Monday, June 28, 2010

During the Hols.

e4 and e5 bbq.
sad thing was i went abit too late and some of them left already.
but it was good catch up session though.
crash edmund's crib next with a few of them till 1am+
then baby and his friends came to fetch me.
supper followed by lepak-ing at yishun dam.

my 22-month-old nephew!

always messing around with my laptop!

my nephew love baby to bits !

and i dont know why my nephew, joshua, kept calling
baby ' PAPA! PAPA!' whenever he come over
or joshua saw his photo.
and right now joshua is beside me pointing to the photo calling papa again -.-
we keep teach him to call dee KORKOR but he will end up saying papa again.


jasmine's bee, also my 'son' .
another crazee arse. enjoying catching lizard -.-
went to his place to watch soccer over the hols too.

while watching he came to snap photo of us.
of course we are ever ready !

lack of post again. been busy during the hols.
now it over, its becoming busier with projects all.
monday-friday - school.
saturday -dance in the morning.
sunday - reserve for baby. LOL.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

been busy recently.
was working for pc show.
saw alot of friends and few of my classmates came to find me :D
new colleague new friends :D
love my job, pay's not bad.
now that its over i'm finally free again.
no need to wake up early ! LOL!
just for one more pathetic week before school starts :(

saddest part is i missed out dance practice cause i'm working
and i wasnt aware of it.
thanks to myself for not informing the head that i changed my number :(

last thing before i end this post ,
i miss baby although we just spent like 24hrs tgt.
and guess what! i'm going out to meet him now again. HEH :)
happy girl :DDD

Saturday, June 05, 2010


its a Saturday ! how did yoo spent it?
i went swimming in the afternoon with jasmine jo and leonard!
like finally ! LOL.
but jasmine din swim though, cause she dont know how to swim. LOL!

and this funny ahlian keep standing close to us while we were talking.
like eavesdropping on us la !
and her friends plus her all like tattoo everywhere. EW.
its super ugly ! think they call it ' body art '
art ki lan. i dont get it why other people else have such nice tattoos,
but if its on damn it just look so ugly !
guess what ! the next thing is one of the guy ask for my number !
it was a immediate NO ! ahhahahas !

dinner at ljs , chill awhile then jo went off.
then jackie came to find us to chill awhile before meeting his friends :D
went pasar malam near my house for some snacks then home !

and i have no idea why i bump into so many friends today !
its not like i'm at town or whatever .
bump into like 9 of them?!?!
i mean for me i consider that as alot. LOL !

and baby texted me just now !
telling me how starry the night is, how windy isst,
and of course how much he misses me ! ahahhahs!
miss yoo too my silly boy !
he's coming back tmr night ! cant wait to see him !

A photo of my baby boy ,
even though cant see his face but still shuai right ! LOL !

won't tell anybody how yoo turn my world around,
wont tell anyone your voice is my favourite sound :)

Friday, June 04, 2010

My lovely baby :)

had BBQ chicken with him ytd.
officially become my fav restaurant already! LOL!
and this poor boy only have like 40mins of sleep before going to school today!
cause he spent most of the night playing game instead of starting on his assignment
plus, i couldnt stop disturbing him. LOL.
one way to wake someone who's scared of tickle is to poke him ! HEH.

Now, he's like in m'sia for diving trip.
will be back on sunday night.
nope, haven start missing him yet, maybe soon. hah.

swimming tmr with jas jo leo.
cant wait ! been very long since i swim !
haven wear the bikini i bought from bangkok ,
plus one more bikini given to me as a birthday gift !

Its a bliss to wake to your love one beside yoo :)

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


been really busy with school work.
finally holidays are here !
last paper today :D
these few days was just supper with the Js +L and dee.
hanging out with classmates after school and do school work.
its enough to keep me busy already.

and today, town for some shopping with jasmine.
it was my first time hitting town so early !
cause my paper ended early. LOL.

next, met dee to cut + dye hair.
trim abit shorter, thin it by like half of the original thickness and dye it !
yeah, yoo people know how thick my hair was. AHAHAHAS.
dyed it twice cause the first time the colour on the top part came out
like super gold ! i dont like it at all. look damn ahlian can.
so the auntie dyed it again with another darker tone.
glad that dee likes my hair now :D
cause he always complains that my hair is too thick ! very long !
AHAHAHS! i wanted to dye my hair super long ago!
but just cant find the time to until today.

sentosa with classmates this thurs !!!

gonna go watch some movies now. tatas !