Monday, April 19, 2010

super long since i last touch my comp!
been super busy with my school stuff , dee and the Js + Ls .
today is the first day of school !
i feel like a retard walking around school -.-
dont know the place well yet.
but thank god there's always ppl guiding me =D
i love my timetable.
i love my class. i love my classmates.
but i hate those lecturers.
and i still have to do maths ! @%$#&^%(*%^#$!$#&^%*

went to dee's school to look for him after his class ended.
ate in his school and he showed me around =)
bus home after that .
short and sweet =)

shall head to bed soon.
super tired .
need to adjust back my body clock !

Friday, April 09, 2010

these were taken like 1-2 weeks ago ? zomg.
we were having chompchomp that day anyway.

i know my blog is rotting. rah .
lets rewind back to saturday ............

supper at kpt2 with the other 2couples ( 2Js and 2Ls)
then dee(imeanbaby) joined us .
stayed over at jasmine's place.
card mahjong whole night . mac breakfast.
blah blah blah.

supposed to have steamboat for dinner on sunday night.
but all only woke up at.... 11pm?
so followed dee home to take car key and
all of us went jalan kayu for supper.
then yishun dam for some indian poker.
we make the guys all kiss each other ! LOL !
and poor dee gotta lick leonard's knee. (ew)
alot more disgusting forfeit. AHAHAHAS.
Home after that and K.O for like 15hrs !
(the best damn day of my life.)

supposed to have katong laksa for supper but
when dee and i got there it was closed !
damn sad can.
so dee drove to sempang bedok instead.
super nice food !
then yishun dam again.
back to house area and slack.
mac breakfast and home .

mahjong at jasmine's place with leonard jo louis dee and desmond.
supposed to have dinner at hg mall pastamania but we were too late.
so head to 327 instead. talk cock sing song.
cab back to dee house again take car key.
then sempang bedok again. LOL !!
drove around . zomg, punggol end those private houses damn scary can !

takeaway mee goreng from R.K house and punggol nasi lemak.
back to dee's house while he watch soccer and i rot. LOL !
home at 9am. and i only fell asleep at like 5pm !
i just woke up like 2hrs ago. zZz

10more days. the 6 of us are going crazee !
i'm gonna cherish every single sec i have now with dee.
beelovedee :)