Friday, May 29, 2009

guess who izit ! LOL .
its baby and i 2years back when we are still good friends. LOL !
he suddenly reminded me of this photo we took, so i just decided tu just post it .
and i sort of miss my old hair. lols.
hmm, this photo reminded me of the past man. talking on the phone till morning,
all those sweet lil msges sent. ahahahaha !

so.......... i'm sick ! not really those very bad one. just cough and flu .
was on MC ytd. YES ! MC ! not skipped school okay ! and today,
reported sick and went home.
was feeling dizzy when i reached school. din really cared. but it got worse.
resting for 1whole hr din help at all . in the end, vomited. so went home
took my medicine and slept !

ROAR! chinese 'o' is on this monday ! means 3 more days. shiat .

i'm hungry ! gonna have dinner now then take my medicine !
take good care of yourself people ! tatas .

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

sister stayed overnight at my place last friday !
talked . sang. played. went crazee .

baby skipped his training on saturday tu go out with me ! hah.
but he woke up abit too late i guess. met him at around 7pm.
mrt-d tu ps . had dinner. jalan jalan . then just roam around town.
hop from mall tu mall. settled down at starbucks. talked talked talked.
missed the last train . so cab back tu sk. slack till 3.30am and home !
before that baby was like, the next song after this play finish then go.
then 5more mins 5more mins. hehe. next time 'bu she de' me go then go home with me lor!
anyway, thanks baby ! really appreciate it when yoo skipped training tu spend time with me
and accompany me till so late though yoo got training the next day =) ily.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

few pics i stole from jo's blog when we went swimming like 500hundred years ago .


with jackie .

retarded photo .

its me ! jo says its dead fish ! wth !

i woke up in the morning today and the first thought that came tu my mind was,
wth ! i din go school ?!?! . zZz. guess i was too tired.
roar. already promised myself that i would attend school everyday this week !

nothing much this week . just going home after school tu sleep then met sister
at night. sometimes desmond.c came too sometimes baby came .
caught ' the uninvited ' with sister yesterday at ps . great movie .
saw my primary school friend, fiona. then also bumped into erika and melizsa .
sheesha tml with kumar all ! so long since i last hang out with them !
more photos when sister send it tu me !

Saturday, May 16, 2009

meeting her in awhile.......

skipped school. meaning only attended school for 2days this week ! lol.
meet jas jo mely for lunch. they studied while i disturbed them. hah .
meet sister in the night.
but he did not flash this time. he purposely attracted our attention.
stare-d at each other for quite awhile. then we just walk away .
after a few mins we saw him walking thru and fro .
nope, he cant see us, only we can see him. yuck !
slacked and sister came over till 4am .

woke up at 10am for swimming with jasjomely .
stupid guard keep kpkb-ing cuz we are not wearing proper swimming bottom.
stopped swimming at 2.45pm ?
bathe and compass for lunch .
went home tu sleep after that .

meet sister at 1030pm . slacking again. lols.
desmond.c joined us too !
he went back around 2am plus while baby came tu find us !
was damn funny la. sister wanted tu go home and i dun allow her to .
so we both kept whining at each other like kids .
stomp our feet, sat on the floor and kick our legs.
was laughing like crazee man !
went tu sister house at around 3am++ after that , she wanted tu bathe.
she kept saying her whole family sleeping like pig wont wake up.
but end up her mum woke up. baby and i stun siol.
then went tu my place. i was also saying my whole family sleeping like pig.
then when we reached my doorstep, my mama came out of the room !
chua tio again.
my first line was, '' hello mummy , he's my boyfriend. '' LOL .
din do much. sister ate her maggie while baby and i rot .
they went off close tu 5am !
i need tu wake up at 9am tml for diving theory lesson.

its 12 am now. HAPPY 16th BIRTHDAY SIAO CHARBO !
love yoo many many man ! oh shit, suppose tu meet her like in few mins time,
and my hair is still in a mess ! gotta go now !

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

went baby's place at around 8pm.
did abit of my homework while he played games -.-
he's supposed tu do his assignment too lor ! ROAR.
went rm for dinner at around 10.30pm.
slack and home at 2am.

studying with jas jo and double mel's at anchorvale cc -mac.
alot of NV peeps there too man !
and hwee wen got some stupid problem with some stupid ahbeng. lol.
kumar was there too. catch up abit with him .
left at 6plus . compass for dinner with jo jackie mel.t at subway.
hwee wen and kelvin came.
meet sister after that.
slack slack and baby came tu find us around 10.30pm.
home at 12midnight.

sorry no pictures !

Sunday, May 10, 2009

was supposed tu bake muffins for mother's day with jo but plans changed.
met sister instead with her fren, danny. slack slack then danny left
around 6pm ? sister came over for awhile then went out for dinner.
then went tu slack here and there around sk .
sister was thinking of songs that can describe me. lols.
dug up old songs and sing sang sung. was so funny how we wanna recall how
this song goes like then end up singing another song thats similar.
felt like drinking so sister went back tu get some vodka.
cant feel any kick so did some silly things like spinning each other around.
end up the one who's feeling dizzy was sister . lols.
home at around 2am ?

was feeling very upset nowadays and this sweetie pie never fail tu calm me down
and cheer me up. always telling me how things are gonna be okay no matter what.
and also, thanks for always being so steady whenever
i need someone tu accompany me tu drink!
thanks for the vodka yoo are always providing me with. lol.
thanks for being there for me tu hear me rant rant rant.
thanks for telling me that no matter whatever happens yoo are always there,
and i only need tu give yoo a call.

9years + and still counting ......

