Thursday, May 31, 2007

went tu cine ytd tu watch pirates of the currybean. =x ok, i mean caribbean.
tt tym was chatting with edison n jasmine. suddenly forgot how tu spell caribbean.
so juz spelled it as currybean. LOL.
then went tu fareast, by then was lyk 10plus ?
and all the shop was close. slack around mrt there.
den a group of malay guys was dee siao-ing us la.
din reali care la. reach home at 12. thanks god my parents not at home. =x
tired tired.

all i ever wanted was that so hard tu understand?

Monday, May 28, 2007

was lyk 20 mins late for my maths lesson today. suppose tu start at 1pm. but i leave my hse at 1pm. -.- smart eh ? din bother tu tie my hair. my textbook was in the locker. and i dont have the key. mr michael was so kind not to scold me. instead, he lend me his textbook. =) went home straight after the lesson.

edison edited this photo.
that i took ages ago. LOL.

You're all I ever wanted
You're all I ever needed
i'm goin crazee without yoo.
Baby I don't understand
Just why we can't be lovers
din we almost had it all ?
god, bring us back where our love first started,
Bring it back where love's so good
Lets give love a chance.
let me know this time yoo are gonna stay.
let me hold yoo tight,
and say u love me one more time.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

3/4 of the day is gone.
my darling jastoh jio me for breakfast.
phone her the moment i woke up.
she also juz woke up. went tu her hse.
den went tu mall. nth tu eat. so went tu compass point.
she pass her her mother handphone.
walk around, the place we wan is either full or no space.
finally settled down at some typical chinese type of breakfast.
toast, half boiled eggs n milo. went tu mall after tt.
played for a short while and went home.
few hrs later meet jasmine for lunch. LOL.
had long john silver. walk around.
she bought a pair of slippers.
went home after that.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

back tu post without any pictures T.T
parent meeting juz now. din dance at all today.
onli went bak tu ava room tu eat. thanks god mr tan lyk our cookies.
went fareast with jasmine. bought my jeans. n a pair of black shorts.
den walk around. saw this hand bag. keep hesitating whether tu buy anot.
i'm so trouble someeeeee. LOL. den walk tu ps. our legs damn tired.
ate at long john. juz as we are walking there. jasmine was saying bout
this world was so small. n ongcheepok(terrence) suddenly came out of no where. LOL
went tu walk around after eating. den mrt bak. tiredddddddddd.

Friday, May 25, 2007


calvin and me. i hope his stead wont come n find me =x

my galfren(suhailah) n me !

in love with the board . LOLs

now rachel is in love with the board tuu. LOL.

those fotos was taken ytd.
sko was good today. no lessons. whole day play n play.
was playing poker cards with calvin nicholas jing long huzaifah yan wei
ming xian daniel colin edmund. i'm oways the onli gal. n i oways get tu win
at the first round. hasel oways says. jessie ! oways win de ! LOL.
when i lose he will go. HAHAHA. LOL. was goin around asking ppl tu go shopping
with me tml. finally. jasmine is goin with me. darling haven confirm. ROAR.
was suppose tu do spring cleaning at 11.30. but i went around taking photos of our class.
with yiling camera. n mr michael say muz those natural wan. WAHAHAHA.
seriously took ALOT. LOL. tml tale report book. wonder what my mother would react. =x
n i wonder wat mr michael will tell my mummy. or wat my MUMMY will tell him.
mr tan is leaving lyk tml ?!? haix. i'm sure all of us gonna miss him lyk crazy.
went tu compass point with mel.t jasmine hui ying after sko. mel.t stead came.
den they left for awhile. den went emily hse tu bake cookies for mr tan.
wonder why the cookies became so flat. LOL. played in emily room.
reali cant stand her mum. far more annoying than my mummy.
gonna upload fotos once josephine send me.
that's all for today. tatas.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ryan was here for our dance practise today tu give us some feedbacks. thanks ! he is such a joker. wahahaha. n mr tan is leaving by this week ! omfg. gonna miss him so much. n we are planning tu throw a small farewell party this sat. rahhhh. i will miss him lyk crazee. ;D baking cookies for him this fri with emily josephine n mayb melissa tuu ? finally there's no dance tml n friday. finally. both my big toe on my right n left 'qi pao pao' pain can. today in sko was lyk chatting for the whole day ? alot of teachers went mia. LOL. went home straight after sko. see i'm such a good gal. xD will upload some pictures when edmund is finally online. LOL.

