Monday, April 25, 2011

The magnificent view from my work place.

the 'wireless phone' we used to communicate w each other!
like some nokia phone nong nong ago right!

i was working under colliers international as a FM attendant.
and colliers work for bhp billiton, a mining company.
its good exposure since im studying this course.
they are damn rich i swear, coffee maker itself cost 15K, no joke!
and one chair cost 1.2k while the sofa 8k -.-
it is located at marina bay financial centre now.
made quite a few of nice friends :)
its amazing how we bonded w each other in just 4-5days!

YUM CHA for dim sum buffet awhile back

ate to the extent we almost puke!

Julia's 19th!

fish and co. for dinz w classmate
followed by acid bar for a mini celebration :D

xlb buffet at holland V !

its kinda awkward to dine w jas, her bro and his fiancee.
lolol. just feels like we were at bkk again!

& finally my darling turned 18th!

celebrated last wed at rebel/zirca
the night somehow didnt ended well,
so another make up night for her
at power house last sat :)
hopefully she did enjoyed herself.

need to adjust to 'back to school mode' already!
baby's getting enlisted on 1st Aug.
hopefully we can spend some quality time tgt
before he get enlisted.
things been kinda rough between us recently,
but we believed we will get thru it :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

rebel last night to celebrate jasmine toh 18th.
one heck of a night.
didnt even stayed on the dance floor for more than 20mins?
i screwed up.
gonna stay away from clubs for a while.

Monday, April 11, 2011

busy busy week.
work interview tmr at raffles!
shall update this dead space again
after my movie-buffet-date w baby
after the interview.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Ytd at kunleng's 18th.

if only my face look this slim in rl....

so, our dear friend mr kunleng is finally 18.
went to his place ytd noon for a mini celebration.
food's not bad. catch up with sec school friends.
wanted to catch a movie but no time slots.
head to tamp aftermath for yogurt and chill at the roof.
great laughing session.
missin' sec school life :'(

Monday, April 04, 2011

Genting trip with the boy !

i din sleep the night before.
but i wasnt really tired.
and i was the last to reach and i'm late!
everyone on the bus was waiting for me :/
the coach was quite empty tho.
so we sat all the way at the back !

arrived there at ard 1pm!
can only check in at 3pm!
so we went for lunch first at mary brown!

so just look ard till check in time.
and i saw my yr 2 senior sean!
so for the first day we din really do much
except for eat and walk ard and shop a lil :D

the lovers bridge :D

dinz at pizza hut which we spent like 80RM there!
best part?

angry girl waiting for food!

dont be deceived by the appearance!

2nd day was outdoor theme park!
it was freeezzzzingggg colddddd~
breakfast, back to hotel to nuaaaaa before going for the themepark. din take any peektures cause we were lazy to bring anything with us.
tried all the thrill rides !
the spaceshot, corkscrew and go-kart !
aftermath we went ripley's believe it or not!
was a fun experience, learnt abt of stuff from there.
then dinz at kenny rogers!
food's good (Y)

after everything was just dinz and back to hotel to watch tv :D
and i spilled my hot drink in the room -.-

3rd and last day was just breakfast buffet,
back to hotel to nuaaaa, check out,
last min shopping and back to sunnypore!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

back from genting !
had a great time with baby.
but now i'm sick.
sore throat cough flu .
gonna update more tmr with photos ^^
need to rest early and head to kunleng's place for his bday tmr!