Thursday, September 27, 2007

tuesday 250907
no more nyaa . finally . cant reali rmb what happen in sko.
onli noe that bullying colin in class had become my daily routine. LOL.
n home econ lesson. cooked nasi briyani. not bad la. hahas.
i'm quite clumsy at times la. but suhailah was there tu help me. thanks girlfriend ! ily!
make up lesson for bout 30mins. went home straight after that.
went tu jasmine hse around 6plus. meet jojo n takeaway kfc.
meet mel.y n benny below her block. the candles at plaza was lyk sold out can.
got lyk onli 3 packet with us. bought sparkles tuu.
luckily benny have 20 over packet of candles. he save the day ! LOL.
went tu mel.y block carpark. ate, play, crap and laugh.
jonathan n his fren came around 9plus ? was sooooo funny ok
andy kor n jonathan was lyk so afraid of me. i was threatening them with candle n fire.
i was lyk touching those hot hot wax . they all say i'm a sicko.
i started doing this since p5 or p6 ? FUN OK. touching hot hot wax. SHIOK !
i was veri high . screaming here n there. jojo dad fetched us home. =)
reach home around 11 ? tired day. but fun ! oh ! the moon is nice tuu.
will upload photos once i got them. tatas !

wednesday 260907
my maid wake me up at 6.30 instead on 9. rahhhhhhhh.
i.t teacher change le. he very good can. help me do everything. LOL.
he is very friendly tuu. got back my spelling for chinese.
97 1/2 ! one freaking word wrong ! i copied the word wrongly.
so i learn the wrong thing. if not can get full marks lor !
wth wth ! i studied very hard for this spelling okay ! ROARRRRRRRRRR.
though i got the highest marks in class i'm not happy ok.
after sko went plaza takeaway kfc. went mel.t hse. i love her house !!!!
got balcony ! on man ! i noe i'm being veri what what but..whatever !
read that book that miss huang intro tu me. the view outside from the balcony was nice.
can see so many buildings. the traffic n the sky. n STARS ! though onli got few.
reading a book at the balcony. listening tu songs. watch the stars.
enjoying the breeze oso. what is lacking is a cup of nice coffee. it would b perfect with it !
my eyes had been very dry these few days due tu my contact lenses. rahhh !
cab home with jasmine around 9plus. my father did not scold me !
oh man. my father n mother is different now. mother is now stricter than my father.
o.o ? werid. but nvm. i still love them. =D

thursday 270907
heavy down pour this morning once i step out of house. damn suay.
n strong strong wind. had a hard time walking tu the lrt la.
when i finally reach below the lrt i'm lyk half drenched. ( i DID use an umbrella )
then suddenly another strong wind come again. n BLAH !!
my back n my skirt are lyk totally wet. plus my shoe ! wth wth wth !
drenched from head tu toe. phone my maid n expect her tu ask me go home or smth.
but she started saying then ? so ? after i told her i'm totally wet.
fucking piss. so called jojo. her dad driving her tu sko.
n my kind kind jasmine said she will come fetch me tu sko. =D
lrt tu her house there n waited for her. saw selvi ! ( the security guard in our sko )
selvi : no umbrella ar ?
me : got.
selvi : then what yoo doing here ?
me: waiting for fren.
selvi : ( point tu her wrist ) what time already ? 7.30 already still dun wan go sko.
me: i waiting for fren la. go away go away.
selvi : ( walk away )
LOL. was abit shock la.
went back tu class once i reach sko. many ppl was wet tuu.
was walking around in class bare footed. the feeling is lyk at home can. hahas.
music lesson. went tu music room bare footed also. very fun kay ! LOL !
the weather so perfect for sleeping. went for recess wearing my shoe only.
after that was maths lesson. suddenly very high liddat.
started hoping around class picking up litter. LOL !
chen ning say i'm lyk a little girl hoping around at home. hahahahahhas.
its ok tu b childish la xDDDDD but not every time.
after sko got extra maths lesson again. decided tu attend as my maths is lyk
!@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@! did not attend any maths extra lesson last semester at all.
went tu compass with jojo n jasmine after that. ate n read tt SPI book.
and play arm wrestling with mel.y n benny. ahahahas.
cant stand the 2 lovebirds la ! benny keep doing those
' sweet sweet ' stuff infront of me
till i wan whack him. lol. told a few ghost stories. hahas.
lrt home with jasmine around 6plus after that.
exams are juz next wednesday. i'm so not prepared for it !

