Saturday, August 27, 2011

You have put off engaging in certain personal relationships because you have too much to do. Each time a social invitation comes up, or anytime there is an opportunity to repair a re
lationship that has been neglected, you may be inclined to say no because you are so busy.
But are you really so busy that you can't take a few moments to devote to a very special person in your life? There may be an issue you fear dealing with. But facing it now will be
easy versus putting it off for a time when it has grown bigger and more difficult. Address a
concern, and you'll gain a real sense of peace.

My horoscope for today is just so damn true.
I don't know why I've been shutting out my feelings recently.
Just so hard to open up again like before.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

baby nephew 3rd birthday!

with is standard spiderman pose. LOL

like a gan chiong to cut his cake.

about to cry when we started drawing his face. LOL

3 years old alrdy still a cry baby! buey tahan!
hope that he would be less-naughty!

been mia-ing from my blog as usual.
exam this fri, ending on next friday!
busy studying recently, good girl ^^
and im working at STICKY once exams are over!

gonna mia again till exams are over!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

there's so much things going on in my mind right now but i dont really have the time to care about other stuff other than financial issues. r/s can wait. studies can wait. but not money. its true that money cant buy happiness. but money is essential and we all need it every single day, especially when you're living in S'pore. without money you'll have more troubles. i dont know why im saying all these on my blog making it open. hope people reading this wont judge, but then again, why the fuck should i give a shit right? so gonna get a job once exams are over and work like mad. i promise my mum i would give her good life in at least 2 years time. i dont wanna see her in this state anymore. it hurts so bad. i feel so helpless being her daughter, and useless. this sucks, but i MUST survive.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

firstly, TGIF!
secondly, PROJECTS are OVER! (cause everything was due today)
thirdly, imma happy girl today :D

claudia julia abri ivy me gabriel alvin mx

been so long since i felt this pure bliss happiness with my classmates. recently it always have been project presentations and more projects. but today 8 of us went to town.
JustAcia for lunch!
then it was shopping session!
mx like a shiok. bought a Gucci sling bag.
the girls bought lots of stuff too
well except me. cash tight recently.
tried on at least 10pair of heels. i love it all but i need to save up.
really need a job badly.
and we did MANICURE! shiok~
cheapcheap somemore, double shiok~
walk till legs are tired so went for dinz and home aftermath.

few more pics from last sat rebel.
did i mention i went to rebel again on monday?
to celebrate National Day.
yeah i did. with jas jaron lynette and co.
it was a sucky night. kinda got into a fight.
dont wanna elaborate. old bus childish people.
oh well, its over.
the night got better eventually :D

guess im gonna take a break from clubbing for awhile.
really too much drama going on i cant take it anymore.
i actually just rejected my friend that ask me to head out awhile ago
time check: 12.33am

nvr thought that i would be so easily contented in life.
just hit town w few awesome people do girly bimbotic stuff reach home close to midnight could be a happy thing to do. maybe cause been so long since i last done this cause its always clubbing during the weekends.

cant wait for crabs tmr w jas jaron and co. :D

ps: promise to dedicate next post to rusydi and his botak head photo :P

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Delwinder's 19th @ zouk on friday!

happy birthday young lion! continue to train hard k!

shots shots shots shots

meiyi jas sihui pohyee me

retarded, i know.

my hand wasnt shaking, it was the freaking strong bass!

there was quite alot of ppl but i only knew half of them?
didnt wanna party at zouk cause its always full of dramas and troubles. but since its del bday, made it an exception.

after 2hrs,

drunkards united.
well, it was the birthday boy wish to get wasted.
mission accomplished. LOL
so they put him in satish's car to sleep.

it was so packed that day everyone was kinda pek cek,
phuture full house need re-Q etc.
mambo jumbo @ zouk was.............?
but managed to go in to phuture aftermath.
like i said, dramas happened.
ok la, had abit of fun la.

and while otw home, something happened again.
shall not elaborate as its not nice.
but just to let you know, we dont blame you k? :)

Then is was Rebel on sat.
yeah, consecutive 2days clubbing. tired like shit.

it was for this girl k! lynette tan!
be honored hor!
shall post more photos when they upload it.

and now, i need continue with my projects.
3 presentations again next week. DAMMIT

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Spider Woman!

guess who's that? LOL

too caught up with school work recently.
no time to do a proper post so i'll just post this pic up to keep this space half alive. LOL. alright gotta run presentation and quiz tmr!