Thursday, March 19, 2009

last satttttttttt .

i know i fucking long no blog already ! my internet connection gonna be back soon !
many many things tu update but lazy la . caught dragonball evolution with jasmine last sat.
she think its not nice but i tot it was not bad. lols. yes, i shift my fringe tu the side !

4thmarch - my birthday !

thaiexpress =D

then went skypark tu play truth or dare ! cb. they dare me alot of stupid stuff .
one of it was take the pic(above) with bangla . lick anti smoking signboard and hug
some random guy . I GOT FUCKING DRENCH TUU !
(thanks jasmine,jo,mel,rusydi,don,jackie and terrance for being there on my bday :) )

rusydi and me with my oreo birthday cake !

sunday night - zouk .

while walking tu zouk.

fucking long Q i swear ! and got this malay gal borrowed ic from me.
she's only 14! wth . had lotssssssssssss of fun =D but was fucking squeezy.
saw familiar faces there tuu. was fucking tireddddddddddd after that .
chill chill at some bridge then took the first mrt home .

after zouk.

poor jackie have tu take photos for us though he wants tu slp . LOL .

currently at jo's place rottinggggggggggg. lols.
though i can wake up anytime during this week but i still feel tired.................
late night everyday . lols. guess thats about it . will update again soon !