Monday, September 12, 2011

Apparently blogger is not allowing me to post any pictures.

so anyways, adidas expo sales is over.
it was a great working experience and my in-charge
was really nice to us. our welfare was being taken care of.
and they gave each temp stuff 150Dollas voucher to shop during the sales!
but too bad there wasnt much pretty stuff left.
and the meals provided was supper yummy!
every meal confirm got one big tub of curry sauce for you!

was supposed be like working 6days/week so since,
Sticky cut my shift (idky) today im staying at home
to rest my legs. the sales was crazy busy!
maybe supper later w a few friends :D

some bad stuff may be happening ard me right nao,
but guess what, i dont give a shit anymore :P

lovin' the hols, are you?

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

been mia-ing again.
cause exams are over im partying!
well i guess this week imma give it a break cause i've got work.
currently working at Sticky right now!
yep the candy shop located at The Central.
and gonna be working at expo for some sports apparel event from thurs-sun.
i'm really getting wayyyy to lazy to update this space.
just follow me on twitter @jessiegsl ogay?!