its driven deep intu my heart,
den i realise, how it cuts both way,
cant be together,
cnnt live apart,
we're heading straight intu a broken heart,
but i juz cant stop.
cuz i feel tuu much tu let yoo go,
i'm hurting n its hard,
tu stay n fight for what we've got,
knowing it will nv be good enough,
cuz yoo n i are dangerous,
we (or me) want tuu much n life aint tt way,
dont ask for more,
dont be a fool,
haven we broken every rule ?

Monday, May 21, 2007

my shoulder was still aching. and after today dance practise, it got worse. but i'm happy =D at least i noe our seniors are happy after the last round. got back our exam paper. i fail all except for anglish n chinese. lols ? maths the worst. 19/100. n mr michael say he will pay special attention tu me. n maths lesson everyday on the 1st week of june holiday. how bout my dance ? RAHHH. i juz hope he can excuse me. and i'm also afraid tt miss zu will take me out from the dance. =x haix. damn stress now...... and me toe. blister here n there. pain sia. onli can complain here. LOL. not only me la. alot of dancers also shoulder aching n blister on the toe. dance tml again~ i hope all of us do well n make miss zu happy. =)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

was tuu tired tu post ytd. dance end at 2. rush home n meet mei yi n emily. mrt tu bugis. met adrian tgt with his fren. another 2 guys 2 gals. den went town tu play pool. watch dem play. LOL. den i started tu talk tu the 2 gals. quite friendly la. at first find them veri anti social. but now. dey are all friendly except 1 guy. den went causeway. tt guy plus tt 2 gals went tu some theme park tu play ? den herrsong adrian meiyi emily n me went tu bbc. sat at the center of the court. play with meiyi for awhile. dunno where the extra bball was from. den ly on the floor. looking out for stars. oh god. no stars at all ! not even a tiny wan. ROAR. herrsong damn joker. emily is anti-ball. LOL. me is anti - bangala. (bcuz of a bad experience, n i meant veri bad) den went tu get some drinks. den when we waiting for cab emily nid the toilet badly. tot the cab gonna wait for us. when we are done. cab run away liao. LOL. n tt stupid door is close..nid tu walk 1 big round tu get out. urgh. herrsong was lyk acting gay ? LOL. was the last tu drop. thanks god my father din kb me when i reach home.

went tu amk for facial today. with my mum n annoying sis. had my eye brown trimmed tuu. den went amk tu walk walk. my mother n sis took eternity tu pick a necklace la. ROAR. was suppose tu buy my jeans n skirt. but my mother fren was coming tu pick us up. so end up din buy. but she promise tu give me money n buy it myself on sat. i hope she does.

Friday, May 18, 2007

my shoulder is aching lyk hell. had dance practise frm 8am ( suppose tu reach at 7.30 ) tu 3.45pm. of cuz theres break in between. my stomach is not feeling well. rahhhhh. we somehow manage tu complete the whole dance. but alot of steps not sure. need alot of polishing. dance tml again. miss zu say it will end at 2 ? i hope so. exams are over.. now dance. after dance ? dance workshop. lols. the seniors don't seems tu b happy today. i noe our dance today was horrible. we had lyk bout 5hrs plus tu learn this whole dance? i wonder did our senior took onli 6hrs tu learn the whole dance. lols. i know we only still left with 14days tu the competition. n miss zu is is taking a big risk letting us tu dance this dance which belong tu our seniors. i juz hope tt all of us can shine with this dance tuu. i noe i might b a slow learner. but i'm trying. alright, i'm reali tired now. so tatas.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

took this photo quite some tyms ago. lols.

