Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wed night @ jackie's

lou hei! i prefer to say it as lao yu sheng tho. got diff?!

ended up the table was on a mess! everything flew all over the table the drinks our hands! and everyone was supposed to say smthg auspicious and kunleng actually said 'zhao sheng gui zi' which means have a child soon -.- isnt that only to be used when people are getting married?!

actually was steamboat first, then messing up the place w the above photo and ban luck + inbetween which caused me to lost like 20bucks?! nabueyyyy.

went over to gigi's place to find my sissy and mum cause my mum was playing mahjong at her place. home at like 3am and i overslept for school the next day and i didnt went!

jas mel me and the 'FOL'
which stands for Full of Love.
consist of the NV basketballers tho not all present.
had sucha great time w them :)
and thanks jackie's mum for the hospitality :D

and a lot of people have been saying they never seen me with short hair before right?

when i was 4 or 5. CUTE RIGHT???
sorry uh i buey paiseh one.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kris's 19th Birthday!

love looking at happy photos :D

melisa jasmine kris me

she say she gonna categorize this photo as 'clubbers' because we always club tgt LOL

and yep, they are my fav party people!

So before that jaron and i were actually hunting for jas's 18th birthday present and we were trying so hard to not let her find out. hahahas. and i sort of gave it away cause jas looked into my bag and i snatch it back!

it was nice catching up with secondary school friends at kris's chalet that night :)
alot of people turn up and i din have a chance to snap photos with them!

ANYWAYS, how's Chinese New Year?!
hope everyone had fun and HUAT ARH!
luck hasnt been on my side while gambling but thats okay!
as long as everyone's happy :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012


got this off tumblr and its so cuteeeeeee!

CNY eve is just tomorrow and i cant wait for the reunion dinner! steamboat steamboat!

So, i can't believe i actually step into power house last night despite disliking it. the last time i went ph was prolly 1year ago? all my friends went to zouk and i din because of rus. its like our 2nd or 3rd time clubbing tgt after soooo long. the last time we club tgt i was still UNDERAGE. LOL. the night was okay, to think that i actually went with 10 army boys! at least some of them were nice. still managed to bump into a few friends!

Macs breakfast aftermath and home!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dearest baby nephew

his younger days, when he just learned how to crawl.

raised eyebrown LOL

when he's beginning to walk!

"hold on to me! im gonna fall "

And now.......



unglam LOL

so cute rightttt!

"whatchu looking at??!"

i'm a bumble beeeeee~

upside down specs acting cute

'xiao li chang dao' hiding a knfie behind that smile.
cause he's actually veh hungry and keeps asking when the food will come!

and now..... :'(

my nephew just went back to vietnam yesterday morning :(
yeah, his mum a vietnamese and my brother is chinese!
this time round they're going back for good.
i'm already missing this lil monkey of mine.
the laughter he brought to the whole family,
his silly lil actions and the bright bright smile.

and whenever he jump onto my bed and say
'gugu(aunt) qi lai liao!' then will start shaking me up!

tho i'm always complaining that he is wayyyy too noisy,
but now that he's gone, i miss him running around the house shaking his head like crazy and sticking out his tongue

imma end this post with his cutest photo!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012


this was taken on her 18th

and taken on my 18th LOL

ogayz below are gonna contain some rly retarded unglam past time photos, dont judge kay? even if you do, I DONT GIVE A FUCK LOL

and nope, im not gonna post any photos younger than 16 of us. LOL

the day we got our o's result~
prancing ard town for the last time in our school uni :)

graduation day!

AHEM, when we were still 16, going clubbing. LOL

when i was still not legal, but still went anyways. LOL

and when we're 18, still clubbing.

Working at Sticky~


going bkk for the first time in 2010?

bkk for the 4th/5th time recently!

this is really retarded. LOL
showing off our tongue piercing which everyone in our clique eventually ALL have it.


still retarded as ever........

but still, i love this partner in crime of mine ^^

time flies and now we are all grown up.
still remembered the orientation camp when we were SECONDARY 1 !
we actually quarreled in the classroom and we eventually became best bud aftermath!
'bu da bu xiang ren' is that how this chengyu works?

dont you feel blessed that you have someone to go thru shit and happy times w you?
like you know you're that alone and you know who to turn to whenever you need someone.

how i know she's my bestf?
cause she's always there whenever i puke my intestine out when i'm drunk! she's always there to hold my hair and ready to give up the party to send me home.
and we actually calls each other bitch/slut ALL the time!
and languages only both of us can unds.
laughters loud even for 1 whole mrt cabin to stare at us.
being ourselves.

im not someone good w words so i will not say any further but just to let the world whole know,

there to help you when you're at your lowest,
there to kick your ass when you're doing something wrong,
there to motivate you to do better in life,
there to laugh/cry with you,
stick around be it good times or bad times.

we dont need a lot of friends, just that few you know is worth keeping.

and the reason i call her partner in crime is because, we always do all the bad and illegal stuff together! cant believe all the shit that we have done in the past few years *evil grin*
time to really grow up and face this world. less shit because i believe in karma :S

SO, for the first fucking time WE ARE GOING TO SKYDIVE THIS COMING SATURDAY!!!!!
something technically is legal, but........*seal lips*

lastly, we actually BATHED TOGETHER when we were in bkk!
LOL we were soo scared that time. tell me who bathe tgt when they're 18 already?!

lastly, iie lurbbx yOuuUuuuuuuuuuuuu~

Monday, January 16, 2012

do you ever feel like breaking down?
do you ever feel out of place?
like somehow you just dont belong,
and no one understands you.

so much going on in my life lately i cant seems to find myself. i hate being unhappy. who does? i miss my happy self but nowadays it even difficult to fake a smile and say i'm okay. sometimes i dont even know the precise reason of why i'm unhappy.
someone fix me?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Alvin's 23rd !

the oldest, wisest, smartest in our grp! LOL

polaroid spam! thanks abrie for the films!

the girls w alvin! too bad julia and ivy couldnt join us

sweet bo?! LOL

earlier on while having lunch at kim gary

abit too bright uh

then abit too dark uh. LOL

i think so far they are the ones that i took the most polaroid w!

i hope this friendship among us would last even after graduating from poly. i cherish each friendship i have and i think friends are important in life. friends may come and go, but there are those whom you wish would stay till the end. X

omg suddenly think i quite smart! i came up w those lines myself kay!
no school no work tmrz!
just town and head to kris's bday chalet ^^