Sunday, February 20, 2011

back from USS with baby and his family :D
had hell lots of fun.
shag ttm now.
yet to study.
exam in 4days time.
roy's bday chalet at changi tmr
while jason's one at dte.
birthday clash again !
shall update abt USS real soon !

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

how i'm feeling every week....

needless to describe weekends.

need a BB case badly.
dropped my bb a zillion times already.
and i need to start studying desperately.
2papers next friday.
and my weekends are packed!
chalet on fri, buffet on sat, USS on sun, chalet again on monday!

just got back from i.t show interview for apple products
and since city plaza was near by, decided to shop a lil.
both jas and i are super happy with a cheap loots :D

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

i know i know, almost every couple went out to have some celebration.
well, i didnt.
my poor boy only end work at 10pm on that fateful day :'(
where got attachment like that one?!?!

but the boy insisted on coming over for awhile to see me.
poor him have to travel from habourfront to bedok to sengkang.
didnt wanted him to come cause we both are tired after a long day,
but he insisted.

& guess what?!

he came with roses !
totally surprised. cause he kinda convinced me
he didnt get anything for me on valentine and i believed TOTALLY!
cause he said ' having each other is enough ' !

just when i'm about to stop smiling to myself ,
a gift pop out ! double surprised !
and when i really thought there's nth else,
there comes another card from hallmark !
he passed me all the 3 gifts at the mrt station,
in the lift and outside my door !

TEEHEE. the card have really sweet words written.
but not by him la. by hallmark. LOL.

and the gift was a guess wallet !
the lighting sucks, its actually leopard print with better colours in real life. and thats the wallet i wanted from guess. i have no idea how he knew which one i wanted. but i'm elated anyways :D
dear boy left aftermath to go home chiong his report !

we must definitely have a make up dinner for it !
belated vanlentine ! LOL.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


went to timbre and clarke quay over the weekends.
catch up catch up with jasmine toh darling and jasmine yap.
it was niceeeeee to just have some drinks and chat :)
baby came to fetch us aftermath.
had 2 cup noodles for 'breakfast' that caused me sore throat !
one is tom yum and the other one with chili paste !
i choke while drinking the soup and there goes my throat :(

another random photo at chalet.

and my collection of footwears !
20 in total !
not including my 2pair of slippers and running shoe!
and i still wanna buy more shoes.
gonna get the limited.ed VANS soon !
and maybe another pair of flats.
my flats the front always 'open' after stepping on water
during rainy days.
throw away alot of flats already !

exams are round the corner!
first paper in 17days time!
haven started any single shit !
okay, gonna watch VD already.