Monday, April 27, 2009

i only want tu update about the cats musical when i got the photos.
its a damn monday today! and i'm already looking forward tu the weekend. lols.
i'm currently in the school's com lab . everyone now is just facebook-ing when they
are all supposed tu be doing coursework. the relieve teacher doesnt care. lols.

din do much over the weekends.
saturday - pasar malam with jasmine and mel.y then kelvin (mel's bf) came tu find us.
meet baby at around 10plus. was supposed tu meet sister first, but then met both tgt. LOL.
baby went off tu find his friends at BOON KENG around 1am while sister came over tu my place.
chat, ate maggie , took crappy photos and she went off close tu 4am .
miss her so much ! had been very long since she came over tu my place
and do crazee stuff .

sunday - studied with jasmine @starbucks.
this time i really did studied rather than draw some crap on my textbook. lols.
pizza hut for dinner ! omg. been eating a lot of fattening food nowadays.
meet baby after that and home at around 12.30am .
time flies whenever i'm with him. roar.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

school was damn slack today. no dance in the morning.
means get tu sleep more ! first two periods are free.
almost all the girls in class was sitting in a circle chatting about childhood.
games we used tu play. ahha. then MT lesson.
only need tu read some newspaper which i'm not reading it. just doing my own stuff.
then last two periods geog. was just reading my own book.
thats all for lessons today.

speech day rehearsal again today. it only ended around 7plus .
but was having fun when we were in the LT. taupok like so many people .
terrance piggyback me. rose piggyback terrance.
and terrance managed tu piggyback rose after a few attempts.
the people in LT were crazee cheering man !

maths test tml ! hope i wont flunk it badly. and then catz musical in the evening !

Monday, April 20, 2009

jo cant stop pestering me tu blog. so NAH NAH NAH ! HERE LA HERE LA

FIRST............ my drawing !
supposed tu be studying on sunday with jo. but just not in the mood tu study.
so end up drawing my bio textbook. i love tu draw my textbook like since sec 1 ? lol.
while jo did her homework, i rotttttttttt . was DAMN bored and was freezing like mad !
went pasar malam after that . bought foodsssss and walked tu jackie house.
that pb want tu pass his boyf something and WE MUST FUCKING WALK TU HIS HOUSE!!!
( he wants it he must come find us and get it right !!! )
#@%$$#&^(*)_(%^%@!$ yoo know how far anot ! my bladder was like FULL already.
thank god his dad allow me tu use the toilet. if not #@$&*&)*(^&%#!#^%*
ate below his block and jackie left tu go play bball . sat at playground
and feed mosquitoes ! have like 2 small kids came and disturb us. lols.
first one took my slippers. second one bully me . zZZZZZzzzzzz. but she slap jo ! LOL.

met baby after that . went parsa malam AGAIN. omg. that freak ate like
2 box of takoyaki, 2 burger and 2 drinks ! and i ask him when was the last time he ate.
: 2 HOURS AGO ! plus the way he ate.....zzzzz. BWG .
he can even eat more than that i swear ! that freak !
was home at 1am .


jo say i look like geisha. WHATEVER LA OKAY !

jackie jo me kel hw benny marcus

first went tu lido for lunch. then orchard hotel for some survey thingy.
nope, i'm not involved. no 20bucks for me. roar !
jackie hwee wen and kelvin came tu do it tuu . double roar !
supposed tu watch 17 again but hwee wen and kelvin watched already.
so pool-ed then L4D . benny and marcus came tu join us.
ThaiExpress for dinner !
went back sk after that tu meet baby .
home around 2am .

Thursday, April 16, 2009

feeling very very upset now. i dunno its because of my syf result or
i just feel upset for no reason. yoo know, sometime girls are like that .
i wanna talk tu someone so badly now. but its ok . maybe i will feel better
being left alone .

anyway, we got SILVER for SYF. yea. S-I-L-V-E-R .
also dunno tu feel happy or sad. but i know i did my best .
parent-teacher-meeting tml. crap . having speech day rehearsal tml tuu .
roar. i'm so lazy but have no choice .

P.E lesson today was fun man. had 2.4km first and my timing was 14.35min !
then played H2O after that, that 4 attachment teachers joined us tuu =D
hg mall after school with jas&jo just now. went library .
i freaking taught jo a maths question !!! i repeat again MATHS ! lols .
its always the other way round . or she will be damn pek cek with me sometimes
that she dun wanna teach anymore. LOL .and i cant remember what i did
just now that suddenly we all burst out laughing so loudly that the
librarian came tu shush us.

i'm usual.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

SYF IS OVER ! omgomg.. result tml ! cant wait ! *fingers cross
i'm glad ryan is happy with it . but still, very worried .
after everything went back school and wash up. ohmyfuck .
my hair.. zZz. tuu much spray .all tangled and was super hard tu comb
even though i wet it . had lunch in school then home tu bathe .
went tu baby house while he was still sleeping . so just chat chat wih irdina and
after an hr went tu disturb him. but before i could do anything he suddenly
open eyes and wave . ROAR . no fun . his mama was home around 6plus.
omg. scared&paiseh can !
home at around 7. baby goin tu gym .
i'm tired.......... lols. i realise i'm always tired . blah. whatever .
ending this post with a photo of baby and me on my birthday !
(yes i know it was like taken 6843691649161 years ago )

it was a dare anyway !

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


jack jo jes rus mel kel

jo and jackie !

i'm da guy his the gal !

my baby boy =D

that gu niang !

caught unborn at the cathay. not bad.
i think half of the time mel.y was watching her jacket . lols.
movie ended around 9plus . mrt tu kovan tu find jillson + pool while mel and kelvin left .
wait for jillson tu knock off at 2am. had supper and home at 3am. roar.

......and today
kena chased out of class during MT period again. lols. whatever !
dance after school and went UCC tu try out the stage . memories man ~
ahahas. managed tu go thru the dance a few times. super tired.
lack of sleep these few days and SYF is just 2 DAYS AWAY !
tml would be the last day of practise . ohmyfuck .
damn. promised i wont use the comp tml !
its gonna be 1am soon !
really needa go bury myself under the blanket now. goodnight people =D

Sunday, April 12, 2009