Wednesday, February 27, 2008

monday dance practise after sko .then went tu play badminton with nat , mel etc .
shiok ! had been quite a long tym since i played badminton . reach home n did more exercises .
woke up in the middle of the nite cuz hand super pain . cant reali slp .
nxt day in sko. guess what . i cant even hold a pen n write . yeah. is was THAT painful .
have pe tt day . mr yon die die wan me do pe . zZz . walk 2 rounds . lols.
its painful even when i bring my elbow up. reali bth so din play tennis.
was sitting at a side stoning. wanted tu play so badly . ROAR.
at least it gets better later on of the day . phew .

today (wednesday)
ran 2 rounds around the field . den warm up . 60 pushup for the seniors .
added few more steps n keep practising . after dance class with ryan was
more dance practise for the perfomance later on at compassvale .
had a light lunch n change tu costumes . lil bit of make up n off we go.
small stage. miss hidayah aunt at there bake cookies for us . nice =D
dunno y i cant concentrate at all. can even forget my steps when practising .
but of cuz din forget during the performance . mass dance after that .
it was not tt bad la. miss zu was super not happy abt our performance .
went back sko n have punishment . 60push up .
it was the first tym miss zu was not happy abt our performance.
not lessons for me today . after that was juz hanging around in sko .
doing cartwheel ( is this the spelling? ) . i mean LEARNING .
did 100over TIMES n still cant do a NICE cartwheel .
i'm so sorry that i accidentally hits syaiful finger . reali sorry ! ( hope the blue black gets well soon)
n thanks for being so patient with me . was super tired .
n this adds on tu my injured hand . now my leg oso starts tu ache . zZz .
i'm so lousy . i sucks . do till my toe skin tear still cant do it nicely .
i think i fell down twice . when syaiful is trying tu hold my leg up .
n i juz cant stay . ROAR . but still wanna thank yoo . thanks for the green tea tuu !
nxt tym blanja yoo lunch ! n also thanks rezwan , tiff , shahril !
thanks shahril sitting there laughing at me saying i'm hopeless. LOL . ok jk .
rezwan which keep helping me out in a way . n tiff for saying i can do it .
alright enough of crap . gonna end off now yeah .

(maybe i will juz skip sko tml . )

Sunday, February 24, 2008

woke up at around 10plus by my mummy.
went plaza tu have beakfast . den home again . bathe n change .
went ps with jasmine n jojo . dont have the timing we want .
so went cathay . catch L change the world at 4.45 .
saw alot of vistarians there when we are eating at billy bombers .
ritzio n frens . clara n frens were there tuu . went back ps after eating.
arcade ! played tt cooking master ? was almost late for the movie . lols .
omg ! L so cute cannnnnnnn . cant get enuff from that movie .
can i watch death note marathon? mrt tu orchard after that .
went shopping at fareast . bought a top when we are not in there for 5mins .
jojo bought 2 tank top while jasmine bought 1 top . we all each bought a pair of flats =D
oh man. had been buying alot of heels etc etc .
i still have one pair of heels not worn yet . bought it lyk months ago.
2 pair of heels wore once . the others either i dont lyk le or cant fit .
ROAR . i think i'm crazee. lols . went back ps again for dinner , cafe cartel .
home after that . its lyk already midnight n my dad din utter a word .

Friday, February 22, 2008

its friday again ! currently at jasmine hse . goin work soon .
finally SS & maths test is over ! have confidence tt i will at least pass ;D
short day in sko today . chem test nxt week ? 2nd geog test the following week ?
gonna study hard for geog . chem ? uh-uh . lols .
i wanna go shopping ! movie then shopping tml ?
finally a weekend with lesser hmwk . guess i'm goin off now .
so yeah . tatas !

i will try tu live my life tu the fullest =D

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

dance today was great . i love the cheorography . we are split into 2 grps .
the rat n the soldiers . i'm in the soldiers . but i love the rat cheorography more .
but is ok . compo test today . wasnt prepared at all . juz anyhow bomb lor .
spend the whole of chinese lesson talking with lynette =D n CDP lesson .
woah fun . talking about tt made in china qin lao shi . was so funny .
we were lyk asking mrs loo tu guess what AQA stands for . ( anti-QIN-association )
oh n guess what ! i forgot how tu say the pledge today . chen ning was laughing .
suddenly forgot n the word * blahh * juz came out of my mouth . n tt dunno what sentence .
got the what achieve smth smth n i suddenly said inequality . LOL .
bobian . this friday maths test on inequality . ahahahs .
went compass after sko . ate n studied a lil for my SS test this friday .

movie marathon again this sat ? =DDDDD
i wanna watch p.s i love yoo , L change the world n jumper !
my bday is coming in 13 more days tym !
n pay is coming in 14 more days tym !
terrence n erika bday tml ?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

from left . mel , jojo , cody , jasmine , me , sherlynn , fabian

its jojo bday . 0102.

taken on jasmine bday . which is on lyk. 17 jan .

goin tu bugis tu get jasmine bday prezzie .

finally gonna blog with photos . erm . super long ago photos .
will post more photos on my nxt post . not super logn ago photos .
but quite long ago photos . LOL ?
yeah . spending it at home . but is ok . i dun wanna squeeze in town with those couples . lol .
received little gifts from alot of peeps in sko today .
thanks babes ! love ya guys LOADS ! felt so loved today . =DDD

new year was ok . not alot of angbaos as my relative passed away =(
but is ok la . 3rd day of new year went ps with jasmine josephine n melissa .
caught 3movies ! kung fu dunk , ah long ptd ltd , cj7 .
super nice shows . especially kungfu dunk n ah long ptd ltd . ( tt guy so hot can ! )
as usual . i make alot of noise during the show . melissa n jojo was so paisae =x
thats me . tuu bad ! LOL .

sko today was alright . except for maths lesson ! i cant understand what mrs loo is teaching .
ROAR . gonna study after work this weekend . F&N course work is driving me crazee .
F&N test nxt mon . maths test nxt fri . i hope theres no more test .
Bio is the onli subject i passed this year . 25/35 . i'm aiming tu get higher ! dun care .
the other test all get single digit scores . lalala .
dance ytd was ok . ran 2km in the morning . it almost kill me. LOL .
tuu long nv run . old already . ahahahas . dun wanna elaborate more during dance class .
currently starting on my pure.lit homework . n work tml !

p.s i miss shopping !

Thursday, February 07, 2008

had not been touching my comp these few days or weeks .
stupid virus . damn dulan . had been feeling super down lately .
n i cant stop spending money . ( i believe shopping cure depression)
i buy stuff for the sake of buying n spending money . zZz
and . my left eye got this stupid injury cause by my contact lens .
gotta stop wearing contacts n yeah . bought a new spect tt cost 2OObucks -.-
melissa cant stand me looking so guai . wahahahas . i'm carrying a backpack tuu !
chinese new year performance is finally over ! reunion dinner with my family was ok .
juz tt i dun have the appetite tu eat , lately . dun have the mood .
but still force myself tu eat . lol. alot of test coming up . gotta study hard .
(maybe except for chem ) i miss goin tu the beach ! ok thats random . lols .
theres alot of stuff i miss doing la . but no tym . roar .
movie marathon with my babes this sat ! looking forward tu it .

theres alot of stuff i'm keeping it inside me . i dun feel lyk talking about it .
or i dun even noe how tu put it tu words . rahhh . something is driving me insane !
nvm . let me continue suffering from insanity . n lastly .