[this is specially for yoo* hope u read it]
i'm not as happy as what yoo think.
n i think we both made the right choice.
we rarely have time for each other.
we got our own life n friends. we both love n care for each other.
i did this because i think its for our own good.
i noe theres alot of girls that would b a better girlfriend. more suitable for yoo.
i dont wanna b selfish n hold on tuu yoo so tightly. i noe yoo are busy.
those 20 days when yoo were mia-ing.....
every day i spent missing yoo terribly. was so scare tt smth had happened tu yoo.
i always tell my fren i want tu give up.
but deep inside... i'm holding on, but sad thing is, u dont know.
finally had the courage tu let go of yoo.
it was hard, very... loving yoo wasnt easy.
n now we both gotta move on. let our past be a beautiful nightmare. =)
plz do not blame yourself for anything. i noe u would.
and not always a apology would work. i had nvr blamed yoo for anything before.
and yoo would not b erase from my memory. yea, i mean it.
always stay happy. i'll b here if u need someone tu talk tu.
and lastly, dont smoke so much ok ?
i still, and will care for yoo.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

performance at botanic garden in the morning today.
i think its not bad la. loyang primary reali impressed me. omg.
after that we get tu walk around until 11.30. bought nuggets n fries there.
expensive n doesnt taste good. wth. home after that.
bathe n stuff. meet jojo after that. mrt tu plaza sg. look for alvin present.
bought 2 tee shirts at flesh imp. decide on the 1st tee already.
jojo n me pick a diff one for the 2nd tee. i keep saying mine nicer !
argue argue. den i ask the salesman over there. both prefer mine. LOL.
i win =D . tried the purple skinnies over there. i wanna try size L but they say size M can.
the salesman ask me go out n let him see. i said dun wan.
he ask y. i said : bu yao gen ni jiang leh.
means ' dont wan tell yoo leh. ' LOLS.
went tu find alvin after that. stupid jojo make me walk up n down lyk a retard.
she couldnt get tt freaking place right. even AFTER asking ppl. qian da right ?
pass him present n use com. we are at some lan shop near cathay ? dunno la.
audition-ed . hahahahas. around 6 plus went tu sakura. opposite cine there de.
each person around 30 bucks ? the shark fin soup taste weird .
the mushroom soup taste lyk water ? LOL. other food was nice la. i ate a mussel !
after finish those food we went tu take ice cream . NICE.
parted with them after that. jojo n me went cine. walk around n walk back tu ps.
saw tt guy working at flesh imp. said hi. den walk pass tt shop. saw him again.
said HI again. den started tu laugh lyk mad. starbucks after that again.
jojo dad fetch me home after that =D . reach home around 11. super tired.
cam-whored lyk mad today.

playing around with the oil blotter.

after eating at sakura.

birthday boy.

the guys.

