Friday, August 29, 2008


lets skip the part about sko . yeah. so after school went straight home .
then prepare prepare then went for work . was about tu finish work when vivi called and ask
where am i . lols. she's also at toapayoh (she lives there ) . so she wanna meet up for awhile
and for get some drinks sit down talk talk . so ya. went tu find her .
but i din wanted tu drink or anything as i full already . so end up she send me tu
bus interchange for me tu take bus home as she dont want me tu reach home late
cuz i got school the next day .
and on my way back home. my lil sis called and say mummy is in hospital !!!!!!!!
she had a heart attack . but it was already late and i cant visit her already .
almost cried on the bus . damn worried bout her .
dont feel lyk goin home and i dun think i can slp tuu .
so meet sister around mall there . get some tibits and drinks then go somewhere
tu slack slack . heart tu heart talk again . it feels good tu juz have her around me and
listening tu each others ranting. ahahhas. and also had abit of alcohol from sister's home .
but it didnt help at all . then went home around 2am . sister came tu my hse till 2.30am
and went home . slept only around 3plus. thank god no dance the next morning.

went tu visit mummy at hospital after school till 9plus then went home .
trying very hard not tu cry till i left the hospital . nth much . juz hope and pray
nth happens tu her tml when she gonna have this small surgery .
another sleepless night again.


haidah erma me chenning

sayang !

emmy !

sweetheart !

ITS BE YOURSELF DAY ! so yeah ,can wear home clothes tu sko .
but lessons are still going on. din have pe so mr yon talk tu us bout his past
relationships. LOL . then did bio presentation . after that got geog test
english spelling test (lame) then after school had maths test .
what a day man . so many test test test .

friday (today)
teachers day today and vistarian road run . met up with jasmine josephine and hui leng
at sk lrt platform . mrt tu farmway . had the race . and results are obvious .
i din stop at all running that 1.2km . but after i finish it . immediately fall tu the floor .
legs are feeling damn wobbly and totally got no strength tu stand at all .
plus my head was spinning lyk mad . ya la. i noob la. only 1.2km oso can liddat .
had been MONTHS since i ran . after that went back school and was teachers day concert .
not bad not bad . after which jasmine josephine melisa benny jackie and i went
plaza tu have lunch . slack slack awhile and home around 2plus .
gonna prepare soon for work later . and sister is coming over tu stay overnight !

Monday, August 25, 2008

went straight home after school . slept and woke up for work .
after work went tu meet sister . then sister saw her fren , desmond .
slack slack for awhile and went home with sister . then quarreled with my dad .
so went out again. meet sister fren and went punggol there tu eat .
i mean sister and i watch that desmond eat . after that he went home .
then meet desmond chen (not sister fren ) his galfren and jun hui .
rusydi came after awhile . slack till around 2.30am and went home as sister
got work the next day and i dont want her tu go home alone =)
and was preparing tu slp but the stupid piggy rusydi called and disturb me !
only allow me tu hang the phone at 6am . see this cb pig . still dare say i spam his phone
when i only called him once or twice tu ask where he is . @#%(&)(^*$!$@^%(^*#

woke up at 12pm . mama ask me tu wake up as we got guest at home . blah !
then spend the whole day at home . reading(i do read ok!) and blasting the radio =D
and plus the raining weather , shiok man ! went mall for dinner with my dad and lil sis .
got damn pissed at my lil sis . dont feel lyk elaborating . home after that and chat chat
with my sister in law till 12plus ? and went tu slp .

woke up at 10am for work . damn busy during 2-3pm . pantry do the setting till no
space already and the orders kept coming in . zZz . only got my break at 5pm .
then work end at 10.30pm . my legs super tired man . imagine standing for 9.5hrs
walking here and there . omg. had been so long since i stand for so many hours .
home and my leg damn painnnnnnnnnnn . muscle cramp i think .
and skip school today (monday)

Friday, August 22, 2008


during chinese lesson, we got punished by mdm qing tu stand at the back of the class
for not doing homework . instead of standing behind and listening tu her ,
we started fooling around singing songs . in short , doing things that will piss her off xD
and we got lynette tu take photos for us ! LOL.
after school went home and then was work .
sister came tu find me after her work and we went have supper .
and home again after that .
and today (friday) school was alright . work later and varun's bday party . shit !
might not be able tu make it for varun's party . and maybe meeting sister !
roar . had been sleeping late and waking up early for like straight 4 days !
thank god its a saturday tml .
gonna eat now. will update again !

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

sister in law in hospital .
miss school again .
rmb in my previous post i said i will go and do some lit homework ?
end up i went tu the hospital with my mum lil sis and maid tu visit my sis in law !
she had given birth tu a cute boyboy ! he is now currently in my room !
omg. my mother is offically a grandmama already !
short post . goin off tu eat now and work in the night later .
and ending the post with

kiddy-looking-jessie !

