Tuesday, March 30, 2010

last week at jo's place. they are busy with
do check it out okay?!

damn, the last time i saw jo was like 4days ago?
the last time i saw jasmine and leonard was 3days ago?
cause i met them for supper tgt with jackie 3days back.
have been with either rus or sister these days. heh =D

met rus and des for dinner at kovan just now.
played pool after that followed by selegie tao huey =D
back to house area and des left shortly after.
talk talk talk . feels good to talk about everything and
realised how dumb we were . but its okay.
past is past. its the present that matters.

home at 3am =D

once again, happy 31st month of knowing each other! =D

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The only reason why i'm blogging now cause,

everyone seems to be asleep already .
(time check : 5.47am)
sister just went home at like 4am?
she wanna go home early and sleep cause
she's meeting her boyf tmr. tsktsk.

i need to start sleeping early.
i can wake up at 10pm sometimes !
zomg, tell me how to sleep early ?

the thought of school starting soon is driving me insane !
time is passing too fast . left with like 3more weeks of holiday !
the other 2Js also share the same fear as me , about school starting.
but i know the 3 of us will survive thru it ya? =)

Now, where are the photos jasmine yap !

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

you forgot to log out :P
& here i am invading your blog with my beauuuuutif-ool name :)
please visit http://statementees.livejournal.com
ILUMA - club 7

went with josephine louis rus and fabian .
nice place actually.
but the music that day was ... ... ...
walk to the mac beside supper club for breakfast.
slack around then bus 80 back to sk around 7plus.
walk to house area and slack with rus.
played some 'games' LOL !
then rm for some drinks.
home at 1pm .
shit man! i'm getting home later and later !

Dinner at kpt2 with jasmine and leonard .
jackie and jillson joined us.
205coffee shop after that while leonard went home.
Mac breakfast again. 3days in a row -.-
went to find rus and des.
home at 5am .

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Few more photos from my birthday =D

Romp5 @ zirca and rebel on monday night !
the number of people is zomgggggggggggggggggggg .
ahahahas! the queue was still damn long even though we cut queue -.-
and something happened to jasmine.
i dont think she would want me to say. LOL.
it was an awesome night =D
enjoyed myself to the fullest dancing with rus all night along =D
while the other 2Js with their other 2Ls. LOL !

went to the bridge outside central to get some rest
before going to boat quay for bar chor mee =D
mrt back to sk. slack with rus and home at 9am.

met rus des jh aloy in the night.
was at house area, then around compass ,
then beside mall .
the rest went back at around 5plus.
slack with rus till 7.30am =D

andddddddddddddddddddd ,
there's a event at powerhouse tmr night.
i think i'm gonna give it a miss .
but, whatever !

Saturday, March 13, 2010


town ytd with jo =D
and she bought me a top as birthday present
and i bought myself a dress!
thanks bitch =D

kovan hongkong cafe aftermath
to meet jasmine and leonard.
then rus came.
talk cock sing song. LOL !
walked jo home at around 3am then 4of us took cab back to sk.
slack with rus till 7am =D
and my poor boy got work later on =/

thanks for letting me understand.
i wont be like how i used to be in the past.
and no worries , this time round i wont run away anymore.
ily =)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

i love yoo...?

town with jasmine and jo on tuesday .
i like the feeling. like how we used to hit town
and just shop and walk around.
suddenly burst out into laughter and scare people around us.
and the best part is to just sit at starbucks having a
heart-to-heart talk session.

amk for kbox after town with jon xavier kratz and row( weird name i know).
had abit of drink. kbox session end at 2am .
geylang for supper =D
then went to row's place for mahjong !
home at close to 9am .

yet to get a dress for romp this monday !
gonna go town tmr again and look for one !]


Tuesday, March 09, 2010

MY 17th =D

iknowilooklikeshit. butidontreallycare.

omg ! i forgot to take photo with krizia all !
right, there's like alot alot more of photos all at fb =D

lincoln's birthday !

there's like super lots of people that i dont know.
ahahahahs. damn lots of drunkards . LOL !
and guess what , jo's boyf louis was drunk too.
but not at linc's chalet , at boat quay !
so borrowed xavier's car and rus jo and i went to BQ to fetch him home.
long long journey . louis was drunk till the extend that he cant even stand up !
by the time we were back at the chalet xavier zh lincoln all was drunk already!
but still, accompany them to drink somemore.
even drove out again to get more drinks and takeaway food =D
clear up the chalet in the morning.
rus send kratz xavier and jo home with xavier's car cause
he was in no condition to drive. LOL !
so end up rus and i cab home. home at 12noon.
tired like fuck .

met rus for straight 6days in a row =)
and now one day never see him feel so horrible ! LOL !
but that's okay =)
i'm a happy girl now and i dont ask for more =D
i dont care what others say cause its not gonna affect me
as long as i know i'm happy and fullstop =D

Friday, March 05, 2010

Nothing's gonna bring me down.

had a super happy 17th birthday ytd !!! =D
thanks for coming down people.
and thanks for flooding my inbox and fb with
those birthday wishes. LOL !
oh and those presents..........
yoo guys are so sweeeeeeeeeeet =D

and stupid rusydi, bluff me ar. idiot!
ahahahs. but anyway, thanks for taking care
of me when i was drunk.
thanks for being there at all my birthday celebrations
ever since i know yoo <3

going for lincoln's birthday chalet later !
will update again once i have all the photos !

Thursday, March 04, 2010

FINALLY 17 ! yes, 17 only. LOL .

i'm not really excited actually.
ahahahas. but i cant wait to see my friends!
i miss them like crazee !

just a short update .
tatas people !

Monday, March 01, 2010

Move BITCH, get out the way .
this song cant stop playing in my head !

busy busy recently.
poly admission stuff to settle.
medical checkup.
blah blah blah .

work on sat at some foreign worker roadshow.
buangkok for supper with jasmine leonard jo louis.
hg plaza for pool with jo and louis.
des jh and gf was there too .
back to sk to slack. home at 6am.

i'm a happy girl ! cause i've been meeting M lately ! heh.

ANYWAY , 3 more days to my birthday !
having a bbq celebration this thurs at pasir ris park !
do drop by okay ?!