Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hello !
nah , im not jessie :D
merely helping her to update her blog .
i think her internet's cut off if im not wrong .
supposedly jmine's supposed to be updating but i end up helping her instead . AHA !
anyway , this girl ponten-ed school todaaay !! :@
That's all i wanna say for now ;)


Friday, January 23, 2009

finally, 4days break from school.

fabian and me

terrence and me.

so tues, went shopping with jo fabian and terrence .
actually end up only fabian and terrence shopped. heeren first for early dinner.
ThaiExpress =DDDDDDD then the guys shop. cine after that. then was home ?
cant rmb much . there's still some more photos . but not with me.

dance practise on wednesday before and after school. nth much .

thurs- a short practise after school then shopping with jas, jo, her mum and bro .
fareast first then wisma ? then home. omg. i'm not going shopping with jo's bro anymore.
he take fucking long tu choose this and that siol . its more like accompanying him tu shop
rather than shopping together. zZz. i know i may sound selfish saying this...but..
its really very irritating ! and he took so long that when we finally shop , the shops are like
gonna close soon. roar.

mel jo me.

left class at around 9.30am . breakfast then needle work room tu change
do our hair makeup and stuff. din really got much time tu practise our steps.
omg. i swear i was damn scared and blah blah blah when i reached school.
but when it was our turn tu perform i dont feel anything anymore. lols . weird.
after performance at north vista SECONDARY , went back needle work room tu grab our
bags and walk tu north vista PRIMARY . having another performance there.
i hope we had done a good job at both schools. walked tu compass after everything ended.
BK tu have lunch. jackie and jillson joined us. then mel.y . went home around 3plus.
bathe and stuff. went cheena town tu shop some cny goods with my family .

OMG ! i swear i almost cry when washing my hair.
cause i back combed my pony tail and its like all tangled up .
i only untangled everything when i'm using the conditioner . i felt like crying was because
my hair was falling like mad ! lost like THOUSANDS strands of hairs. omg.
see already heart pain siol ! like seriously a lot of my hairs are coming off .
roar. not gonna try back combing my hair anymore !

so, back tu cheena town . had early dinner first at those coffee shops which
according tu my papa is famous . lols. really nice food. love the stingray
and kangkong. aiya. i just love all those spicy food la ! had like 2 bowls of rice .
then after finishing all those food i had sugarcane. then my papa bought desserts for us.
omg. imagine how full i am . but damn shiok . din really buy anything for myself.
might be going shopping again tml !

had been a busy week for me. i'm so happy that it had ended. phew.
i'm tired already. straight 1 week of lack of sleep is killing me.
gonna wake up only when the sun is high up in the sky tml !
tatas !

Monday, January 19, 2009

shiat . i kept telling myself i must finish posting and off the comp by 11pm.
but looking at the time now (10.45pm) , i dont think so .
roar. forget it. whatever.

so, didnt went school on friday . instead, went town with jo tu get jasmine prezzies
and just chill around town . dinner at ThaiExpress again ! lols .
meet up with brother for awhile chat chat and home around 12plus .

and sat , jasmine's BIRDDAY was spent at sentosa.
ate, played volley ball, kena thrown inside water and kena water bombs.
and people of the day : JasJoMelMEJackieDonBennyTerrence
gloria's jean after that for cutting cake session. lols .
talk non stop after that. caught the last train home.


its me ! first time letting down my hair when going out after i had bangs. lols .

foods we prepared.

jackie and benny. stupid gays.

one of my fav photos of da day !


sunday was suppose tu go shopping. we went, but did not bought any stuff .
omg. this really sucks man. we went far east then wisma. eventually we gave up.
so went ps tu do some chemistry @ cafe cartel. lols.

Jasmine camera shy ? NO WAY MAN.

roar. and today (monday) school as usual then dance practise .
ended at around 6plus. went compass collect the tops for our performance
then dinner at KFC with jo terrence fabian ira and isty !
they left around 8 while jo and i did our homework. only reach home at 9.30pm ?
damn. i'm so tired everyday. so many homework tu be done. so many stuff need tu
be done. performance is just 4 more days away !
urgh. i hate this stupid flu bug goin on recently. i swear i hate flu like how i hate pink !
lols. guess i really need tu go get some sleep now.
new year shopping after school tml and gotta hunt for some pants for our performance tuu.
goodnight peeps !