Friday, September 21, 2007

thursday 200907
woke up around 6.45 for sko today ? know i'm gonna b late.
so decided tu sleep awhile more. (want tu skip nyaa la ) .
selvi was recording my name. den ask for my ez link card.
show her my wallet n she fucking took it out.
she fucking shouted at jojo n jojo juz said cheebye softly n she complain tu teacher.
that she SHOUTED VUGLARITIES at her. wtf rite ?
went for music lesson. we were communicating thru msn while we were in the same room.
LOL. i know its abit stupid la. after recess was maths. carina n chen ning reported sick
and went home. sat with colin as he is feeling emo bcuz of some stuff.
comfort him lor. trying my best tu make him laugh. =D hahas.
english lesson. show n tell. sheng hui show us his PEN.
he siad : this is a pen. ( whole class started laughing ) also a cheap pen. (laugh even more)
the way he say it damn funny can. got this funny funny tone.
den yong qian turn. he show us his ruler.
yong qian : this is a ruler. ( class started laughing again) also a cheap ruler. ( -.-)
look at those clear number it has. help me tu pass maths but not sci. ( class ROFLMAO)
we juz kept laughing non stop. then info skill period. michael use this period tu teach maths.
maths lesson is always fun. not the subject but our class. LOL.
after sko detention. went compass after that. melissa report tu police bout some case la.
dun wanna elaborate on this. OH ! AND TT BANGLA OFFICER FUCKING XIALAN.
jojo ask me dun guai lan with him. later more things happen. rahhhhhhh.
went tu eat after tt. mel.y came in n ask for correction tape.
i pass her jojo de mayonnaise . LOL. n jojo had tu chase her tu get it back. wahahahas.
after awhile mel.y n benny came. then johnson n his frens.
jasmine studied while we were making straw hearts. i noe how tu make double heart le !
n i know i'm making alot of noise at kfc. high ma. bobian. ahahahas.

took it on tuesday. din went tu go tt day.

melissa eye !

it took me some time tu figure out how tu put it tgt ok !

friday 210907
was so sleepy in sko today. had english test. hope i can pass. nono. i MUST pass.
last lesson was geog again. i was happily drawing on nicholas hand n face.
wahahahas. drew a X on his face. n we say that it was mrs tai lipstick mark !
keep dee siao him la. n tt bitch confiscated hansel deck of cards.
dunno who went tu took it back from her BAG ( plastic bag ) n she found out.
threaten tu ask the DM up tu check our bags. !@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@!.
then i told her tt. eh u took it without his permission . is stealing ok.
he has the right tu take it back lor. rahhhhhhh. cant stand her.
always us discipline book or DM tu threaten us. after sko dance again.
did a few rounds with the health n wellness ppl n they went off after tt.
indah is sick. terrence will break down as his is veri scare of standing infront.
n dunno la. change of position. this is so last minute. n change of ppl tuu.
pray hard tt they will catch up with the steps n nth will go wrong tml.
after that went tu compass tu meet darling n jasmine. had been so long since i met her !
mel.y n benny was there tuu. make straw hearts again.
jasmine jojo mel.y benny were all studying. zZz. darling left around 3.
i'm so bored ok. decided tu revise maths. i got no books at all. jojo lend me her notes.
got bout 3 question ? did 2. ask them so many question of the formula till
they wanna whack me. LOL. teach me maths de end up vomit blood de. wahahahas.
i would ask so much la. bobian. i stupid. alca they came.
went tu mac tu buy ice cream. came back n jasmine say alca took my pen -.-
went searching for them. i got onli ONE pen ok. LOL. they were outside fagging.
alca say he nv take. ask marcus he say tt guy tt. ask tt guy he say shao xiang take.
zZz. dig his pocket n finally get it back. went back kfc. dun wanna study le.
so i say. ok. lesson till here. n jasmine said : wa. ni zi zi shang ke zi zi xia ke. lols.
it means start lesson and end lesson yourself. wahahahahas. lrt home after that.

i got some problems ! i cant decide where tu go tml !
1) go alvin birthday celebration with jojo. ( bought his prezzie already )
2) go out with darling , her stead n her fren. ( they going pc bunck tu play audi -.-)
3) study with melisa ?
4) go back pri sko with frens tu celebrate lantern festival.
5)rot at home. ( BIG NONO !!! )
jasmine got this family gathering tml tu celebrate lantern festival.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

monday 170907
lesson was alright. n during geo . teacher came in n stare at me.
so i stare back lor. i fucking hate her can. tamade. fucking attitude.
after sko went plaza kfc with melissa n jasmine. ate n went back sko for self study.
yea. with modern dancers. i damn stupid can. i bring maths txtbk wanna study trigo.
but i forgot tu bring my calculator. -.- n melissa was tutoring me .
after 2 question i buey tahan wanna fall asleep le.
she teach me this. den the next moment when i wanna do jiu forgot everything le -.-
self study end around 5. went tu amphi with melissa n fabian after tt.
gossip gossip. fabian is gay ok ! LOLS. but he's a cute little boy la.
went home after that.

