Monday, August 30, 2010

few weeks ago.


when both sister and D came over.
started to play with makeups !
i know it looks horrible on him. LOL.

right now i'm going crazee ! maths paper is just 6days away
and i'm not even half way thru revision.
there's so much i dont know ! sort of regret skipping lectures all the time.

and i'm shifting house at the end of oct.
just one more month :(
i'm so gonna miss this place.

anyways, happy 36th anni :)
totally forgot till d wished me.
had a good chat with him last night.
talk about our past flings, happenings blahblahblah. LOL.
whatever it is, i just dun wanna fuss and fight with yoo no more.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

batam trip .

head to vivo first to buy the ferry tix and have a short dinner.
ferry going off at 7.20pm!
anyway, was going there with my lil sis mum and uncle tony (mum's fren)

the interior of the ferry.

reach there around 8pm and there are actually 2 guys that came pick us up.
its my mum's and uncle tony's friend.
they are like our tourist !
and how they know them ?
they work in the casino and my mum is so called the regular. LOL.
they look young but they are actually 20 !
at first i saw them i was like, THIS AHBENG DRIVES?!
went to have a big seafood feast :D
and another friend of my mum's was waiting for us.
guess what , she's also called jessie ! 22 this year but look 17?
super cute girl, short short and abit chubby chubby. SUPER PRETTY ALSO.
check in a hotel as is was late after our dinner.

look at the money !!! the currency is 1SGD:6000RP !!!
just bring 500bucks there and yoo are a millionare already ! LOL
had a hard counting the money cause the amount is too big !
my maths sucks to the core .

and the super cute switches in the hotel !
at first we was like, where the hell are those switches at ?!

on the small table between the bed -.-


breakfast in the hotel then bak kut teh for lunch !
jessie and the guys joined us too !

super cute teapot ! chinese tea !

after lunch then budi (one of the guy) drove us to a super huge temple to pray.
did i mention the traffic was damn bad? honk like nobody's business one sia !
then it was shopping time !
they have ALOT of fake goods i swear !
but sad to say, nothing caught my attention.
the clothes there are nothing like bangkok and malaysia .
i forgot we are at INDONESIA.
only bought a pair of stockings and pair of flats.

of cause have a short tea break over there.
and they have this fast food restaurant name BFC.
which stands for Best Fried Chicken. LOL!!

after awhile it was dinner time again.
seafood feast again !! i swear i ate alot these 2days !
had a good chat with all of them over dinner :)
their teochew and malayu damn good siol !

bid goodbye ,
caught the last ferry at around 930pm (indo time)home.
in SG is 1030pm ! 1hr difference.
bought many many indo 'tu zhan' home.
those dried cuttlefish all.
and D came to fetch us to help us carry all our barang barang ! LOL.

i know im gonna miss jessie and budi :(

Sunday, August 15, 2010

working time with bestie!

started playing lame games when it gets too boring.
supposed to be each person one desk but we choose to squeeze at one desk.
but seriously, its just right for 2. desk so big for what!

having steamboat later on!
my baby newphew's 2-year-old birthday!
and meeting d aftermath. heh :D

ohno, maths main paper is nearing already!
gotta start studying. i dun wanna retake maths1 next sem :(

Saturday, August 14, 2010


it was pay day !
so it means shopping also !
first stop was bugis.
had lunch at some jap restaurant that resemble azabu sabo in alot of ways!
bugis street then fareast :D
follow by cafe cartel at dhoby.
then back home to meet d.
it was a perfect day :D

working with e-werks once again .
but with bestie this time.
in the office. it feels funny at first,
i mean working under e-werks, not bestie,
and i hope this time the pay wont delay for long.
sucky part? WAKING UP EARLY!!!
Photos with bestie soon !

Monday, August 09, 2010

the spoiled brat in my house.

pretty huh?
i hate my lil sis a little less now,
means i still hate her ! LOL. jk.
but she could be such a muthafuckingbitch sometimes .

had some dinner that night to attend.
was damn reluctant as im super tired.
but still... its going out with my mama and sis afterall.
was at the boring north point first. din buy anything at all :(
at least i had good food during the dinner and half a bottle of free martel :D

last wed.

short presentation day.


my 3 good brothers in class !
the 3 that i go to school with and home with almost everyday!

gabriel the didi !

alvin the korkor.

dominic the AhBeng!

school would be boring w/o them.
going home and going to school would be lonely w/o the 3bros.
although its the hols now and each of us are busy with own stuff,
we all will go out again tgt soon :D
study tgt for main exams !@#$%^&*(#$%^&

and YAY, shopping tmr !!!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

gonna have a proper update tmr.
am mad tired now.
and finally its the holidays !!!!!!!!

a photo of my lil sis and me.

dun look at my fucked face.
the focus is on my lil sis !

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

'Never let go of the love that has made you happy. It might not have been perfect love that you've always wanted, but admit it, at some point, it has made you happy. Don't ever wait for the day that you're gna regret letting it go, the day that it won't come back anymore.'
'Sometimes we expect more from others because we’d be willing to do that much for them.'

'When one door closes, another one opens. But sometimes, we look so long at the closed door that we don’t even see the open one.'

'I don't know if I'm really getting better or am I just getting used to the pain?'

Sunday, August 01, 2010

sacrifice a lil bit of freedom and be with someone yoo love dearly, OR
sacrifice the one yoo love dearly just for freedom and make BOTH suffer now?
yoo chose the 2nd one.
i sacrifices so much, so much for yoo.
and yoo know what? i din mind cause i love yoo.
but now, all the sacrifices are not worth anymore.
and now we are as good as going back to square one.
remember yoo once had a choice.

i said 'its okay, few months later ... ... ... '
yoo said ' so this is how much faith yoo have in our love ? '
yeah, i had alot of faith in our love, in the end , this is what happen.
yoo are the one who dont have enough faith in us.

yoo only know what yoo want, have yoo ever think of what i want?
i never gave up, yoo are the one who give up too easily.
yoo selfishly said yoo still wanna continue loving me but dont want any commitment.
yoo wanna go back to how we used to be. but no, i dont want it anymore.
yoo cant have things both ways. this is too selfish.
i thought last time yoo were the one who dont want Me to be tied down BY yoo?
wake up jessie goh. stop thinking he's different.
your mum's right. all guys are the same.
i gotta stop having false hope, stop hoping that one day yoo will come back again.
cause we are so over.
its hard to wait around for something that might never happen,
but its harder to give it all up when yoo know its everything yoo want.
i spent far too much time waiting for yoo.
and now i just gotta stop thinking about what i want, but what i deserve.
i want a guy that want, and will fight for me.
and not give up and push me to another guy when someone he THINKS is better came along. DETERMINATION.

guess what,
one day the thought of yoo wont make me smile silly to myself anymore.
one day receiving your text wont get me all jumpy and excited anymore.
one day reminiscing about us wont make my tears flow anymore.
one day i dont even wanna look at our photos anymore.
one day when yoo regret and realized that no one can ever love yoo the way like i do, no one can ever treat yoo like i do, no one can ever be as forgiving as i do, no one can take your temper and nags like i do, no one would understand yoo the way like i do,
WILL be the day that i've moved on, completely forgetting about YOO, forgetting about, US.

hurts alot? hell yeah.