Thursday, December 31, 2009

st james 2weeks ago ? lol.

supper on tues night =D

work in the morning with ashraf . his last day .
dinner with chenning erika and rachel at pastamania.
miss lin was wa supposed tu join us.
but she's too caught up in work . sad sia.
and we are supposed tu have aston's.
but the queue was motherfuckinglong.

then was supper with jasmine josephine sherlynn krizia jason all.
sherlynn brought vodka. only drank a lil bit.
i was feeling super low for no reason.
jo said i wasnt being myself, i was being weird.
but i was like , isnt being weird is me ? AHAHAHS.
once i got in i was alright already .
the music was only good towards the end.
cab home after that . there's work the next day!

Monday, December 28, 2009


supposed tu be partying at alcova.
but some fucker got into trouble with the DJ?
event closed. then opened again.
so just queue and queue and queue.
but end up only allow 18 & above tu get in.
WTF la. fucking pissed i swear.

AFTER ALCOVA .........
walking tu the nearby 7/11 .
almost got into a fight with some guys thats on drug.

drunk jason .

krizia ! love this cute girl man.

sweet sweet ar.

this drunk jason fucking smoke inside 7/11 ! WTF MAN.

clarke quay after that.
had a lil bit of drink while playing truth or dare!
fun fun fun.
not gonna reveal much . heh .

dared tu pass the beer in my mouth into priveend's mouth.
gross i know. LOL .

still abit tipsy .

right. took the first mrt home.

there's more. but eko cant find his camera's cable !

i know i'm fat. so shut up okay .

rest of the photos are uploaded on fb =D
and finally got the photos taken at st james last week.
not gonna upload now. toooooo tired.
work tmr. and maybe supper club ?

Saturday, December 26, 2009

fucking screwed up.
will update about it tmr ? when i get the photos .

super tired now .
went tampines just now with jasmine and jackie for dinner.
was supposed tu surprise xavier by showing up at his work place
then ask him tu have dinner with us.
it's jackie's idea and end up he din even called him. LOL.
had pastamania =D
chilled at kovan's hongkong cafe after that .
one of the waiter there forever so friendly.
jillson came tu find us after that .
so long since i saw him sia !
home at 3.30am .
its 6am now !
gotta hit the sack now .

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


with jasmine josephine krizia and mirrah =D
a night well spent =D
drink before going in. but maybe a lil bit not enough .
i think the party ended too fast . sad.
cab tu 327 for ice lemon tea.
i know abit lame la.
but i was craving for the ice lemon tea there !
waited for first bus home with jasmine.

TUESDAY - butterF .
din wanted tu go . but someone offered tu pay for my tix.
and also send me home. so WHY NOT ? =p
drink before going in again.
played those finger guessing game while drinking.
i think i drank quite alot. but still not enough tu get me high.
din really enjoy the night.
jo knows why . LOL .
cab tu jalan kayu with josephine louis and co. for supper.
home after that .

i'm having a super bad sore throat now =(
my cough is still not gone and my nose....
do i need tu explain any further ?

decided not tu go for bryan's chalet today.
seriously need tu rest. work tmr.
ALCOVA tmr, someone buying me tix again. =D =D =D
omfg, i need tu stop clubbing so often man.

more photos soon.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

WAVEHOUSE.............not as fun as i expected .
thank god i dont need tu pay .
if not it would be a total waste of money and time.
on second thought, its actually not that bad . LOL .
the music too soft laaaaa.
got drench head tu toe in the pool. thanks ar jason.
some things went wrong. not gonna elaborate much .
all the photos are not with me !

i'm tired.........only slept for 5hrs and i'm up.
maybe i should take go take a nap .
causeeeeeeeeeeeeeee st.james later !
omg, cant imagine how i can hit 3 parties within 4days !
okay, i'm eye lids are shutting down.
so tatas~

Friday, December 18, 2009

BACKKKKKKKKK from work and st. james .

omfg. i'm super tired. din sleep at all last night.
i thought i would straight away sleep like a dog when i got home but
i was still so energetic ! but when at work..........
ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz gonna go take a rest now.
update about st. james tmr ?
speaking of tmr, still thinking whether i should go wavehouse tmr.
my knee is hurting ! urgh .

cafe cartel few days ago .