Monday, June 30, 2008

my family members without my bro , sis in law and maid .
yeah, i noe the photo is veri blur . thanks tu my maid , cant even hold my phone properly -.-

father , sis in law , sis , mum .

i ask my mum tu smile for me . LOLs .

the order ..........................zZz .

the fried rice with crab .

the soup . its very nice . alot of barang barang inside .

at first i tot the gravy inside was gravy . but NO . its OIL .

look lyk chicken wing . but actually it is not .

oh, i love the chilli !

the salad prawns . my sis fav ,

and i drop it ! LOL .

my fav mushroom .

XO scallop something something . cant rmb the name but its nice !

lastly , the dessert . something lyk bird nest .

and time tu pay the bill ! total around $272 !

work with pek hui , ellie , jun kai and aimee today .
but aimee left for marina sq branch as they got not enough helpers .
ah you shu shu last day today ! sad sia . and he is not coming back anymore .
really miss working there . and of cuz miss the ppl working there . ahahas.
jason shu shu cooked for me sweet and sour katsu for my break .
i think is should be called spicy and sour katsua . lols . but its nice la.
though its the first day i noe jun kai , i'm already quarrelling with him . lols .
i mean , in those joking kind of way la . ahahhas. he is lyk the 2nd cody .
abit sot sot one . but fun la . den around 5 cody alvis came .
den MC came tu have break . miss MC so much sia . ahahas.
oh ya , my work end at 5 tuu . lols. went tu change then go back azabu sabo .
sit there talk talk with alvis all while waiting for my family .
and i ordered matcha zen add red bean . and jason shu shu give me
lyk seriously fucking lots of red bean . lols . shiok sia .

at around 6plus i meet my parents all in the mrt . alighted at china town .
walk walk awhile den went ' tian jin lou ' some kinda chinese restaurant .
i cant keep quiet at all. keep talk and talk n talk . and i think i'm loud tuu . lols .
i even disturb the waiters there. ahahahs. was having fun la .
ate till lyk super bloated and seriously dun feel comfortable sitting down or standing .
after eating and all we went OG . bought a crayon eyeliner and eyebrow pencil .
was choosing which wallet tu buy . the guess one or bonia one .
choose till OG closed and end up din buy . LOL . but goin back there again this weekend!
and home after that . tired tired .

Time goes by, life goes on, and all I can think of is why yoo're gone.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

photos taken few days back .
before goin punggol park tu jog .
me haidah siti chen ning

went for some english workshop that is compulsary .
and the guys colin kunleng hwee wen qun liang at the back . zZz .

my cute cute sis in law
anyway . she pregnant for about 7months . lols .
i think i look lyk shit .
she was watching tv .
sweet rite ? shhh . cnnt tell my brother .
i really lyk my sis in law . she's so cute . she's lyk in her twenties but
her pattern all lyk some small gal . she talk lyk one , laugh lyk one .
and she's quite small size tuu . aiya . she is juz ... cute la !
if yoo guys are wondering why we are having make up at home .
its because. we are bored ! my sis in law younger sis and i .
so we juz play with make up . ahahhas. and she help me tu draw my eye brow
as i dont know how tu and she say i have lyk no eye brow . LOL .
ehh , wait . before we play with make up we were playing black jack .
we always play balck jack . hahahas . but only play small small la .
and blasting songs in the room tuu . lols .
i think thats all for now . work tml !
i know i look lyk shit / ghost whatever .

Friday, June 27, 2008

school was alright . i cant concentrate . i would juz stare into space and daydream .
only have like few hours of sleep everyday . but i dont feel tired at all .
kept thinking and thinking bout some *stuff . ROAR .
how i wish when i'm walking under some block then some flower pot will juz drop
down and juz kena my head and after that i would juz lost all my memories . lols .
ok, ignore what i juz said . i dont want tu forget my frens. they are tuu precious tu me .
i had already finish my antibiotics and other medicine , but my cough haven go away !
its so irritaing . my cough gets real bad especially in the night .
i'm currently waiting for kumar tu call me and go jogging together .
though doctor say i should not have any sports this week .
i need tu lose calories ! maybe keeping myself busy could juz keep my mind off that bastard .
i seriously need tu move on with life and stop thinking bout the past .
but the problem is ....i cant . oh my, i feel so miserable .
i dunno what tu do but juz put on a happy face wherever i go .
my mother can see that i'm not happy . lols . i dont know how the hell she know .
she even ask me whether did i fell out of love . lols . i wanna hug someone so badly .
and i know , i cant have him in my arms anymore . urgh , y am i still thinking bout him.
i swear i will get over yoo . i swear .

