Thursday, July 31, 2008




after .


everyone in the house was feeling happy for dont know what reason ? lols .
singing and dancing at home. mummy on some old songs and papa want tu dance cha cha.
LOL . since everyone was feeling high so ask papa if we could drink =D
and surprising, he said i can have the small bottle of wine !
though is doesnt taste very nice but i still enjoyed it . and papa say will
accompany me tu drink next friday night ! i love yoo man . lols .
(almost couldnt wake up the next day for work as i slept late ! )


guess whose birthday izit ?

my mama and papa back view . dont ask why i took this photo . cuz i dont know tuu !

my eldest sis birdday !

singing bday songgggggggg . (makes me think of my bday )

switch on the orange lights instead of the white one . hehe .

sister also came down tu join us .

din know it was my eldest sis bday though my mama told me few days ago .
only rmb it when she msg me wheni'm in school tu ask me get home early tu
celebrate my eldest sis bday . lols. had steamboat first befor the cake .
and yeah . why got 2 cakes ? cuz my sis in law and i bought a bday cake
without knowing my mummy already bought one ! LOL .
and guess what . we even bough at the same shop ! LOOOL .

thursday ( today )
guess what ?!?!

in case yoo cant see the words , it is ; JESSIEE CONFESSED SHE'S MENTAL !

girlfriend was shock ! LOL .

she is so happy that she got a mental sweetheart . LOL .

jessiee & wawa ! love yoo nona !

wawa was making her laugh . lols .

dont know why i just feel lyk adding an extra ' e' at my name jessie . lols
so now it is jessieE . oh and ! i got a new mental twin name jesvindar !
kidding. fabeha and suz gave me this name as i want a punjabi name. LOL .
suppose tu be jasvindar . but i lyk it better tu be jEsvindar . hehe .
love my new name and of cuz thanks tu both of yoo !

right . was busy these few days and have no time tu online . and also very tired .
only slept a few hours these few days . sometimes cuz of meeting sister in the night
and cuz of work . but the worse is. when i got home and was feeling super tired .
i still cant sleep ! !$#%$&^^(**(&((*&^*&%&^$^@%$$#&^(*
wtf right ? i would juz ly on my bed , listen tu songs or get up and sit at the door step
and start thinking of stupid stuff . and was not really in a good term with mama
these few days. kept quarreling over some dumb issues . but whatever it is .
i still love my mama !
and i think i'm addicted tu coffee . keep having coffee nowadays . sister knows ! lols .
everytime meet her sure go get some coffee before we go slack slack .
and now ! drinking coffee but still feel tired and sleepy .
guess i'll go get some sleep and then meet sister later in the night .
no school tml as it is e-learning day but i got work tml !
got work ytd also . my legs are so tired now . and for some reason its hurting . lols ?
cant take it anymore . i'm goin tu finish my coffee and go get some slp .

yea i know its stupid . coffee is suppose tu keep someone awake but i think
not for my case . LOL . alright . will update again !

i thought by keeping myself busy with school,dance&work would keep my mind out of yoo .
but at the end of the day, no matter how tired i am ,
my mind still cant get rid of yoo .
guess i should keep myself more busy and tired so that when i reach home
at night i would be super duper tired that i cant think of anything else except sleep .

Saturday, July 26, 2008

boxer chicken ! my F&N practical

obscene siol !

short hair ?

at kumar's hse .

i was tuu bored . so couldnt stop snapping away . lols.

disgusting face of his . eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek ! LOL .

after dinner at his hse , slack a lil while and went tu find sister .
waited outside her workplace till she is done. slack awhile more and kumar went off
while we lrt back . slack at carpark again . LOL .
sister come tu my hse after that . sang songs, play cards and cook maggie .
sister went home at 12am as she's tired and got work early the nxt day . sadded .

Friday, July 25, 2008

TGIF ! was super tired in school today . decided tu sleep in school so i wore my spects tu school today . lols .
slept during english and chem period . shiok . after that was F&N !
practical today . chenning did the glutinous rice while i did the
boxer chicken one . turn out not bad la. lols .
after recess was p.lit test and school's out !
slack slack awhile with kumar ayton navile tiancheng gorden etc etc
before goin home .
home - bathe and stuff and went penninsula with kumar tu do
another tattoo . i mean him doing it . not me . lols .
walk tu clarke quay after finishing it and chat chat with alvis they all .
slack slack awhile then back tu hg .
currently at kumar hse now . his mother cooking dinner for us !
miss his mother food man!
after this will be meeting sister after her work and go drinking .
alright . update again with photos !

