Saturday, July 30, 2011

Amici @ Holland.V
many people refer it as fine dining.

romantic atmosphere.

nice table setting.

i know both paste look bland but it was really good.

and my spag! i swear the prawns sotong crayfish everything inside was damn fresh and got that QQ feeling when you bite it ! it cost like $28? but kinda worth it la!

Rusydi! yeah that place was kinda dark.

aftermath we went to vivo for more food! LOL

our fav lobster bisque soup and cheese cake from secret recipe!
really must try the soup damn shiok!

random post cause i am super bored right now.
heading out later for supper at jian dao jian w rus des jh aloy later!

finally a break from a hectic school week.
its just doing project everyday!
and i haven't been home for a few nights.
cause my good friend rus is enlisting this coming monday and we are just spending as much time as possible tgt. gonna miss him while he's gone.
feeling tired every single day from deprivation of sleep.

3quizs and 3presentation next week.
zai or what?
even weekends also need study and do slides #sadlife
on a brighter side, exams are coming = holidays coming!
cant wait to work my ass off cause im super broke right naoxzxzx.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

sometimes i'm just tired of saying 'i'm okay, i'll be fine' when people asked. just a way to console myself to make me feel better i guess. or maybe just by saying that things will eventually be okay. Or maybe sometimes i just need to show the weak side of me. its okay not to be okay, right?

sakae sushi buffet last week w classmates.

been terribly sick the past 1week. slowly recovering now.
such a pity couldnt join jas mel and co. at zouk last night :(
mel is finally legal!
heading to her chalet tmr then to satish bday celebration at zouk and then back to her chalet. LOL. crazy, ikr.
and i've been missing school like free.
at this rate i'm going i might as well dropout.
nah, i'm just kidding.
just cant wait for the exams to be over then maybe,
MAYBE join tiger airways as part time air stewardess :D

for now i'm just gonna hit the showers, maybe take a nap and head down to do some work. feel so unfair as most of the projects were done by my friends cause im sick. hmm, maybe i shouldnt nap, and rest early tonight. presentation tmr :s

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

term test over. 2weeks break over.
now its time to get back on track with school work.
went to bangkok during the 2weeks break!
kinda disappointing tho. guess the season not right, clothes was so-so.
shall go again during the end of the year!
altho school just started but im going to batam on friday,
short getaway during the weekends.
been very distracted in school.
decided to come update this space as much as i can cause i know people out there bothers to come read, share their opinions and thoughts :)
some lil things that keeps me going :)