Monday, February 27, 2012

Pre-Valentine celebration with rus.

i know its superrrr overdue.
been busy almost everyday recently.
after the crazy projects phase then exams!

so back on track,
it was a super lazy sat afternoon and i dont feel like going out!
then rus die also wanna drag me out and said he wanted to buy formal wear for my for my presentation. OKAY CAN!

and we ended up at vivo then he said lets see what movies they have today.
he actually went to the gold class queue and i was like ' you siao uh! what you doing in this queue?' he just said just wanna ask smthg lor.

the next thing i know he showed the gold class tix in my face and said 'happy valentine day'
NABUEY CHEAT ME LOR!!!! it was his first ever successful surprise on me!
cheeky boy.
then i found out that he booked a trip to Cameron Highlands for us nextnext week!!
HAHA. another surprise busted!

pictures time!

first valentine gift given by our tutor!

the girls, on the day of last presentation!

with alvin our lao da!

gabriel and dom. my 2brothers in class.

then was KOI time! hehe.

okay, i need to go continue memorizing my notes!
2more papers to go!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lying on my bed, blogging w my blackberry.
Practically slept the whole day away.
Deprived of sleep thanks to the hectic month.
And now that I finally have some time for myself, I feel so lazy to do anything productive.

The boy left for taiwan for training yesterday.
21days. neither long or short period.
But maybe enough to make me miss him. HAHA.

Owells, at least this exam period is gonna distract me.
And bintan trip w the classmates and he will be back!
Bloody hell 2am flight again.
Shall do a proper post soon! Regarding valentine ^^
Bon soir!

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


guess what i'm doing? ^^

likka happy :DD

mixing the colourings for the candies!

guess what i'm doing again?

Chopping candies!

so happy jason(candy maker) let me try making the candies when boss aren't around ^^
srsly it looks easy but its not!
it was a fun experience tho ^^

kinda sad that i wont be working anymore once my internship starts on April.
but the management kinda....yknow yknow.
they started cutting 8hrs shift to 6hrs.
i dont unds they are so rich why cut cost?
my boss drives a GTR, lady boss drives a BMW Convertible!
and they have 2sticky vans and one more family car.
do i still need to meantion a 10k camera?!

Drowning in projects recently. every fucking day till late!
finally had some time to catch up w jas awhile ago.
thai buffet ^^

dont dare to weigh myself now cause i knew i put on weight :'(
but still pretty so nvm LOL

and the boy is leaving for taiwan next week for 21days :(
and he will miss my 19th birthday!
owells, at least he's been there since my 16th birthday.

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Sushi buffet w the same girls AGAIN!

fringe been annoying the hell outta me recently,
hence i've been putting it up!
fat face ikr :(

ohwells, just here to do a short update cause i really drowning in projects!
spent the whole of this week leaving school only after 6 thanks to projects.
and i actually managed to squeeze out time for work!

went to SweeChoon for some dim sum on fri night
which i had an orgasm in my mouth *slurps*
LOL sounds wrong.

and today,
project meeting with abrie and claudia
then town to collect pay w shawn
then liang court for dinz tgt!
went to mbs for a stroll and then
Changi Village for dinz 2nd round!
now that i'm home i have to dp project again!

Monday- 2quizzes & 1project submission
Tues - 2presentations
Thurs - project submission
fri - work!

my only free wednesday is meant to do project.
sad life ish meeeeeeeeeeee.