Monday, June 29, 2009

photo taken by jo =D

its gonne be 3am soon ! school later on !
meeting the girls for breakfast at 6am .
damn, AYG performance. really dont wanna do it,
but i have no choice =(
din study at all this whole holiday.
i only rmb that i slept ALOT , town ALOT,club, slack ALOT, eat and watch tv.
i think the earliest time i woke up is at 2pm ? lol.

got this survey job form fabeha =) thanks man !
but i think its a little tu late. i'm afraid i've not enough time tu finish it.
why is there no extend of holidays ! ROAR.

edited (monday)
din sleep at all man ! just ly on my bed whole night till jasmine morning call me.
she was like : yoo wake up already ?
me : i haven sleep yet. LOL .
and guess what ! i got sent home today ! my temp. was just 37.3
and down with a little cough and sore throat .
so now i have 2days of MC.

currently at fren house . ahahahas.
trying tha lady GaGa bow hair style. i manage tu do it on her man !
but she failed tu do it on me. sadded =(
nvm, will try it on myself .
damn its 3am already. needa get home soon !

i really need tu wake up. cant go on like this anymore.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

i'm so not taking a good care of myself nowadays.
i know i'm sick i still wanna eat all those junk food.
i know i have sore throat and cough i still wanna eat tom yum in the middle of the night.
and i know i gonna wake up the next day with no voice,
but i dun care.
i just wanna stay up late everyday and just waste my day.
i know o's are nearing but i dun give a flying fuck .
i dunno whats wrong with me nowadays.
i feel so lost .
damn, i really need tu relieve myself.
not those going tu toilet . lol.

st.james tml !

Monday, June 22, 2009

i'm currently irritating the hell out of jo in msn. wahahahas.
she wanna hammer me now. LOL .
she's asking me for hammer but i told her
i dunno where izit. somewhere in the storeroom i guess ?
hah .

i'm so bored that i can cry -.-
zZz . not tired at all. i slept at 11Am ++ this morning only.
last night jo called me around midnight and jio me for supper.
of cuz go la ! ahahahs. was so hungry man.
jo's brother was the driver man. but he abit not familiar with the road.
initially we were supposed tu have madjack at jalan kayu.
but it was closed ! so went kovan for hongkong cafe instead.
we reached there around 1 . power right.
dunno drive how many rounds around sengkang. LOL .
pool after that . played that table soccer with jo.
omg, i was screaming like mad woman man .
home around 3am++ . still not tired.

dance rehearsal tml !

'' ... but the thing i look for ............ , ..... aint gonna be you. ''
damn. this line yoo said really cuts so deep like a knife .
i really dun wanna face the reality that we're done with each other.
i dun wanna accept the fact that we aint cut out for each other.
its so ridiculous that 2person cant be tgt cause of their characters .
thats what i think.
would be happier without yoo ? nono, am not.
whatever it is, i just gotta face the fact that we are friends again.
is not that i dun feel contented, its just that i think we shouldnt have
ended up this way . felt ... so wrong .
damn, i dunno what am i talking.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

school's out 3 @ butterf.

before .

liting jo meiyi me jasmine


&...after !

i thought it was good =D
music always sucks at the early part ! better at the later part.
i think this update quite overdue. lols.
it was like on tuesday and i only update on saturday. LOL.

photos on thurs when we went for sheesha .

lazy tu update other photos on that day. hahas.
some left early =(

special term is canceled ! which means one more week of holiday !
shiok shiok ! but still need tu go back on monday for AYG rehearsal and
friday for oral. roar. whatever !

i miss the laughter from yoo whenever i'm tickling yoo =(

Thursday, June 18, 2009

i'm not emo-ing. i think.

i'm still lazy tu post up all those picturessssssss.

sheesha just now with kumar suz fab ara roshan varun adam and adam's fren.
was nice catching up a little here and there.
sort of celebrated kumar's belated bday.
was suppose tu celebrate both kumar and vikkash belated bday,
but vikkash couldnt make it =(
met sister for awhile after that . was home before midnight man !

kumar said i'm not been my usual self. i'm not this quiet at all,
i'm always the noisy one. always screaming and yelling everywhere.
guess i'm just not in the mood anymore.

damn. my sore throat is so bad now.
it hurts whenever i swallow my saliva and talk.
and the headache is not going away !
down with slight fever now.
i hate this feeling.

guess my life's good now, but it would be great if yoo were around .
damn. i cant stop thinking everyday.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

i have many many many photos with me now ! but i'm so lazy tu update as
i'm afraid i got not enough time.
gonna go prepare in like 30mins-1hr time.
yep, going butter.f later !

the saddest thing is, i lost both a bf and a goodfren.
imy, badly.

