Tuesday, September 28, 2010

here to make an quick post.

i am bloody sad right now because my GPA is only 1.95!
YES !!! BLOODY 1.95 ONLY !
and i just know that sup paper is on this coming friday,
in the morning :(
to be exact, i left with 2 and a half day to study.
fyi, sup paper is harder than main paper.
fml. i did study for main exam i swear!
i'm just so not lucky this time round.

please jesus, guan yin ma, allah, dua pek gong bobi me,
just let me pass this supp paper and i promise i will be a good girl
next sem. really :(
i will not skip lectures on purpose.
i will not skip school on purpose :(

Friday, September 24, 2010


first up was late lunch at city square.
then kbox session at cine.
before that went to 'surprise' baby at his workplace!
then the photographer ask us if we wants to take photos!
i think the photos turn out very well :D

had a great time singing! and we got ourselves
one jug of beer. LOL !
baby came to find us after his work and
went for supper. missed the last train
so we end up taking cab home.
chill with baby till like 3am+ then head home.
poor boy got work the next day.

bugis for shopping with jasmine on tues.
managed to control my spendings !
baby came to meet me while jasmine left to meet her bee.
had swensens with my dear boy :)
then shop again with him till its getting late
and we took bus 80 home.
i love long bus rides with him :)

oh ! and i dyed my hair again!

had been busy with different
activities these days
and i'm glad baby is part of it too :)
i love how we are now and i dont want anything to change.
i'm very happy that he is making so much more efforts
to spend even more time with me,
do things he never done for me before .
on top of that, he's been real patient with me.
i love you boy , xoxo :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

An Adventure Night.

there are more photos, but im gonna post this one up first.

last monday when we all finished our last paper.
jasmine treat jo and i to hotpot culture.
unfortunately melisa couldnt make it.
we reach there a lil too late. at like 9pm.
last order 9.15 and 9.30 . pathetic.
they even saved us some dessert but we decided
not to have it close when we were done eating
they were all like don closing up. done cleaning up.

so went to lepak outside esplanade aftermath.
htht and stuff. then got the sudden cravings for
BAR CHOR MEE at like 4am?!
the one at boat quay. so decided to WALK there.
we forgot the way and got terrible lost !

but it was worthwhile.
we walk on the f1 tracks. walk pass many buildings that
i din see in my whole 17years on earth.
we literally walk AROUND city hall.
we went pass DXO, Butter Fac, Supper club.
after walking for 2hr we decided to ask
a bangla working in 7/11 for directions!

and guess what, he actually knew !
and we started walking back the direction we came from -.-
yoo know the FML feeling? ROAR.

and then finally......

home at like 7am?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Last week. town. lucky plaza. study

oh, and did i mention that im kinda in love with stockings nowadays.

last week also. orchard central. plaza sg. rivervale plaza.
study all the till morning and dee came to fetch me home aftermath.

exams are finally over !! pray hard i wont have to take any sup papers.
had a hell of a night ytd and only got home at 7am
gonna blog about it when i have those photos.
slept at 9+ and woke up at 6.30pm.(thanks to my lil sis).
wash up and make a trip to rivervale mall to run some errands.
decided to stay home tonight and have a good rest.
i have been reaching home only in the morning for the past 2weeks.
although my mum doesnt really care(cause she trust me,
not because she really dont care about me)
but i gotta spare a thought for my complexion.
my dark circles are getting worse.
my body's clock screwed and some am i .

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Town last week to studeh .

here's one of the pic. gonna upload the rest after my paper tmr!
cant wait for the paper to be over !
would be heading over to marina sq with those 2bitches
for azabu sabo! the jap restaurant we used to work at.

gonna get my lazy ass out of the room now !

Friday, September 10, 2010

been busy this week. most of the days mugging at plaza mac till
moring.i just love to study there. to me its like the only place that i can really concentrate.and of course never fail to bump into friends in the middle of the night! my body clock is so damn screwed now. have been sleeping at 8ams!
paper is on monday and it starts on 9am. (Y)
gonna hit the showers now and head out to mac to studeh again with jasmineyap!
gonna be back with photos !
and lastly,

Friday, September 03, 2010

town and city square with bestie.

and she curled her hair for the day !
i think straight hair suits me better. yeah?
and that bitch ask me to wear heels with her.
end up she's the one that kept complaining her feet is killing her.
ahahahs. and i have to pull her away from make up stalls
because her bf always complains she's spending alot of money on makeups.
Girls, just cant help it huh.
then off to have some good food at city square at a super affordable price.
i cant rmb what happen next. LOL.

alrighty, gonna go hit the showers and study with dom and alvin.
2more days to maths paper and still not half way done with revision :(

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

I don’t want a fairytale relationship. I’m not looking for a prince
charming who is perfect. I’m looking for a guy who is goofy & fun. He tries to make me laugh & joke around. He doesn’t have to take me to the best restaurant, I’d rather him make me a bowl of cereal or something, He doesn’t have to make me a song or take me somewhere, I’d rather him make compliments every once in a while, I’m looking for a guy who is there for me when I need it, We don’t have to get along all the time, but in the end, We make up && both get stronger. I want us not to be perfect because imperfection lasts longer.