Friday, October 29, 2010

Not much make up day in school and i choose to take photo on that day -.-

we was slacking around the corridors as we couldnt stand the tutorial anymore.
that teacher look like some technician man with a bedhead.
and he wear formal pants with sports shoe (Y)

took polaroid in school!

here to do an update abt my life.
skipped school today.
currenly packing clothes now as im
shifting house TOMORROW !
yes, after much procrastination then i started to pack TODAY!
i just finished packing all the hanged clothes and footwear.
took up like 3boxes alrdy.
halfway more to go !

did i mention i was shifting to bedok south?
YES!!! blardy far far away.
i hate it.
up to now i still cant accept the fact that im moving
even though i'm packing already. sigh.

had breakfast with jasmine and leonard
earlier on in the morning.
window shop at ntuc and stock up some stuff from daiso.
i've been going to mall everyday for the past few days already.
i'm gonna miss sengkang so much :'(
no more late night supper at plaza
and WALKING home in the morning.

gonna go kovan to get my specs done
then home again to continue packing,
then baby gonna come over and help
then dinner with him and finally
meet bestie aftermath.

miss me while i'm gone ~

Monday, October 25, 2010

jack it first polaroid !

but julia's missing cause she have to go retake her english o's :(

first day of school was not bad.
sad part is first lesson was maths !
one of the lesson was canceled !
so 3hrs break.
went TM pastamania for lunch !
released early for last lesson!

&& tmr lesson start at 8am !!!
3lessons canceled, and theres like 5hrs break!!
wth !! what am i suppose to do then?!
and i end school at 7pm :(

and i just gained like 1 or 2kg!
i should seriously cut down on fried and salty food!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wednesday night with mama and sis.

initial plan was to stay home as i was really feeling blue.
had an heated argument with my parents over the house matter.
cause i die die dont wanna move to tanah merah.
its so bloody far for god sake.
but still, no choice. sigh.
moving next weekend.
bye sengkang :(

as i was saying, wanted to stay home,
but my mum called me in the evening
to join her and sis for dinner at vivo.
and go talk a walk.
my mum is being too good to me.
she always make it up to me in some ways
whenever we quarrel. sigh.
dinner and a walk with them sounds good.
maybe thats what i really need right now.

had dinner at Imperial Herbal .
some chinese restaurant.
to me its damn expensive . but once in awhile ba.

super nice dish.Each piece was actually stacked nicely
but it taste so good i forgot to take a pic first.

carrot cake ! my fav !

and guess what is this? FRIED SCALLOP !
very unique taste, but tasty . but liddat cost like 26?!

this veg might look boring and dull,
but trust me, the taste it just right and nice.

black pepper beef ! super good also! the meat is so tender!

and my love of all, XiaoLongBao !!!
i had like 6 of it la !

and dessert time. cost like 10bucks each.
but its nice also la.

so in short, everything was GOOD.

aftermath just shop around for a lil while,
and home sweet home.
bestie came over for awhile also to ketchup.
i mean catch up. lol.

hardly had time for home nowadays till today.
had been going out every single day,
eating like a hungry ghost .
chompz on sun. waraku on mon etc.
and today was planning to go serzairiya for lunch
but we all cant wake up for lunch. lols.
so went to buy food for our bbq tmr night!
then the girls jas jo mel came crash my crib for awhile
before going back.

while baby today is out with his classmates
and friends for a birthday celebration and smthg else.
leave me at home alone, tsktsk.
SadEmoLonelyGirl_1993 :(
but its okay, need some time for myself.
and i have him for the whole saturday night
till sunday night :D

Thursday, October 21, 2010

dun have much time to blog these days.
shall do a proper update tmr.
and, i seriously need to stop eating so much !!
the rate i'm eating now is getting out of hand.
i dun wanna gain back the kilos i lost :(

Saturday, October 16, 2010

well well well, how was your week?
mine's great to the extent that i got no time for my lappy !

lets recap from monday !
it was kbox session with jas jo and jackie !
they went shopping at bugis first while
i met some of my pri school friends.
then kovan for supper, miss the last bus, cab home with jas.

