Friday, January 29, 2010

wait, did i even mention i was going? LOL !
there's alot of photos ! guess i will just post some here.
the rest are in fb =D

on the plane. yes baby, its my first time.
noob la. i know.

i love the cotton wool clouds !

abit unglam here arh.

i was so excited on the plane and i cant stop yakking away
irritating josephine but at the same time making her laugh. LOL.


total stuff i bought on the 1st and 2nd day.

and the 3rd day. but my shades in jo's bag
and .... this is what will happen.
photos are not according.
lazy to sort out. heh.

those bell boys are cute ! LOL !

the male toilet sign in the hotel. cute sia !

i'm quite lazy to elaborate on the trip also.
ROAR. hop to josephine's blog for full details okay =D

was back on tuesday night around midnight.
went home to bathe and actually wanted to have a rest already.
but kena psycho down to kpt2 by jasmine jackie and leonard.

out to town with my little sis jasmine jo jackie leonard.
met melisa for a short while for dinner.
i brought my lil sis out with us because she's bugging me
everyday that she wants to pierce her nose.
she's sec2 this year anyway.
and i got tempted to pierce also.
so just did it with her.
while jasmine got her eyebrow pierced.
and jo got her tongue pierced.

honkong cafe after that.
there's this cute waiter working there for quite some time already.
he's very friendly, talk cock with us everytime we went there.
and it happens to be his last day working there.
so, when he was leaving he told me about his new work place and
gave me his hotmail. LOL.

ben&jerry with jaron and mely at cathay.
then vivo starbucks with jasmine and melt.
after that kovan with jasmine jackie leonard.
slack around my house area and jo joined us.
home at 5am.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Don't challenge me bitch, cause...
i always win.

town with the girls !

caught ' the spy next door ' . super nice movie.
actually every movie the jackie chan is in is nice la. lol.
cafe cartel after that while mely left with her sister.
caught the last train home.
home early for once. lols.

JASMINE'S birthday eve.

hongkong cafe.

gave this cat to jasmine for her bday prezzie.
LOL ! i'm just kidding.

marina country club for buffet before that.

love the star !


& on the actual day....

they cant find any candle ! LOL !

blind fold her all the way from her house...
cab to marina barrage !
leonard was like shouting to random passerby
eh birthday girl here ar !
clarke quay for azabu sabo's dessert after that.
yes, my ex work place. LOL.

while slacking by the river.... AHAHAHAHS.
leonard at the bottom then jackie follow by me on the top !

should i go to wavehouse on sat ?
i got a plane to catch on sunday morning !
how how how.....................