Thursday, January 15, 2009

so in love with baby joshua !

ohmygod. i think i'm always complaining that i'm tired. but i really am !
i think waking up straight 5days every week at 6am++ is very tiring and...erm...
something quite difficult. LOL. almost every morning i'm dragging myself tu the bathroom.
roar. i miss the holidays. and now i know why i'm so busy with homeworks this year
but not last year. BECAUSE i dont give a damn about homeworks last year and
i dont even listen in class. i find school total waste of time. i almost gave up on school.
i guess i got tuu much distraction . and i used tu always skip school .
but now, not anymore. i listen tu almost every lesson and try my best tu stay awake.
i'm even bringing books home tu study and do some homework.
o's this year and i wanna do it once and do it good(i hope) .

so, dance rehearsal after school . totally screwed up the first time as we just gave all
the positions and added in few more steps only today,
and some cant get tu it on time and some forgot ?
the 2nd round was better though =DDD after that went back dance room tu finish the whole
choreography. i'm so glad that everything's done by today.
went compass after dance with jo tu give our total orders for our tees for the performance.
but for bottom we are still looking for it . roar. i'm tired.
TGIFT ! i know its suppose only tu be TGIF. (thankgoditsfriday)
there's an extra T because THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY TOMORROW !

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

very tiring day today . dance in the morning and after school.
seniors need tu plan all those positions and stuff . i swear its damn hard as there's tuu
many dancers and its damn messy . no choice but tu take some dancer's thats still not sure of the steps out . seriously running out of time . a lot of clean up tu be done also .
killed damn lots of brain cells just now . tuu many positions tu fix and sometimes some stand behind couldnt see etc etc . CNY rehersal tomorrow so no choice . needa be done by today.
maths test and chem quiz tomorrow plus TONS of homework .
my sis in law is away for 2weeks so sometimes needa take care of baby joshua .
he's right beside me staring at me now . lols. i can even be carrying him on my right arm
and controlling my mouse using my left hand. just pray that he doesnt cry .
went compass after dance practise just now tu look for red big big tees for cny performance.
omg. damn funny just now. couldnt find this and that shop. but end up we walk walk
then just pop infront of jo and me. lols. okok.
thats all for today i guess. needa go read some chemistry and maths already.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

oops. ya i know obscene . just wanna show off my puma boxer !

photos on sunday . nth much . lunch at hg mall then went over tu jo's place .
cant really rmb what we did .
and dinner called KFC delivery . cab home after that .
and guess what ! i just finish eating an apple ! lols. ok random .
and another random thing . ytd we spent the whole of bio lessons talking bout
AIDS SEX and miss lin ex boyfriend. ahahahs. i really like miss lin man !
dance practise tml morning for SYF and after school cny.
there's rehearsal for cny on thurs tuu .
i did some maths homework just now ! without any help okay .
jo couldnt believe i'm actually doing maths . lols . she always see me no up !
ROAR. gonna sleep early tonight. or rather i must sleep early everyday !
omg. had been so many WEEKS since i last went out with sister .
due tu school , no more slacking with her in the middle of the night.
i miss her so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh man . guess thats about it. tatas people !

Monday, January 12, 2009


fierce !

CIP in the morning ! after that went home tu change and blahblahblah .
vivo with jo&jas . ThaiExpress. slack slack. shopshop . starbucks .
was the quietest day ever man . jas busy doing homework . jo listening tu songs while
i doing sudoku at starbucks . no non stop laughing today . hahahas.
everyone wasnt in the right mood . well, maybe except jo ?
still got somemore photos from ytd (sunday) when we were at jo's place .
i guess i will only post tml . i'm soooooooo tired .
i really hate getting up early in the morning and only had few hrs of sleep .
plus there's dance after school . then when i'm home......... god .
A LOT of things are goin on at home .