Monday, October 31, 2011

Mr spider-monkey man!

i got the most annoying and cutest nephew ever!
not forgetting he LOVES to camwhore!
every single time he would go like ' gugu wo yao pai zhao'
after taking it he would say ' wo yao kan!'
buey tahan this lil boy.
but he's getting waaayyy out of control recently.
throwing things hitting us, (literally punch his own mum)
that we have to discipline him w a cane.

Ogayz so, enough of him!
Time for moi!

So, i attended school today!
was fighting so hard this mornz to get out of bed.
struggling between sleep and school.
but still, i was determined enough!
i'm just sooo used to sleeping 12hrs a day that dragging myself to school w 4hrs of sleep is just too difficult for me. lol.

thank god i went tho.
first graded lab tmr. i would be totally clueless if i didnt went.
teacher really want us to die (Y)

and im looking forward to the end of the week alrdy!
so packed this week!

school from 8am-7pm tmr.
wed - school aftermath work.
thurs - school then thai food w jas.
fri - work then ramen w rus.
sat - rus 21st bday party.
sun - town for movie and sakae buffet again!

need to sleep early tonight!

Friday, October 28, 2011

lazy to post photos, even lazier to take photos!

So, first week of school just passed,
and i attended only ONE day!
overslept for the first day. LOL
and spent my wed thurs fri working as ass off!
i have no school on fridays,
and for that, i have two 8 bloody AM lessons.
ohwells, nthg's perfect.

and now im still deciding whether to go zouk tmr for halloween.
cause im kinda sick of partying, all the dramas etc
my friends say cause i club too much. true?

choices, choices.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


one of the candy guy made this for me!

so, was at zouk last night for laidback luke event.
conclusion, i think he's live spinning aint that great.
half of us partied at phuture instead w their regular DJ.
and it was sooo fucking pack at zouk and those bloody angmos
aint gentleman at all. they PUSHED AND SHOVED EVERYONE.
everybody ard was like cursing all of them.

so, time to cut down on parties and get back to school life.
school officially starts tmr!
kinda excited kinda sian.
the excitement maybe would only last for a week. LOL
Disney interview on tues and im thinking to go for it or not.
6 bloody months long. but its at FLORIDA!
like srsly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
but the applications now is pissing me off.
half of the stuff i keyed in all gone!
cant be fuck to re key everything again.
and i look at the roles available again almost none interest me.
so why not i just be more practical and do my internship in S'pore?
since Disney is of no link to what i wanna do in the future?
but then again, its a ONCE IN A LIFETIME thingy and the experiences right?


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Batam trip!

its a 2D1N trip!

i hate ferry rides cause its sooo boring! and most of the time rusydi just sleeps

thats a new 4* hotel!

its really huge and niceeeeee

lobby area

corridor. like some palace sia

the room when you enter!
there's a huge cupboard on the right when you enter before this pic

this photo is not giving the place any justice i swear

seafood lunch wasnt veh good cause its shared among one table and there's pinoy mats minahs. bth make alot of noise. oh i forgot to mention we went w a mini tour grp :D
then some cultural dance show and some stunts.

peeling coconut skin w his mouth!

jumping thru fire hoop


and i even fed him it was soooo scary!!

this one lagi best! put out the fire w his tongue!!
OMFGGGGGGG crazeee really.

then went for some massage.
i din like the place cause the mattresses are like oily i doubt they wash the towel.
i know, eww.

and this pic of rus, double ewww. act gu niang oni!

refuse to post my own pic cause they made me wrap a towel ard, the worse part was wearing some fugly dirty pink pants!!!

went shopping at nygoya hill! there isnt much to buy their fashion there suck cock and the prices aint really cheap either.
but still, i bought a wristlet and shoes again!!
(i have approx. 40 pairs of footwear now)

the tour ended at like 5-6pm.
went back to hotel w alot of takeaway food!
the ramly burger was EFFING GOOD and its like SGD1 ++!
tako ballz too!

and the next morning buffet breakfast!!

we had soooo much! the beef bacon was the sex!

aftermath we just lepak walk ard waiting to check out
and we found out there's actually a swimming pool at the roof garden!

so sad if i knew i would have brought my bikini along :(
been so long since i last swam yknow? :((

and back to sunny pore! which we went to kovan for,

chili crab sambal kangkong! and 9 mantous!!! YES FREAKKING 9!

so that bitch, jasmine, was complaining how i ditch her for a week and immediately the next day we went ion for some shabu shabu!

lepak ard town then rus came to fetch us both and jackie for supper at jian dao jian!

nomz nomz nomz. 3 of us only paid like 4bucks each?!
too bad rus cant eat! hehe :P

below are just pics of food i ate within the past weeks i swear i had sooo much good food im gonna put on weight! well, its the hols right? and we are suppose to enjoy!

swensen's soft shell crab pasta!

The HandBuger!

authentic thai food at sunshine plaza!

bedok 85!


plus all the other food on my previous post! teehee

Sunday, October 16, 2011


wanted to do a proper post but im tired and i got work in the mornz tmr.
so yeah, i short one then.....

nah, i didnt post that photo to scare you all,
i'm just deciding what to dress up as for Halloween!
so how? corpse bride chio not? hehe
have you thought of what to dress up alrdy? :)

and Halloween Mix @ Sticky !

cute right?!

ending the post w my 'cool' photo!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pulau Ubin Celestial Resort stay!

Day 1

lazy to say much so shall just let the photos do the talking :)

and yep, went w rusydi mah for a short getaway :)

4fishes singing LOL cute or what?

Day 2


feeding fishyyyyyy


come here fishy fishy~

it was so scary when it really started swimming towards me i was so scared!

then after some persuasion from rus i finally found some courage to touch it! so proud of myself! hehehehe

fish spa!

and lunch!
after that we both we separate ways.

it was on sunday-monday
and we went batam from wed - thurs.
din took much photos but yeah, posting up on next post!