i'm sooooo lazy tu post nowadays. lols. finally finish all my papers. dance dance ! genting trip is juz 17 more days. woahhh. i'm so not ready yet =x today was art paper. it doesnt seems lyk an exam tu me la. practically most of half of your class was walking here n there. borrow stuff. chit chat. lols. i'm included =p onli had lyk 4hrs tu sleep last tym. thanks tu ADRIAN. LOL. conf with him n emily last nite. emily think he's hot . LOL. meeting him at saturday. with emily carina n mei yi. =) i'm so tireddddd. walk tu mel.y hse frm compass. had a few rounds of mahjong. walk home around 5plus. gonna end here =) needa rest. LOL.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

went swimming with mel.y meiyi jasmine emily jojo. woke up as early as 7plus. emily n me wasthe 1st tu reach. den finally.

before we went tu swim

me mel jas jojo emily meiyi


another one

heh. me n jo

daughters n mummy

qing ai de n me

emo emo ? LOL

jo n me again. LOL

went tu mug after tt. RAH. maths paper on monday !

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

sko was as usual. except today lessons was in the morning. play some cards during cdp lesson cuz there was no teacher around until the 2nd period. after sko went tu cp tu buy some ingredients for baking cake. actually had tu go home. but all of us was lyk chatting chatting until we all alighted at the WRONG stop. so juz decided tu go emily hse. jasmine n emily was baking cake. while meiyi mel.t mel.y n me was having our ' gossip session ' LOL. gossip bout alot of stuff. so entertaining. LOL. mel.t juz have alot tu say. i cant stop eating the melted chocolate. damn tasty. i'm gonna gain lots n lots of fats soon. went home around 4plus. we were walking down the stairs until the 10th floor n mel.y left her fone in emily hse. so climb up the stairs again. but mel.y n mel.t took the lift. after tt walk down the stairs again. emily live on the 15th floor. meiyi took the same side as me. haha. i reach home before 5 ! LOL. sci paper is juz 2 days away. n i'm reali not in the mood tu study at all. wish me luck...............

jasmine is showing off her tongue piercing.


she juz wont give me a peck =( LOL. jk.

Monday, May 07, 2007

ouch ouch ouch ! my back is hurting lyk hell..somewhere around my waist. on the left side. on my back ! rahhhhhhhhhhh. it juz suddenly hurt lyk hell can. i'm having difficulty tu bent now or move in some direction. WHATS HAPPENING?!?! i juz went in my room. look for something in my room. went i stand up. IT JUZ HURT LIDDAT. tml my sis 11th birthday. i'm afraid tt my mum has tu bring me tu the doctor ! ROAR. i hope the pain will stop by tml morning hwen i wake up. plz plz plz. will update pics tml. no mood now.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

finally went out today. went compass with jasmine n emily. after kfc went tu walk around den went tu library. tu eat. LOL. i had mushy spag. jasmine had brownie n ice mocha. went tu the toilet dunno how many tyms. den sat around the lrt n gossip gossip gossip. LOL. den jackie came. juz keep tok tok here tok tok der la. went home around 7.30 n my sis was still not home yet la. luckily i reach home b4 my father. phew~ sko again tml. lalala. exams driving me insane. ROAR.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

RAHHHHH. spending a saturday at home doesnt sound good at all. was suppose tu go out with them la. but mei yi no money. den wan go study. emily surely with her. den jasmine at last oso tag along. left jo n me. so jo n me juz rot at home. actually wanted tu go mall tu play arcade with jas toh. but andy today not working. n my father at mall buying kfc. jzu finish eating 3 small piece of chicken wing n 2 big big piece. gonna get fat veri sooooon. was goin thru blogs n play audi. finger now veri tired. lols. suddenly feel lyk goin tu the beach. so damn long nv go le. someone jio me go can? 4get it. i'm so so so so so so bored !