tuesday 180907
woke up n felt veri tired. damn sleepy tuu. so decided not tu go tu sko.
called my mum n she said ok. slept all the way tu 12 !
watch tv n went tu meet jasmine they all at compass around 4.30.
jojo melissa jackie kun leng hwee wen qun liang aeroy was there tuu.
they were ALL studying. wtf ? i tot they were kidding
when they say wanna go there study.
i almost faint ok. UNBELIEVABLE. LOL. so i juz sit there n stare at them lor.
melissa dont dare tu teach me maths again. LOL.
they left after awhile. except for jojo n jasmine. wasnt reali doing anything there.
jasmine left first. then jojo n me. reach home.
mummy wanna go mall. so accompany her. went up ntuc n my maid came.
bought ferrero ! omggggggg. so nice can ! went home n cook mee goreng !
feel lyk sleeping so much nowadays.

wednesday 190907
dance in the morning. stomach cramp again. urgh !
pass crazee sis a box of ferrero i bought ytd. i so good rite ! LOL
ate n went back class for assembly. canteen was so quiet today. few ppl onli.
i.t lesson. den sci. we are always giving troble tu mr lee. wahahahas.
after recess was literature . i help cher give out worksht ok. though is not big deal.
hahahas. maths lesson ! pass around class photo for autograph.
i feel so loved by my classmates comment man ! LOL.
n bullied colin ! was spraying him with his deodorant.
spray in his bag his calculator. his pencil case. under his desk.
every where la ! wahahahas. i spray inside his shirt oso xD fun fun fun !
chinese was last period.
dance after sko again. teaching those health n welness ppl our aerobics steps.
performing it at this sat again. n miss zu said about 10000 ppl will b watching ?
cuz mr lee hsien long will be there tuu ? rahhhh.
jojo rasyidah ayu n me were be teaching the guys. they are so not enthu lor.
but i had some fun. mr yon were trying veri hard .
hahahas. n mr soffian damn cute can !
after dimiss the guys le we went tu the gals side. did one last time with them.
then went off. saw mr lim at the bus stop. jojo n me decided tu dee siao him.
he ah beng lai de lor. ahahahs. i was so crazee la. i was crapping non stop.
left after his bus came. went home after that.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

saturday 150907
meet the 2 Js around 3 ? the 2 stupid pig sleep sleep sleep. LOLS. =x
went bugis tu find tee shirts first. each of us bought one.
before that went ljs tu eat first. jonathan n co. was there tuu.
saw this nice nice tube tt cost onli 22 ! but i got not enough cash la. walk around.
calling frens tu help us check whether any seats left for our movie.
after tt mrt tu plaza sing. bought tickets. went mac tu have a drink n slack awhile.
went in the cinema at around 7.20pm.
n i keep dee siao-ing jojo ! wahhaha. n we kept laughing ok.
i scream at one part of the show n jojo scream cuz she chua tio by mine screaming. LOL !
n we went laughinggggggg lyk siao charbo. den jojo wanted tu open this
packet of lays potato chips.
she couldnt open it la. den ask me help. she pass me a key tuu.
i use it tu poke. then yoo noe the sound effect... den we started laughing agian. LOL.
the movie not bad la. after that we went starbucks !
my mother called n kup my phone.
i called back n kup her phone. LOL. we are always doing this la.
crapped n gossip gossip . though the night is still early. but i gotta go home.
reach home around 12 ? n stupid crazee sister make me wait for his call till 3plus !
he fall asleep la. but i'm not angry la. ' da ren bu zi xiao ren guo '
' wo da ren you da liang rao le ta ' LOLS. i'm crapping. ignore me. lalalas~

mrt platform waiting for jasmine !

