Sunday, May 23, 2010

DRESS DAY ! and finally a photo of the 8 of us,
JACKIT ! a name made up of all our initials :D
(there's also 3 of us who's name initials that starts with J. LOL)

met claudia ty mx yx and gabriel at town.
was late for almost an hr =/
bobian ma ! i only reach home at like 6 in the morning.
fareast first. sad to say i din get anything from there.
just couldnt find what i want :(
Ion next to find abrie !
then went to wisma , taka blahblahblah
to look for a place to do our assignment.
but everywhere seems to be full. zZz.
end up din do anything and just chill around town.
it was nice though :)

met baby after his 25km race run for dinner
at punggol nasi lemak <3
then went kpt2 tgt to find jasmine leonard jackie and kelvin.
walk back to baby's place after that .
almost fell asleeppppppppppppppp.
okay wait, i think i fell asleep for awhile. lols.
home at 630am.
tiredxzxzxz but had a superb night with baby :D

Saturday, May 22, 2010

There's like ALOT more photos on fb.
i dont wanna flood my blog. lols.

gave school a miss today.
missed out cycling with classmates also :(
lazy me. judging from their photos, looks like they had alot of fun .
dinner at compass with jasmine and mely.
(jo with bf @#$%^&* ) LOL .
then starbucks . nice catching up :D
talk non stop for hours.
walk home with mely .
beautiful night sky filled with stars :D

town tmr with classmates !

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Formal wear day :D

presentation on wed.
so is like almost everyone in the class wear till damn formal.
but not all get to present due to time constraint .
took hell lots of photos.
gonna post it soon.
super tired now and this headache is killing me.

cycling after school with classmates tmr.
for dinner !!! LIKE FINALLY !!!!!!
all 4 of us :D

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

W1002. class of hardcore camwhores.
All these photos are taken in one day ! and there's more !

suppose to be 8 of us. but julia is always missing !

julia missing again. and i dont know who's the guy beside me. LOL.

abdul bassit ! he's like the girls fav guy in class !
he's really funny and cute real life :D

the twist stands for 02 !

ah lian and ah huay. YES, everyone in class call us that. idky.

claudia the bimbo !

hippo, maomao, ah huay, ah lian, pee pee. YES, our nick names ! LOL.

we take photos everyday !

school is always so fun nowadays. except for the tests part.
and i realised those photos only have like 2 guys?
even some of the guy love to camwhore too !
will post the photos of those guys on my next post!
i should STOP being LATE or MISS out lessons seriously !
i'm having test like everyday for this week except for friday.
and maths is still killing me.
teaching some Amaths plus physics law topic.
and i totally have no background for both !
must work extra hard. rahhhh.

and lastly,
my favourite guy

Rusydi mah :)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thursday = dress day !

set every thursday to wear dress ! LOL.
i dont know why too.

firstly, school work are killing me.
best part is, i know there's alot of stuff that needs to be done,
but i'm just so not motivated and lazy to even touch it.
plus this stupid cramp is haunting me for the whole day already.
rahhhh, i know i know, i'm always complaining =x

blasting song in my room.
trying to block out my own thoughts with the music. hahas.
my brain needs a break .
(trying to find excuses not to do work , LOL)

&&& i miss town !

Thursday, May 13, 2010

just had a nap. school work is driving me crazee.
best part is i even handed up the wrong assignment -.-
and i only found out when i got home .
dance camp tmr and i think i'm skipping it =/
i wonder how much fun i'm gonna miss out :(
but i really need the extra time to do school work
and have a good rest plus meet my dee.

having makeup lessons tmr.
class supposed to end at 1pm.
but now drag till 4pm.
dance camp start at 6pm.
how am i supposed to have enough time to go home and pack?
plus by then i would already be very tired.
and no one really sleep during camps right?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

gone crazee with classmates while doing wrtorial homework.

my 2 best friends in class :D

taken on tuesday ! stayed in school till like 7pm to do assignment.
zhi char with them plus a few others after that.
after we got home, like around 10plus, still must chiong assignment.
zZz. shag like dunno what.

and today, (only gonna post the photos taken today on the next post :D)
baby came to find me after school ! :DDDDD
Intro him to all my classmates. he was like damn paiseh la!
and plus my classmates gave him a nickname , 'JB'
not justin bieber, but jessie's bf. LOL !
they just cant seems to pronounce and rmb baby's name. AHAHAS.
then he joined my classmates and i for lunch at bbq chicken.
like my fav now can. student price is cheap and the food is superb.

baby left after lunch to meet his friends at airport for some schoolwork thingy?
gai gai awhile with the girls then was like on 27 otw home already
then baby was done with his stuff.
so ask me to U-turn and go airport find him. LOL.
am tired but its okay :)

walk around the airport.
i swear the aviation gallery damn chio can !!!
and those SIA air stewardess ! ENVY ENVY ENVY !
chill here chill there and then home :)
short and sweet <3

Sunday, May 02, 2010

small gathering with few of 4e5 classmates :D

been super lazy to update my blog nowadays.
maybe cause i'm more active on twitter? lols.

guess everything's good.
my new laptop is arriving tmr !
and i'm looking forward to my dance audition result.
(yes i know, i said this alot of times -.- ppl excited ma ! )
school, not bad. i only hate the travelling and waking up early part.
the most irritating thing is vexing over what to wear to school everyday !

my lil sis is having her advance birthday bbq today .
shall be a good sister and drop by later on.

&& its labour day but still have school tmr for poly student. so unfair ! >:(