Friday, May 04, 2007

english paper was not tt difficult afterall. instead, it was lyk simplest i had done. after sko was suppose tu do tt literature play la. but henry dey all went off. so carina n some netballers walk tu the lrt with me. ting2 was telling us some lame jokes. but it somehow made me laugh. haha. went hm bathed n meet jasmine jojo emily n mel yeo at compass.

went tu mac 1st den burger king. had no mood tu study at all. rahh. jillson n tian cheng had some daiji? lols. nvm. non of my business. LOL. i went tu the toilet dunno how many tyms. accompany 1 by 1 go. see i so good. LOL. den mel yeo left. erika came for awhile. den mei yi came. lrt tu compassvale. saw huai ping. she was goin tu 188 tuu. jojo n mei yi wan go der play bball with tall monster dey all? but end up we were lyk sitting at the center of the court chatting. LOL. i was wearing black frm top tu bottom. except for my shoulder bag ! ROAR. n jasmine say she saw a bag tts similar tu mine n its BLACK. OMFG.

went tu rivervale mall around 7pm. arcade-d. LOL. jojo dey all were wearing sko uniform. but my dear dear andy still allow dem tu go in for a moment. play tt jd mix. long tym no play le. andy 'open' for me. haha. ok. put it simple is. i no nid tu pay any money tu play. wahahaha. walk around n went tu hang around outside my hse. sitting at the stairs there chatting away~ josephine was helping emily tu take some emo foto. no wait. not some. is ALOT. LOL. dey left around 8.45? so had a shower again n watch tvvvvvvvv. watching movie tml with dem. had been such a long tym since i had catch a movie with dem. off tu play audition~ tatas !

Thursday, May 03, 2007

had stomach cramp again this morning. so went tu sko around 8.30. din want tu attend chinese lesson. tts y. xD tell alan lim tt i dun wanna run 1.4km. not feeling well. play basket ball after our class had finish running. din eat during recess. den was english. sian~ den maths. test test test ! sad tu say..even though i studied..i onli noe how tu do 1 question. =x den sci. did some wrksht. den ayu came tu fins us. try the costume for our performance at genting. damn sad can. jojo emily melissa tiffany all diff frm me. haix. dancing at different part i mean. cuz i'm tall. LOL. den oral. mdm woo was our invigilator. i dun think i did well for the conversation. RAHHHH. was waiting for mei yi. but end up dey goin tu yiling condo de gym. so went home lor. actually was suppose tu go compass. but nvm. =) saw nicholas n anderson in the lrt. dey took 1 big round. when nicholas saw me he was lyk. damn shock. mouth open big big. den suddenly say HELLO. LOL. dey come n sat opposite me. so was chatting along the way. i'm tired ~ english paper tml. wish me luck =)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

was cold in the morning. stomach cramp. tot was juz normal. i oways have stomach cramp in the morning. but this was diff. cramp all the way tu sko. still the 1st tu reach. den puay ling came. she went bak class 1st. not feeling well. went bak tu class tuu. was lying on the table. no no. i mean i lying my head on the table. lols. paper finally start. after 5min. cnnt take it anymore. rush tu toilet. faster rush thru after i came bak. recess tym. emily walk away when she saw hui ying sitting with us -.- paper 2. almost had no time. 2 comprehension in the paper la. n writing the answer is lyk re writing the whole passage. went home after the exam as my maid n sis wanna go out. n jojo dey all goin tu ps. tml got pe. sian 1/2 n another math test. die. needa go study now xD. tatas

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

so i'm spending labour day rotting at home. was suppose tu go out n study with jojo? but she went out with her parents. nvm =) n all my good frens lyk jasmine, emily, mei yi, carina dey all r all busy. busy goin out tgt n study. =D i dun blame yoo guys for not asking me along. i noe we r starting tu drift away frm each other. i'm perfectly fine. wat a bunch of good frens or sister i have. =D

loneliness is drving my crazee.
but no one seems tu care.
i dunno wat happen between us.
bcuz of that guy? u all started tu treat me so coldly.
if not, prove me wrong. let me noe tt u guys still care for me lyk b4.
am i deceiving myself? what is this world coming
i feel lyk dying.