Monday, June 15, 2009

shit, i forgot what i did.......wait.
ahh !
jo and i watch land of the lost @ ps .
the monkey so cute ! some part was really funny man .
cafe cartel in the night. mel.y came =D
talk talk. gossip gossip. LOL . then camwhore like mad.
went tu meet sister and desmond.c the abuser ! ok, maybe i should call him bully.
slack slack till 1am plus ? went home bathe and stuff.
sister came tu my place. had those kinda girl talk again.
she left around 4am ? slept like a dog .

stayed home the whole day till desmond (Not the bully)
ask me out at around 9pm +
was thinking where tu have dinner.....since i had not been tu jalan kayu b4,
( only went pass there by bus , i know noob la ! )
so decided tu went pass there first before going tu yishun dam?( or damp ?)
according tu desmond that is a place where bikers always slack.
omg, so many people slacking there la. some even brought chairs and mats .
ate at some place around yishun that the Q is very long. lols.
i just dunno why i dun have appetite nowadays. only finished 1/3 of my food.

marina barrage after that . the sky was sooooooo near, so huge and so
BEAUTIFUL with all those stars . perfect place for couples.
indeed, there was alot of couples there . LOL .
then went changi for nasi lemak and see ' chio bu ' .
omg, some look so pretty can, some was like . . . . . . . disgusting !
and and the nasi lemak so delicious ! but abit too oily for me.
i managed tu finish almost everything! keep forcing myself tu eat. lols.
home at around 3am. think we spend half of the time on the road man .

the feeling of cold cold win blowing on your body was shiokness .
desmond tried tu scare me by freeing his hand off the handle. zZz.
i kept putting his hand back on the handle.
then he suddenly free BOTH his hand ! i was like, WTF ARE YOO TRYING TU DO !
chua sai siol . then he let me try controlling the handle .
omg ! the feeling so shiok ! kept accelerating. AHAHAHAS !
if only i'm the one who owns the bike..................=(
he also said that the only stunt the pillion rider can do is standing up
when its speeding. but i din dare. my life is precious okay !
desmond decrease the speed so that i can try standing up.
hahahas. actually the feeling feels like standing behind a normal bicycle la.

i want a Honda sp also !

so chio cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn T.T

see see see ! so hot !

i got this fetish for bikes forgot !

so gonna get a bike license and bike someday !

meeting desmond.c (the bully) later on for movie !

Friday, June 12, 2009

POOR LYNETTE kena thrown by flour and water.

i'm so lazy tu rearrange the photos la !

candid ?

lynette with 4e5 peeps =D

somehow din managed tu get a grp photo of everyone

me with bday gal !

awwwww, dun cry.

look at her happy face ! ahahas.

surprising her with the cake.

totally retarded man kian how !

i sort of like the effect of this photo =D

there's more photos i guess. but still haven get it !
the chalet was fun man. with all the games and forfeit ;D
and poor kian how got bullied by me till damn jialat.
i hope he dont hate me. LOL .
i'm so lazy tu elaborate on it man.
i only know that they are a sick bunch of people ! (lynette,kris,rachel and more)
make people kiss the floor, the wall , leg. put the hand in toilet bowl.
and make ppl lick someone else, neck, NIPPLE ! and bite someone's ear.
cant rmb the others. aahahhahas.

nope, i din stayed overnight.
i went over tu punggol park tu look for kumar dominik varun all .
its kumar bday too !
thanks desmond ( not desmond chen the abuser) for sending me over .
been dying tu try sitting on his new sports bike !
omg. there's a big diff between sitting on a 2A and 2B bike siol !
when i reached there, kumar was half dead already man !
din really stayed long. kumar accompany me tu lrt after that.
he said had been so long since we really walk and talk. hahas.
of cuz had a good chat . and he gave me some advices too.
but i'm stubborn yoo see. or maybe i should listen tu him.
but yoo know, i just cant, i dont want tu :(

nono, i'm not gonna start an emo post . so thats all for now !