seems lyk juz yesterday, yoo were a part of me .
i used tu stand so tall, used tu be so strong.
your arms around me tight .
everything it felt so right , unbreakable lyk nth could go wrong.
now i cant breathe , no i cant sleep , i'm barely hanging on .
i told yoo everything, open up and let yoo in.
yoo made me feel alright for once in my life .
now all thats left for me, is what i pretend tu be .
so together but so broken up inside.
I never felt nothing in the world lyk this before
now I’m missing yoo and I’m wishing yoo would come thru my door .
why did you have to go? Yoo could have let me know, so now I’m all alone
the days feel like years when I'm alone
when you're gone the words I need to hear to always get me through the day
and make it ok , i miss you.
all I ever wanted was for yoo to know ,
everything I do I give my heart and soul.
yoo said yoo had change . but now , i dun think so . yoo got me hurting so bad.
the feeling that I'm feeling now -
now that I don't hear your voice
or even touch and kiss your lips cuz i don't have a choice.
i cant deal with the pain of losing yoo .

my head is saying , fool, forget him .
my heart is saying , dun let go .

Monday, June 23, 2008

its back tu sko again . yeah . went back tu sko for about 30mins ? lols .
super super bad day for me . slept at 3plus last nite .
woke up not feeling tired. but eye abit swollen and red .
still die die wanna wear contacts . but dunno y my vision is still blur .
dunno whats in my eyes . yea , both eyes . keep rubbing it , and it hurts .
the next thing is. super bad hair day . couldnt keep it in place as i got not
enough clips and not enough tym (woke up late ) . so hair was all over the place . zZz .
den maid forgot tu wash my shoes . so wore my YOUNGER sister sko shoe .
but the size is quite big for her and abit abit tight for me . so i end up having a blister .
isnt all this bad enough ? and plus i'm still sick . din have a proper voice .
waking up late is already bad enough . gotta rush everything .
met suz all on the way walking tu sko . was happy tu see them again .
morning assembly - hair check . cher din send me out . but tell me tu clip up my fringe .
but i din . i think my fringe is ok . is not even touching my eyes . rah .
all my frens say i look sick . lols . and i AM sick . lols .
rashidin was asking whether anyone was not feeling well during morning assembly .
i mean , who will suddenly stand up in front of whole sko -.-
maybe there are , but not me . my frens were lyk ...
looking at me.. jessie go la go la ! i'm lyk , can yoo guys plz dun look at me this way . lols .
dun wanna attract the teacher attention . so went back class . think think think.
den decide tu report sick and go home . thanks siti for accompanying me tu the office =)
and home i went .

reach home and my sis in law was lyk
: y yoo came back ?
me: cuz i'm not feeling well .
sis in law : sure anot .
me : yeah , yoo and mummy goin tu visit korkor ar ?
sis in law: ya .
me : i wanna follow oso .
sis in law : ehhhhh. tot yoo sick ? bluff onli ar yoo .
then we started laughing .
so went tu prepare . din have enough tym as we must reach there by 10 .
din even have tym tu comb my hair properly ..zZz .
after visiting him den we went amk there tu eat .
den go aljunied tu do some stuff .
den went circuit road there tu see doctor . my old hse there . love the doctor .
always cure my everything. lols. went there since young .
and home after that .........

Saturday, June 21, 2008

vikkash and fab
the sheesha stands. lols .

varun me fab - on the way home
there's more photos . but i dun lyk it . lols .

after staying at home for 3 days . finally went out .
but sore throat is still there . yea so ...
meet kumar dom anson at hg mall around 4 first .
den went block 3 there . they are looking for someone la .
den varun adam vikkash came . slack slack awhile .
anson gf came and they left . slack awhile more and off we went tu arab street .
i mean me varun adam and vikkash . kumar got smth on with family .
took bus 51 tu bugis there . meet fabeha and den walk tu arab street .
settled down at amirah's grill . ordered a total of 2 sheesha stand .
coke and grape flavour . and ordered some food after that .
vikkash left for jamming at around 9.30 . sian .
so chilled till 10plus . cab home with fab while varun and adam bus home .
took almost 30mins tu get a cab . zZz .
home and then conf. all the way till 4 . as my throat is getting worse and
i'm losing my voice. had been conferencing these few nites till 4plus 5plus. rah .
sko is starting soon . lyk in 1 or 2 days tym . and the last week i'm sick ! ROAR .
woke up today and totally lost my voice. sorry siti ! couldnt make it today .
so stayed home today again . boreddddddddddddddddd .

Thursday, June 19, 2008

alright . i'm officially sick !
down with fever, sore throat and a super bad headache .
baby is oso down with fever . lols .
and i lost my spects ! oh fuck .
off tu get more rest ................. tatas .

