Sunday, November 30, 2008

photos from the chalet =DDDDDDDD

jasmineeeeeeeeeee .

josephine was drunk though i'm not. LOL .
there are more photos actually . hope tu jo's blog tu see moreeeeeeeee .


guess whattttttttttttt . i din sleep AT ALL last night . not even 5mins .
juz cant fall asleep plus baby joshua (sis-in-law baby) is making alot of noise !
but i dont feel tired at all now . work is ok today =DDDDDDDD
after work went compass tu find mely benny jojo jasmine . starbucks !
when we are together i dun think we can stop talking. LOL .
tml girls night out again ! looking forward tu it . ahahahs.

sister in the rain

was quite high .

met sister after work . she wanted tu drink so juz drink tuu .
it started raining after we finish drinking. we got so high that we took off
our slippers and RAN tu our block . then we started dancing and jumping in the rain
lyk mad woman. i swear we was damn high . 3 guys walk pass and they was staring at us. LOL!
was a very fun night . love the feeling of being drenched from head tu toe. ahahhas.
home and immediately slept !


meet jasmine jojo mel.y and benny at compass at around 4plus .
ate and then bus tu downtown . mel.y cousin chalet . went ntuc tu buy some drinks
first then went back tu play card games. bbq till around 11plus then started
playing indian poker. loser drink =D jo lost a total of 7 rounds man !
i swear she was damn drunk that she started crying and laughing . zZz.
she almost finish a whole toilet roll man . crazee bitch .
went mac tu have breakfast around 4am. after that went back chalet .
fall asleep for awhile and woke up around 6.30 am. cab home with jasmine .
slept around 7.30am.
woke up at 1pm ! thankgod timothy gave me 'morning' call .
if not i dun think i can wake up on time. immediately went tu bathe and stuff.
suppose tu meet timothy at 3pm but i was late. sorry !
went tu eat first then slack at starbucks . movie at 5 .
after movie went back home . i swear i was damn tiredddddddddd .
went tu meet bf around 10pm . slack slack and home at 2am .

woke up at 3 ! meet jasmine at sk around 5.30pm ?
went ps. dinner at cafe cartel . omg. first time we ordered so much food there .
this time only sat there for 2 1/2 hrs. lols. walk around, bought some stuff, tried on
some clothes and homeeeeeeee . short day but nice . work tml at 10am !]

will post photos when i got themmmmmmmm. tatas ~

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

jasmine me jojo mel.y

still not ready!
hoho ! WILDWILDWET with mel.y benny jojo and jasmine today !
woke up at 10am today without feeling tired at all although i only fell asleep at 7am .
dunno why these few days keep having insomnia. rah !
jojo they all actually is meeting at vari nice at 11.30am . and i will only meet them in the
bus since the bus is gonna pass by the bus stop around my house . so i went out at
11.30 hoping that i will not miss the bus. but BENNY muz freaking be late and
let me waited there for 40MINS ! !@#$%^&*()(*&^%$@!#$%^
ok nvm skip the part when we are in the bus .
top up our funky card and off we went ! was so afraid tu get sunburnt ! lols.
totally enjoyed myself in there ! disturbing the guards and splashing water at them. LOL !
but it started raining around 5plus . so went tu bathe .
went E-hub after that for hongkong cafe ! sat there till 8plus?
and bus home. and i freaking left my handphone in the bus !
thankgod jasmine and jojo haven alight. so went back and took my phone. phew.
was damn paisae can ! work tml at 12 to closing. dammit.
yes. its white wine .

but alright now =D
something bad happened tu me last night around 3am plus.
papa fren fetch me tu changi hospital . went tu the emergency dept.
thank god i was not hospitalise or anything.
but the doctor wanted tu give me a jab but i refuse .
i was so sick at first that i din even have any strength tu talk .
my eyes are also so swollen that its hurts tu open it .
after everything papa fren fetch us home again . my mother was damn funny back there.
kept trying tu snap photos of me looking so horrible. zZz.

and today(monday) woke up and felt better . but eyes are still swollen.
got a wedding dinner at night. fuck it . wanna go so badly. so tried all ways tu
make the swelling go away . use hot water use salt water use ice and blah blah blah.
and it actually works ! but still my eyes are still abit weird.
but manage tu cover it well with make ups . heh. we were actually abit late .
but who cares ! and was damn sad. some of my closest cousins din went .
and surprisingly , papa allow me tu drink wine. wahahahas. happy !
have beeeeeeeen soooooooo longggggggggg since i drink .
and photos time ! camwhore camwhore .

