Sunday, February 22, 2009

back again ! nothing much actually .
school and dance. and never ending testssssssssss.
played pool last thurs with jo jackie and jillson .
and friday meet brother in the night. go slack slack.
and sat went hg plaza with sister for kbox !
then went back sk around 10pm and slack.
then went tu her house around 1am. went out at 2am again.
went tu someone's block and wait. and that fucker only came down at 3.40am .
wanted tu suprise that fucker initially but sister and i wait till damn pek cek already .
so just called that fucker and tell him i'm under his block since 2am. lols.
home around 4am .

and today (sunday)
currently at jo's place. was at compass just now. suppose tu have steamboat at home actually .
but sacrifice it just tu meet jasjomel okay ! suppose tu study for ss test tml .
but now...seems like everyone is high on drugs. LOL .
jackie is here ! LOL . ok. thats all for now . tatas !
photos time ! was taken ages ago .

jas specially wants this photo tu be on my blog. LOL .

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

currently at JO's house. finally i'm blogging again man.
been ages, i know =D
ok, some super super overdue photos on jo's birthday (1stFeb)
and some shopping trip with jo terrance and fabian .
i still have lots of photos in my cam . ROAR.
and my phone is spoiled . using k700i currently. yeah, i know centuries ago de phone . lols.

jasmine say this pic doesnt look like me. lols

one of my fav pic that day !

only jo's in this photo. LOL .

me jo fabian terrance

thats all for now. needa head home already. TATAS !

Friday, February 13, 2009

Yeahheh , im here to keep her blog alive once again .
This bytch skipped school twice .
& she missed all that valentine gifts specially awaiting her .
But she skipped school for a reason today , swollen eyes .

This girl is going to Malaysia kukup tomorrow .
it's some kind of kelong thingy .
hopefully i see some niggas when they're back :D


-- almighty josephine goh again!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Yeapyeap ,
it's me again .
Her internet is still down .
So i'm here to help her to blog .

Basically , she's gonna flunk her geog mock exam like i do today :X
She's busy with studies, dance, studies, dance .
Oh , & she's leaving for malaysia with jmine on valentine's day D:
they're gonna spend valentine's day together . HAHAH !

So .. PEOPLE , remember that her birthday is in 23 days !

With Loves,

The bottles are stacked by her , on my birthday ;D


Mely , Jo , JESSIEEEE .