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a day out with primary sko frens .

xinyi fiona me eileen

at cine . waiting for the movie tu start .

hmm.. met eileen at lrt station den went sengkang mrt tu meet xinyi and fiona.
AS USUAL , fiona is always late =x lols . went fareast first .
juz walk around . and saw lynette with her cousins . miss her alot sia .
after that went wisma , saw lynette again ! lols.
after wisa we juz decided tu watch some movie so went cine .
wanted tu watch narnia but onli left the front row seats so watch the incredible hulk =D
i was covering my ears half of the time. the sound effect was .......................... LOUD !
after movie went heeren . alot of nice stuff . din shop as mummy wont allow me
tu spend money on clothes . she said i got tuu many already . zZz .
fiona accidentally step on my slipper and the strap is lyk gonna break soon .
so brisk walk tu ps and bought a new pair .
after that mrt tu hg and meet baby . slack till 9plus as baby need tu be home by 10 everyday .
mrt home after that . happy happy day =D
sunday 150608
went suntec tu watch kungfu panda . mummy got the tickets from her work place .
but only got 2 tickets . baby got work that day so went tu watch it with kumar .
the movie was great . went tu walk walk around after that movie while waiting
for anson and belinder . but end up they are goin tu bugis. so went back hg and meet
up with baby . but he still at hg plaza playing billard. so went tu
have dinner with kumar first while waiting for him . slack slack awhile and home after that .

Saturday, June 14, 2008

the birthday boy

varun & adam . LOL

camwhoring with my phone -.-

kumar jessie dominik .

lyk finally kumar turn 15 !
woke up around 10plus. bathe and stuff then went hg mall tu meet varun all .
bought a sling bag and a adidas shirt for kumar . that shirt cost us a bomb .
den kumar came tu meet us after that . slack slack around den went kumar hse.
wait for him tu change and stuff . den went tu slack again .
wait for him while he went hg mall tu meet his brother awhile.
cab tu east coast after that as the rest are already waiting there .
met ratna arti denan jayshree kelvin there . herwin came after awhile .
sang birthday songs cut cake and stuff . drinking after that .
in total had 2 bottles of vodka and 1 black labour .
and i spilled 3 drinks in total -.- clumsy me . arti wasnt feeling well and throw up.
so herwin ratna and denan accompany her back tu the room and rest .
kelvin and jayshree went back . anson and stewart came .
i had no idea how many tyms i went tu the toilet .
i was being abit high and started skipping around lyk some small gal.
the next thing i noe .. TRIP AND FALL ! lols. it hurts ok .
so juz sat at the bbq pit there. drink and chat . went 7-11 tu get somemore drinks.
but dunno y end up din get any . walk tu some coffee shop.
on the way there they were lyk being so hyper. throwing stones here and there .
running around east coast . lyk small boys playing catching .
no stall in the coffee shop was still open .
except for the tv -.- . so sat there and decide where tu go . amk industrial park2 .
stewart live around there. so got 2cabs as there are 8 ppl in total .
and we were lyk racing . varun say singapore drift -.- lols .
the taxi uncle damn funny la . lols . keep asking him tu drive faster .
we keep pass them they oso keep passing us. lols . end up they reach first.
as our taxi uncle dunno where tu stop . LOL .

i swear that place was fucking scary . is lyk foggy at some part of the road .
and was lyk quite cold . dont wanna elaborate much on what we did .
a super scary experience for me that i wanna forget .
cab home tu kumar hse around 4am plus . while the rest still staying around there.
feel so much better when i reach kumar hse . phew . went ratna (kumar's sister ) room
tu have some rest . then she suddenly woke up . so we talk all the way till 7am .
then kumar's mum ask them tu go bathe and stuff as they goin tu the temple .
aunty was so kind tu offer me some biscuits and milo tu eat before goin home .
cab home after that . slept the whole afternoon away.

Monday, June 09, 2008

thursday - pool and billard at hg plaza . slack slack awhile after that and home .
friday - kumar's mum invite me over for dinner .
saturday - caught a movie with dalton . 'made of honor ' went hg plaza and hg mall
tu meet kumar and after that was home sweet home .
sunday- THE BIG GROOVE 2008 . one word - DOPE .
and today ...
visit my brother tgt with my mum sis in law and sis .
after that went toapayoh tu have dim sum at that fortunate restaurant .
cab tu aljunied after that as my sis in law need tu do smth den cab home after that .
i'm lazy tu elaborate . so thats all for now. tatas =D

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

i'm bored. super bored . thats the reason why i came online .
cant really rmb what i did these few days. shopping , swimming , slacking .
lols. all start with the letter S .
went tu the temple today with my father mother sis in law and sis .
din want tu go . but i would rather be out than tu stay at home . lols.
after that. dunno y the sudden decision tu go punggol beach . so juz went there .
walk around . throw stones. scream . pick seashells . lol .
din stayed there for long as it is gonna rain soon . ok wait. its already drizzling .
bus home after that . mummy juz wont allow me tu go find frens !