my mama actually got permed hair. but she straigten it.

younger sis and mama. ( my younger sis is wearing my dress !)
lazy tu rearrange the photos laaaaaaaaa.
look properly ! my eyes are abit swollen .

the reason is post this photos is because of my skin colour !
some of my relatives use it tu recognise me ! LOL ! alot of them say i'm very fair .
m younger sis have no eyes. LOL

Sunday, November 23, 2008

that black pair of shorts is actually swimming shorts !

after swimming
okok. i know i'm fat !

juz got home ! gonna blog and then sleep .got work tml . haix. was raining cats and dogs when i was about tu go
SWIMMING ! @!#$%^&*())(
went mall tu buy some stuff and then cab tu compass. rain was tuu heavy la .
waited or josephine then lrt tu farmway . as we decided tu run all the way till we reach,
i took of my normal shorts juz in public ! LOL . din wanted it tu get wet.
and josephine insist that i take a photo with my swimming shorts. lols.
we cant swim or even get in due tu the bad weather. so juz sat at one corner and wait
for the rain tu stop . swimmmmmm and talkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.
went the bathe at 7.30pm ? saw adam ! miss him so much !
after that went compass tu have dinner then wait for sister tu finish work and home
tu change and accompany sister go have her dinner. LOL.
slack slack and now i'm home ! and lastly

ME !

Saturday, November 22, 2008

friday(its today!)
town with josephine and jasmine ! caught chiwawa ! i swear the show was damn good =D
Thaiexpress for lunch . miss it so much ! after movie juz walk around town.
settled down at cafe cartel for dinner . sat there from 7plus till 11pm !
we juz got so much tu talk about man . and this guy that work there....
AHAHAHHAHAHAs. lazy tu elaborate. interested tu know ? ask me ! LOL .
no photos till jo and jas send me. so ya , gonna keep this post short and SWEET .
swimming tml ! shiok. got 2 days off !

work again. after work meet sister for supper !
and funny thing that happen was , i was waiting outside cheers for sister and this guy juz pop
infornt of me and ask : yoo is **(my chinese name) ar ?
me : (shock) yes and who the hell are who ?
him: (his name)*
me: (more shock) SERIOUS ?!?! OMG YOO CHANGE DAMN MUCH CAN !
him: where got ?
me: yoo is last time that short short guy then everytime at arcade play para one right ?
him: ya. i live infront of your block only ma ! rmb ?
me: yesyes . omg. yoo grow taller liao sia ! last time still shorter than me.
him: --------------.---------------- i everytime same lrt with yoo when yoo goin tu school
somemore always walk infront of yoo.
me: eeeeeeeee. stalker !
him: WHAT STALKER ?! WALK I-N-F-R-O-N-T of yoo .
me: now stalker change already ma. walk infront not behind already.
me and him: LOL
then he start tu ask bout my families blah blah blah. really stalker siol ! LOL .
din know he knew so much bout me .
and more funnier ! when we was walking home then from far saw 2 gals.
i was lyk : eh chio bu!
him: scarly far far see pretty near near see kns.
then the next thing i knew was .....................................................

Thursday, November 20, 2008

its work again today ! omg . i swear i was starving . actually wanna go have
chomp chomp after work with alvis kahfei and ice. but by the time we finish eating
there would be no more MRT and LRT . so juz settled at BK after work .
saw michael ! he came in and chatted for awhile and then home.
work again tml . and i'm off for 2days ! happyyyyyyyyyyyy =DDDDDDD
guess i'm goin off now . tatas !

