LOL.
den he said he need tu talk tu me. talked for lyk .... 2hrs ? lols .
he wants me tu try stay at home as much as possible. lols .
so now . i'm at home ! siannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn .
though holidays have started , there's still a few days that i need tu go back tu sko .
tml maths lesson . thurs - oral . is lyk quite dumb la. oral during the hols .
den fri maths lesson again. last week of hols need tu go back another 2 days for maths
lesson again. den one day need tu go back sko for chem . (which i'm not goin tu. )
oh and , i reborned my hair ytd ! not use tu this flat flat hair. lols . nvm .
i miss swimming ! ( need tu lose calories la ! ) had lost 3kgs ! 2 more kgs tu go .
i hope i dun gain anymore weight during this holidays . lols .
i hope i would be less lazy and go jogging with kumar daily . lols . and cut down on food !
ok la. nth tu say already . wanna go have some food now. oops =x . LOL !

Saturday, May 17, 2008

before i start anything , i wanna make it clear that i'm not tryig tu start all these again.
i juz wanna reply tu what yoo have said is a late reply .
i did not said that i din tell my close frens anything . that one which i said
' i'll juz said we quarreled ' is referring tu frens lyk chenning they all . i desperately need someone tu talk tu .i'm sorry if i din make this clear.
yes. i said i dun wanna care anymore . is because i cant care anymore . it is out of control.
i dunno what tu do and what i say will juz make everything worse and yoo juz dun
get what i'm trying tu say . i noe my english sucks .
i juz wanna make peace and continue being normal frens .
but now.. yoo are giving me the idea that yoo dont want tu . i'm confused.
i hope this time i'm mking it clear tu yoo that i juz wanna make peace .
i am bothered tu explain all this noe is because I CARE . i really do care bout this
frenship and dun wanna end it . i had already apologize and explain for what i had done .
i hope yoo uderstand .
i noe suz is not involve . she is juz trying tu say how she feels inside
on her blog. is that wrong ? yeah, maybe some part of the stuff she said are wrong .
i apologize for her .
and yes jo , i noe my frens din get the other side of the stories fully .
i dunno y but the way yoo are saying this is lyk trying tu say that i had been telling
stuffs that are not true tu them . and i dun act pity .
i dun go around telling ppl stories and gain pity from ppl .
i dun need tu do this . i dun gain anything from this . and lastly ,
i hope this thing is not gonna affect dance.
maybe i din mention it clearly last tym when i blogged .
so yoo got the wrong idea that i'm trying tu bring up this matter again .
so i hope this post would be clear tu yoo guys that all along i juz wanna make peace between us.
i hope my this post wont make anything worse .
yes. this is gonna be the last post , about this matter . i'm tired already .
and i'm sure yoo guys are tuu . =D

exams are over !! wahahaha . and also got my reuslts already .
this is my first tym only failing 2 subs ! which is maths (F9)
and my combine sci(E8) . i think i did pretty well for bio but not for chem .
i'm always feeling tired nowadays . cuz i din slp at all whole night .
guess what i did ? cook maggie . sit outside my hse and stone .
and dig out all those old photos n neoprints my frens and i took long ago .
staring at it for ages . it juz bring back so much memories .
i cant help but...AHEM . this is the only only period of tym that my tears flow so much.
and i realise that i had been thinking bout them and looking at photos..lyk everyday . ahahas .
and i still have the picture of me n mel in my wallet . =D hehe . and those neoprints .
i hope i could be heartless enough tu let go n forget everything. but i cant .
i get soft hearted easily when it comes tu frens . my mum told me that this is a weak point.
i see frens tuu importantly and trust ppl tuu much .
yeah and its true . frens are lyk my everything (including my hp) and i of cuz,
trust them wholeheartly . imma dumb ass . telling ppl my weak point. LOL .
gotta go now. my sis wanna use comp . blog another day when i'm not lazy tu online !

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

3 more papers ! chem paper tml . i'm so gonna fail with flying colours =D
had been studying everyday after sko with kumar dominik anson n sometyms bryan .
but we would always end up talking la.
sometyms studied for lyk 10mins den started talking already. some times..
hmm. open our books and den start talking. but theres once we studied for 40mins kay.
lols . i juz want all the papers tu end soon. i'm lyk in the holiday mood already =D
today was p.lit. was surprise that the paper was not difficult . went home change after that.
den meet dominik at rp . wait for kumar for his paper tu end . den slack at kfc .
ayton bryan ahmad and few more came . and we keep disturbing rachel as anson is coming tuu.
=DDD she was lyk so paisae can . played poker cards . was throwing the cards everywhere.
no matter i win or lose. LOL. ten they all left except for anson and dominik.
dominik was sleeping la. ya. in kfc . so anson and me started playing ' stress '
that poker card game . was being high la. kept screaming lyk crazee .
and that woke dom up . lols . kumar called and we went tu his hse .
we are supposed tu study . but end up .....den anson went back home tu change .
they wanna swim la . ayton went home n bryan came . suddenly go high .
and wanted tu burn dom eye lashes . lols. ya. i'm jealous of his freaking blue eyes and
super long eye lashes . den started chasing anson around lyk some little gal .
n whack him using his slippers . LOL . n this reminds me of childhood memories .
run around. play catching . hhahas . n stupid anson splash water on me. zZz .
my shorts were wet la. went home after that . as usual .
kumar would wait for me till i got a cab . =D
i'm enjoying life everyday . and i love it =) would laugh alot everyday cuz of tt anson.
would try tu upload photos soon eh =D

p.s i love suz , faby, kumar, dominik, anson (thanks for being there for me and making me laugh all the tym)

ok. friends. ifs not that i dont not care. i care . i tried . i tot we was ok.
but the nxt day i waved i smiled . but what i got back was cold shoulders.
so i think that yoo guys dont wanna talk tu me anymore.
i dunno what tu do anymore. yoo guys think that i had been telling ppl stuff . but i did not.
is so obvious that something muz have happened between us that we stop hanging out .
alot of ppl ask me . even A TEACHER ask me about it .
well, i could juz say that we quarreled . i really dont feel lyk talking bout it anymore.
and i'm so sad tu noe from my frens that yoo are giving me names ?
seriously , stop all this childish crap. is not affecting me . is juz showing me how
childish yoo are . n now i'm getting those kind of eyes . or those laughings ?
seriously , yoo are lyk trying tu screw my life or smth liddat. yoo are only giving my frens and i the idea that yoo are jealous or smth . i dont wanna care what yoo are talking behind my back anymore .
i dun wanna care what other ppl think of me anymore.
i love my frens now and they really do care for me . and that matters tu me the most now .
i'm seriously very very tired of everything . i choose tu escape from the fact.
as i dont think i could change back tu what i used tu be . so maybe the best is juz
go separate ways . but i still hope tt we could remain as normal frens .
but if yoo dont want tu, there's nth i can do about it .
i'm gonna stop all the cryings. it was so silly of me tu cry ,
over frens that dont understand me . and i noe i'm at fault tuu .
and i cried because i miss the past .
n lastly , thanks for all the sweet memories(past of yoo guys) .
i would nv forget it as it already had a place in my heart.
n now i will juz move on with life n i hope yoo will stop all those stuffs .

(i'm ok if yoo wanna sit down and clear up all the misunderstandings again .)