Saturday, August 16, 2008


taken yesterday .

was late for work ! the bus took like 1 hour tu reach . @$#^(*&)(&(&^*&%#%$@
so takeaway mac and bubbles then quickly went up . home after that .
nth much . and today (saturday) i'm staying at home !
waiting for baby and sis in law tu come back . finally after a busy week i'm staying at home
and rot ! though its boring but i'll take today as an offday from school and work .
work tml at 10am again ! LOL .
next week is gonna be a busy week for me .
monday - dance after school
tuesday - work after school at tpy
wednesday - my mother and i got an appointment with some dont know what ppl.
( my mum says is important and a NEED tu go . blah ! )
thursday - work after school at azabu
friday - varun's bday party and work and at tpy . ( shit ! gonna clash !)
saturday - free ?
sunday - work at azabu 12pm-closing.
and also few test coming up next week . die die die.
guess i'll go do some p.lit homework now .
yea . i'm doing homework ! tatas~

Friday, August 15, 2008

before i post anything ................................

I'M SO EXCITED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YES !!!!! TONIGT !!!!!!
( bad thing is , the baby is too small and quite weak D= my sis in law is juz tuu skinny la )


mr lee and calvin pointing middle finger. LOL



prize presentation in the morning . got some certificate from the punggol street parade
thingy . we got 1st runner up ! after that was reflection period. roar. i cant stand teachers.
oh and we got F&N practical today ! bake sponge cake =D delicious ! lols.
after recess was p.lit . then mr lee wanted us tu do this freeze frame thingy .
then ask calvin and jonathan do any pose. LOL . so thats how the middle finger came about.
then schools out ! work later at 8pm !


dont know whose socks !

vivi wrote this and staple it there. that small circle there says
' my owner doesnt want me anymore'
and in azabu we always say ' wa ka la wu di ' but vivi always say ' wa ka la bom bom ' LOL .
some kind of vuglarities la. so after school dance meeting. then rush home tu bathe and
went for work at azabu sabo . jin san(boss) came down today ! eeeeeeek.
his wife and mother in law also came seh . after work juz went home. nth much .


lynette and me ! ( ex sitting partner )

kris and me !

lynette me jin yu kris yongmin . ( da marketers ! )

after school chem CRT (eww) after that went home bathe and stuff.
took an 1 hr nap and went serangoon tu meet lynette all .
got a new job ( i mean 2nd job ) at toapayoh . telemarketing . not bad not bad.
i think its fun ! LOL . only starts at 8pm and ends at 10pm. but whatever !



on sunday , sister came over around midnight when i reach home after work .
she stayed overnight . and she doesnt allow me tu sleep when is around 3am plus !
that ' san ba ' (bitch ) . LOL . i usually calls her 'ba po' and she calls me 'san ba' . LOL.
then both of us fell asleep around 5plus ? my maid woke her up around 7am and ask
her sleep on my bed . then i juz suddenly woke up 1min after my maid woke her up . lol ?
go squeeze with her on my bed ! LOL . had been so long since we slept together .
(ok . i know it sounds wrong . but whatever ! )
then she woke up a few hours later and then she die die want me tu wake up also .
sat beside me and start whacking me -.- see this siao charbo ! crazee one .
then she went home tu bathe and everything then came over again .
went ps again tu watch ' ghost of 7th month ' is not a movie la. but documentary .
after movie went sister house. wait for her tu change then wet mall tu eat and home !

Sunday, August 10, 2008


darling and me (photos not according )

finally bought this !

fireworkssssssssssssss .

gonna make this post short as sister is at my house now !
a day out with darling again . went over tu her house around 4pm and wait for her.
mrt tu cityhall after that . window shop only D= then had dinner at LerkThai .
went outside tu wait for the fireworks ! i swear i fucking crowded .
like x'mas liddat . oh and. asyraff and his frens were there tuu . long time no see him .
after the fireworks we juz walk around a lil while and went home
saw someone that i dont wanna see but a the same time wanna see. i hate him la! LOL .
home at around 10 ?
work tml at 12pm all the way tu closing. goin off now !
tatas people and HAPPY NATIONAL DAY !

Saturday, August 09, 2008


vivi and me

my papa . step one la he. wear spects .

sitting behind the lorry !

its me . i love my hair flying all over the place. LOL . jk .

morning went tu school for national day carnival.
dont know when the carnival is gonna end so left school at around 10.40 ?
went home bathe and prepare. met vivi at dhoby ghaut. went bugis shopping !
saw chenning there tuu ! omg la. i spend lyk 2/3 of my pay .
ate at long john silver and then went clarke quay . vivi got work at 5 .
so juz walk around till 5 then i left . went home tu change .

my cousin getting engage today so got some buffet at his place.
my father cousin came and fetch us with lorry !
omg. i miss sitting behind lorry sia.(i know it sounds weird ) lyk damn shiok la.
wait for han wei korkor ( my closest cousin ) tu come . damn boring without him.
so after he came we went downstairs tu chat chat . catch up on each other's life .
my father is staying longer so my aunt drive me tu compass tu meet sister !
home after that .


the mother of this kid ask him tu sit somewhere tu
wait for her while she go look at some clothes. LOL . he dame cute la !

cooking maggie

sista !

stupid face . lol.

saw my younger sis behind ? she juz finish bathing and was coming out . LOL .

sister came my house after her work . cook our fav maggie. the thai tomyam .

i rmb i used tu hate tomyam. i juz dislike the taste . but not until sister intro me
this thai tomyam maggie . then played poker card with my sister sis in law and lil sis .
the loser will kena shoot at the ear or forehead . LOL . very fun =D
chat chat with sister after another 2 of my sisterss slept . lols .
chat all the way till 3.30am ! then sister went home . slept at 4.30am .
and gotta wake up at 6plus for school the next day .