Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunflower garden at Terminal 3.

during training

in case you guys don't know, i have already started my internship about 2weeks back at the airport doing ground operations :D
its reaaaally fun, but of course have to go thru training first which i've done it already. and icture above are everyone who's doing this internship too but we are all split up into teams already :D
fun batch of people i must say :) i dont feel as if i have to drag me feet to work. its always filled w laughter and jokes.

been so busy recently i havent molested my lappy for awhile now.
and i'm so lazy to blog but i cant stand seeing my blog so lifeless.

so recently, i went to rebel w my fav party people, julia's bday at holland V's xlb buffet, jas toh birthday at the zoo, peirong's bday at mervyn's bungalow. so many april babies!
the rest of the time was spent mostly w the boy now and work!

I'm just contented w what i have now and i dont ask for more.
Pls don't take anything away from me.