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the evening sky . beautiful eh ?

was waiting for sister tu get ready . (end up goin up tu her hse tu find her )

still around 6plus ?

7plus ?

my dad was talking tu me but i was bored so drew this . LOL .

meet sister on monday . after waking up 4plus . lols .
weather was cold. so was planning tu go either compass or mall tu get some coffee
sit down and STUDY some bio . but end up went mall bought tibits and drinks .
go tu carpark there tu slack again . read abit of my notes but nth is goin in .
and i dont wan sister tu be bored. so chuck aside my notes and talk talk talk .
was home early that day . before 9 ?

and today (wednesday)
did not go for dance today as i'm not feeling well . hope i din miss out anything fun .
lessons were alright . but i'm damn pissed at my chinese cher .
fucking shouted at me . juz tu ask me sit down ! wtf la. say nicely cnnt izit .
and anyhow say i go tu toilet without permission . come on la.
i din even step out of the bloody classroom ok . dont know whats wrong with
her china eyes . and she also scream lyk some mad women at jingzhi .woah .
bloody pissed . and mrs loo called my mum ytd and complained bout my studies .
especially my maths. got 2/15 for the maths test recently . its not the first time already .
then also complain bout me always being absent from school . zZz .
dont matter how much yoo tell my mum . it wont work .
my studies will still be like that . attendance also .
i'm sorry but this kind of i-will-call-your-parents trick doesnt work for me .
and please . dont disturb my mum can anot . she need tu slp and then work in the night.

after school went tu slack slack awhile with kumar bryan ayton all for awhile .
then went compass with bryan and navile tu look for sister .
sister boss was lecturing her when we reach there .
went tu have lunch with sister later while bryan and navile left .
sister said that her boss lectured her for lyk an hour . lols .
home after that . geog and p.lit test on fri . alamak .
and sister will finish work at 6pm tml ! shiok . 1month only 2 days end work at 6 lor .
if not rest of the days is 9.30pm . sad sia . but nvm !
i'm happy as long as we got time tu spend with each other .
(gosh, i think i sound like some lesbian. but dont worry , my sister is totally straight!
though i'm not really as straight as her . lols)


Monday, July 21, 2008


was rotting at home ALMOST the whole day . slept at 7pm plus then sister call
woke me up at around 10plus . she juz came back from work den wanted tu meet
after celebrating her mum bday . after we hang the phone i got up immediately.
comb my hair and change . was done within 10mins.
but forgotten sister need tu bathe and celebrate with her mum first -.-
so wait for her till around 11plus . went mall tu buy some food again. lols.
when we are leaving then realise that sister phone was missing .
look around and couldnt find . someone must have taken it while she left it
at that place for heating up food . zZz .
what tu do . went back our block there and eat . after that juz walk and walk and walk.
talk talk talk and stuff . den went tu carpark . talk bout the past and laugh . lols.
home around 4am . then talk on the phone till 5am and slept .


dance parade competition .
reach edgefield primary around 1 pm . lay out the make ups and waited for
the rest of the dancers tu come . slack awhile and started doing some of their hairs .
then do some of their make up . change into their costumes and then waited
for our turn tu perform . can see that the judges are happy with our dance .
after everything went back and wash up . keep the make ups and clean up the place.

and then we are released . went tu the nearby coffee shop and eat .
bus tu compass tu meet sister after her work then mrt tu hg tu collect her phone.
that guy who took her phone contacted me and ask me tu collect from him .
that guy said that it was his brother who took the phone and wanted tu sell it
but he stopped him .and ask my fren not tu be so careless next time . lols .
then he started smsing me some crap stuff but i did not reply .

