Saturday, July 31, 2010

Orlena's 17 last week.

picture with people who are in 4e5.

birthday girl!

lynette ! used to talk non stop in class.

& my jiao bin.

had a hard time going to her chalet with chenning.
it was at east coast. and stupid bus 401 is not in service during weekday.
like what the hell right?
took like 3buses, got lost and cab instead.
we were so lost cause we came from school. tampines to east coast !@#$%^&
good catch up session :D
nice food :D
just that everyone is in cliques cause there's also her poly mates.
bus home in the night with lynette and kris :D

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The last post about us.

yeah, everything has ended.
looking at my inbox, wallpaper just hurts so much now.
although we both still love each other deeply,
no point saying it already.
the 5hrs talked we had last night made me realize something.
but ya, since yoo chose it this way, im sorry i chose to be heartless too.
yoo cant have it both ways.
but understand that what i do now will make it easier for yoo to forget me.

the part that hurts me the most?
this fri was supposed to be our 35th month.
&knowing that after so long, after all the efforts we both put in to sustain our r/s,
have all gone down the drain.
after all we have been thru, after all those tears we shed for each other,
we have to end up in this way. and rmb, its yoo, not me.
dont regret. cause im never going back to yoo, again.
unless yoo try hard enough.

and i never thought that i would literally break down in public.
yeah, i broke down at the entrance of my school canteen, squating down,
infront of half of my classmates.
they are shocked , me too.
i never thought it would hurt me this much.
very few ppl have seen me teared before.
it was embarrassing, but i dont care.
go ahead and laugh, cause yoo dont know how it feels like to have your heart broken.

after today im not gonna cry anymore.
its gonna be hard.i would be lying if i say i wont miss yoo.
but ya, am gonna try, am gonna go back to how my life used to be.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


town. bugis. clarke quay. love.

shopping at 313 and lunch.

then bugis for more shopping !
super happy girl. contented with the stuff i bought :)

last stop of the day ? clarke quay !
heard that there's a flea over there.
but it was quite disappointing.
nth much, or i went a lil too late?
there's also a food fair going on over there.
super packed i swear !
decided to have a quick drink .
cause all got plans after this and poor abrie got work the next morning.
settled at pump room but left cause they dont serve jug or tower.
in the end just settled at the river side.
good weather, great company, cheap alcohol :D
i wouldnt wanna spend a bomb on alcohol,
i rather use the money to go shopping !

yeah, i get red very easily,
good blood circulation and i got super fair skin tone :D
then off to meet baby!

a well spent saturday!
but, i skipped dance training in the morning =x

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Presentation day !

julia, claudia, ivy, me, abrie

women in black !

am super glad that it went well !
mostly positive comment on your presentation :D
spent a lot of time preparing for it !

Tampines for lunch after school.
then chilled at coffee bean .
had a good talk with the girls and great laughs :D
one thing that we concluded,
girls almost put their bf first priority,
whereas guys? gf is always an option.
of course i dont mean ALL of them. maybe some?
so we girls are gonna try do the same. evil, i know.
but in the end who's the one that gets hurt ?
us, girls. for doing too much.

finally one project down.
few weights off my shoulder.
2 more to go !!!

shopping tmr with abrie claudia and julia ! :DDDD

Monday, July 12, 2010

Its still us.

been a hectic week.
projects and projects.

after school ? did abit of project.
hang around in school till 5plus.
met baby and went to jasmine's place.
then baby jasmine leonard and i went hg for pastamania !
jo and louis came after that. hop over to mac.
talked, laugh, chilled.
then went to ntuc, i only remembered we spent a long time there,
laughing, walking around like crazee people.
back home with baby aftermath.
love accompanied me till 4am ++ before going back.
and guess what ! i kicked him in my sleep ! LOL.
had a great time with them :D

dinner/supper with baby at jalan kayu.
drove me home and off to do is project with friends.
met him for awhile after he's done :)

and i spent my sunday doing project at abrie's place.
but i met jas and jo in the night at town.
had pepper lunch and heart-to-heart talk at our usual place :D
back at around 12plus , watch soccer and skip school the next day (today).

&& crab feast with jas jo mel tmr in the night !
looking forward to it ! :D

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

school life would suck without them :D

caught ECLIPSE during the weekend with my love.
omg, meltz* LOL.
i think the movie was good. i cant wait for breaking dawn to come out !

short day in school.
screwed my maths quiz.
can kiss goodbye to my grade already.
still cant kick the habit of skipping lectures and being late.

currently working on a project on century sq.
LOL, i know. so we are like going there for project and not gai gai.
prensentation due next week and i've yet to buy my formal wear.
i am terribly broke. pay till long. rahhhhhh.

i cant wait for the long holidays to come !