Saturday, May 09, 2009

went swimming with jo and jackie.
saw desmond. he asked me when wanna sit his bike. cuz he just changed into
a sports bike and he knows i'm dying tu try .
ate and slack at sculpture park.
walked home after that. long walk home, but i enjoyed it.
was feeling quite 'messy' in my head. so many thoughts i wanna sort it out.
yes, feeling rather low, or in a super bad mood.
and guess what,

some 18-21 years old malay guy. fucking small dick still wanna show off. wth.

he un zipped his pants and took out his dick. obviously trying tu scare me.
but i was tuu engross in my own thoughts that i just stood infront of him a few secs,
then look at him . i was thinking : wtf, what a small dick, then i look up at him, roll my eyes
then suddenly the thought came up ! WTF, ISNT THAT A FUCKING FLASHER ?
he din walk away after showing, he just hide behind a wall.
then i immediately took out my phone, wanted tu take a photo of him.
but he took a few steps back after he saw me holding out my phone infront of him.
wanted tu laugh at him but was seriously not in any mood.
so i just took the lift home. he was still standing there.

in my mind i was like, limbu in a super bad mood already,
dare show up in my lift and provoke me i sure give yoo NO FATHER DAY.
(dun believe ask ppl like kumar, he kena it from me before.)
or whack yoo till yoo scream like a gu niang(girl) begging me tu stop .
which i wont, i will continue till the
pink shirt yoo are wearing turns blood red.
tuu bad,
i hate pink.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Tiredzxzxzxzx . insomnia for few nights already .
some many things racing thru my mind nowadays. especially when it's time for bed. urgh.
and partially its due tu the bad weather i guess.
really need some sleep badly. is either i dun sleep = skip school
or slept only like at 3am or4am = not enough sleep = overslept. (or skip school)
yes, its that bad :S i really wanna kick the habit of skipping school once every week. roar.
but its so difficult for me. 5days of school in a week is quite tedious for me ever since sec2. lol.

i'm only looking forward tu another so called long weekend .
wanna catch up on my sleep badly and do some studying.
also, need tu complete my ss project and maths homework.
roar. as much as i hate studying or doing homework, i've got no choice right ?
swimming tml eh ?
right, gotta go study for my chemistry test tml .

so enough of all your nonsense.
so sick & tired of your crappy shit.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

photo taken last thurs .

nope ! i din spend my precious saturday at town or whatsoever !
instead, i went tu play bowling with josephine jackie and my younger sis !
most people know i'm not in good terms with my sis since she was 3 ? 4 ? LOL .
anyway, she gave me the idea tu go bowling.
fyi, today was my first time ! while my sis , her 4th time. ya la, i noob la. i know i know.
and guess what ! the first game i own all of them !!! wahahahahas.
my first attempt was SPARE instead of goin in tu longkang ! LOL !
1 strike for the first game and 2 for the second game ! hehehe.
not bad for a first timer kay !

went compass tu takeaway food after bowling and settle down at skcc tu eat .
mely baby kelvin wz came . and guess what , non of them says that my sis and i
resemble each other ! except for jo, say our 'seh' (pattern) abit same same.
i agree ! we differ in terms of everything ! e.g skin colour , features like totally !
and almost everyone says she's like a mix blood kid. yes, she's very pretty .
unlike me , sob* LOL .
left at 10plus ? walked jackie home, waited for jo's bus tu come. then finally
walk tu baby's house there tu slack (my sis already went home taking LRT ) .
home at 1.15am .

Friday, May 01, 2009

CATS MUSICAL . i know its quite long already. LOL.

fabian jo me mel !

miss zu said that our top is buy one get one free. LOL. yep. we planned tu wear the same.

in the bus, on the way .


i love nvmd =D

jo started taking weird photos of me. lols .

camwhore like mad during intermission.

irdina&me .

she seriously cant stop calling me da-sao ! LOL .

SUZ&me. my hot galfren !

cats musical was dope ! omg. yoo wont believe how good they were.
fantastic voices and super dope dancers.And they were so synchronised man !
oh ya ! and the stage settings, props. WOW man. especially those fake stars that look very real !
i rate it 9 out of 10 . 1mark gone cuz some people dun get the story and there were a few
parts that's quite draggy and hence, quite boring. JUST ONLY THAT 2 PARTS OR SO OKAY !

last friday - speech day .

fooling around with the visualiser.

i dun really wanna talk about it. i only know it sucks.
i mean our performance. at first i tot we did okay .
but miss zu din like it. she even said ' it was the most hideous dance i ever seen'
i swear this line broke my heart. speech day was the last performance for us(seniors)
in nvss. but we din make it a memorable one.
well, its over now. i know i shouldnt dwell on it anymore.
so, moving on...
after finished removing makeups and stuff, we dug up old CDs
and dance dance dance. hahas. like this and last year cny dance.
national day dance etc etc . was fun =D

and today...
friday ! mother tongue paper ! and guess what i did ytd instead of studying
for my paper?i went tu catch a movie with baby - 17again !
(& i'm missing him now. lols! ) i tot paper 1 was pretty easy , but paper 2, hmmmmm....
went home tu sleep after that then went tu meet the girls tu study at night.
i usually only need 10mins tu reach either compass or plaza cuz its only 2 LRT stops away
from my house. but today, i went out at 8pm and only reach at 830pm.
why ? cuz they din tell me they were at plaza MAC ! i went tu compass MAC instead !
wtf right . lols. jasjomeljoelinjackiekelvin was there. din really study much.
was busy yakking away . lols. home at 1230!

my younger sis is currently at her friends chalet !
i know its random . LOL. ya la ya la, i'm jealous la !
i'm like stuck at home and she's out at chalet enjoying herself ! ROAR.