Tuesday, September 23, 2008

finally got some time tu come online! finally stop work next week. this week only work
on sunday . feel kinda weird not goin tu work. lols. and guess what !
i went tu study with lynette and yilin last sat ! was actually planning tu study some biology.
but end up did some maths homework. yeah. MATHS . of cause with help from them.
i almost every question ask them how tu do. lols. went home at around 6 ?
change and went jogging with my younger sister. then went cycling and home !

sunday was work the whole day and ytd (monday) after school went home and wait for sister.
went mall tu buy food then went tu slack slack . then went home change and go jogging again !
this time only i jog while sister and my younger sis ride bicycle behind me -.-
played some games after that and home around 9. sister went home and bathe and come down
again till around 12am?

gonna go off and take a nap then wait for sister tu finish work and go jogging again !
this time she promise she would jog with me. (i hope she does! LOL ! )

Monday, September 15, 2008

sister in law baby !

sis in law with her baby !

like finally man . baby is finally one month old ! meaning i could go back my room and sleep
and and and. aiya. yoo know. chinese alot of this kind of stuff. haven 1month cnnt this
cnnt that . now finally can ! shiok ! and we had a celebration ytd .
steamboat . some of jie jie (sis in law) frens came tuu . but i'm STUCK AT WORK. urgh.
but nvm. gonna have steamboat again later =DDDDD
lets not talk about school man. lols. anyway, its juz 10more school days to EOY.
dammit. hope that i wont retain or anything.
oh and went back pri school on saturday night with eileen they all.
din change much. but quite a few new teachers ? went tu meet crazee brother after that.
slack slack till around 1.30am and home. had been so loooooooooooong since i met sister !
omg. miss her siol ! everytime ask her come out at night she would say tired tired. roar !
yoo better listen up san ba ! THE NEXT TIME I ASK YOO OUT, NO EXCUSE ! LOL !
thats about it. and ending this post with a super cute photo of the baby !

Saturday, September 13, 2008


the birthday girls !

disturbing sarah .

cake war ! only nicholas haidah and me din kena. wahahahs.

taupok !

After school went compass to buy cake and prepare it at skcc.
while chenning py and me are preparing, the others, askiha farah safia fiona nicholas suz haidah
blind fold sarah and siti at compass point and lead them tu skcc and of cuz on the way here
disturb disturb them. cut cake and them cake war ! lols. at first only aim siti and sarah. but end up almost everyone kena. and we got cam whore and video session. should check out the video man ! damn hilarious. but i dont know who got the videos. LOL. short but fun celebration.
oh and the police came and tell us to lower down our volume. and someone complained that we are making the place dirty throwing cakes around. LOL.
left around 3 !

lynette and me!

went home bathe and stuff. mrt tu bugis tu meet kris and lynette.
shop around and left there around 7. mrt tu toapayoh tu meet jinyu.
had mos burger befor goin tu work.
air con is down and the office is closing at 9. so work only 1 hr.
after work went hong kong cafe @ kovan. slack slack talk talk .
reach home around 12 .

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

rah . blog rotting again . have no time tu come online .
and no pictures ! life is busy for me man .
right . had dance in the morning but ryan din come .
so we end up playing games in parade square . fall twice and twisted my ankle .
it is still hurting , but funny thing is i can actually still walk properly . lols .
went home straight after school today . thank god i've got nth on after school today .
i wanna sleep so much. zZz . damn tired. work tml after school again .
guess i better go get some sleep now . if not tml gonna faint anytime. LOL .

Friday, September 05, 2008

3e5 class bbq ! gonna be late for work if i elaborate on this bbq ytd .
so let the photos do the talking =D

honey lynette & i

me sweetheart yongmin

chenning jingzhi yiling yongmin lynette me shili melizsa

the same peeps plus orlena !

yiling &me

i very good one ok ! i help them peng their satays !

love them <333

finally group photos with the guys !

at yilin's father lorry ! he drop us at compass. thanks !

did i mention that i love sitting at the back of the lorry?

glad that half of the class or 3/4 had went for this bbq. it was fun and enjoyable !
but something happened at the end of the bbq. well, dont wanna elaborate much on it.
after reaching compass went rusydi block there tu find him . watch him eat at mac
then went carpark tu slack slack . home at 12plus . tired tired.
gonna go prepare for work now ! tatas !
( hop tu lynette or yiling's blog for more photos ! )

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

been few days since i blog . miss me ? LOL . i know yoo do !

friday - before goin tu work .


went ps tu find sister around 6pm. walk around went back sk slack slack and home ?


work from 12-11pm . after that walk tu chinatown with cody alvis and his galfren
ing chye plus ellie tu have supper ! cab tu mall tu meet sister after that .
was out with sister till 5am . we juz keep walking around then settle down somewhere
for awhile and change place again . LOL .

monday- day with sister AGAIN .

that forever only know how tu act cute rusydi .

act dao .

and act emo . wanna jump off the 6 storey carpark. wth ?

went fareast with sister today . then went mogu mogu for lunch .
walk tu ps after that . caught 'wall E ' not tuu bad la .
and also played arcade =D back tu sk after that . went mall tu buy dinner
then went slack slack. saw mr yon below his block. so chatted for awhile
while waiting for that STUPID PIG (rusydi) . sister was super tired already .
so walk her home then went slack slack at carpark with that pig .
mama called and nag so went home around 12.30am .

tuesday - i'm damn lazy tu reorganize the photos !

she keep wanna retake the photo . zZz. LOL .
i'm the tallest !

check out my sexy butt . LOL . XD

playing around in spotlight.

i love her muscular legs man !LOL .
lets keep it short . jasmine jojo and i went ps (yes i know ps again!) .
lunch at ThaiExpress . niceeeeeeeeee . and they updated me . ahahha .
then went arcade tu play cooking master and photo hunt !
fool around in spotlight . lols. then starbucks! we used tu go there veri often !
talk talk talk . then rain rain rain . sad tu say , i had tu leave at 7pm for work .
so yea , went for work and then home . was a day filled with damn lots of talking and
catching up . ahahas. but glad that we, the 3Js are finally going out again after so long .
sort of miss hanging out around town with them especially at starbucks ! ahahas.
(and of cuz i also miss the other 2M's . how can i forget my qingaide and ganlaopo ?)
and lastly , the 3Js again !