went home tu change after that . went mall again tu buy food .
the guy working there was lyk . buy this again ar . lols.
then went block tu eat again . then went playground slack slack .
then went tu sister hse tu get some vodka .
went carpark there tu drink . got a little bit high .
den started shouting a lil . cursing this and that .
sister tried walking in a straight line but failed . LOL .
hold each other hand and started spinning around lyk some crazee arse .
was enjoying ourselves . then this guy was cycling there .
sister felt lyk fagging again then went tu take from that guy . lols.
then that guy turn out tu be my NEIGHBOUR ! lols.
seen him a few times but din talk . and i always greet his mum whenever i saw her .
then his elder brother son would always call me jiejie when he sees me .
so started chatting a lil . he couldnt sleep so juz cycle around . lols .
he can see that we were abit tipsy and asked if we drank .
then he wanted tu drink tuu . he went tu buy some alcohol while
sister and i went tu my hse tu bathe . yea. we bathe tgt. LOL .
at first sister was lyk abit paisae . then i switch on the room light and off the
toilet light so that we cant see each other clearly. LOL .
then went back carpark tu meet him again . he bought 2 bottles of heiniken. ( spelling?)

so sat there drink drink and talk talk . den went down the block tu the vending machines
tu get some drinks . went playground there tu slack awhile .
home around 5am . woke up around 4pm plus the nxt day .
gave school a miss again .
meeting sister again later .

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

phew. feel much better after ranting .
though it is still not enough. i think i better stop since i feel much better already.
dont wanna waste time .

on the happier side , may be meeting sister after her work today .
cant wait tu see her and then continue tu rant again . lols.
i miss her laaaaaaaaa . i want tu see her everyday!
and i got work tml ! running out of cash already . and i juz wanna keep myself busy .
so i think i will go take a nap now if not i'm gonna be so tired tml .

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

mrt .

stupid face.

shock tu see me in red top? ahhahas.

i know i look lyk a retard .

the fan was juz right on top of me. hair messy already la.

sister cute right ? LOL

was looking in the mirror. lols.

i dont know why she took this . lols.

i look extra happy in this photo .

all pic were taken on monday . yeah. skip school that day and went out with sister.

she only got offdays on monday . sadded. the rest of the days she only end work at 9.30pm.
end up she woke up only around 1plus ? and heard from jingzhi on monday
have lyk alot of free periods as 3teahcers din come . alamak. shiok sia.
but nvm . went up tu her hse tu wait for her. then she come my hse again. LOL.
ate and prepare . and off we left for ps tu catch a movie .
The strangers. quite scary ~ we was lyk holding each others hand tightly almost
throughout the movie. lols . and we shared one cardigan ! each person one hand . ahahas.
juz walk around after the movie and went back sk . slack around the playground .
then went home change and went tu rivervale mall tu have dinner .
after that was mahjong at my house ! play play play then she went home around 12am.
then came down tu my hse around 1am again tu collect her wallet as she forgot tu bring home.

really miss those time when she always sleep over at my hse . sometimes even straight
3days at my hse. lols. and she would always complain that i kick her when i'm slping. LOL .
and i also rmb everytime when she got home after coming tu my hse she would call me or

i call her. then juz talk and talk and talk till we wanna slp.
there's also once during the holidays she's goin over tu her cousin hse tu stay for a week .
and guess what . i cried . lols. then she started crying also. yeah i know its crazee.
her mum and my mum would also always ask me tu take care of her. i'm lyk her big sis.
i'm only older than her by 2months + . LOL. we are lyk blood sister. (how i wish we were)
and in this 9YEARS of sistership we only quarrelled ONCE .
right. enough of her. LOL . yoo guys muz be bored reading all these. ahahas.

woke up and din wanna go tu sko . as i'm really super tired. but still dragged myself
out of bed . was having a bad hair day . lessons were great today !
total have lyk 4periods of free periods ! slack in the toilet with sayang, nona and sweetheart
for dunno how long . then went back class, played arm wrestling . LOL .
had been a long time since i played. use tu play when i was in primary sko .
and we bullied shafie ! sec 1 till now, everyone hated him lyk fuck .
he is really damn annoying and disgusting ! push him out of class and all .
and i juz push his head when i walk pass him and shout at him. not only me. almost the whole class. believe it or not . all of us wanna lock him outside class. lols.
he fucking spit saliva on yiling la. mother fucker. but, it was fun. LOL .
even the teacher can do nth bout it !
after dismissal went compass with suz and go find sister for lunch .
suz left with fabeha after that . while i send sister back tu her workplace and home !
i dont know why i'm so attached tu sister. lols. really miss her alot.
seeing her juz made me happy . and i know i can always tell her everything and anything.
she's a person that i dont wanna lose. i hope our sistership/frenship will last forever .
and i believe it will =D i love yoo sister !

anyone finish reading my post without falling asleep ? LOL .