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


happy 15th birthday tu jingzhi ! some many november babies. ahahas.
took sunday off from work juz tu go for her chalet . quite a number of ppl turn up.
around 30 ? dunno how long it took tu start the fire. lols. was nice talking tu meiyi aiai !
had been so long since we talk ! kumar domi all was here tuu . but they were sitting at
the beach. went tu find them for awhile. i went insane man ! lols.
played cards at the chalet and all of us want ayton tu lose.
his forfeit was goin up and down the stairs barking lyk a dog. LOL. badass i know ;D
we replace jngzhi birthday candles with those magic candles .
no matter how many times yoo blow off the fire it will keep coming back .
all of us were laughing lyk mad . dunno how many times she tried tu blew off those candles.
guess i wont go on with details as i'm really tired now.
went off around 10 . sister boyfren came tu fetch me . omg. i swear i enjoyed
the whole ride. damn windy and cold . lols.
what else ? work . lols. meet sister for lunch at rivervale mall before goin for work .
omg. today was lyk damn busy . lyk a friday or saturday night . and only got 4 of us !
but we somehow still can manage . and i was actually wanting tu ask christine bout my
CPF thingy. and she didnt know i was 15 ! @$&)_*)(&*%$@%$*&
after she knew she was lyk i'm not allowed tu be in the pantry or whatever whatever shit.
then she say i can only stand outside. wtf ? have been working there for a YEAR then she
tell me this kinda thing ? and she told vivi that cuz i'm underage if something happen
tu me lyk i cut or hurt myself the company muz pay for my medical fees for a long time .
lyk a few years or something. zZz . jitao sian when i heard all of these .
makes me feel lyk age is really really impt and does matters alot. rah .
dun wanna talk bout unhappy stuff . work tml from 12 tu 5 ! mahjong after work !
actually was 12 tu closing but i got someone tu stand in for me. hehe.
goin off now. tatas !

Friday, November 14, 2008


while waiting for sister tu come .

i love my hair !

work today again. i think azabu sabo is like my 2nd home now .
almost everyday go there. and i no longer charge my phone at home anymore .
yes. i charge it there EVERYDAY . lols. after work went home tu put my bag and wait for sister.
went RM mac tu eat . saw junhui . called out tu him juz tu say hi but he juz walk all the way
tu us and sat down. LOL . so chatted for awhile . home after that.
mahjong with jasmine jojo mel.y tml ! hehehehehehehe .


fat fat me !

went punggol with sister tu eat after work. slack around for awhile and home.
was actually playing with cards but end up throwing cards at each other. LOL.
sister stayed overnight at my house! but she went tu meet her boyfren at 2plus and came
back around 3plus . played with my psp while waiting for that bitch who ditch me for her bf.
LOL . juz kidding ! i was very high night and couldnt sleep ! and that bitch was happily
sleeping stealing away my blanket . so i disturb her till she wake up .
i lock her around my legs , mess up her hair , unhook her bra , steal MY blanket from her,
suffocate her with my pillow , pull her hair , play with her face blah blah blah !
then we end up wrestling . LOL ! was a damn hilarious night i ever had with her .
and when it was around 6am i ask her tu go have morning run then go have breakfast tgt.
aahahs. fell asleep close tu 7am ? she woke up at 10 and ask me tu have breakfast.
i was lyk crazy i needa sleep . think she went home around 11plus ? and ask me tu call her
when i wake up and go eat . but end up i woke up only at 1plus and she got work at 3pm. i got a damn unglam photo of sister. but she wont allow me tu post it !
if not she will not knowledge me this 9years sister ! stupid bitch !


josephineeeeeeeeeeee and meeeeeeeeee .

jasmine dun wanna take photo cuz she's w/o makeup !

work at 10am ! jasmine jojo mel.y and benny came azabu tu have lunch !
then they wait for me tu finish work and went bugis with the other 2J's while
benny and mel.y went back. wanted tu do fish spa but is not open ! #%$**)_%#%$@$**&)(
so juz walk around ate and went tu buangkok. eat again ! lols. home after that .

Monday, November 10, 2008


chen ning say i look like a police woman .

chenning and me

some say i look like barbie doll .

lynette and me .

jasmine say imma dumb blonde . LOL .

happy birthday tu yiling. finally 15 ? ahahas. lynette woke me up at around 10plus .
got ready and went vivo tu find lynette yilin and yongmin . bought yiling's present then
juz slack around till 4 then went yiling's condo .
hang around her hse tu prepare for the bbq . omg. i swear i'm damn hungry .
the bbq only started around 7plus 8 ? oh and the theme for that day was retro . LOL .
left around 10 ? went tu find sister after that . cant remember what time i went home .
and today ( sunday)
woke up around 2plus. bathe and left for work . so many comments on my hair . lol.
the comment that i hated most was ahlian hair ! @!#^%**&)(&(%&^#!$#$E&^^)(*
after work went tu eat with sister and her boyfren . home after that .
was home early today! around midnight . and quarreled with mum and sis .
in a freaking bad mooooooooooood . and when i got online went tu someone's blog and
saw something which made me felt worse. i dun wanna talk about it.
i got work everyday starting from today till thursday . only off on fri and sun .
i think i'll juz go sleep now.............................