Friday, October 30, 2009

i know my blog is damn dead. and no one is gonna be here tu read anymore i guess ?
but thats ok. i just need tu talk tu some non-living things.
( the only photo i can find in jo's brother comp, taken like 10months ago?)

am currently in jo's house.
supposed tu be staying over night tu study, but she end up sleeping at like 3am ?
i only reach her place at like..... 2? so end up i din do anything.
except comp. and watched some really really hilarious videos.
omg, just the thought of it makes me wanna laugh again!

haix, social studies and chem paper on monday.
i do have the sense of urgency about those papers.........
but i just somehow cant settle myself down these days.
and maybe because i missed out too much over the years and i dunno how tu start
studying for it . oh yes, did i mention that i have no start revision for chem ?
dammit. no use complaining here and doing nothing about it.
forget it .

just cant wait for o's tu be over. cant wait for graduation high tea.
cant wait tu go bangkok with the girls in december.
cant wait tu work again .
but................o's is still not over yet ! 4more days of 7more papers !
jiayou jessie! i know yoo can do it.
dun disappoint people around yoo please.
especially those few teachers and those who have helped yoo in maths.

i'm also wondering if i'm really suffering from insomnia. or i'm just stress out.
been only sleeping for around 5hours per day and i can go on a day without
feeling tired. and in the night when i'm supposed tu feel tired, i'm not.
i need tu really force myself tu sleep. like last night.
slept at 6am ? woke at up at 11am not feeling tired at all.
gosh, if this go on i think i'm gonna take sleeping pills.
i'm so afraid that i wont be able tu sleep the day before the exam.
lets pray this wont happen.

guess i needa go wake the pig up and get home soon.
bye blog. dunno when would be the next time i'll touch yoo again.

damn, i really miss the past. i know there's no way i can move on if i dun let it go.
but its very difficult.