this stupid guy purposely walk infront of us la !

giving stupid face is healthy !

slacking at mac.

i think i look weird. but the other 2 dont think so.

smiling lyk retards tu each other fun ok.

slacking at starbucks !

i noe its veri dark. but whatever !


see how much i love her ?

getting a little crazee.

she's trying tu balance with one leg la. LOLS !


she force me de ! LOL !

acting cute once in a while is ok la . heh xD

Thursday, September 13, 2007

i'm feeling so moody now. or izit mood swing cuz of pms?
whatever la. i kind of miss talking tu him.
dunno why today sort of getting depress cuz i noe i'm gonna fail my maths test again.
i noe it sounds funny cuz I am saying this. i dun wanna fail my eoy ok.
i had been failing so many test la. and i'm still thinking of shopping n other things. zZz.
went compass after sko. kfc. melisa.y n benny came after awhile.
they are always so sweet. n benny is always getting bullied by me xD
jojo told me smth which make suddenly make me feel lyk crying =/
went home after awhile as i'm reali tired n i wanna study my geog test tml.
suddenly get so fed up while studying n i throw my book away.
went tu sleep n found my book on the table after i wake up.
i noe i'm gonna fail my geog test tml. lalalas~ wish me luck.
i always wanted tu study. but juz so lazy tu bring my books home.
and even though i bring home. i would FORGET tu study.
i cant believe i'm getting so depress because of studies. n maybe other things.
someone help meeeeeeeeeeeeee ! i'm not laughing n talking so much lyk before.
i dont wanna go on any more. so juz gonna stop here. takecare guys.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

my freaking maid wake me up at 6.45 today when sko starts onli at 11. -.-
no dance in the morning ! cuz of exams. sadded.
got back so literature test. 6/25 . n chinese test. 20/60.
i'm lyk failing almost all my subjects. eoy sure die.
i'm so high during maths lesson today ! sweetheart cnnt stand my lame-ness. ahahas.
got this maths question la. bout the cliff height n angle thingy.
muz set a question base on tt thingy. n i came up with the question :
how long does it take for mr michael tu climb up the cliff.
answer : FOREVER. and we are throwing paper aeroplanes everywhere.
hahas. michael was our first target ! after sko went compass with jasmine.
went bk tu eat n do my hmwk. din have time tu study for my maths test tml.
NOW its reali time to STUDY STUDY STUDY. i dun wanna retain or drop.
gossip gossip awhile n went home around 6plus.
ken called me n ask whether i got brushes.
small brushes for painting. -.- he wan size 0. went in the storeroom n check.
i got the whole set of brushes. but nv use b4. the smallest i got is size 2.
he get it from me anyway. n i'm getting red skinnies !
might b getting a lime green one tuu. if i got the cash.
movie with the other 2Js this sat. i want tu buy nice nice slippers n heels !
oooooh. and cute tee shirt tuu !! i need $$$$$$$$$$$$
i hope my mother would win alot of $$$ from mahjong today ! *pray freaking hard*

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

monday 100907
back tu school. its the same. boring lesson. slept abit during sci period.
was feeling veri cold. leave the class around 11.45 ?
den went up tu call thoese mondern dancers with jojo they all.
change n started practicing the steps. terrance was lyk veri stress la.
n keep forgetting the steps as he was tuu nervous standing infront.
wasnt feeling nervous at all compared tu the 1st round of aerobics competition.
instead i'm veri eager tu perform xD we were the 3rd tu perform. i think i did my best.
watch other school perform. the primary schools competitiors are reali cute ! omg.
finally result time. was grabbing jojo hand. 3rd place was bendemeer.
taught by beven. our ex instructor. (miss zu was so happy that we beat them !)
they got some ' si ren en yuan ' . some personal grudges ?
after that the mc will annouce the champion. he keep drag here drag there la. zzz.
was sooooooo nervous ok. n beven tt sko was shouting BOWEN will get champion.
fucking childish la. n finally......... champion is NORTH VISTA SEC !
all of us jump up n scream ok ! i reali couldnt believe it !
was so happy that tears started flowing. x) went up take prize n took photos.
went back tu sko. change n went plaza kfc tu eat with mel.t mel.y jojo emily n fabian.
went home after that. n my mother... zzz. dun wanna say la.