and traditional breakfast at tues or wed morning??
with jasmineeeee. we were crazee. ate till almost puke.
home at like 9am?

then wed night went to amk for dinner with jas jo and louis.
we went all the way there just to have astons. wtf i know.
wanted to kbox till morning but jo din wanted and went home.
slack ard and had mac breakfast !

and ytd (thurs)
town with jas and mel . pastamania for dinner.
shop ard and then it was chilling at starbucks!
caught the last train home :)

and now! today (friday).
got home like an hr ago.
thank god there's such thing as night rider. hah!
met baby and train to clarke quay.
daniel's having his 21st over at timbre :D
there's like 20 over peeps?
and idk half of them :(
thank god jas and leonard came.
finger food and down one shot of dunno what vodka. LOL.
the guys were planning to go play lan aftermath,
so decided to let baby go with his friends while i went
to have the super nice bar chor mee with jas and leo at boat quay.
and i saw kumar !! omg, been so long !

some photos to entertain you guys !
first up, featuring, my baby nephew !

idky he is sooo close with baby. tsktsk.

by any chance look like our child? LOL! jk!

look at his eye lashes! im so jealous !!! hmph !

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Sa-De-Dey Night with baby !

Decided to go clarke quay for azabu sabo's ice cream !
but of course dinner first.
wanted some jap food but we happen to walk pass manhanttan fish market!
and i've never dine there before ! so decided to give my virgin time
to baby to try it ! i am a sucker for fish anyways !

this was the view from our seats !
i have no idea there is an outdoor seats even though i used to work
at central for like one year !!! -.-

look at this happy boy face with his fav drink !

and mine was a lil to sweet for me. and when baby finished his drink,
he was eyeing mine and i went like 'OhNos! hide ! ' holding my drink.
and then he just kept laughing non stop at my action idky !

still waiting for fooooooood.

and finally !

the fish was good ! abit better than fish and co. ?
had a good chat about everything under the moonlight :)
then took a walk around clarke quay and settled down by the river.
the last time we sat there tgt was like 2 or 3 years ago? WTF! LOL!

took like the last train back and baby suddenly feel like having desserts,
so we alighted at buangkok. its like we decided only when the MRT
reaches buangkok ! LOL ! and bumped into jasmine and leonard.
so dessert tgt and jackie jillson ritzio joined us.
walk home aftermath and continued our 'honey moon period'
at my crib :D stayed all the way till 4+ in the afternoon .
din had a good sleep but we have spent some quality time tgt :)

okay, baby just texted me for supper. gtg now, ciaos~

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Anyone believe this was jo and i when we were sec 2? LOL!

the ahlian times when i got red hair.
i feel disgusted with myself now looking at those pictures.
thick eyeliner and fake eyelashes. omg.

and this is how bestie and i look like when we were 15.

and end of sec 3. brown/blonde hair.
did i mention i went crazee at the end of the year and snip off
my hair from my butt all the way up to my shoulders?
that was the shortest hair i ever had.

and after one month i decided to have bangs and i reborn my hair!

and some say i look like a barbie doll whereas
some say i dun look good in bangs. doesnt suit me?

and now... some decent hair and decent make up.
re-dyed my hair few 2weeks ago and it looks a lil brighter now.

was reminiscing about the past these few nights,
and i decided to put up some old photos i've left with :D
hmm, my next post gonna be about baby and i?

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Wassupp! My first time blogging with my BB cause I'm too lazy to bring out my lappy.
And I think I did okay for my supp paper! Should be can pass ba.
Both jasmine and jo are not in asspore :(
Jas in taiwan while jo in m'sia.
But jas is coming back today and jo tmr!
And baby has been by my side these few days :)
Had bbq chicken last night with him and then it was
Crashing at my crib. Love all the cuddles, kisses
And we talk for hrs :)
I rather have a stay home sat night with him everyweek!
He left at 6am and then its time for me to sleep!
I'm amaze at us sometimes for being very lovey dovey even thought we are tgt for quite some time alrdy. My friends say we are 'lao fu lao qi' LOL.
Alrightyy, I'm deprived of food for 20hrs alrdy!
Time to hunt for food :D