Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Just came back from Cameron highland, M'sia with jas!
another short getaway this month :)
internship at the airport gonna start this coming monday and i'm so not prepared for it. while the rest still have another month of holiday to enjoy :(

no feel to club recently, maybe cause im sick of it, or i'm just more into thai clubs now. hehe. but the main reason is because i've been spending every wed,fri,sat w my favorite people that i dont even have to club to have fun! ^^

will update this space when the bitch upload the photos from the trip :*

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bintan trip w classmates!

all the 100 over photos are uploaded on fb!
too lazy to flood my blog with pictures also.

been enjoying every second of this holidays!
a short 1 mth before my internship starts!

abit lag uh. was celebrating my birthday at zouk members
and the bintan trip w the next day LOL.

pictures are not in order,

those photos that i'm fucking red is when i'm almost gone already!
had so much fun. i died and revived! hit the dance floor at 2am!
nabei all of them was like watching the clock once it strike 12 all of them bo pang chance :(( thanks to those who took care of me!
and thanks for the cake which yz delivered it to zouk.

okay radom but i must say
i'm like crazy over siam tiu now! but thai clubs are really fun ^^
something new to me, and some siambu really veh cute lor!

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Wednesday, end of papers, party, leap year, helipad, zouk, crazy

Candid shot. taken for mark's DJ website smthg like that.

first stop was Helipad with the girls!

Tequila shots sarongfly cranberry vodka whiskey coke

was just at helipad for drinks and the music was not bad.
all these photos was taken before i go so freaking high.
was so funny how we tried to get out of the building cause lifts and escalators weren't working.
and this was taken and apparently we all cant rmb,

and the comments of this photo,

i swear its damn funny!
okay another epic pic of my face.....sibei embarrassing i swear!!

while we were on the cab otw to zouk!
i was so fucking high aftermath i couldnt recall much.
i only knew we continued drinking at zouk member's bar and i got suspected for underage and they check my ID -.- fail max. i got look so young meh!
and my jasmine keep threaten to send me home :(
cause i cnnt maintain?! HAHAHAHA
i only rmb i kept asking for sour plumz shots and nobody want give me and they will only say 'sour plum means going home'
only hit the dance floor at 2am!

hell of a fun night.
been so long since i got so high.
owells, was too happy cause papers just ended and no more exams for at least 8months!