tuesday 110907
woke up around 6.45am for sko today. rush n rush. tuu tired tu wake up la.
was drizzling on the way tu sko. den sudden heavy rain after i reach school.
wanna sleep so much during lesson time.
got back my maths pre-test ? 4/30 . rahhhh whatever !
n finally p.e ! i kept screaming ok.
LOLS. then was playing around the fitness corner.
we were lyk acting lyk some bollywood actors. laugh n laugh. was fun ok.
den our last station is tu do push up. form a circle n muz do 150 in total .
turn by turn. carina go 1 i go 2 den 3 blah blah blah.
finally until 50 le. i started couting. 55 ! den next one 60 ! den zoom tu 90+. LOLS.
mr yon knew we were cheating. after sko went compass with jojo.
jasmine came shortly after. ate n did rounding again.
my mother called around 4plus saying my father kpkb-ing. wan me tu go home. wtf ?
reach home around 5.20 ? SIAN LA.

photos taken on last sat. after vista musical.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

woke up around 2plus ? slept at 7am ytd.
juz dont feel sleepy at all. rot at home today.
sko is tml. aerobics final tml. i'm tired.

i know its hard tu let go.
for my sake. please stay happy.
good luck for finding a better gal than me =)
friday 070907
my day begin with dance. from 9am tu 2.30pm.
went tu theparade sq tu practise oso. the sun is seriously killing me.
was hard. finally get the steps after alot of practise.
i felt so good n satisfied when miss zu said ' well done ' .
is worthy ok. juz tu hear miss zu say well done. really happy =)))))))))))
after that faster chiong home as i've a movie tu catch with crazee sister rusydi !
went up lrt n saw erwin plus dominicue. i was lyk standing infront of them saying hi.
they were lyk staring at me giving me that who-are-yoo face. wtf ?
i say i am jessie. they were lyk. u sure anot. dun look lyk jessie leh. zzz.
they were waiting for jojo melissa n emily. so wait with them lor.
rusydi was still eat home eating ! wth rite ? i was lyk rushing all the way.
after tt lrt tu sk mrt tu wait for him.
when he arrive le melissa n jojo were lyk scoldin him ?
LOLS. jojo they all alighted at hg. went cine tu watch ratatouille.
after buying the tickets went tu long john. was freaking hungry.
ya, i'm freaking hungry. but i couldnt finish it. 1st time lor. wth rite ?
i was veri noisy throughout the movie. wahahahas. the rat very cute can !
after the movie went tu meet darling n sherlynn. darling veri pretty ok !
took neoprints ! lyk so long nv take le. goin for darling brother de bday celebration at kbox.
went in kbox around 9plus ? very very sian. theres 2 guys who sing reali veri well.
cab home alone after that. manage tu reach home b4 1am. tiredddddddddd.

saturday 080907
woke up around 1plus. this holiday i had been waking up onli after 1.
still feel very sleepy. go bath n get ready. goin back sko for vista muscial.
nice =) after that mrt down tu ps. jasmine n jojo had long john. starbucks after that !
mocha plus cheese cake ! woolala~ i cant finish my drink =/
around 9plus went tu pc bunk find dominicue n erwin for awhile.
jasmine n jojo they all wanna go back hg. so i called my father. he at town oso.
mrt back. den lrt. my father n i were silent all the way.
after alighting my father took the stairs while i took the lift.
i was lyk so happy tt he's not nagging at me or whatsoever.
but after the veri next second he started naggin bout the way i dress.
it din stop ok. reach home le still yak yak yak. i couldnt stand it n started talking back.
not gonna elaborate on this. urgh. he's such a mood spoiler.
sko is starting in 1 day time ! i still haven complete my hmwk .
oh well. who cares ? LOLS. same line. gonna upload photos once i get it. tatas !

