Friday, December 31, 2010

leonard's bday, 7th dec
AKA my 'son'

that's his fucking awesome CAKE.

the couple.

his side of friends.

and our side

look at how black he is ! jitao contrast lor!

asking him not to smash the cake. LOL

going crazy smashing the expensive cake!

and my boy :D

okay this photo? maybe not. LOL
like those mat like to strum guitar below block.

did i mention everyone there is using either
an iphone or blackberry? LOL. really!

its 3.09am 31/12/10
so its like the last day of 2010 alrdy.
like 4 of my friends bday? HAHAS.
im so turning 18 soon!

this year, i've been thru A LOT. srsly.
in terms of friends, family, R/S especially.
but i'm glad i pulled thru :)
tho some new yr resolutions still not acheived,
i still have next year. LOL.
and im gonna say the same thing next yr again.

well well well,
so what's your plan for eve?
mine is just gon' be simple.
shopping with baby and some good food.
maybe meet the girls for dinz.
& ending the yr, the night at my house just
snuggling on my bed watching step up3.
i just wanna be by his side at the end of 2010,
and the start of 2011 :)

gotta crash now so i'll look good tmr.
damn, needa wake up at 12.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

post x'mas celebration with jack it !
and of course plus the guys who are
not in the photos!

almost everyone brought their bf's or 'good guy friends ' along!
total we have like 16 of us.
and i swear the food supply jitao like for 1yr.
at first thought siao liao sure cnnt finished
but ended up CLEARED.
and baby ate the MOST ! siao one srsly.
they was like ' rus you damn zai '
or 'jessie when your bf gonna stop?! '
plus my bf is really skinny !
LSLS (like stead like stead ) LOL.
i ate so much i think i put on 5kg!

then few rounds of mahjong session!
won 7bucks ! we play like 10cents 20cents!
oh ya! and gift xchange!
i bought a dream catcher for abrie!
and ivy bought a layer top for me :D
thanks ar ahlian !
on top of that i bought shades for few of them :D

then the guys started drinking like siao.
the girls left first then i cab home with abrie and wei cong
cause there isnt any bus already.
damn. 7/10 times i come sk sure cab home !!!
money fly away~

i still have so much more photos but
jasmine yap haven upload yet !
photos from bkk trip especially !

Thursday, December 23, 2010

okay people ! i need comments !
dont be shy okay !
i know alot of spam on my tagboard !

so Q is,
which hair do i look better in?

normally w/ fringe ;

clip up fringe ;

hair band ;

or sweep up slightly to the side?

or do the curry puff?
the poof up at the back.
din snap a photo of that. rahhh.

Friday, December 17, 2010

My Boy.

he look kinda skinny huh.

he is super un-photogenic :(

an impromptu decision to go to the airport one night.
idky, but we just love going there to have dinz
and a walk. maybe cause i wanna be an air stewardess :D
had swensens that night and ty's by was working there.
free drinks and ice cream.
but was too full after the main course and soup !
short and lovely night.
just cant get enough of my ah boy.

finally term test are over ! shiok or what.
flying to bangkok tmr !
cant wait !
food, manicure, shopping, thai massage!

gonna be so broke when i come back.
i have like so many gifts to buy ! omg.

bkk on this year jan !

hopefully when i come back my shades wont be like this again.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

School , school and still school.

i know i am bloody white.
been busy studying recently with classmates and friends.
hardly have time for baby.
just meet like twice a week?
he have started his attachment already.
graduating on feb while i'm still in year 1.
like a young ar.
term test stars TOMORROW !!

just wanna get it over and done with.
flying to bangkok on this coming sat !
one day after the exam ends !
this time round im going with jasmine, her bro
and her brother gf.
few of jasmine classmates and mine
are also going bkk too !
shall meet there for some swensens. LOL!

alright, shall go bathe now and have an early night!
all the best to me !

Monday, December 06, 2010

Boy: ABC.
Girl: Ha?
Boy: Always be careful!
Girl: And?
Boy: DEFG.. Don’t ever forget girl!
Girl: Are you?
Boy: HI.. Happy Inlove.
Boy: JKLM.. Just keep loving me.
Girl: So, how about NOPQRSTUVWXYZ??
Boy: (thinks) No other person quite reasonable shall treat u very well except me, you’ll zee!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

photos with classy !

my marilyn monroe ring ! love it !

acting twits.

sorry lor, i like to sit like that in class eh sai bo?

poor gabriel .

a lil too much middle fingers.

been having fun with those girls in class.
makes my school life sooo
much more fun.
all the gossiping etc. LOL.
aiya, girls la. you should know right?

only 2hrs of lesson today!
ate and played pool .
then went amk with claudia and ivy to have taohuey!
crash claudia's crib aftermath
and went nyp to find baby.
rivervale mall for bbq chicken with baby and his sister.

cab home and the uncle really scare the fucking shit out of me.
he fucking speed at 130km/h
punch the horn fucking hard at some car
then keep 'tsk tsk ' like sibei dulan.
best part he can just fucking pick up phone
using one of his hand lor.
and he's like shouting on the phone.
hello? your are driving a manual car??
i was wondering if i could make it home sia.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My super cute nephew.

getting busier with school as term break is approaching.
all the bloody quizzzzzzz and test.
and a short presentation tmr.
i have A LOT of photos to upload ! but not tonight.
needa catch up on some sleep soon.

& life's being good !
did a lot of shopping and nice food recently :D
oh, and i'm going to BANGKOK on 18th!!!
woohoo ! cant wait !

school's kinda interesting lately.
well, only my girls in class understand why ;)
srsly i think some childish guys need to fucking grow up.
oh i forgot, those are just no lifers and are jealous at
the fact that WE know how to have fun.
what a sad life you guys have :(
i will be nice and not to name them out :)

not gonna pollute my blog.
its really not my kinda thing to say bad stuff
about others on my blog.
oh well, i'm someone who cant shut my mouth up.

Monday, November 22, 2010

just a quick update before i go study for my french test tmr.
steamboat on sat evening with classmates !
that few girls up there and 3other guys.
had fun eating and joking and laughing all the way!
and got really cheap stuff from cotton on
cause abrie got staff discount for us !
thankew so much babe !

as usual, no much time for my lappy.
when i'm home most of the time i would be sleeping!

and on a happier note,
finally i got friends to accompany me on mrt rides home!
cause most of my classmates live at green line !

i am sick now. flu, sore throat and cough.
but no, not gonna skip school.
already skipped school on friday
and 2 lectures this morning !
and my attendance for french already hit 85%
no more late or absent on tues 8am :(
if not sure GG !
alright, gotta run !

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lynette Tan !

An impromptu ketchup (catch up) with this pretty babe
of mine on monday! like reaaally last min.
still remembered how we used to talk non stop
till our form teach gotta change our seats!

first up for a quick dinner at bugis junction
and then KOI ! hehe.
then shopping at bugis street till like the sky is dark.
then decided to go arab street get a drink and chillax.
bought some snacks first although outside
food are not allowed. who cares?
talk and talk till its 930 and its time to go home
as i've got school the next day from 8am-7pm!
(i ended up skipping 8am lesson. lol)

few more photos...

i really love the indoor corner we sat at !

the chandelier thats very hypnotizing .
spin my head right round right round.

&& i'm so obsess with owl necklaces now !
so cute !!! dontchu think so??

Roar, i rarely have time for cyber life now.
i rarely have time to blog or online now.
every cyber related thingy are now all using my bb!
my lappy can throw already srsly.
alrighty, just kidding !