Monday, March 28, 2011

my botak nephew !

he was like ' got ka ka (fly) ' *close eyes with hands*

sibei act cool .

act cute !

rollin' on my bed


'come rape me ' LOL

ladies night at butter.

then friday night at powerhouse.
i was forced to go.
bloody hell! LOL

finally baby's back from his diving trip last night!
and tmr morning we are leaving for genting trip.
cant wait !
my classmates always refer as
'advance honey moon trip ' LOL.

not gonna pack much as babyboy is bringing all the toiletries for me! hehe ^^ evil girl have to go pack my bag now. ciaos~

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

date with the boy

pardon my fat chubby face. been eating waaay too much lately!

my fav katsu curry and baby's having salmon don! raw salmon!

booked my BTT (like finally) and then head down to
town with my boy. got another pair of new sandals at F21 ^^
i will nvr get enough of footwears tho i own like 26pair now?
those bloody sandals keeps on breaking! urgh!
and i got it from bkk :( how now? fly back there?

anyways, walk all ard toen deciding whr shall we have our dinz.
bump into jasmine yap ( dance senior) !
omg, forever pretty! miss those dancing times tgt :(
and we finally settled on sakae sushi.

And todayyy,
we had sushi again!

yeah i know this is crazee.
25bucks worth of sushi i bought for us, for dinz.
baby was coming over to help my maid run some errands.
initially my maid wanted to treat him to crabs for dinz but he rejected! so my maid spons me 20bucks instead for sushissssss :D
aftermath i crazily went to bought like 7cans of drinks? LOL!

and now,
im hungry agaaaain, dammit i cant stop eating!
gonna sleep it off (hopefully).

poor me gonna be left alone in s'pore :(
baby's leaving for diving this thurs,
jas leaving for KL this sat,
my maid leaving for philippines this sat too.
and so many other friends are overseas!
but once baby is back on sunday,
we are going off to genting on tuesday!

Friday, March 18, 2011


the day that i did not went home for 36hrs?

trying to curl hair with straightener but failed.

my sets of old crayons i found at home.

wtf right? when i was working for it show the food catered by HP was jessie catering! LOL!
yep, i was working for hp redemption with jas esther melissa nat and a few more new faces!

fiona. my pri school best friend. went out with her few nights back to have dinz at clarke quay. secrets revealed! had a great chatting session sitting by the singapore river .

jaron's 18th @butter fac !

hows your holidays people?!
so far i only stayed home for one day during this hols!
gotta enjoy while it last. dont wanna waste any single day of it!
been eating, town, shopping, ladies night, eat, sleep, eat!
and the amount of food i ate is horrendous!
need to start swimming or jogging already!

and i have yet to book my btt !
supposed to go book today but baby and i slept the whole day away~
and i had katong laksa ytd with baby ! played pool tgt too !
fav past time. LOL!

timbre tmr night with the girls!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

just got back home after not being home for 2 full days.
went to sunshine plaza for some authentic thai food with jas.
we had a hard time looking for it. yes wth, sunshine plaza.
what a name. lol.
used my GPS and we decided to not follow and just tryna find a shortcut. but we ended up walking the long way cause we kinda got lost. LOL. finding or way back was easier. went to get koi and chillax abit around bugis before making an impromptu trip to the esplanade. always enjoy chilling there in the night with the beautiful view and cool breeze. and we just talked, about everything. even disclosing our deepest secrets. hehe x) decided to crash her place for the night. cab back at around 2am+ get cup noodles and next thing i know we were on her couch watching ip man 2. then watching saw III on her bed. it was damn bloody and gore i swear ! went to mall to grab some traditional chinese breakfast at 7am ^^ always been my fav. back to her home and she K.O while i quarreled with my boy.

broke up, lots of crying, decisions making, quarreled, cryings and finally slept at 11AM.
i guess we are almost fine now?

woke up in the evening, nuaaaaaaa got ready to go kovan for dinner.
crabs sotongs etc with jas jaron and jackie. (all Js arh) .
serangoon gardens aftermath for some dessert.
cabbed home. i'm spending like almost 3digits of amount every 2days.
gonna be so broke for the month.

Saturday, March 05, 2011


as usual im really lazy to sort out the photos.
tried my best to !

a lil tipsy after all the drinking.

making my wishes....

3Js 1M

north vista peeeeeepolllll


current classmates !

i had a blast ! thanks for all those who came !
and all those wished on twitter facebook and smses!
i had fun on my chalet thanks to all of you !
sorry if i neglected some groups as i was running ard like crazee
trying to serve drinks and entertain here and there.
and i know the food wasnt enough. sorry!
and thanks to my close friends who help out if not
i wont gonna survive doing everything alone!

and thanks jaron jasmine melisa josephine for the Chanel foundation. really a surprised! that was the best birthday present ever. and thanks to my classmates for the Guess bracelet and necklace ! they know i'm in love with Guess. HAHAHAHS! and of course i do love all the other presents you people gave me !

and thanks ar, all of you just wanna make me drunk that night.
i hoped you guys enjoyed yourself too ya !

all the other photos are all on facebook!