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

hmmm. lets start from last friday ?

friday 310907

teachers day celebration. got this walk-run marathon ? 3.2km.
die die die. ran with jasmine. still the same pace as b4 :D
after that was some concert. not reali tt bored la.
pri sko frens ask me tu go back pri sko. lols. look for some teachers.
they still rmb me ! even my p2 form teacher. omg omg.
glen they all was waiting outside sko for me ?
they wanna go ps watch movie. so faster chiong back home bath n stuff.
went tu the cathay tu watch dead silence with gwen angeline glen timothy n ryan.
dunno where tu go after that. all left except glen n me.
mrt tu kovan tu play pool. spencer not there.
tt si pubor dont let us in. !@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@!
oh ya ! saw MY CRAZEE SISTER RUSYDI ;)))))) and desmond. lols.
glen went off n i went tu compass tu meet darling after that.
had dinner n went home. thats all for today ?

saturday 010907
went tu sentosa with siti mr billy colin jackie daniel wei hua
huzaifah edmund py bryan and qun liang
sad thing is. carina suhailah n chen ning couldnt join us =(
i was fucking noisy on the way there.
billy was lyk. can get this gal away ? as far as yoo could. lols.
i keep screaming in the mrt. n laugh lyk no body business.
they were all so paisae . alot of ppl was staring at me ? LOLS.
billy say i fierce. LOLS. n billy made sushi for us ! quite nice la.
on the way tu sentosa. in the some kind of mini train la. saw alan lim =/
played volley ball. each time i hit i will scream. veri veri fun =D
erika came n join us around 5 or 6 plus ? my hand damn damn sore .
leave there around 8 ? went tu vivo tu have dinner. siti left first.
den erika. mrt home after that. fun fun fun =)

billy perm his hair !

siti n me =)

heh xD
(hope ah dear dun mind )

siti n me again


the guys playing volley ball

py n me

monday 030907
my father cooked curry chicken today ! DELICIOUS.
but not spicy enuff. cuz my sis n mother cnnt tahan tuu spicy. sadded.
went tu tampines mall n watch 881 agaih with mother sis n maid.
i finish the whole of large pop corn. my sis ate abit. was fucking full la.
walk around. my mother gotta go work soon. n my sis wanna eat.
most of the shop were close oreadi. she's lyk showing this fucking attitude.
my mother was trying tu please her la. wth. everytime go out with her ar.
piang. my mother oways say. happy happy come out dulan dulan go home.
bus home after that. couldnt sleep until 3am plus. i'm reali missing him lyk crazee.
rahhhhh. whatever whatever whatever.

tuesday 040907
meet jojo jasmine at compass. ate at kfc.
did rounding again. slack awhile n went jojo hse.
my freaking mouse is not working. so onli get tu update my blog onli till now.
yea yea. currently at jojo hse. sian sian sian. theres dance tml !
went down jojo hse tu eat. reach home around 11.45 ?
quarreled with my father again. rahhhhhhh.
quite a long post eh ? thanks for reading till here. =D
oh ya. photos ! taken on last sunday monday n today !


look at my fringe colour !wahhahaas

i lyk ~

jojo n meeeeeeeee

i love her can ? cannnnnnnnnnnnnn

last sunday. on the way tu bugis

my fringe ! got colour le ! LOLS.

mummy n me




my two beloved =)

slacking at starbucks again =D

oh n one last photo !

the top one is for miss zu.
den mr michael , miss huang n mr billy.

boy, i really really miss yoo. where are yoo ?
i need yoo real badly. i juz wanna hold yoo tightly in my arms n never let go.
why are yoo oways not there for me when i reali needed yoo ?
i'm going insane soon. plz. stay by my side always.
thanks for teaching me how tu cry again.
i love yoo.