Sunday, January 30, 2011

been so busy lately i hardly have time for myself.
would update again next week during the cny holidays
with photos from abrie's bday celebration and jo's !

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


MC for 2days.
Food poisoning. virgin time getting it.
please be the last one too.
cant stand diarrhea -ing for 5days and the puking.
very stupid me only went to see the doc after 5days also la.

school's been way too busy.
presentation and quizes almost every week.
this week have like 3quizes and one presentation.
i missed out one as i was one MC today.
maths quiz on thurs. pray hard just let me PASS .
presentation tmr which i din even see the slides yet. (Y)

been going to down town east almost every weekends
for birthday chalets. another one this weekend
for jo's bbq. thank god i got straight bus from here.

oh shitz! clash of friends bday this sat !
abrie and jo got the same birthday.
gotta split myself up now.

lastly, main exam is exactly 1month away.
3days 5 papers. whaaaaat ?!

Monday, January 17, 2011


happy girl with the holga me jo and mel bought for her :D

will update the rest of the photos by this week.
had a blast :D

been kinda busy recently.
jas bday chalet itself took up whole of my weekends.
it was from friday-monday.
yeah i went to school today from the chalet straight.
effing tired i swear.
& i got presentation tmr and wed.
french quiz tmr too. *hang self
i survived school till 7pm today !

totally no time for myself recently.
school work piling up.
friends birthdays all coming up.
another chalet again this weekend.
god bless me.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

featuring : BABY JOSHUA !



GO !! chasing birds !
seems to be his forte.
super cute i swear !

well well well, how life?
its getting kinda busy lately with quizes
and projects !
jas's 18th chalet this weekend ^^
gonna spons her a bottle of martell :D

i'm supposed to be studying for my maths quiz tmr now,
but i cant seems to concentrate, ALL THE TIME.
presentation on both tues and wed.
die la. no time do !
gotta go ! ciaos~

oh ya, lastly,
photo with GBS mascot on open house.
ps: GBS alot of cute guys *winks

Thursday, January 06, 2011

TP open house 2011 :D

our photo booth!

volunteered to help out our course for open house w the girls!
really hate the waking up early part though.
need to report at 8am for the first day! (today)
and tmr slightly better, 9am?
it wasnt really packed.
maybe cause its a thursday?
did saw a few vistarians.

open house ended at 6pm.
tired ttm.
reward myself with koi aftermath,
then an impromptu decision
to head to bedok 85 for din with jas and leo.
and now, i need to rest !


Sunday, January 02, 2011

one fine night.

went down to vivo to find baby after his work.
had dinz at pizza hut .
hunt for a new wallet.
want to buy GUESS wallet again
but the design is just soo typical.
got my eyes on river island.
hmmm, still deciding.
maybe guy laroche?
then we chilled at sky park,
enjoying the cool breeze,
reminiscing abt our past :)

sooo, how did you spent your new year and eve?


i spent the whole day and night with my boy.
gonna update about it soon.

and guess what?
school's tmr :(
argh i hate waking up early!
and the boring everyday routine :(
i hate maths T.T
In short, I HATE SCHOOL !

on a happier note, HAPPY 2011 !
chinese new year is coming and
i plan to curl my hair like this :

yep, thats my hair.
i did xx's hair tutorial.
but too bad for me, the curl doesnt stay.
only for like 1-2hrs?

actually, the exact hair i want is:

but i'm just gonna look sibei ahlian
with red hair :(